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Monday, December 7, 2015

29 Weeks: Excuse Me, I Have to Potty

It's like overnight everything changed. If I can type this entire post without having to get up to pee it would be a miracle! I am at the point where I am using the bathroom at work before I walk to my car, then I go as soon as I get home about 6 miles later! I've gone, washed my hands, and then felt like maybe I need to go again. And the urgency.... for what?!?!? I'll rush in thinking how I've got the fullest bladder ever, and then I just go a tiny bit. Thanks, baby, for shrinking my bladder size literally overnight! And don't get me started on nighttime .... if Lady needs to go out to potty, then I have to go. If a cat throws up while I'm sleeping, I wake up and have the pee. 

My bras are feeling tighter all the time. My stretch pants are stretching tighter over my tummy. Mom and I were at the Christmas Fair where I had to sit down 3 times to rest. And when I wasn't sitting I was feeling so very pregnant. My skin was feeling tight. I thought my gut was going to fall to the ground. My sneezes are getting stronger the farther along I get, and I'm at the point where I hold my belly up when I sneeze. I'm starting to think that when I'm in labor and needing to push all I will need is one of my sneezes and I'll shoot this girl out no problem! Man Friend assures me she's not going to fall out, but damn. I'm not so sure anymore!

While I was at the Christmas Fair Man Friend was home and secretly busy! When I came home late that evening I was stunned to see our furniture rearranged. Things were gone from the house (hallelujah!!) and overall we are making major strides toward being ready for our little girl. The nursery has a new sense of life now that she has even more toys (ahem, that would be her father and Black Friday at Home Depot!) and her artwork is all up. Her walls are decorated with old Disneyland attractions, some that don't even exist anymore! She even has the full page ad from the LA Times of opening day of Indiana Jones Adventure (thanks to my grandparents!) I still need to take MY things off of my old Mickey Mouse toy chest, but at least that is in the room and ready. Her new toy chest had issues getting here, but is set to arrive later this week, and it already has a spot waiting for it. Really, all her room really needs now are her curtains created and hung, and then necessities that we don't have yet, i.e. things for feeding, bathing .... the important things versus the fun toys and clothes.

The other big milestone of this week was that our little girl's "Glamma" has finally felt her busily moving in my tummy!! I'm used to her movements, and Man Friend feels them at night all the time, but the other person that is oozing with excitement hadn't yet had a chance to feel her. Well that can be checked off now! Once my mom felt her granddaughter moving around it was non-stop hands on my tummy and conversations happening with my belly. To say this little girl is wanted and already loved is an understatement!

Grammy bonding with the baby belly!
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