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-Steve Prefontaine
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- Don Draper

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

A Little Bit of This and That

Hi! How's everybody doing? Enjoying this late round of winter weather? Did you sleep through the Super Bowl, too? Did you know that in 2004 I went to a taping of Hard Rock Live for MTV starring Maroon 5? It was awesome. I never saw myself on TV. I recall getting brain freeze at the door when I had to chug my margarita from Margaritaville before entering Hard Rock Live.

And brain freeze leads me to the latest with my poor little ol' brain.

Sometimes when I move too fast I feel like the pain can best be described as an incredibly intense bout of brain freeze. It SUCKS!! I had a doctor appointment yesterday here in town just to check on how I'm doing while I wait for next week's neurology appointment. A CSF leak is the  suspected thing happening in my head, but we are going to wait for the specialists to check me out and see what they think. In the mean time I'm hooked up with my happy, jolly pain pills.

Pain pills, and the pain I have when I'm not on them, mean I don't drive. I can think of two times I've driven a very short distance this year... maybe even since before Christmas. This means I have to have people drive me around to get whatever I may need or want, like deodorant or arts and crafts supplies.

To kill time while I wait I am being crafty. I have some art projects I'm working on for a future adventure. If you need me you can find me either editing on a laptop, printing things, or figuring out how to use my new Cricut! Don't worry, I won't be setting up a booth at the Christmas fair. I might cover the motor home with home made decorations though. And have I thought of how I could make Lady Storm Squad some finish line running shirts? Yes, yes I have.

Speaking of Lady Storm Squad, I am still busy fundraising and am over 60% of the way to my individual goal of $1,000! We have to raise $12,000 as a team, so if I hit my goal I will of course keep collecting cans to help out the rest of the team.

And I may as well stay busy fundraising because I am currently NOT allowed to run, per doctor's orders. I have been trying on the treadmill and get in 2 miles before my head is screaming at me to stop. Don't worry Glory Daze and Lady Storm Squad... I WILL be running with you this year no matter what!!

If you'd like to help me hit $1,000 click this link right here!

Oh, and my tiny little baby... yeah, she turns THREE tomorrow! WHAT?!? She not only turns 3, she starts Hula lessons! Aloha!

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