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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

How I Spent My Pregnant Birthday

My 30th birthday will probably go down in infamy due to my morning breakdown. I begged my coworkers to ignore it. Please, pretend I'm not having a birthday! I was divorced. Single. No child. I felt so behind on the life schedule. I was 11 years old when my mom turned 30. I got to work only to find a birthday banner at my desk, a bran muffin and old age elixir. Next thing I knew I was outside on the phone in tears, then in my supervisor's office crying and being told it was okay if I wanted to go home for the day. For the record, I did stay all day, went out with friends for happy hour and dessert, then went home and watched the presidential election on tv.

Ever since, my birthday's have been fun. I've been gone for most of them.... Walt Disney World usually, Tombstone one year, too! This year has been the most relaxed. I'm ridiculously happily married, I have a home that I love, work is going well... and finally I have gotten closer to having my baby, MUCH closer. I mean the 3rd trimester is only days away!

Today started off normal... texting my BFF before getting out of bed, snuggling with my youngest cat, a nice shower, breakfast with the animals while getting ready and then my normal carpool with my mom. I spent my work day listening to Alanis' Jagged Little Pill anniversary discs and Broadway songs. Really, being in the zone with my work and having Alanis sing to me ... you can't get much better! Here's the shocking part of this ... my MOM got me that album. Senior year of high school after JLP was originally released I basically started every morning by blasting it through our entire cottage while I was waking up. My mom was still in bed, where in all reality she could have still be sleeping ... but instead she had to endure my daily concerts. The fact that she got this for me?? Angry Alanis??? HUGE!!!

As per usual on a Wednesday, it was a lunch date with my mommy. Since it's my birthday and he's about to go out of state, Man Friend joined us as well. Applebee's was our destination, to satisfy my cravings for appetizers. I wasn't expecting it, but Mommy gave me a present .... reminding that I will always be her baby girl. Awww, how sweet!

Due to MY baby girl, I had another of my normal afternoon naps that seem to have resumed this week. So at this point we have Alanis time, yummy lunch and a nap ... who could ask for more on their birthday? I decided, since it is my birthday, and this is the one time in my life that I love my tummy, I was going to make sure to document it.... which led Man Friend and I to the nursery. Very far out of my comfort zone, I had him take pictures of my bare tummy! That's not an optical illusion, I really AM that pale!!

Next on my schedule was time with my dad! I was able to indulge in my strawberry lemonade when we went out for dinner. I pretty much don't like to drink anything anymore. I'm sick of water and nothing else goes down well other than my morning glass of milk. But strawberry lemonade? Oh, I can't get enough!! And to top it off I even got my free birthday sundae (strawberry, of course) MINUS the obnoxious singing. Woohoo!!

The night is concluding with American Horror Story, another favorite, and finally some time to sit down and see all the wonderful birthday messages from my friends on Facebook! Thanks everybody, you sure make a girl feel special!!

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