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Monday, January 8, 2018

Race Outfits Through The Years

Running CAN be fun! One way to add extra fun to race day is to actually wear something special, versus my standard training attire. Seriously, sometimes I plan to run where I won't be seen just because I have grabbed the first things in the drawer and left and look like a disaster. But on race day I would never let that happen! So today we go on a little trip down memory lane... with race outfits!

The Great Urban Race in 2010 was the first time I actually created something fun. Jessica and I did that one together in Portland. Our team name was Leave It To The Beavers -- and we were decked out in our OSU Beaver gear AND Cincinnati Bengals jerseys of some former Beavs. It was fun to see the confusion when people realized we had a mix and match thing going on. That race was soooo hot. But so fun. Sadly they never did it again here, so I'm glad we did it while we could!

You'll hear about this race again in this post. The Prefontiane Memorial 10K in 2010 was my first time doing this race, and I have yet to miss a year. On this one I ran in my Prefontaine "Love to Run" shirt for obvious reasons. It has Pre on the sleeve as well. I pretty much always race with something relating to Steve Prefontaine on me.

Next we have the Monster Mash 5K in 2010. I was Malice in Horrorland. I even had my slaughtered white rabbit.

I had my mom join me in 2011 for the Beauty and the Beast Royal Family 5K in Walt Disney World. Clothing wise we went simple with orange and black. BUT given this was for the Princess Half Marathon weekend we made our own long, dramatic headpieces to wear!

For the 2011 Hippie Chick Quarter Marathon I went with as much of a hippie vibe as one could create with tech clothes! This photo doesn't show the knee high peace symbol socks. Oops.

For the 2011 Disneyland Star Tours 5K Rose and I were going to go as a dinosaur and lizard in full costumes. But there was the calamari incident of 2011 and she wasn't able to run with me. So no fun photo to show here, I just ran in cute, but relatively normal race attire.

The following day it was the 2011 Disneyland Half Marathon with an outfit inspired by Minnie Mouse. And the most epic of races ever - fun wise. Seriously, there will never be another Team Jam!!

The next stop today is the 2011 Warrior Dash, where I did my best to... well....

For the 2011 Prefontaine Memorial 10K it was a different Steve Prefontaine shirt. I threw up DURING that race!

We are back to Halloween time again, this time the 2011 Runaway Pumpkin half marathon. This time I was the Cheshire Cat, complete with a bushy tail that you can't see here. And I freaking did it all in those crazy glasses! I wonder where they are now.

Yesterday's post had my full outfit outside of Circus Circus during the 2011 Las Vegas Rock'n'Roll half marathon. My outfit was completely inspired by the tackiness of Circus Circus. This race also saw the return of Jessica and I racing together! Seriously an epic disaster of a race. I am so ready to go and give it another shot and see if things have improved. I mean its Vegas... and running... mix my favorite things together, how can I say no?

Here we are, moving into 2012 and a lot of run races!! First off, the Disney Family Fiesta 5K in Walt Disney World. Abby and I went with a Three Caballeros theme to match the race. I did the Walt Disney World half marathon the next day, where Abby and I matched again - but in normal attire, and then the marathon relay. Cute, but nothing fancy to share. You can click the links if you'd like to see more!

Oh man, Boston! I could share a photo of myself crossing THE Boston Marathon's finish line, but instead I'll share this from the start of the BAA 5K. I was going for a patriotic colonial feel with visions of the old men in their tight pants and long jackets. Simple, but wow, what a memorable day! And that red shirt - it was so dang hard to find. Jenn and I spent forever trying to find it!

Remember how I said Steve Prefontaine is always with me in some way when I race? Well for the 2012 Eugene Half Marathon I ran in his old high school singlet!

2012 was my second running of the Seattle Rock'n'Roll half marathon. My outfit plan? Totally 80s, complete with leg warmers! This was also the first race Shawn and I did together. I pushed him so hard on this and he did awesome!

The 2012 Prefontaine Memorial 10K brought out yet another different Steve Prefontaine shirt from my collection!

Are you ready for total coolness?? Come along with Jessica and I yet again, this time to Walt Disney World! First up, the 2012 Happy Haunted 5K. Choosing one photo is nearly impossible. We became Wayne and Garth! Here's a tip... do NOT, I repeat DO NOT race in Converse, even if they make the outfit complete. OUCH!!

The same day we did the 5K we did the Tower of Terror 10 Miler. It was quite a day! And for this race we became Sister Witches! My first race in a cape!

I can't skip my first marathon! It was the 2012 Portland Marathon. This is a simple looking outfit to everyone else. But it had more meaning for me. I wore my skirt from my first half marathon, for good luck I guess. And then my favorite Prefontaine shirt. I also had on my Prefontaine necklace and a bracelet that says Nothing is Impossible if you Believe. A lot of thought to help me through 26.2 miles!

I swear I'm skipping a ton of races! I'll try to hurry this up.

Merry Christmas to all! It is now the 2012 Reindeer Run half marathon!

The first race of 2013 was the Disney Family 5K. Did someone say Sue Sylvester?

The next day Shawn and I brought out one of our best, if not the best.... for the Walt Disney World Half Marathon. We even made it on Fox Sports, although I didn't actually get to see it... because I was busy running!

Our weekend finished with the 20th Walt Disney World Marathon... what a day! Seriously so hot, but oh so worth it! And again, in a cape!

Later in the year we were in California racing through Disneyland. First up, the Disneyland 10K. We ran into a couple of familiar faces while we were Belle and Gaston!

The next day was the Disneyland Half Marathon as Mario and Luigi - oh man, so many awesome photos from this entire Dumbo Double Dare weekend and Team Freedom!

For the 2013 Prefontaine Memorial 10K we had a different approach. One of FUN! It was too damn hot to race ourselves, so we just went and did what we do best... costumes! Not saying our outfits were totally rad and eye catching... but is it just coincidence that the next year the race shirt had a Superman logo on it like mine in this photo?? Hmmm... Just putting it out there... And look at that, yet another cape! I had no idea I ran in capes so many times!

In 2014 we did the Ragnar Relay. I wore a variety of pirate clothes since we were the Rum Runners. I wore these again - mixing and matching - in the 2017 Ragnar Relay since I was again a Rum Runner with a new team! The photo to the left is the general idea of my mixing and matching. This one is from 2017 Ragnar NW Passage in Oak Harbor, Washington right before my final leg. And I wore some of that for the 2014 Prefontaine Memorial since Pre was a Marshfield Pirate. I found this photo below in my blog to point out the shirt similarity I just mentioned in the last Pre race!

We ended up in Canada for the Vancouver Rock'n'Roll Half Marathon. Unfortunately Shawn was hurt and doctor's said he had to walk it all. So we don't have race photos together, but we did get this one before the race! We even got stopped by the Canadian police on our way to the start because they loved our outfits so much! This one got us on official Rock'n'Roll sites!

Oh boy we are almost done and finishing with a bang!!!

2014 sent us back to Walt Disney World to finish our racing on a high note. We were pretty certain that IVF was soon to take over our lives, and then hopefully a baby, so we had to go big or go home! First up, Mickey's Jingle Jungle 5K. THIS is our all time best outfit for sure. This got us on Disney's twitter feed and their YouTube channel where Shawn was actually interviewed and shown dancing before the race. I think the photo will explain why!

And we will end it here.. with the 2014 Wine and Dine Half Marathon - the same night we did the above 5K. This time we were Pinocchio and Geppetto. And we were completely soaking wet. Oh Florida, you are always one extreme or the other!

Did you make it this far? If so, a medal for you!

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