To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.
-Steve Prefontaine
Make it simple, but significant.
- Don Draper

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

I Feel Like A Medical Miracle!

I was VERY nervous. We got to OHSU nearly an hour early, allowing me plenty of time to go to the bathroom and pace around trying to shake out the nerves. I couldn't wait any longer, and I checked in early. I was ready to find out what is up with my head!

Upon check in I was given a questionnaire to fill out all about what is going on. That alone made me even more nervous until I found the big open section where I could write down whatever I wanted. Now THAT helped ease my nerves! Phew!

The questionnaire was filled out and I had only a few minutes to stare out the window before my new doctor came out to get me. I liked that - normally it is an assistant person that gets you and drops you off in a office, this time it was the doctor herself!

Prior to this visit I was VERY concerned. Was this new doctor going to try to tell me that I just have headaches or migraines? I absolutely do NOT (and those two works instantly piss me off) and I just hoped that wasn't the direction this would go. Part of me was just so over all of this that I didn't even want to have this appointment. But I am so glad I did!

Shawn and I had discussed everything during our drive to Portland and kind of had a game plan of questions we wanted to address. We had our suspicions on what was going on with my brain, but we never even had to offer the up because she tackled it right away! Don't worry - I will now keep this short and sweet.

My doctor told me she went over all of my information a lot, curious as to how aggressive the other doctors wanted her to be with my treatment. But she wanted to hear this all from ME what exactly I was experiencing and what my medical path has been. It was a fluid exchange between all of us, and I felt my smile growing the longer it went on. She NEVER tried to even suggest I was having standard headaches or possibly migraines. Hallelujah!! It was all talk about Meniere's Disease (as a side discussion) and my CSF leak. So here's the very short, simple version of the conclusion....

I did have a CSF leak because of a dural tear inside my brain. The pain had started to ease up before that big round of testing because it was naturally healing on its own (which is why they couldn't isolate where the leak was)! So for now I do NOT have to have any surgeries, I don't have to go for more testing, I don't have to stop running! I just need to keep taking care of myself and pay attention if the pain increases. I have options available to me if it does increase and get to be too much. For now it is just drinking more water and celebrating being on the path to recovery! 

I celebrated the first round of no brain surgery by dying my hair purple and going to Las Vegas. Today I celebrated by buying myself not one but TWO new pairs of Adidas running shoes .... Ragnar and Hood to Coast, here I come!!

Friday, March 29, 2019

Yeah. So, There Is ONE Good Thing.

I don’t even know what to say. 

The good news: my ENT doctor gave me permission to run and be active again!

The good?? news: I’m not having surgery

The good but bad news: I am being referred to a new doctor (a neurologist) to get to the bottom of this. 

The day of tests didn’t show enough to prove there is a CSF leak or where it is if there is one, so the doctor isn’t comfortable going in and doing surgery. Without knowing exactly where a leak is he could do more damage than good. I could have a leak but the odds are slim because of the results they got. 

So now it’s a new doctor and starting over. But I’m staying at OHSU because they are the best and I’m not going to waste my time with something local. And my awesome ENT doc said I can give him a call if I need to. 

That’s that. So back to the drawing board.

Guess we find out why my brain is messed up later.

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

I'm Radioactive!

This was a day I hope to never repeat!!

He totally suggested
taking the action shot!
The alarm went off at 5am. We were leaving St Helens before 6am. By 6:45 I was getting dropped off at OHSU and at my first appointment before the doors even opened. I really had no idea what this day was going to be like but I was determined to stay positive. Ideally this day will be a huge step in helping me get my CSF leak fixed. If you read the first blog of all of this stuff, I went with option 2 - testing to find where the leak is so they know where to go in and fix it.

First up was a quick visit with ENT. I watched the doctor arrive for work and soon we were talking Hood to Coast (because why not?!?) while we waited for my nose to become numb. And then the horror of my next 26 hours began. He had EIGHT pledgets labeled and ready to go in my ears and nose. 8 things for 4 holes?? Umm.... what?!? Three went in each nostril. It wasn’t super awful getting them up there, but it wasn’t pleasant. Next was my left ear. It hurt but then was resting fine. My right ear, however, nearly brought me to tears. He was awesome and took it out and said to blame him if the other doctors complained. I couldn’t even breathe or swallow without intense pain when it was briefly in my ear. No way!! All the strings were taped to the side of my face and I was sent on my way. I had to be seen all over OHSU looking like this?? 

Off I went to the main OHSU hospital and was quickly admitted and sent to my first room. Happily all I had to do was put on the open back gown, but was allowed to keep my pants and sports bra on. I never had a chance to even turn on my tv and I was being wheeled off to the next appointment. 

Don't you love my gown?
Where I got to lay on my tummy and get
stabbed in the back while having an x-ray
Ugh, I’m still feeling this one. I was with radiology and the awesome guy that was going to do my lumbar puncture. I feel bad, I can’t remember everyone’s names. I met so many people and they were all really great. This guy was extra great. He explained in detail all that was going to happen and answered all of my questions. 

I crawled out of my bed and got onto the table under the X-ray machine. And in went the needle. I handled it well and then a jolt shot down to my foot. We were near a nerve. I felt another zap and then another painful jab. That was the spot. Then we waited. A long time. While we waited there were a lot of conversations happening. Finally one man introduced himself as Dr.___??? and said that cisternograms are always unique, but mine was an extra special set of circumstances. He didn't elaborate and since I had a huge needle lodged in my body I didn't have the energy to ask.

Radiology had to call nuclear medicine. Someone from nuclear medicine personally walked over the radioactive fluid that would be going in my body. He then took over and injected me. I didn’t really feel it at all. Then he took the tubing and all things that came into contact with the fluid and put it back in the sealed metal box. Before he took it away I asked to see the needle. Oh my gosh it was BIG!! They were shocked I wanted to see it and then in disbelief when I asked how much was in my body. I’d say the needle was 4” long and over 3.5” was in my spine!! No wonder I’m still feeling it!

I rolled back onto my original bed and was transported to my recovery room. My headphones came out and I disappeared into the world of podcasts to kill time. The lady on the other side of my curtain was bitching about everything so I was happy when I was being wheeled away again. 

Officially radioactive!
That flat panel ends up
maybe 1" from your face
This time we went to a different building and down to the basement for a cisternogram with Nuclear Medicine. This became my home away from home. I had a scan that was probably 25+ minutes long. If you’re claustrophobic or overweight I don’t know how you’d do it. This machine slowly sucks you in and then lowers down over you. I am pretty sure Gene Simmons could stick his tongue out and easily touch it. That’s how close this is to your body! The goal of this scan was to see the radioactive fluid flowing through my body hoping to find the leak. 

Once again I was wheeled back to my recovery room. It wasn’t long and I was discharged! Yay— or so you’d think. This just mean now I had 3 hours to kill at OHSU with a sore back and stuff shoved up my nose. 

It just doesn't get any sexier than this...
I found a couch in the sun in a low traffic area and I claimed it as mine. I watched Mary Poppins returns and continually shoved tissue on my face to catch the nonstop dripping coming from my nose. How could I have any CSF fluid left??

My recovery "room"

Unexpectedly I heard a little girl voice that I know very well. Katura was running toward me!! Then she saw my face. I was scary. She kept a distance from me, not sure what was going on. I get it. But it was sad. We wandered around a while together taking in the sights before I parted ways and went back to Nuclear Medicine. I was so excited!! Last test of the day and the pledgets would be removed. Hallelujah!!

I eagerly checked in, with Shawn and Katura arriving only moments later. I hardly sat down and was taken back by this really great guy that I of course can’t remember the name of. He took blood and then took me back to repeat the test I did earlier. I was a pro at this. You just lay super super still and not worry that you’re nearly having a full body mammogram!

He went back to show the main nuclear medicine doctor the scans. He returned with good news and bad. The good: the fluid is flowing toward my head the way they want. The bad: they want it to get up there a little more so I would need to come back the next day. The really bad: the pledgets had to stay in my face!! I was willing to do it because I want a resolution, but I really wanted to cry. He got me all taped up even more to make sure everything would stay secure. I even got to take medical tape home just in case I needed more. 

Ready to have a breakdown
before I even heard the bad news.
My nose is so poofy!!
Back to St. Helens we went. I hadn’t planned for this. So a stop at Walmart was made for emergency clothes for us girls. I couldn’t bring myself to be seen in public so I trusted them to find me something cute. They did a good job and now I own 2 yellow shirts. And I finally got food - a flatbread sandwich from Subway. If only I could have actually tasted it. 

I was absolutely miserable all night. My nose was dripping so much. A fast gush coming out going down my face if I wasn’t quick enough with the tissue. I didn’t sleep at all. I was on the couch alone being a mouth breather. I woke up choking on the driest tongue in the world. I had to get water and probably every 30 minutes take a drink. It was torture. 

At 6am I was up and taking a bath since I couldn’t get my head wet. We were out the door and on our way, getting me to OHSU 30 minutes early. As I hoped, Nuclear Med took me early, with my same guy coming to get me for my last cisternogram. He said he was nearly 100% certain Dr. Nance would remove my pledgets today. I just hoped it would be soon and not hours later. 

My scan went the same as the others and quickly thereafter the head doctor was with me. He explained that this next step was the most important. They would remove the pledgets in a certain order to avoid any cross contamination. These pledgets will be the key to this whole process. They caused misery but hopefully will show what they need to see. 

Freedom!! I can breathe! I can smell things!
I can go shower!
And so three men worked together to peel tape from my face, untangle strings, remove and store the pledgets. Oh man was it uncomfortable. It brought tears to my eyes but also great relief! I could breathe!!! I could smell!! Things we take for granted suddenly felt like the greatest gift!

Where do things stand now? Dr. Nance will asses my scans and pledgets and get his findings to my ENT doctor today. My doctor said he wanted to talk to me himself on Friday. So hopefully I hear from him. If not I will give him a call myself to see what he says. And from there? I don’t know. One surgery? Two? I don’t know. I’ll keep you posted!

Sorry this was long - but experiencing it was even longer. The schedule I was given looked like I’d be done at 12:15 Tuesday afternoon. Instead it was 9:35 Wednesday morning! And Tuesday I was at the hospital until about 4pm. I’m worn out! I’m ready for bed.

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Things Got REAL! Real Deep In my Nose!

What. A. Day.

I've spent A LOT of time at OHSU (thanks to creating a baby there), but this one day was definitely one of the longest. Long but VERY productive!

March 1 had me going up to meet with Dr. Dogan, head of Neurosurgery at OHSU. I had no idea what was in store for me. Prior to this I had an MRA and MRV done, but no idea what the results showed. Upon arrival at Neurosurgery I had the standard type of new patient forms to fill out. On the top of the form was to list 3 things I want to learn at this appointment. That took me a while to fill out.
  1. What did the MRA & MRV reveal?
  2. Where do we go from here in terms of fixing me?
  3. Can I run??    (Priorities, people!!) (Ragnar and Hood to Coast don't just happen!)
I arrived early and was taken back a little early as well, seeing my doctor almost exactly at the time I was scheduled. Impressive!

First I was with a PA going over the standard things. Plus she answered my 3 questions.
  1. A thickening of the dura. To keep it simple, this points to a cerebrospinal fluid leak. In my simple explanation terms - the protective fluid around my brain is leaking. This causes pain and could lead to serious things like meningitis if it repaired.
    I've marked in red the thick white part. That is supposed to be a thin line.
  2. Probably a nuclear medicine tracker test to follow the flow and find where the leak is happening. She said leaks are typically in the spine or head - and giving my dripping nose that points to my head.
  3. I CANNOT run right now. No strenuous activity. I can, however, walk. 
That me! and my brain!

My first thought when I saw my brain.
Soon Dr. Dogan was in and boy did I like him right away. Very professional, but not scary. He smelled really good! Although he is Turkish and has an accent it didn't phase me at all. I felt like I was all smiles with him. He was this sign of relief I was needing. He confirmed all the same suspicions regarding a CSF leak. He also said I'd be able to fly to Las Vegas next month and I will be fixed before Hood to Coast! Thank You Doctor Dogan!!!

Then this is when he REALLY won major points. He wanted to partner with the ENT team at OHSU because if it is in fact a CSF rhinorrhea leak it might be a surgery ENT can do and be less invasive. Sure he could have just sent me on my way and had me return another day, but he's awesome and did NOT do that. He personally took out his phone and called the doctor himself to discuss my case and get me in the same exact day!! THIS is why I go to OHSU!!

So back to the elevators we went, down to the 5th floor for Dr. Geltzieler. This was a longer wait since I wasn't actually on the schedule. But I totally didn't mind. Better than making more 3 hour drives and extending this even longer. We were called back and I barely sat down before I was having a spray up my nose to get me all numb. OMG it tasted AWFUL!!! Soon everything was numb and the taste was gone. And then it happened....

An endoscopy right up my nose. The first rod was too thick (heh-heh that's what she said) so he switched to a smaller one. They were both uncomfortable. For the purposes of documentation and the blog I insisted Shawn get photos and video for me. You're welcome!

Soon thereafter my new doctor was in and he is the best! We all, Katura included, really like him. I know I'm in the right place to get fixed!! He did another endoscopy so he could look for himself at what is going on and see if he could see the leak. He couldn't find 100% definitive proof, so he sent me downstairs for a CT scan. 

It took longer to walk to the actual room for the scan than the scan itself. Easy peasy! When that was done I recovered my support team of Shawn and Katura in the cafe downstairs buying a cookie. *At this point we hadn't really eaten or drank anything all day. That makes for a hangry toddler!

Back up to ENT we went to hear the results of the scan. They didn't clearly show what he was hoping, so I was presented with 3 options. We talked a lot about them. Pros and cons. (A faster fix. Possibly losing sense of smell and taste. The risk of Meningitis if we postpone fixing until after the relays. Etc...) I was comfortable asking questions. And I flat out said I NEED to run Hood to Coast and another relay in July. He laughed and assured me I will be running them and this could all be done by the end of the month. Hallelujah!!! 

The three options I have been given are:
  1. Taking a medication that would help ease the dripping. It wouldn't fix me, but it would then confirm there is a leak, so then we would proceed from there on leak repair
  2. Getting that nuclear tracker scan thing that Dr. Dogan has recommended. This is a lumbar puncture and with that I would have things shoved up my nose to show which nostril the leak is coming out of. Based on those results I would then be scheduled for surgery with Dr. Geltzieler. I asked what happens next. He smiled and said, "I have a plan."
  3. The most aggressive approach. I go right into surgery and he basically explores to find and fix the leaks. Aggressive, but also possibly a one-stop shop surgery and I could be fixed.
Which option did I chose? I'll tell you next time!

I can say we were so pleased with the day's results. Every person we encountered was wonderful. Dr. Geltzieler walked us out to the lobby and continued chatting with us about what the future holds, and even played with Moana stickers with Katura. Right there he became a winner in her book! What does the future hold? I don't really know yet! I guess I can't know until I make my choice from the above options and then we see how the results from that choice play out! And until I can run again, you can find me walking with a stroller, my mom, and my brother (aka the dog)!

* * * * *

Edited to add: I'm sharing this earlier than planned just in case I die. Could I be more morbid? And please, for the love of all things happy in this world, stop asking how my headaches are or if I have migraines. I think this all confirms what I've been saying for months. They are NOT headaches. I don't have migraines. My brain fluid is just oozing its way out of my body causing insane pain! And this is not connected to or a result of my Meniere's Disease. I'm just lucky enough to have these random things happen I guess!

Saturday, March 2, 2019

Pardon The Interruption....

Hi everyone, I'm alive!!

And to quote Forrest Gump, "that's all I have to say about that."

Remember when I went through fertility help at OHSU to create adorable little Katura, but you read about it AFTER it was done? That's what we are going to do again! I'm not a fan of unsolicited advice. I don't like to talk about personal medical things beyond what I share in my blog. Anything extra just causes me anxiety, and given all that is going on, I definitely don't need any extra stress added on top!

I will document my trips just like I did with Katura creation, and when we come to an end I will be more than happy to share! For the time being, as before, my mom, dad, Shawn and I will just keep to ourselves regarding what's going on and keep me sane!

I am happy to report that being dedicated to my relay teams, the doctor's assured me I will be good to go for Hood to Coast!! (Ah, the priorities of a runner.)

To hold you over, here is a photo of that crazy little baby of mine back where she was made!

Keep all those positive vibes heading my way, I appreciate and need them!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

A Leaky Brain Sing Along

 Feel free to sing along....
Is this the real life
Is this just fantasy
Caught in a landslide
No escape from reality
This little ditty sums up my day pretty well I'd say.

For those playing along, you'll remember that last Wednesday I was at the neurologist. Thursday I spent my Valentine's evening getting my brain scanned with an MRA and an MRV. Then I began waiting.

Then yesterday happened. Monday I missed a call from my local doctor. I had no idea why since I am pretty much done there regarding this medical situation. So I left my phone volume on while at work yesterday, just in case. Sure enough I received another call from them. And this is where it all goes haywire - and sadly I wasn't even surprised. 

I was told that my scan results went to them instead of the neurologist. Supposedly the local doctor sent them up to Springfield, and they would call again just to make sure they got up there. They wanted to let me know that the results did show something, so they would make sure I got an appointment soon.

Do you think any of that happened? It appears not.

Today Shawn called Springfield. They hadn't received any results, even though they were the ones that ordered the scans. As it turns out, the local doctor didn't even get THE scans, just a little paper saying what the results looked like. The neurology people said to ignore what I was told. THEY will read the results and look at the scans themselves to determine any findings. So the neurology office took charge and set out to track down the scans so the doctors could look at them and make decisions.

I haven't parted with my phone all day, waiting for any calls. Shortly after getting home from work it rang. It was the neurology clinic. And this is when it all gets fuzzy. I handled the phone call. I wrote down some words. I tried to process everything.

Shawn woke up, calmed me down, and took over. He called back to get some clarification and find out what happens from here. This is where we are now:

It is very strongly believed that I DO have a CSF leak. I have been referred to OHSU as an URGENT case. They assured us I have been sent to THE very best doctor in the state for what I have going on.

What happens next? I don't know. I'm waiting for OHSU to call, but tomorrow morning we are going to call anyway to make sure they got the referral. 

And they assured us I am NOT dying. So there's that.

Friday, February 15, 2019

And Now We Wait....

It was URGENT.
Rush, rush, rush.
Finish with the neurologist. Immediately get blood work done. Collect samples from my leaking nose. Pick up the new prescription. Try to rest.

The next day: power through work. Try to watch most of Bohemian Rhapsody before getting picked up. Have the most enjoyable drive north to Eugene. (*Seriously, Sheila is the only person to not scare me with their driving in recent times!!) Arrive early. Check in. Get tests done. And wait.

That's where we are now. Waiting.

As I said, I had a most enjoyable ride up to Eugene with Sheila as my driver. Nobody lets me drive anymore, so I'm pretty much a pain in everyone's ass right now. But Sheila was fabulous as my chauffer and medical office buddy! We arrived to Oregon Imagine quite early, which worked to our benefit as I was taken back early and heading home early!

I was nervous about being cold and my butt hanging out. I brought knee socks with me, but they gave me the hospital gripper bottom socks to wear - my little souvenir. And my medical gown wasn't a gown. Phew! I had scrubs and they were quite comfy considering I was swimming in them.

I didn't even have time to fill out some pre-scan paperwork, because they were all set to get me going. A nice girl came to get me from the locker room and we filled out the form together. I am so boring, my answers are pretty much No to every single thing. The only yes we marked was that I have one tattoo.

Then the gross part. She stuck the IV in me. I'm shuddering just thinking about it. I don't mind needles. I don't mind blood. I DO mind having things injected into my veins. I can't even look at it. I won't move my arm. I'm completely gimpy for the rest of the day with whatever arm gets something lodged into it.

So I was all ready to be loaded up with dye, and I made my musical selection. My what? I got to wear noise cancelling headphones with my choice of music. I opted for the "spa" collection! Hey, I might be in a loud machine, but this is one time this mom gets to relax under a warm blanket with her legs propped up and nobody climbing on her or announcing they need to go potty. This was my spa day!

This whole place felt so superior to the MRI experience I had in the Mercy Emergency Room. It was all sparkling clean. It was more comfortable. The headphones worked much better than the earplugs they stuck in my ear on the regular MRI. Overall it was a much more pleasant experience. Everyone complains about MRIs and how their experience was the worst or more traumatic than everyone else (seriously, why does everyone become a know it all one-upper when it comes to medical things??), but I really don't mind them. Spa day!!

Obviously I did nothing but lay there. I watched the sun go down on the reflective device on my head. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sound of the ocean with the music - imagining I was on a beach in Hawaii watching a sunset all by myself. Time flew by!

Then I was sucked out so they could put the dye in. Yeah, that dude wasn't as gentle. I did NOT enjoy this part!! And he didn't fix my blanket after he left. For shame! I quickly fixed it myself before I was sucked back into the machine. My nose kept having a tickle, so that was mildly annoying. Obviously I'm not gonna shove my hand up to my face when they are scanning my brain!

Before I knew it I was all done. The MRA and MRV were complete and I was heading back to the locker room. I changed back to my attire and we were on the road before it was even dark out. Score!

And now I wait.

In the meantime I have this new prescription to take. I had to take SIX pills with breakfast this morning. The pharmacist insisted it be a BIG, full breakfast. I did the best I could, but I came nowhere close to finishing anything but my glass of milk. I was ramped up on that drug for a bit, but then felt a crash happening. This only goes on for 5 days, minimizing the dosage each day. The drug was awful tasting and it didn't even actually touch my mouth. I will be very happy when it is done!

And that's that. A whole lot of NOTHING! Hopefully we hear some results before my next scheduled appointment since that is well over a month away. I just want to be normal again. I want to run. I want to do a jumping jack. I want to drive to work like a big girl!

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

My Super Hero Conversion

My secret is out. I'm not really having any medical issues. I'm just in the process of becoming the next to join the team of Avengers! My super hero name is yet to be determined.

But really, here's the update. I have to do this fast because tomorrow there will be even more!

This started on December 3, 2018. Intense, stabbing pain. I can lean over to put on shoes and feel like I'm having intense brain freeze. I can hardly sit up right. As it is, I only function because of the sweet, sweet calming effects of fancy pain killers. After two visits to Urgent Care, a day in the ER, a week of not being allowed to go to work, and then 3 more doctor visits, I was finally seen at Oregon Neurology Associates. We accomplished more in this first visit than in all of the other combined!

After going over all of the issues I've been experiencing I had a relatively simple overall check up. Reflexes were fast - like I do sports. Hallelujah - I can't really run right now, but my body disagrees! My eyes checked out great. Balance was pretty alright - ha!

To just try and see if it helps I was able to lay down for an hour with this crazy contraption stuck to my head. No joke, I had a backing with a magnet stuck on my forehead, then this thing (for lack of a better word) attached to that with the other end of the magnet. And then she turned it on.

Holy oh my gosh! That hour was one of the strangest, most intense hours of my life - aside from the whole giving birth thing I did 3 years ago. This device helps with migraines, and just in case I'm just suffering from migraines we did this to see if it would help. It hurt sooooooo bad, but I refrained from ripping it off, although she said I could if I felt I needed to. At times it felt like my brain was being split in two and ripped apart from itself. Nonstop vibration. My face was basically number. It was bizarre.  I could tough my forehead and my finger could feel it, my face couldn't. I was pretty happy when that hour ended.

And guess what still hurts!  Yeah, my head.

During that hour the PA came in and checked on me a few times. It was during one of her times away that we realized a symptom we forgot to tell her about.  My leaking nose! She was so excited and her face lit up when I told her about it. This could be cerebral fluid leaking from my nose. If we can collect it and have it tested then I could possibly avoid some pretty invasive testing to see if I have a CSF leak. 

Migraines have been ruled out - which isn't a surprise because I've known all along it's not a migraine or headache at all. Thoughts at this point are perhaps a brain aneurysm or a CSF leak.

So what now?

Well I've already gone and had some blood taken. Tonight I will try to collect samples from my leaking nose. I can't even figure out how that will work or how I will get enough, but I have my sterile supplies and I'm preparing to just lean over and let nature work. Also I have a very strong steroid prescription to take for 5 days. That came with a warning that I will be very emotional and for us all to just be prepared and know it is the drugs and it will end in 5 days. Great.

On the way home from the blood sucking stop my phone rang. It was from Eugene. Normally I ignore any call if it isn't in my contacts but I answered. Now I'm scheduled for an MRA and an MRV tomorrow afternoon! I'm so bummed I will have to miss hula lessons, but I am trusting my mom will get photos and videos for me to obsess over until I can go to next week's class.

I feel like I'm probably forgetting stuff. This was a long, intense morning. But it was full of really nice people that actually listened to me and didn't look at me like I'm crazy or just imagining stuff. And thankfully it was never suspected I was "just experiencing Meniere's Disease". Hallelujah!!

I guess I'll see you all tomorrow with reports on how the next step went. Oh yeah -- I got marked as URGENT status, hence why I am being seen again so soon. I don't have a follow up with a neurologist until the end of March, but I'm on the list if there is an unexpected opening. At least I'm finally moving toward diagnosis and treatment!!