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Sunday, January 10, 2016

34 Weeks: Shopping for What?? And a Baby Shower!!

This week was full of surprises, laughter and maybe a traumatizing event or two! So without further ado, let's get to it!

Monday afternoon Man Friend and I went to see the new Star Wars movie. There I was, all settled and starting to enjoy my popcorn when BAM! My left hand clenched Man Friend's thigh, "what's up? Is she kicking you?" To that I didn't respond, and instead tried to breathe through it (mind you this was BEFORE we had our first Lamaze class). What the heck was happening? It stopped and back to normal I went. And then BAM! It happened again. "Is she kicking you??" No, definitely not a kick. And that's when I realized this must be what those fake early contractions feel like. Holy canoli. They were fast at least! So that was something new for the memory book. Luckily it only happened those two times and the rest of the movie I was fine ... and surprisingly able to NOT bitch slap the talking kid behind me. Go me!

Tuesday night we had our first Lamaze class, with 6 more to follow. You can read all about it by clicking here!

On Wednesday the week took an unexpected, fun turn! Every Wednesday my mom and I go to lunch together. At work I received a text from my sister-in-law who was throwing my baby shower. She was in town and curious about meeting for lunch. Well sure! That would be fun! My mom and I arrived at the Country Club expecting to see her and Man Friend ... but instead I came around the corner to see the two of them AND our friend that was sneaky and came down here from Alaska without me knowing! I was so tickled!

She works in the medical field and is a mother of 3 daughters ... and staying with me for a week. What does this have to do with a baby?? She's a captive audience for all of my questions! With all the questions I gave her we sort of ended up at the store taking care of some items I needed to get for my hospital bag ... thus one of the most traumatizing shopping experiences of my life. Sure it will seem like no big deal to everyone else, but for me this was way out of my comfort zone. What were we buying?  Ugh, gentlemen, for this I'm sorry .... Underwear and feminine hygiene products. Seems simple, except that I have not bought what I consider to be huge undies, nor this type of product. As mentioned before, I only wear Victoria's Secret thongs. Clearly that's not going to cut it after the baby comes out and I have to use feminine products to absorb all the nasty that's going to be coming out of me. Well that's the other thing, TMI, but I haven't bought any form of maxi pad in years. And I've read so many horror stories of people ruining clothes and gushing out nastiness so what was I supposed to buy to help with that when I know nothing of pads anymore?? This is where my friend came in handy! Finding appropriate undies was way over my head. I ended up leaving with 2 boxes ... I don't buy underwear in boxes!!!... of bikini briefs. But how do I know the size?? I don't know my waist size, I don't know measurements for pants because aside from maternity leggings I never wear pants. It was all a guess, but we figured out a size that did work! I did have to kick Man Friend out eventually when he got out of control making masks and sling shots out of underwear! Next it was to the feminine hygiene department. Oy. I pretty much told my friend to just pick out what I need and I'll try it. The most hilarious line happened .... "Do you know how to you these? These have wings. Do you know how to use wings?" Yes, yes I do. Thank you very much!

My travel partner and Maid of Honor!
On Friday night I had the most perfect, super fun baby shower! I apologize again and again - I know I was slow opening my presents. I wanted to enjoy and appreciate each gift that people were bestowing upon my little girl. Someone none of us have officially met, yet there was so much generosity! Creative gifts, practical gifts, adorable clothes, oodles of newborn diapers ... it was all so unexpected and very much appreciated! Thank you again to all that came, and even those that couldn't make it but still sent your lovely messages!

My sister in law was in charge, and the theme was One Fish Tew Fish.... spelling difference on purpose. She did such a fantastic job. I was blown away and still can't believe this entire event was all for my little girl! She went above and beyond, thank you thank you thank you!! We had guests from as close as 4 miles away from the Country Club (the party setting) and all the way from Alaska, with various cities thrown in between. Seriously, I cannot stress how much all of this means to me. You are all so sweet! The decorations were adorable, the cupcakes absolutely delicious (I'm still enjoying them!), little touches everywhere you look!

We had a few games, most of which I really sucked at, but all very fun! It's possible the Glamma table got a little rowdy, but what do you expect when you sit with the Glamma that is super excited about this little girl and has a lot to celebrate?!? Between my mom and I we were all smiles and enjoyed every single minute of it.

I had no idea how many gifts I had since they were all behind me, and oh my was I overwhelmed! I was really aware of the quantity when we tried to load up the Mom Jeep with all of the gifts and diapers and food leftovers! But it was worth it, and again I'm just so touched, I can't even put it into words. My sister-in-law followed Alaska girl and I home and we hauled it all up to the house. It makes me so happy to look around and see these gifts because it means it's almost time!! I am ready for her now - she has diapers, wipes, cleaning products, wash clothes, clothes, blankets, toys, even a backpack! This girl is set and already a spoiled little munchkin!

Post shower (after we girls were up until 1am!!) we slept in, both waking up looking hungover - and frankly feeling hungover too! Eventually we were up and moving, visiting animals at the Wildlife Safari and .... baby shopping. It's possible I added some toys to her nursery, as well as getting some necessities at the store and on-line. I couldn't help it. NEEEEEDS I tell you!! She neeeeeds these things!

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