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-Steve Prefontaine
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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Running? Oh, I Do That Again!

​2014 was my last BIG year of running. I did a 200 mile relay, 5 half marathons, and a couple smaller distance races. For me, that was a slow year, but things got even slower once 2015 hit and I start the IVF process and was told I wasn't allowed to run. 2016 I was pregnant, then had a baby and so my running was returning, but sporadic. This takes us to 2017. I've been continually doing smaller races and running when I can, but not at all like the old days. And that's total fine. I'm not trying to one up anybody. I'm never racing against people. I have nobody to impress. I take Katura running with me for the joy of running and being outside.

Having just finished an awesome Butte to Butte 5K on the 4th of July, I was feeling determined to get a more steady training routine going, with visions of doing the 10K at the Prefontaine Memorial this year. Unexpectedly the ultimate way of getting back into it was presented to me. Saturday at 10:43am a message popped up in Facebook messenger. A team had lost a runner and needed a 12th person to fill their team for a Ragnar relay happening in less than week. I loved the last Ragnar, for the most part, and didn't' see how I could pass up a chance at doing another. If I said no, maybe I would jinx myself and never be asked to be on another team.

Am I physically trained for a relay? Heck no! But am I mentally strong enough, you're darn right I am! I can fake it like the best of 'em!! Shawn and I discussed logistics, timing, work, cost ... and of course it didn't take me much time at all to accept to fill the hole and do another Ragnar!

So here's where I am with that:
  • I am really excited!
  • I am completely terrified!
  • I know ONE person on the team, and he is in the other van. Funny story - I have only met him 2 times in person, and that was over 10 years ago an OSU football games ... he is the one that went with me to pierce my nose!
  • I'll be in a van with what are currently 5 strangers. What if they hate me?
  • I'm mostly packed - just have to add toiletries and make myself some sandwiches.
  • Last time I knew the entire van and had Shawn with me. So now I'm a la carte and a stranger.
  • I've been running often, but seeing as I have a stroller now,  I feel fine running 3 miles at a time before I call it a day.
  • My first leg is classified as "very hard" and is 8.2 miles.
  • The next are 6.6 "hard" miles and then 3.1 "easy."
  • We run from essentially the Canada/US border to Whidbey Island.
  • I'll be soooo close to Canada, yet not able to go to my happy place and unable to get any Tim Horton's snacks. Darn it!
  • For those of you unfamiliar with this whole relay thing... 6 of us will be in Van 1, the other 6 in Van 2. We basically take turnings running and we all live in the vans. Eating, sleeping, everything ... but no showers. I repeat .... running in the summer, living in a van and no showers.
  • How am I training with only hours to go? I watched the Hood to Coast documentary. I'll maybe watch a Prefontaine movie or two. Maybe the documentary. Oh, I made a music play list. That's training, right?
  • Thursday I get off work at noon and we pretty much head straight up to Portland area for van decorating at 6pm. Then at 8pm Van 1 heads off to Blaine, Washington. We start our race at 6am on Friday. I'm running 3. So if you feel this need to follow along, now you know the details!
  • I've got "Jimmy" packed. If you have traveled with me you have probably met him. He's my Jimmy Buffett blanket. I can't be apart from him for too long!
  • And what is the hardest part of this? I won't be able to see my baby. I've been with her every single day of her life. I'm dreading this part. Maybe that will be good motivation to run faster so I can be done and call and check on her!
With that, expect Facebook and Instagram to have updates and photos of what is sure to be an awesome adventure!

Oh, want to hear the crazy part? On the last team I suggested our name be Rum Runners. It ended up being Rum Runners of Ragnar. I filled out registration and saw what this team's name is that I am now a part of .... RUM RUNNERS!!! It was meant to be!!

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