To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.
-Steve Prefontaine
Make it simple, but significant.
- Don Draper

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Run #6.9 - Ending with a Bang!

Last night was my final run before all of the fun and excitement of this weekend's Disney races!

I went out fairly late, it was dark and cool, and thought I'd do a couple of easy miles. Well I must have been LOVING the cooler temperatures because my legs were on fire! I paused a couple of times to just calm myself down and force myself to slow down the pace, but I failed at that. There was so much adrenaline pumping through me that I couldn't help but go crazy! 2 miles in 18:44. Yes, let's say that again .... 2 miles in 18:44. For the last big chunk I was going back and forth between 8:30 and 8:45. WHAT??? Huh? No way, I do not run this fast. But I DID!!

This run was just to get my head ready, to shake off some nerves and boost my confidence. It worked! (Now Rose, don't you dare get your hopes up that I run that fast because trust me, I don't, and I will want to walk more than normal people do. I'm a weenie!)

A few hours after the run I was up and back at the pool. I am getting addicted to pool smell. I even wore my semi-damp running jacket to work today just because it still smells like the pool - the dampness being from my wet swimming suit this morning! Class today was a blast! A lot of noodle work while using the weights a the same time. It was arms, legs and abs going crazy today. I seriously felt the ab work better than any day so far. The other new girl and I totally rocked the balancing portion. We stood on our noodles in the deep end, with our arms holding the weights out to our side. We were solid! Everybody else? Not so much -noodles were flying in the air, landing on heads, there was splashing and tons of laughter!  At the end of class we were all talking about how we would do it every single morning if the Y would let us. Glad to know I'm not the only one totally into it!

Now if you'll excuse me, I shall retire this round of half marathon training posts and get back to really important work .... i.e. studying the Disneyland website and printing all flight and hotel info AGAIN. I think 2 or 3 copies is okay, right? I can't help it, I'm a worrier. I need multiple copies in my bag just in case!

Fellow Disney runners .... see you in a couple DAYS!!

Everybody else? Have a lovely Labor Day weekend - best of luck to the racers out there, especially the ladies hitting the Eugene Women's Half Marathon that I sadly can't be at.

Ta ta! Next posts you get from me will be via my phone from lovely DISNEYLAND!!!!!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Failure Is Not An Option

*Editor's Note: The author of this blog has disappeared. She has been replaced by a girl that is bouncing up and down (on the inside) with giddy excitement. The fact that she is going to see the Matterhorn and Sleeping Beauty's Castle in 48 hours has just hit her and, well .... she has a one track mind now .... Vacation and the Disneyland Half Marathon!

Goals. It is a common thing for runners to set goals for races. Typically I see people have an A, B and C. Usually one of those would be to PR or come in under a certain time. Well this race we are discussing today is the Disneyland Half Marathon, and when it comes to racing - I am anything but usual!

The Eugene Half Marathon happened in May. I had a goal, and I got my PR! And I also injured my IT Band. Still I registered for the Seattle Rock'n'Roll Half Marathon and set a goal - enjoy it, no pressure, finish in time for Everclear. Done and done and done! Then came the Lacamas Lake 1/2 Disaster. My goal? Finish. Okay - done... barely. Seriously, what the hell was that race? Sure I was unprepared and freshly off of the IT Band situation, but still ... who puts a skyscraper to scale up at mile 12.5 of a race??

Now here we are, days away from my 6th half marathon and I am pretty much going in way under-prepared. Thanks to Meniere's Disease kicking my stubborn ass for a couple of weeks and hot days trying to kill my spirit, I am just mentally ready, but not physically. Did that stop me from setting goals for Rose and Myself? Hell no! Oh, yeah, Rose ... we have goals now, FYI.

Goal A:  At least one photo of one or both of us doing a cartwheel at some point during our two races. Yeah, I totally went there! I mean if you are going to have your A goal be the hardest, then dammit, let's toss in gymnastics. Do you cartwheel? I'll get practicing tonight.

Goal B:  A photo on the field at Angel Stadium. Can you tell me any other time I'd be on the field like that?

Goal C:  To Not collapse or cry before crossing the finish line and getting those beautiful medals around my neck. The challenge of goal C is for Rose to stay sane while putting up with me when I fight trying to whine that I want my mommy. ;)  Don't doubt it, I think I say it during every race!

* * * * * *

Basically, just as it was with Apollo 13 .... Failure is NOT an Option. I don't care what goes on, I WILL go home with three medals from this weekend. And I WILL have an awesome time! And we WILL have the mother of all blogger meet ups! And it WILL be an Epic success!!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Just A Tad Bit "Goofy" - Almost!

I did it. OMG, I was so excited - especially upon seeing the medal - that I went full steam into it.

So not quite "Goofy" (i.e. the Half Marathon on Saturday followed by the Full Marathon on Sunday), but pretty damn close!

Saturday you can find me feeling fresh at the start line of the Walt Disney World Half Marathon .... and Sunday you'll find me feeling ?????? at the start of leg 2 of the relay. My BFF and I are now officially registered for the Chip'n'Dale Marathon Relay!

What have I gotten myself into??

I Just Really Love the Noodles.

Only 7 hours after finishing my 5 mile run last night I was up, putting on my suit and heading to the YMCA for more water aerobics. The class was smaller again. I like it that way I've decided. Before getting into the pool I talked a lot with our instructor - mostly about Disneyland and how it is this week and basically just excited babble!

Today was a lot of arms and abs. Perfect! We brought out our horse noodles in the deep end and reclined on them like a hammock. Then from that position we did sit ups. It felt really good! We also did the underwater jumping jacks that I liked so much from day 1 and some deep water running. By the end of class I could really feel the ab work and my arms were burning. I like how the instructor mixes it up all the time. We start and end with the same warm up/cool down routine, but our things in the middle have been varied  and tweaked so it is always fresh to me - of course I've only been 4 times, but still I've loved all that we have done. 

Leaving the pool area I ran into a lifelong friend's mom. It is nice recognizing people .... especially when they are in clothes! Which leads me to this:

Changing rooms. They are there. They exist. Full privacy. So, um ..... WHY DO I SEE BARE NAKED ASSES BENT OVER IN MY FACE ALL THE TIME??  Oops, ignore that. Today wasn't bad on the nudity scale at all. Phew!  I'm such a kid, I swear. 

Tomorrow I'll be going back for my first day of weights all on my own. It will be hard to go in, smell the pool area and NOT go swimming. But I am excited to try some new things and help out my pathetically wimpy body a bit!

Run #6.8 - I'm Back!

I guess it is good timing that I finally felt like myself again while running. I mean with the half marathon just days away, I'm glad I feel like a somewhat okay runner again. Last night I went out around 9pm for my run. It was dark, the weather was cooler, the humidity was lower. It was such a nice change! I was scheduled for 10 miles .... but I am a slacker .... and I fueled up with a lot of rum on Saturday .... so the fact that I even got in 5 pleased me! And they were fast. Less than 50 minutes. Granted I did pause a couple of times to cool off and gather myself, but really I was on fire!

My head was in the game. I was thinking a lot about the Princess Half and how Lesley helped push me and I did it and I didn't die. I was thinking about a team name for the marathon relay in January. I was thinking about race goals I'm setting for Rose and I (I am not done yet, but I can tell you that they actually have nothing to do with running at all!) I was thinking about how Rose is this powerhouse and I hope some of it can rub off on me and she'll help me successfully get through 13.1 miles without saying I want my mommy! ;)  And I thought A LOT about Pre.  I've been so busy and distracted that I haven't even bothered to get my head into the running, and for me that is a HUGE part of it. When visions of Steve Prefontaine are running through  my head I just naturally start doing better. I was concentrating on my form. When I felt like my posture was good I was running better and faster and longer. I guess this was that big mental boost that I really needed going into the Disneyland Half. I want that to just carry forward with me as I head into 4 races back to back in September.

So good run. Not as long as I wanted, but a lot more effort and work went into it, so I almost feel like I took more out of those five miles than I would have if I tried to push for 10. 

And if you missed the memo .... I'M GOING TO DISNEYLAND THIS WEEK!!!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Pumping Iron

I should have at least flexed I guess. Lame!
Has anyone here seen Starlight Express? I freaking love it. It is my favorite Broadway show - even though I'm still on a mega Les Miserables kick. ANYHOOZY, I love Greaseball. One of his songs is Pumping Iron. Swoon.... the ladies love him. Well now I, too, am pumping iron!

Saturday morning. while Biker Boy was at my house preparing a feast for the annual Jimmy Buffett party, I was at the YMCA with Jordan. It wasn't Jordan Knight from New Kids on the Block. I know you probably thought that, but it wasn't. He was very cool - not intimidating at all.

We set up a card for me, which was actually a full sheet of paper with all of the machines on it. And then we started! We hit all of the weight machines figuring out the settings I need and a good amount of weight for me to try on all of them. Weight machines have come a long way since I goofed off with them during junior high P.E. class! I have the wimpiest arms ever. It was almost comical when I tried to do certain machines. But then we hit legs and I had to keep getting more and more weight added. Apparently running has made me awesome in the leg strength department. Actually, even in school I always hated the arm exercises but loved the ones with  my legs - apparently that hasn't changed.

Rose always has awesome stories of convos she has with her trainer. Well mine couldn't compare, but I did have one conversation that almost made little Jordan blush. We got to the final machine. He says, "then there's this one. Mostly women use it, some men do, and it is just weird. But you can do it if you want, I'll show you how." So he goes through the whole process and then it was my turn to hop into this contraption. Then I just started laughing and then it went a little something like this.... "You know why women don't mind doing this? It's 'cause we totally have to pretty much get in this position at the doctor's office once a year!" Once he was able to speak again he commented how it is just strange that it faces the big open window, at which point (while doing this leg work in my running skirt) I said, "Yeah, it is a little 'Hey boys!' ... good thing there are shorts under this, right?" Apparently said machine used to face the main door. Talk about a little surprise to people coming in or going by when all the ladies are there spreading open and closing their legs over and over again!

So about 45 minutes later we were done. We did hit the upstairs cardio room, too. I don't really have plans to use the things up there since I just go outside to run. The new plan is to stick with my Monday, Wednesday, Friday water class and then go down at the same early morning time to do weights on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I'm going to find time to add another day in there somewhere. I'm so excited! I'm going to get muscles. Woohoo! 

Friday, August 26, 2011

I Ride a Wicked Noodle Horse!

Let me tell you .... today was the most fun day of water aerobics ever! I am so glad I am in this class. I think poor water aerobics has been getting a bad rap all these years. I mean everybody laughs at it as this old grandma class, and true, I might be the only non-grandma there, but it is so fun! And a great work out. I've realized that I can just up my intensity level and I feel each move even more. Even just after walking up and down some stairs I was really feeling today's exercises!

Today was a MUCH smaller class - only 5 of us, compared the to the 13 from Monday. I liked the smaller class because we were able to spread out even more (it has never felt crowded), we could socialize easier... and we got to ride our noodle horses!

So those noodle things, we use some that seem to be heavier? sturdier? what is the word? .... than the ones that I see for sale at Wal-Mart type stores for kids to play on. I never understood the noodle. But oh my gosh - I freaking love them now! After our warm-up we put our regular weights on the side and grabbed noodles. The instructor then said, "Okay, I want you to straddle your noodle like a horse!" Of course, being the grown up that I am, I immediately get the giggles over that one.  We ended up swimming laps multiple times - while "riding our horses" - using different leg and arm movements each time. There was so much laughter that it ended up being an abdominal exercise, too! Another woman exercising, not in our class, started loudly singing the Rawhide song which added a lovely effect I think! ;) One lady and I were teased about being behind everybody else (they did have a head start) so naturally the racer in me had to ramp it up into high gear and go flying by everyone. I think I'm going to have to come up with a good pet name for my noodle horse!

Today felt like the best overall workout, but I think that is probably due to my feeling more comfortable and really pushing and making sure I was always doing the moves the right way and making the most use out of my weights. We finished off with some Tai Chi, which was a first for me. And then, as per usual, my favorite thing .... stretching the IT Band. Ah, feels so good!

When class ended we all just lingered and floated. I bonded with the judge and we shared stories of court rooms and trials, etc. I have jury duty next month - perhaps I'll see her in action!

Tomorrow Biker Boy and I are now spontaneously considering a 5K race that is happening here in town. I don't do local races, but the big cheese at work is trying to get me to do it, so I'm considering. Also, tomorrow morning I go to the Y to meet up with a dude and have my weight room orientation. I'm sure he'll just love it if I show up all sweaty and stinky post race, right? 

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Run #6.7 - I Love the New Me!!

I didn't have swim class, yet I still set my alarm to go off at 5:15am. Sure, I did hit the snooze, but I got up, checked in on facebook while I slowly woke up and then I committed to doing a 3 mile run. No ifs, ands or buts! 

Today was the official dress rehearsal for Disneyland. Since I did not like the way the last official shirt fit I had to pick a new one. I'm running in one that I've already raced in, so I know it will be comfy. I enjoyed the skirt/shirt combo together, so now I can relax - wash the heck out of them since they are soaked in sweat now - and pack!

The run ..... three miles. I ran down to my park, paid a little visit to the girl's room, ran to the golf course, went to the YMCA and then ran home. The Y to my house has been confirmed to be one mile running. I have visions of, once I can get my orientation scheduled (nobody will call me back or answer!! ARG!!!), running to the Y, doing weights, then running the mile home. So today it was disgusting. At 6:30am it was 70º and wayyyy too humid. I mean it is Florida humid in Oregon right now. Last night we even had a big thunderstorm complete with gigantic drops of rain. I was so happy! Considering I suck at running in heat, I did really good. I was focused and just staring straight ahead telling myself to push it a little farther, then a little farther more. I need to stop overheating. I get in a zone, but then I just have to stop and let myself cool down. I can't even do those 3 miles without a pause for water or a little pause in the shade. My legs have been feeling so good, too. So I hope once it cools off I'll feel some improvement overall.

Anyway, I am loving my new workout plans!! The water aerobics class is the highlight of my week right now. I love that I get to do it 3 days a week. Ultimately I want to go on the off days at 6am and use the weight room. That will leave me still free to do my evening runs on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Oh how happy I am to be injury free, and for the time being Meniere's free! Woohoo!

Oh, and don't fall out of your chair ... I had salad with my dinner AGAIN last night. That's like 3 or 4 times in the last week. And I bought another fresh batch of romaine so I can keep it up. Who am I? And What happened to R*onda R*e???


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

All the Naked People + A Cavity Search

Good morning everybody!

Yesterday I went to the dentist. When the lady that does my teeth came to get me she said, "So last time I saw you you were getting ready for a big race (the Princess 1/2)." I said, "Yes, I was! Guess what I'm doing now? ... Getting ready for another big race!" She runs regularly as well, so I like having her in charge of me - we get to have fun conversations! Anyway, after my x-rays and cleaning I am happy to report my gums are looking good and I am still 100% cavity free!

My day yesterday was hectic. I was never at my desk really. First the dentist, then a website committee meeting to end the day. It seems that being in a confined room with a VERY loud talker (with a major hint of A.D.D.) and a lot of air conditioning, then going outside to my car where the thermostat said 100º immediately triggered a migraine. Lovely. By the time I got home I could barely see. It was one of those strange ones where your vision gets all weird and you can't focus and you want to just rub your eyes constantly until it goes away - and then when you can see again the pain comes. Fortunately this only seems to happen about once a year. So anyway, no run for me last night. I was really disappointed - I will try to do it tonight though. I couldn't sleep at all. It was way too hot. I kept moving around the house looking for the coolest place to try to sleep. Never worked.

Still dripping wet!
At 5:15am my alarm went off. Yay, I was so excited! I slowly got out of my bed, my feet hit the floor and the stabbing pain started. I ignored it. I was too antsy to get to swim class! So I put on my suit, brushed my teeth, grabbed a granola bar and hit the road. The man at the main counter was very nice and chatted with  me for a while as he took my photo for my ID in the system. Great - I probably look horrible. I have NO clue when he actually took the picture. As soon as I walked into the locker room one of the ladies said, "Oh good, you decided to come back!"  Quickly put everything away, rinsed off and got myself in the pool with my weights. Then I just floated on them a bit and closed my eyes. Let me say this - if you ever have a migraine, but still want to exercise, water aerobics is the sport for you!

I would say I did pretty darn good today. I'd give myself an A-. I have some spots I could improve on, but throughout the whole class the teacher kept telling me I was doing it all perfectly! I did suck with the noodle at the end. I couldn't figure out how to get my foot on it without having it come up and goose me. I'll get it eventually. At least I gave us all a good laugh. Through the whole class I kept trying to do everything the best way I could, but also making it harder - for example pushing my weights underwater for more resistance versus leaving them on top of the water. Let me tell you - I can feel it! My arms have a lovely soreness, as well as my hamstrings!

The thing that was different today .... all the naked people. The Beatles song Eleanor Rigby came to mind while I was in the locker room ... with altered lyrics.  "All the naked people, Where do they all come from?" I mean they were everywhere. One woman was just walking all over the place (dry, not like she just got out of the shower and was going to dress herself), not a single thing on, and not a care about it. I turned to leave my locker and saw a naked lady butt bent over and just staring at me. I pretty much immediately shut my eyes and scurried out. I'm such a freaking prude sometimes! So today's locker room photo happened outside of the YMCA instead of inside!

Monday, August 22, 2011

New Swimmer - A "Serious Athlete"??

What a seriously fun morning I had!

My alarm went off at 5:15am. I didn't sleep at all. It was like the night before a race when you are too excited and nervous to sleep. After hitting the snooze once I got up, looked at my dog sprawled on the floor (the poor little girl didn't sleep last night - I forgot to leave the front door open and it got toasty in the house), and got dressed. My new swimming suit (red & black, my signature colors!), my new adidas pants (I can't get enough of adidas and these pants look way too cute on me, if I do say so myself), brushed my teeth and went out the door.

There you have it - me in a swimming suit with
NO make-up. What happened to me??
I was a little nervous about walking in, but I did it! The guy working the counter was really nice and welcomed me to the Y since it was my first day. I'm so glad my mom pointed out the locker room door - not sure I would have known. When I went in it was so unfamiliar. It didn't look at all like it did when I was in 6th grade. I panicked. Do I bring my towel? Do I leave it here? What do I do?? I thought of trying to text someone, but who?? So I locked it up and realized, just like with any race, I had nervous bladder. On my way to the potty I saw a sign saying "Please Dry Off Before Entering" - so I knew I had to go grab my towel. Phew! Hung it up, rinsed off and then made my way to the door. I opened it and was completely shocked to see a hot tub! No wonder I was so confused .... I was now in the "adult" locker room - what I used to be in is now the children's locker room. 

Timidly I walked through to the pool. I saw four women chatting away and bouncing around. I slipped quietly into the pool and an older gentleman starting talking to me. He told the ladies I was new to their class and they very quickly welcomed me, introduced themselves and asked all about me. I was immediately relaxed. I felt like I belonged and I was really happy I went! Soon more people arrived (I was there way early) and we all found places in the shallow end with our floaty water weights. Dude - those things are so much fun!!

The instructor spent a lot of time with me making sure I understood what all we were doing. That was awesome! In the end I counted 13 students and the instructor. Everyone was having side convos and it was just really relaxed. It was all women and two men - hmm.... don't remember them participating in the sagging boobs talk!  After warming up in the shallow area (ooh, we were in the warm pool, too!) we "bicycled" down to the deep end, which I think was 10 feet. Here we did abs and had more of a leg workout. I had a mild concern when we ditched the weights, went to the wall and had to kick. This is when the instructor asked if I could swim. I laughed and said, "Well yeah, I mean I'm still alive - but I can't do that." and pointed to the lap swimmers in the other pool. I think the kicking was my weakest part of the class - but that could also be due to the 9 miles I ran yesterday.

Eventually we bicycled back to the shallow end, switched out to different weights and do some arm work before our cool down. Okay - I kinda sucked here, too. I told them all I might be a runner, but my arms don't do anything. Oh yeah!!!! So when I first got in the ladies asked if I lived here. I said I did and that I run half marathons often and wanted something to do that was easier on my body for the off days. When our instructor arrived one of them said, "We have a new member ... and she's a serious athlete!" Ha - how flattering!

Class ended, I hurried off to the locker room and struck up conversation with another new member. On the way out of the Y I officially signed up for the class - so I'll be with all of this lovely, chipper women every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6am!

Run #6.6a&b - Done and DONE!

Ugh. It isn't pretty. It isn't short. It isn't sweet.

I left with fabulous intentions of 9 miles of pure dedication. I wasn't going to whine. I was just going to run at a steady 11 minute mile pace - 'cause that's what Lesley told me to do! Mile one was lovely. It was 70º, slight breeze, warm, but not oppressive. The first mile was about 10:20 or so. It immediately went downhill. I underestimate the effect of my Meniere's meds on my body when mixed with the sun. I couldn't get hydrated enough, even though I was trying my hardest. The sun was just draining all life from me. Somehow I never let it have an effect on my mental running game, which is huge. I mean once my head goes then it all crumbles. I just didn't want to be a quitter. But I physically was just done. I got home and saw it took me two hours to run 6  miles, although there was only one hour of running time. The shady spots were just too nice to not stop and rest in. When I had long stretches without shade I was struggling. In the long, shady stretches I felt like my old self again. I called it part of a day at 6 miles. I wasn't getting all out of this run like I wanted, so I felt like I was wasting my time. The temperature rose 15º while I was out there ... no wonder I was so miserable. Good thing Oregon just now got it's summer - hopefully it will be over SOON!

I ended up rather sick for the rest of the day - again, side effect of the daily meds. But because I won't give up, around 9pm I put on outfit number two and hit the neighborhood streets for 3 miles - in just 30 minutes! My legs felt pretty darn good! I had joked that these 9 miles were going to be my first 9 of training for January's back to back half marathons. .... Little did I know I actually would do back to back runs that day to get in the 9!

Instead of beating myself up over it, I'm actually proud of myself. It was a hard day. After not being able to run for nearly 2 weeks I felt like I was starting from scratch. My endurance certainly isn't where it was at the start of the summer before all of these dizziness that I had this month. So I guess I didn't expect to set any record during training - but I'm happy I did it, even if it did take two separate runs.

Imagine my surprise when I got this! (Way better than the big fat ZERO I had a couple weeks ago!)

Friday, August 19, 2011

Run #6.5 - Positive Changes!

Yesterday after work I said hello to my pets, let Lady go potty, grabbed 6 cans of food I know I'll never eat, and went back out the door. My stop? The YMCA. With my 6 cans of food I just saved $50 on the membership fee. Woohoo!  After just a few minutes and a lot of question asking, I became a member. OMG, I joined the gym! I am the girl that has never worked out in a gym, never passed a swimming lesson, never run on a treadmill! I still don't intend on running on a treadmill, but I want to try everything else. This weekend I am on the hunt for a good "athletic" swimming suit so I will be ready for Monday morning when I go to my first class. I'm using this water aerobics class to help me get used to the water more so then I can hopefully be brave and take an adult swimming lesson. I also asked to have a cardio/weight room orientation so I'll know what everything is and how to use it properly. I'm pretty darn excited! Scared, but excited!

After the Y visit and a yummy dinner (I had salad again - this is TWO nights this week!) I prepared to run. I haven't had a run since last Saturday ... unless you count the .4 miles on Sunday when I just bombed right at the start. I went out around 8:30pm intending to do a 5K. I did 2 miles, and I'm okay with that. It's been so long and I am not 100% over the latest Meniere's attack, so I was okay with 20 minutes to break me back into it all. It was soooo dang humid. OMG. I mean I was so uncomfortable that my head was filled with positive thoughts. I kept saying this is just practice for Disneyland and California weather. Baby steps! So I kept pushing through even when I wanted to pause. Ugh, even my left ovary hurt. What? Okay, so maybe that is just a sign of womanly issues about to happen, but whatever. I was just proud of myself for continuing on through the hurt and sweat!

So next week things start all fresh for me. Sunday I will do 9 or 10 miles. I will not let myself fail! Saturday I will buy my new swimming suit(s) and possibly test them out in the river at my mom's house since it is supposed to be 90º+ here for the first time all year. Sunday night I'll set out my towel, a breakfast bar and swimming suit so I'll be ready to get to the YMCA really early for my first class. If I like it I'll sign up for it for real and do it 3 days a week. Fun! (I hope.)

And lastly ... TWO WEEKS!!! Two weeks from today is the Disneyland Half Marathon expo!!!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

3 Things Thursday: Healthy Edition

  1. I checked out the YMCA last night and am really excited to join!  I've already picked out a water aerobics combo class that I want to do MWF from 6 to 6:45am. Also I think I'll do a private lesson with a trainer in the weight room so I can learn how it all works and how much I should be trying to move around with my weakling body. Next, I just have to get a new swim suit/swimming suit/bathing suit (what name do you prefer?? There is much debate about this between my best friend and I - we'll discuss him in #3.). I want a suit that is legit for exercising - not some "lounge by a Vegas pool with a cocktail" type of suit.

  2. For the first time, I am at work in a running skirt - the one I wore in the Princess Half, actually. I figured that this way I can be half ready to go running after it cools off a bit tonight. I haven't been physically able to run in nearly a week, but I am EXTRA motivated to run now ....

  3. I think my best friend, a Florida resident/Disney cast member, is going to do the Chip'n'Dale Marathon Relay with me in Walt Disney World in January. So, yeah .... I'm determined to amp up the training and overall healthiness so I can be awesome and run back to back half marathons (I'm registered for the Half the day before). I already called shot gun on the second half of the race. He is way fast (like 89 minutes for his last half marathon fast) so I almost feel like I'll be getting a head start when it is my turn to start running!  Tonight my plan is to brainstorm team name ideas. There are many years of crazy stories between us, finding the perfect name to really capture our personalities and friendship might be really easy or really hard!
New Marathon Relay Team??? Possibly!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I'm Branching Out - Advice Needed!

I guess I shouldn't act this age anymore???
RR:  I bought vitamins last night. And lettuce! What is wrong with me? I read a freaking book in bed before I went to sleep .... TWO nights in a row.  And I want to join the Y? I'm obviously not well. This Meniere's thing is messing with my brain. I didn't even eat French fries at dinner.

DD:  Perhaps you're finally not going to be a 12 year old anymore.

RR:  Really? Dammit. So this is what 13 is like?

That is how my morning conversation went with my mom today. All of the above statements are true, well except you should add 20 years to those numbers. Yikes!!

Obviously I've been sidelined from running for way too long, but I think I am feeling well enough that tonight I'm going to venture out for some nice, hard, sweaty miles! It is normal, for me, in the summer to almost hibernate. I get a blubbery layer around me like a bear. It is in the fall and winter that the weight comes off. I'm tired of that. I don't want to feel blimpy just because I have terrible reactions to the sun and heat.  (Seriously, as if I don't puke enough with running as it is, having the sun make me do it too is just unfair!) Every day Rose tells us about her awesome workouts with her trainer. She swims in her badass suit. She bikes. She is my Michael Jordan. "Like Rose, if I could be like Rose ....." (please tell me you remember that song. I can still sing the Trail Blazers Bust a Bucket song, too!)

My latest idea:  Join the YMCA. Okay, I've never passed a swimming lesson in my life (all of this is important information for you at the end of this post, FYI!). I can't go under water without plugging my nose. Diving? What's that? Wait, swimming in public? In a suit designed for that? Are you kidding me??? Obviously I am not well for even considering this.

Also important to note, I have never been in a gym. Sure in PE we did things and had our little tiny weight room, but remember junior high PE? Did you care about working out or were you more into gossiping and talking about boys? I've never used a stationary bike thing when I wasn't just a kid goofing off. 

I want to try to tackle all of this. I already found out there was a water aerobics class MWF at 5:30 am. I could run to the YMCA and zig and zag to make it exactly 1 mile, do the class, run 1 mile home. I could go use weight machines and fix my noodle arms. I could actually, dare I say it?, cross train.

Um.... I don't know ANYTHING about this stuff!! Any advice you have is wanted and welcome. I'm petrified of day one of the swimming class thing. I looked at actual swim lessons - I kid you not I'd have to start at the pre-tadpole level - which is why I figure I can handle the aerobics better than trying to do laps right now. What do I need to know? What etiquette should I be aware of in the water, locker room, gym?

I'm going down there tonight with my mom after work to learn about becoming a member and hopefully getting a tour. I'm just so motivated and excited, I want to start NOW! 

WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH  ME???? I'm supposed to be the slacker that only eats french fries!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Funny Meeting You Here!

Lesley, Lucy & Ronda
I won a giveaway! The fabulous Lucy had a Sweaty Bands giveaway, and due to my never ending stalking, I won. Woo Woo! Yes, I meant to right Woo Woo - another Lucy/blog/graffiti reference. Okay really, why aren't you reading her blog? Click over there after you finish mine.

Anyway, (Oh, Hi! I'm starting to climb out from under my rock. I hope it isn't temporary. After 9 full days of vertigo and ear issues, I am soooo ready to be back in action again!) Yes, anyway, I was telling Biker Boy about how I met Lucy in person and it got me laughing. The awesome thing about running, for me, is that I have met and will meet so many awesome people. I was always so intimidated by running in general, that I never thought I'd end up meeting other runners and having it take over my life. I remember my very first race. December 5, 2009. Corvallis, Oregon. It was a 5K Fun Run that started at ended at Reser Stadium at Oregon State University. My step-dad walked me to the registration table so I could check in and get my bib and (only) cotton race shirt. I was so excited! Then I was terrified. I was trying to warm up (it was 27º) and stretch without anybody seeing me. I didn't want to be laughed at. When it was time to line up I was almost in tears. My mom actually had to push me into the crowd, forcing me to leave her side. I was in a complete state of panic. I felt all alone, clueless about what was going on, and I didn't say a single word to any other people (non-family) except for the guy checking me in.

My how things can change in such little time!

Remember Sushi Guy? I met him at a race. The first race I ever went to alone. I wasn't sure where to check in, I turned to ask anyone if they knew, and he was the one behind me. Whatever happened to him? .... He's really into this crazy downhill biking stuff now. I see he got a first place medal for something this weekend actually!

MaryAlicia. I met her through and then in person at the SkirtChaser last year. I was again hiding while stretching under a tree, looked up, and knew right away it was her.  She was also witness to my first finish line upchuck performance! We've met up again since then .... outside of the porta-potties, also in Washington.
L, Becka, A & Ronda

Lucy. We were texting like crazy for the Princess Half. It was still dark outside (OMG wasn't that an awesome morning/race/day??). Lesley and I had been up way too long working on our make-up (some day she'll forgive me for the pink eye). We got to the start/finish area and it was crazy packed with people. First thing, bee line for the bathrooms. No sooner do we get there, and there she is. Lucy! What a lovely way to meet -- outside of the smelliest porta-potties EVER!

Brooke & Becka got to meet me while I was sweating my ass o
Ronda & Brooke
ff. My mom and I prepared for cold weather - since last year we were frozen. Florida turned on the heat this winter! There I was, sweaty, ready to race with my hair DOWN for the first and only time, in black pants with sequins down the side and a black veil bedazzled all to heck. They must have all thought I was crazy! Two days later I'd be sitting on a bench outside of Epcot waiting for my BFF and there would be Brooke walking by again --- in all of her Disney Princess Half attire!

Lesley and I have had tons of meetings. First at a bus stop. Then at some crazy kid's races where she had this frantic look of panic on her face. And then we were roomies! Yep - slumber party at my place (i.e. Port Orleans)! She is the raddest. Wait, I don't play favorites. Oops. Well, if you aren't reading her blog yet, then watch out. Go start reading, and then tell me you don't feel inclined to start racing every weekend! And here's my word of warning, if you race WITH her, she's tough. She won't let you slack. She'll quote Prefontaine (or your respective running idol) to you, she'll bribe you with visions of your mommy at the finish line, she'll fix your hair so you can feel prettier while throwing yourself on an incredibly yummy pirate!

Giraffy & Ronda
Also in the darkness of that very early February morning I had too brief meeting with Giraffy! I'm so glad we got it in just in the knick of time. We were all in our corrals ready to go. Becka and I were talking via FB that Giraffy was trying to find me to give me my blog giveaway winnings. Well hot dog, we got to meet! Yippee!! In two weeks and a few days we'll meet again. Yay!!!

Katye also appeared out of the blue, and actually started the race with us. Little did I know I was starting my first half marathon with someone that would grace the pages of Runner's World magazine! That girl has spunk and is a tough cookie, let me tell ya!
Katye, Lesley & Ronda
I met Courtney while I was soaking wet. She was nice and put together a get together at Old Key West. I had been at Animal Kingdom that day - and went on my old ride, Kali River Rapids. Of course I was the one to get every single bit of me soaking wet. I bet I left my mark on her couch! And then .... as if the meet up wasn't fun enough, she was nice enough to drop me off at Downtown Disney where I actually got to "tuck and roll" out of the car. Loved it!
Courtney and I at Old Key West
Stacie and I have met up twice now (yet she didn't take me to NKOTB??). She and her husband are a lot of fun, and I bet we will all meet up again in the future. How could we not?

Abby & I in Seattle
Abby is my east coast twin. We have crazy stuff in common. Who would have thought the Southern Oregon girl and the girl living in New York would get to meet up face to face at a concert in Seattle? Yeah, we did, and it rocked!  (Now I just need to meet Christina, my other twin!)

Ronda, Cilley, Jules
Don't forget Oregonians now. There are a lot of us! Kim, Small Town Runner and Laurie were all instrumental in getting me to run a 5K race last year, where I actually PR'd even though I was sick. Woohoo!! That was only the first meeting .... we've all 3 had dinner together since (plus Julie!), I saw Kim at a 3rd race, and Small Town and I will see each other again next month at the Pre Memorial! (She even let me touch her Boston jacket .... which I credit to helping me get my 1/2 marathon PR the next day!) Cilley Girl won my first blog giveaway. Our dogs look alike. It was natural we would meet, and so we did. Actually, it was on the first date weekend with Biker Boy. She and Jules met up with us for a fun dinner and then the next day at the race. They are so much fun!! Cilley and I (Jules, you're coming, too!) have a date with an 80 year old drag queen some day AFTER we finish Portland Marathon weekend!

The Eugene Marathon gang (including Amy, Beth, Laurie, Julie, Kim, Small Town & Stacie (plus the dudes)
What's up? Who will I inevitably blog about next?

How about some of these awesome ladies: Rose -- my next race partner X 2!! We are going to dominated the Disneyland 5K in our own little way, and it will be epic. I have no doubts! Rad Runner -- after sending each other pre-Princess presents we will FINALLY meet up! More Becka and Giraffy face time - including all of their adorable little girls!! And Jenn -- we better meet up in Disneyland! Lucy and I will take over Vegas together later this year (why do I make everybody go to drag shows??). Oh man, so much is about to be going on, I can't even keep it all straight!

This long, rambling post basically is about how we are all awesome! I'm so glad all of you fellow runners have let me into your circle. It has been a blast so far ... and this is only the beginning for me!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

An All New Low.

I just can't take it anymore. I've been having a constant battle with my Meniere's for over a week now. I'm kind of at my breaking point. I mean I can't even imagine how I could feel at any more of a low than I do now.  Whoa! What's this? Not a normal, peppy, optimistic post from me? Yikes!

My skirt is fitting too tight today. I've written messages to myself in soap on the bathroom mirror to try to keep myself from eating since I haven't been able to  really do ANYTHING to help myself physically for the last week.

Today is long run day. I was going to do 8 miles. I ran around the block. It was .4 on my Garmin. I actually had to pause half way through because it was too hard. So I thought I'd come home, just lay down, hopefully it would pass. It still hasn't. I thought of maybe doing some Yoga Booty Ballet to at least get moving, but I can't even handle that. Laying down ... still dizzy. Sitting here writing this ... still dizzy. Enough already! I mean haven't I done my time? Isn't over a week long enough to deal with this at one stretch? I've never had this go on so long without a break. 

This weekend I was supposed to head over to Bend, Oregon to meet up with Biker Boy and his family. His parents came from Ohio, his brother and sister in law from California. I was going to be meeting them and enjoying the outdoors, and all that family vacations have to offer. Because I can't even drive, I obviously had to be the party-pooper that couldn't go. So embarrassing. I tried to describe to Biker Boy what my "normal" life has been like this past week.  I'll try to explain it here.....

Picture a corny SyFy movie, or a straight to video horror/thriller. It is set in a carnival in some creepy small town that nobody in their right mind would want to go to. It is one of those where it is dark, with flashing lights from the rides and games. Side-show freaks are everywhere. There is slow motion spinning, the sound gets warped and distorted. Faces are coming in and out and you just try to make sense of it all, but it is so crazy that you can't. You try to talk, but your mouth won't work. Your head tells you the things to say, but they just won't come out. Instead you are slurring, stuttering and confused. You try to walk through all of this loud, craziness, but you can't. Two steps and you tip to the side, looking for something to grab on to for support. So you sit down. You think sitting will make it all stop. If you just keep to yourself off to the side the spinning around you will stop, you'll be able to focus. And then ... you tip to the side and fall out of your chair. Or, if you're lucky, you have arms on your chair that you spend the entire time death gripping just to be sure you don't fall. 

Fun, right? Sure, maybe in a movie it isn't so bad. But every day where you life feels like that scene in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas when they try to, then go into Circus Circus ... it is so frustrating!!! I've been dealing with Meniere's since 2003 .... welcome to my first freak out!*

*I did freak out at the start when I thought I was suddenly deaf and had no idea how I was going to adjust to life without sound. Fortunately that passed, and only on rare occasions to I lose my hearing. This week was one of them. OVER IT!!!

Okay, so that's that. I'm probably going to continue to be MIA. I really hope this will just stop. I have no idea what you are all up to because I can't even just sit and read blogs. Now that I wrote this I'll be going to lay down again (I'm lame, I don't have Wi-Fi, so I have to sit up at the be old school computer). So everybody have a good week. And because I am still excited and I will NOT give up and I WILL run this race and do my very best .... THREE WEEKS!!!!!!   ..... to the Disneyland Half for those of you not on a daily countdown!

**Yeah, I tried and can't even watch this because it just made me worse. Sorry Johnny - we'll meet up again at a later time. Sorry for all the f-bombs in that video ... but you know, they actually almost fit with how I have felt this week! ;)

Run #6.4 - Mentally I Needed This

I'm still MIA .... but I did manage to somehow end up outside running yesterday!  I missed it so much and was feeling just all around blah. I feel like in this last week I've gained 25 pounds. I'm frustrated that I can't even walk a few feet without grabbing on to something for stability, so obviously running is nearly impossible right now. 

Yesterday morning I woke up early with a list of things I wanted to accomplish for the day. That list didn't even have running on it. I thought maybe putting on a running skirt would make me feel better. And it did. Next thing I knew it was a sports bra and running shirt. Naturally my socks felt like they should be on, which just forced me to put on  shoes. I was shocked when I realized I really was outside ready to run.

And run it was I did!  Physically this wasn't anything to brag about. Two miles, non-stop, in 20 minutes. I felt on top of the world when it was finished! I just HAD to get that run in to maintain some sanity and to try to wash out all these thoughts of how I feel like a little Stay Puft Marshmallow girl. 

The run itself was rather humorous. (I can't always laugh at what Meniere's Disease does to me - especially this week. Since 2003 when all of this started, I am in probably one of the top 3 worst spells of it. And it will NOT stop. ARG!!!)  Anyway, when I get really dizzy, aside from slurring and stuttering, I always drift right. So the entire run I was trying to not be part of the landscaping lining people's homes. I kept getting stuck in that groove where the road and the sidewalk meet. Once I hit two miles and started to walk home, oh my gosh - I don't know how I managed to run. I was all over the place, but mostly crashing to the right. I guess I have to laugh at it because in the scheme of things, drifting right isn't a big deal. I'd take that over the hearing loss from earlier this week. Yeesh!

Oh a side note, I was organizing my running clothes today. I had to do some moving around and get some movable drawers (from the dorm room section of the store) to hold my socks, compression/arm sleeves and sports bras. While sorting through skirts I counted19! Nineteen ... PLUS there are 2 in the mail heading to me right now. Ay carumba! I better get back to steady running soon to put these things to use!

I did attempt to run today. I went 4/10ths of a mile. I hope to have another post later about the remaining 7 and 6/10ths that I want to accomplish today!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

I'm a Guest Blogger!

Since I am not really feeling up to writing today, well, the timing couldn't have been more perfect! Heather, at Go Girl Go, is on vacation and asked me to write a little something for her blog - which is posted today! I was so happy to be asked to do it .... you won't be shocked at the subject matter at all .... Running and Disney!

So go check out my post, and then just stay and read her posts, too!  She's pretty much AWESOME!

.... and since it is such a nice number .... THREE WEEKS!! Only 3 weeks until I land in Southern California ready to tackle half marathon number SIX!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I'm MIA For A Bit

This is me. Right now. NOT all there!
I guess being MIA isn't new as of today... I mean I dropped off of the planet after my last two blog posts. I'm pretty much still down for the count from that Meniere's attack that happened mid 7-mile run.  Sunday night I was supposed to go home from Biker Boy's house - a 3 hour drive - but couldn't walk, let alone drive on the freeway. So Monday I had to call in sick. My dog and I took over BB's house while he was at work. We watched/slept through a few documentaries and movies. (I don't have Netflix, so this was an exciting new world for me.) Eventually after I crawled through Target with BB to get our Warrior Dash outfits, and a fast dinner at Red Robin, I was on my way back home. Made it in one piece in faster than normal time, too!

Yesterday I tried to work. That lasted 4 hours. At lunch my mom took me home (she is my designated driver when I end up dizzy and have to get around - it helps that we also work together) and I slept and watched Kathy Griffin on Bravo all afternoon. 

Today I'm not any better. I didn't take my back-up meds so that I can hopefully not sleep at my desk. Yesterday I took one and as soon as it hit my system I was slurring and I felt like my eyes were just completely blank. Lovely.  

So in the mean time, I am just out of the loop. Once I get home I'm always laying down. I haven't had time to read any blogs, and I feel so bad. I bet you all have awesome stories of things you've done, races you kicked ass in, silly things your children did.... and I can't keep up. I can't even really look at a computer screen long without getting dizzy. I kid you not I have to grab onto the handles of my chair for fear of falling out.

And I have Weapons of Mass Destruction training today. No joke.

I really just want to run. I had fabulous intentions for preparing for the Disneyland Half. I don't want to let Rose down, and I am determined to get as prepared as a slacker can during the summer. I haven't figured out how I will pull this off given my current situation, but I'll be like Project Runway and make it work!  Only 3 short weeks from tonight I'll be doing the last minute packing for Disneyland. Yay!!!! Excited doesn't even begin to describe how I am feeling. I've made all of my reservations, plotted out my days, talked BB's ear off about it and have been watching travel videos (and Netflix docs!!) about Disney any chance I can get. Vacation, Here I Come!

So until I am out from under my blurry rock, take care every body. Sorry to be a blog reading snob. I always feel so dang guilty and like a bad friend when I can't keep up. :(

Monday, August 8, 2011

Les Mis - I Dreamed the Dream!

Decades ago I was a young girl with season theater tickets. I didn't know current popular music because my love was all things Andrew Lloyd Weber and Cameron Mackintosh. One of the many shows I was lucky enough to see was Les Miserables. When I saw the 25th anniversary tour was coming to Oregon I put it on my calendar and signed up to get notice ASAP when tickets would be going on sale.  Finally the day was here, and yesterday I took Biker Boy to his first ever legit show! We went to the matinee and had a full date night! It was freaking amazing!!

The moment I could see the Keller Auditorium and that beautiful red, white and blue banner I got chills. I pretty much was in a constant state of emotion for the next few hours. Naturally I had to get some pre-show photos. I'd like to point out how lovely Biker Boy and I look together ... yeah, we match! And not a hint of running clothes on my body!

Once inside I wait straight for the souvenirs. I knew I'd get a souvenir program .... the lapel pin, canvas tote and charm bracelet were unexpected surprises! I kept eyeballing the "24601" shirt, but convinced myself I didn't NEED it... but maybe Biker Boy did? Oh well. BB grabbed himself a drink and we lingered at a tall table off to the side for some people watching and excited talking (by me) about the show and memories of seeing it 20 years ago.  See the excitement? The musician in me was just very, very excited. *Factoid alert: I almost went to the University of Oregon to be a music major, but switched to Oregon State to be a business major (in the end I got a psych degree). I spent 3 days as a music minor. My dream job? To play in the orchestra of shows just like Les Miserables!*

Soon it was time to go to our seats. Right away I was giddy with excitement. I studied the program, ooh'd and aah'd (shout out to Marius!) over the new set and was very happy when the two seats in front of us were never filled. Score! We were dead center, too. Fabulous seats!

The first notes came from the orchestra and my eyes got watery. I grabbed Biker Boy's had and put it on my calf to show him that I was covered in goose bumps. They stayed through the entire show. I had so much to say, but I'm still in awe and on a Les Mis high that I don't know what to say! Not one single actor annoyed me. What? I know, right?!?! And the Thenardiers were fabulous! I loved their portrayal! Something I tend to be picky about is realism. For example, on one recording I have, Eponine is dying (ugh, don't make me cry AGAIN!) yet she is singing with the strongest voice ever. Really? 'Cause you just got shot, you are dying, how can you be strong until your last note? Same with Fantine. Well this cast was amazing! They were so realistic with the way they showed the emotion. Their voices were great, the music was overpoweringly impressive, the new set was fan-freaking-tastic! I have nothing but rave reviews. I loved every single second!

Now let's talk about me. No, my mom. No, wait, was that me? As a girl 20 years younger than I am now seeing it for the first time, I didn't feel the same emotions that I did this time. Good gravy, I've turned into my mother! I was in tears leading into intermission, and as soon as the show started again they were back. Eponine's On My Own was my favorite so far. I mean I LOVE this song sooooo much, and her version of it was the best I've heard. I lost it. I couldn't even see her though my tears. By the time the final song was on I was that blubbering idiot I used to make fun of. Through the standing ovation they only got worse. I was just overcome by it ALL!!  And the photo below has the tears to prove it!

Once I left the auditorium I stared again at the souvenirs, and had to get one last photo. Instead of rushing back to the car we circled around the building and actually got to see some of the cast leaving from the backstage door. Tiny people! We saw all of the children from the production .... our Gavroche was so good! I realize that many of you probably have no interest in Les Miserables or any idea who Marius, Eponine and Gavroche are. (Our Enjolras had long, blond curly hair ... it was odd to me since I've been drooling over Ramin Karimloo after seeing him in the 25th anniversary PBS special.) I don't like a lot of musical theater. I am way picky, but when I like something I LOVE it. After seeing this "revival", I'm bumping Les Mis above Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. The top 3 shows for me now are Starlight Express, Phantom of the Opera and Les Miserables -- the order would vary depending on my current mood I guess!

So now I would like to leave you with this awesome video made by the cast that we just saw perform. Les Mis - told from Javer and Eponine. to the tune of that Jay Z/Alicia Keys song. These two were stand-outs in the show for sure!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Run #6.3 - Lacamas Epiphany

My last long run was the Lacamas Lake Half Marathon that kicked my ass a couple of times. For today's long run I decided I wanted some redemption. The part of the race I enjoyed the best was a 3.5 mile long trail right along the lake and a golf course. Seven miles is what I had on the calendar for my run, so this was perfect. Biker Boy and I went up to Washington, equipped with water, sunblock and Clif shots and set out for a lovely 7 .... or so we hoped.

BB was smart and made a goal (and I'm glad he did!) - 3.5 miles without any stops, but I was allowed to walk when needed. Sounded easy enough. That lasted two miles. I realized I was hungry, dizzy, hot and my legs were really feeling the speed work I did last week. So we paused and I had my Clif shot, then continued to the turn around point. At that time I freshened up my water, dumped a ton of it on myself and asked BB to give me a pep talk. I just knew the last half would be great. We were half way done, I had run this path twice now, I could do it!

Cue a mid-run Meniere's attack, mixed with another bad reaction to the sunshine from my Meniere's meds. It wasn't pretty, okay? Not all of it was bad. I took a moment to talk to a turtle that was probably going faster than I was - as it was just there frozen and eyeballing me. I went down to the lake to throw water on myself again. I found a bench. The rest is just plain ugly.

During this ugliness I had a realization about myself. I can't pass people. Sometimes I just don't want to feel rude. Most of the time, however, I am lacking in self-confidence. I worry that if I pass the fellow runner then I have to maintain my pace. What if I get tired? What if I have to walk and they pass me again? Then I look like an idiot that only thought she could pass someone. So what do I do? I hold back. I sacrifice my rhythm, my pace, my race finish times. During the last race I spent that entire 3.5 mile stretch refusing to pass a girl that I was clearly much faster than. I just didn't want to hurt feelings or look like a failure if I couldn't keep gaining a lead. Now that I've realized this I guess I have to figure out how to get over it. I've been feeling like failure after failure with running, so I guess it is all wearing on me so now I just save face instead of pushing and doing my best all the time.

And now I have to give a HUGE Thank You to Biker Boy. Seriously, if he wasn't there I might still be leaning on a tree somewhere by the lake. I was getting so dizzy that in those last 2 miles I kept grabbing to trees to make sure I wouldn't fall. I couldn't run when other people were coming toward me because I didn't trust my balance. There were tears. There was panic. It was just terrible. The last 2 tenths of a mile were painful. Biker Boy spent most of that last mile running behind me (which is never the case) and grabbing me to keep me steady when I'd drift. I have no idea how I managed to get in the seven, but I did 1 hour and 27 minutes of Garmin time. This doesn't count the time spent crying on trees. Ugh. 

Do you see that dirt? That is after 7 trail miles - through Nike shoes AND compression socks!
So we made it back to his house .... and, well.... yeah. I'm still feeling very sick. We've hit a whole new point in this relationship when he had to run into the bathroom to check on me, only to discover the frightening noises he heard were sounds of me on my hands and knees throwing up during my post-run shower. Yeah, sorry about that, BB!

Friday, August 5, 2011

"It's Happening, Grandma"

This exchange takes place between a 10 year old boy and his grandma while they are hanging out at the river.

B:  Did you notice the other day that my voice sounded different?
G:  Well, yeah, I thought maybe you just had a little sore throat?
B:  But did you notice it still sounds different today?
G:  You know, you're right it does.
B:  Yeah. ....It's happening.
G:  IT's happening?
B:  Yes, it is time. It's happening.
G:  Well, what is it?
B:  It's puberty, Grandma. And it is happening.

**OMG, now read this and try not to just die in your chair!!!**

B:  Yep, I've got hair on my balls now. And they are long and black.

I totally cannot make this stuff up! I seriously love Thursday nights at our little bar. I hear the greatest stories ~ This one was told to me by the Grandma!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Run #6.2 - Disneyland Dress Rehearsal

I'm still in Big Bad Voodoo Daddy mode, so this run report will probably be short and bland.

I was supposed to run last night. It was 85º when I left work. For some this probably sounds wonderful, but I just can't handle it. I run great when it is 45º! So I diligently read Runner's World, had dinner and watched the Jersey Shore recap of the first three seasons. [Season premiere tonight .... you know you want to watch!] By the time the weather was at a good temperature for me I couldn't keep my eyes open. Sure, it was before 9pm, but I'm not as young as I used to be. 

Fast forward (way too fast) to 5am. My alarm went off. I snoozed a bit, then got up and slowly convinced myself to run. Eventually I was out the door for 3 miles. Unfortunately I procrastinated yet again, so I had to run faster than I wanted to. I did the 3 in 30, but felt like I was pushing harder than I really wanted. I mean that is my 5K race pace, and I wasn't really going for that today.

I did the run in my socks, skirt and shirt that I had picked out for the Disneyland Half Marathon (ONE month from TODAY!!). Looking at it, it was way too cute! I loved it. So out the door I went feeling great .... until I started running. That damn shirt kept riding up, making me feel not so cute. I guess RunningSkirts shirts are just meant for the girls with the flat, chiseled abs - clearly I do not have a washboard stomach. More like a keg, but whatever. I'm going to do one more run with my iFitness belt - fully loaded like it will be on race day, and see if that will keep the shirt where I want it. I also thought of cutting the very bottoms of the seams. The shirt is long and my dad's mother gifted me with hips. So that's part of the problem. I thought maybe if I adjust the seams and make a slit on the side perhaps it won't ride up? Other than that I loved it a lot! I have a back-up shirt ready, just in case. I might bring both down to California and decide on race day.

Run wise, I felt good. Ran too fast, but felt okay doing it. The park was packed. I saw 4 other runners, which is 4 more than I normally see in the morning. A few walkers, a dog, 2 separate fitness groups exercising in the park. I liked how active it was ... you certainly wouldn't know it was so early in the morning. 

So that's that. I'm so ready for this whole race vacation - maybe not physically, but mentally I've been ready for months!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

BBVD In Concert = LOVE!!

Last night my mom and I had another mother/daughter date, this time to see Big Bad Voodoo Daddy. Basically I am pretty much obsessed with them. Ever since I saw them in concert in 2006 I check their tour dates constantly. I've sadly been unable to pull off seeing them again .... until now!

We had a pretty nice seat in the shade of a tree, thanks to my step-dad putting our blanket down at 5:30am. I guess the place was already full by 4 or 4:30am .... crazy!! We got to the concert about an hour before it started so we could have quality time with some cheese, crackers, tortilla chips, dip, olives and the latest Runner's World magazine. This concert apparently had over 8,000 people, so there was plenty of people watching as well!  Once the concert started I had tunnel vision. The people vanished and it was just me and the fabulousity of Big Bad Voodoo Daddy!

Fine, the announcers said no pictures. I sort of thought of following that rule. Then I thought, "Just one.... for the blog!"  114 pictures/video later I put my camera away. Yeah, obsessed!  They were freaking awesome. Scotty still rocks my socks off! I loved every minute and was so sad when it came to an end. Since I took so many photos I pulled out just a handful to share. If you haven't yet had the chance to see BBVD in person ... GO!! Rush out and see them as soon as you have the opportunity. It is totally worth it!

I had my choice of songs to share from last night. In honor of the Disneyland Half Marathon coming up next month, I've chosen a Disney song!

And finally, another BBVD song that we should all love!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Run #6.1 - Disneyland Half Begins ºoº

Welcome to round SIX of half marathon training! With 33 days until the race, I figured it was time to start training. That hiatus that I said I was going on .... I DID! And it felt GREAT! I kept thinking of running, but had to accept that my ankle was still sore from the last half marathon .... as well as my left ass cheek (that is the technical term, right?) So after my longest non-running break ever (I think) I was back at it. Plus, I got this lovely message from Daily Mile, so I knew it was time to get both of my ass cheeks in gear.

My run started at 9pm after it had cooled down. I figured it would be best to just run later and have a better quality run than try to go right after work and then melt and do horrible. I'm glad I went with this option. I started running and had to do a triple-take at my Garmin. 8:38?? What? Seriously? I knew then that my legs were ready for a little round of speed-work. So make-it-up-as-you-go-along speed work is what I did! No pain, just a lot of sweat and determination. I finished off 2 miles in 19 minutes. That is 9:30 minute mile pace! And that is unheard of for me!

What made me go so fast? I had major inspiration this time. It wasn't visions of crossing the Epcot finish line or running through Cinderella's Castle. It wasn't being in Disneyland and running through California streets. It was visions of my 4th race in September. (Yeah, I'm sneaking in 4 races in a 17 day period!) My fourth race is the one that means the most and I'll probably do every year. If you'd read my blog even once you know I have a certain running idol that I will never get to meet. You might also know that I met his sister. Next month I will most likely be back telling you how I met my idol's MOM! Oh yeah, that's how I roll. I swear they are going to adopt me any day now. I'm fully prepared to change my last name ... I mean it would still be German after all!

And in other news, Disneyland bib numbers are out! I'm 4164 for the half marathon and 2796 for the 5K. And I'm super excited!!!!

AND I was shopping with my mom last night and I found this.... shoes named after ME! They even spelled my name right. Woohoo! (I didn't buy them, but I did at least put one on to say I wore my shoe.)