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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Lamaze: Week 5

It was the hardest workout I've had since I was allowed to run!

Seeing as I was up since 3am, it was probably best we didn't do our normal relaxation and breathing exercises in the dark this time. I'd have really risked falling asleep! For this class our active focus was on pushing and ways to be comfortable during pushing. I was very happy to learn all of this since my mom gave birth to me before her pushing class when she took Lamaze. With the rate this girl keeps pushing on me I was starting to get concerned that she would make her appearance before Lamaze graduation and I wanted to be sure to learn as much as I can while I still can!

We did a lot of things using pillows, birth balls, chairs, walking around and essentially doing some junior high school slow dancing. All of these I could see being very helpful once it is time and contractions are happening. I can definitely say I understand the benefits of walking during labor. Before class we went for a walk through our neighborhood, which triggered gravity and a round of real contractions. So if that will help with labor while in the hospital I am all for it! 

Many people say how Lamaze sounds so different now, or it worked for them the old way so why change it. Well, let's look at telephones in the 70s as a comparison. Yes, that rotary phone worked for you, but now you probably have a cell phone that you can tap one spot on and have it automatically call someone. The old way worked, but the new way might be easier. Things evolve and that's what has happened with childbirth. Yes, your old way worked.... but I'm going to stick with the "newer" methods if that means I can help cope with childbirth easier and have things go well for her and I.

And this leads me to the other evolution and the video. VHS. 1984 perhaps? Fashion and personal appearance/maintenance has changed, ok?? Here I am watching 3 different birth stories - 3 couples, 3 different birthing situations. What I took away from it that was helpful to me was seeing that not one of them was yelling, crying and dramatic like you see in movies and on television. They were focusing on their breathing, walking around, changing positions, relaxing in the shower ... they were getting through the birthing process in a calm manner. I find that reassuring considering EVERYBODY talks to me about how negative labor is. Seriously, nobody shares ANYTHING positive. I've chosen to nod my head and smile and continue with what I'm learning and keeping myself educated and mentally strong, knowing I have my mom and Man Friend at my side to help me out. Seeing people pull off what I hope to have happen was encouraging. But there was also the evolution thing.... Oh. My. Gosh.  The first birth the couple was not attractive. Not everyone is a model, but they were far from it. That's fine, whatever .... but it really sealed the deal on them being hard to look at when we cut to labor and I thought at first I was seeing a hairy baby head coming out. Then I realized NO... The nasty mass of red forest growing down her leg was NOT a human coming out, but instead her out of control mess. Really?? Did you not know you would be showing your business to the world? Could you have possibly considered removing massive amounts of hair from your inner thighs? Oh 80's.... maybe it's best you and your bush are in the past.

We also covered birth plans and things to think about before we are in the hospital. Man Friend and I have spent a lot of time discussing our desires and our ideal plan if all goes well. Soon, maybe even tonight, we will have to discuss back up options just in case there are possible complications or other things to consider.

Again it was another great class. I always leave feeling satisfied and happy. Knowledge is power and I love all of the knowledge I go home with. If this girl arrives before our next class I can at least say that I feel prepared, ready and not scared!

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