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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The Official Baby Bets

Millicent wanted in on the weekly action!
Given that little Miss Hiccups in me is causing quite a stir lately I've made our official final roster of bets for her arrival date and hours of labor. For the purpose of fair betting (because you all put so much money down, right?!?) it seemed smart to close the betting window before she decides to make any sort of unplanned, early appearance. 

Interesting variety of hours.... ranging from barely 2 hours all the way to 72 hours! As far as arrival dates, we had a couple last minute entries, both predicting her to be here quite soon. Megan spent a whole week with me and probably has more insight than others now, plus she is a medical genius, so what if she really knows what she's talking about and the girl arrives next week??? Good thing the car seat is installed and the hospital bags are packed.  Then there are those than want to give me grief with a crazy birth date and a Leap Year baby? What are you guys doing to me??

So here it is .... when it's time I'll let you know and we can refer back to see who the big winners are. If Aaron wins on length, he is on my naughty list! If Vern wins on labor time, he gets naming privileges - except for the fact that she already has a name.

Good luck everybody. And frankly, good luck to ME!

When Will She Arrive? How Long Will It Take?
Arrival DateHours of Labor
Jan 31Megan2:18Vern
Feb 5Kevin3:12Bob
Feb 9Christine3:30Jennifer
Feb 13Becky4Peggy
Feb 14Nicole, Sara4.5Amber Dawn
Feb 15Vinnie6Mary, Becky
Feb 16Glamma, Sheila6:30Julie
Feb 17Molly 7Stephanie, Jenn, Sheila
Feb 18Jennifer7:15Glamma
Feb 19Janelle, Hope 7:20Cathy
Feb 20Julie7:45Hope
Feb 21Blake, Deb, Bob8Blake, Gwen, Molly, Sara, Christine
Feb 22Mary, Sarah 9Deb, Stephany
Feb 23Kelli10:16Megan
Feb 24Jenn, Julie10:30Janelle
Feb 26Stephany, Amber Dawn12Nicole, Vinnie, Jessica
Feb 27Cynde12:30Julie
Feb 28Jessica16Kelli
Feb 29Vern, Cathy, Amy17Cynde
Amber Dawn18Sarah, Amy

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