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Monday, November 30, 2015

28 Weeks: A Lot of Pondering... and Some Dancing!

As the big day gets closer I have been finding myself pondering so many things in every aspect of life. Most of these ponderings are of course related to giving birth, wondering what exactly is happening inside of me and what do I need to do to prepare for the arrival of my girl.

To say these things I wonder about keep me up at night is an understatement. One night I was absolutely miserable. It started out fine. Then I was too hot. Off came the pajama pants. A cat got sick next. When Man Friend got up to clean that I removed the top blanket from our bed. Then the comforter was shoved to the side. In the end, half of my body was covered with a sheet. But that didn't solve my body hurting and the inability to get at all comfy. At one point I was wandering around and getting ice water. Eventually at 4am I was in the living room trying to sleep on the couch. When my alarm went off it was almost a relief!

I'm getting to the things I ponder in a moment. First, here's a look at my arm. This is over a week after getting my blood drawn when they checked me for gestational diabetes. It actually looks pretty good here compared to earlier! Gross, right??

Alright ... so I check my baby apps every day. I'm always following along with the developmental changes. I love reading and learning all that I can. But that doesn't stop me from being mystified by all of this whole human life creation. I mean really, two cells merged and in the end we have a human?? It's crazy. And then really, the fact that they know what all is happening developmentally and when? Impressive! But that doesn't mean I can fully grasp it.

First up, breathing. It is so odd to me that my baby is working those little lungs (which I have actually been able to see on her ultrasound!) to breathe. But obviously not the breathing we are all used to. So then what gets extra strange to me is that right now she has her fluid going in and out, in and out .... but then I push her from in to out and suddenly she's just going to be a normal human and breathe air??

Next, ol' Bigfoot in me is plumping up. But it's not like she's eating.  Yet she's clearly not starving. She's doing just fine in there ... and clearly enjoys peanut butter English muffins, milk and rice krispy bars. These three things have never upset my stomach the entire time she's been hanging out with me!

Flipping of positions. How does she know when to do that??? Obviously she likes to move. We can see my tummy getting lopsided at times, and can feel when she is resting too! I swear it's almost like if you feel just right you can feel your hand cupping around a little bottom or head. Just too cute! BUT, apparently we human know to flip around and get head down to find the exit. How do we know to do this? And there's no feeling of all the blood rushing to your head when you're flipped? How does that work????

And perhaps the silliest, yet the one that I can actually do something about so it causes me stress .... underwear. It's not like she will come out of me and I will go back to normal. There will be blood flow... great. All these months without, and I hear it is going to be in full effect after birth. Clearly using a tampon and my regular Victoria's Secret thongs (Yes, I am 28 weeks pregnant and still in my VS tiny undies!!) is not going to be an option. So that means I have to go out and buy big ol' granny panties. I don't know the last time I bought any of those. What size do I get? How do I know? How would I know what to grab? Do I get a bag of Jockey underwear? Ugh, I am soooooo not looking forward to those!!!

In other news, Thanksgiving was nice and relaxing, consisting of just four of us and 2 dogs. It was strange to not have Grandpa in his spot on the couch, and the huge mass of family. BUT... on the other hand it was nice because I stayed in pajamas and was able to prop my feet up and relax any time I needed. A normal holiday setting would have probably worn me out.

What did ultimately wear me out?? Big Bad Voodoo Daddy!! My mom and I had a Girl's Night Out to the casino for the Swingin' Holiday dance party put on by BBVD .... my favorite band. I absolutely love them! This was my 5th time seeing them, and crazy enough, at exactly 28 weeks that night, this was my daughter's second time "seeing" them! And she enjoyed it. Before the show started she was moving around a lot, appearing to enjoy the music. We even made our way to the dance floor a couple times ... which I am paying for now. Next time I'm carrying a baby around inside of me and think I am a Rockette and can do leg kicks with no repercussions ... remind me I am wrong! But it was a total blast!!

And last thing for this week, I am officially all set up for Lamaze classes beginning January 5th! I don't yet know Man Friend's work schedule for 2016, but if it continues the way this year was looks like he will miss 3 classes, meaning the future grandma will get to join me for the other Lamaze nights! I'm excited thought. I'll finally see more of the hospital and learn about going on the tour of the maternity ward, plus meet other preggos. Should be fun, and I imagine very helpful!

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