To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.
-Steve Prefontaine
Make it simple, but significant.
- Don Draper

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Oops! I Did It Again....

Race directors should love me. I can't get an e-mail from a store or a race newsletter without reading every little detail. And inevitably there is an advertisement for a race in there. This is how I ended up running the Shamrock 15K. I didn't even know about this race since it was in Portland and I typically do my racing in Eugene. But the Portland Marathon newsletter advertised it, so I felt compelled to sign up.

Click photo to check it out yourself!
Today Fit Right NW sent out an e-mail, and this time they mentioned the Lacamas Lake Half-Marathon. "Where is Lacamas Lake? I haven't even heard of it! I better look at the course map and see!" Turns out it is just across the boarder in Washington. I have a bad history of racing in Washington -- I raced once, puked at the finish line and set my slowest 5K time ever. Perhaps I could redeem my race skills. "What is the course like?"

That sounds lovely! I love lakes. I love medals. I LOVE looking at Mt. Hood. Tree lined country roads? Trails? Serene setting?  Yes please!


Alright Pacific NW runners .... who's going to join me??

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Run #2.5 - Redemption Run

I had no running photo,
so here are today's socks!
I set out last night, in the rain Again!, to redeem myself from my prior long run on Sunday. I went into it knowing I'd be soaked, telling myself it would be okay. I mean it was only 5 miles. Right? I can't help but chuckle. I mean I remember when I started and I ran my first mile non-stop. I was so excited, I couldn't believe I could do a mile. And now I head out on these 5 milers thinking only. What the heck has happened to me? I mean I actually look forward to the longer Sunday runs more than the short mid-week runs. I don't even recognize myself!

So the run itself was pretty uneventful. I did the first mile in less than 10 minutes, so then I tried to back off a bit for the remaining four since I know I can't do 5 miles as fast as I did that first one. I felt pretty darn good. It was nice. My running path was pretty empty - but then who wants to be out in dreary conditions after working 8 hours that day? So I was the crazy one. I did see one other run and boy oh boy was he fast. And he ran up the hill into the scary part of the bike path that I never run on. I was a little jealous. I did mix up my route a bit just to get some new scenery. I find that helps me a bit... keeps me from mentally getting bored.

In the end I completed my 5 miles in about 53 minutes, with a 10:32 average pace. Not bad at all. I have no complaints on that! I mean I'm not a fast runner by any means, so this suits me just fine!

Only 11 days until the Corvallis Half Marathon!!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Run #2.4 - Weather Fail

Ugh. That's what I have to say about this run. I felt like a failure. The weather and I just didn't get along.

I fixed Biker boy and I a yummy, protein filled breakfast before our run. Mentally I was ready for the 11 miles, physically, too, I guess. But naturally, since it is Oregon, Mother Nature had to mess with me. We set out together, with my goal to stay around an 11 minute mile pace, and everything felt good. In fact I started to feel a little hot in my long-sleeved shirt. About 1.3 miles in I made us pause in the park for a potty stop. This was my first time ever having to stop mid-run to use the little girls' room! I went in when it was sunny. I came out a couple minutes later to a total downpour. Lovely.

We didn't let it stop us, and we set out for the first loop through the park. With each mile we seemed to be doing a good job of holding steady around 11 (although I know Biker Boy would have preferred to go faster -- but this is MY training, not his, so we do it MY way!). The wind kicked up. The rain didn't back off. At times it was coming sideways and just pummeling the side of my face. At mile 5 a huge flow of water coming down the road toward me (I was on the sidewalk) just triggered my Meniere's for some reason and I was down. Not literally - but that's 'cause I went for a pole. It was crazy. I've never really had visual things mess me up so much. There was a gazebo nearby so we went and sat there for a few minutes while I tried to collect myself and be able to see straight. (If I wasn't so dizzy I totally could have used this gazebo in the rain to relieve the Sound of Music 16 Going on 17 scene!) It was also at this time that my left foot decided it was done. But no. I had six more miles to go, dang it!

Off we went, into the Winter Spring storm. At mile 6 I had enough. My foot hurt in an unfamiliar way. My right hip was dead. I had told myself that if my body was hurting or feeling like I could be on the verge of injury that I wouldn't push it too much. The half is less than 2 weeks now. I feel prepared and I don't want to risk doing something just to get in the 11 miles. We ran the final mile back toward my house and I forced us both to work on a nice finishing kick to bring us to a total of 7. Wouldn't you know the rain would stop and sun would come out right when we finished? I guess I could have done the last four, but I was frozen. My hair was a disaster since I forgot to braid it. My stomach hurt from the cold. I lost feeling almost everywhere. It was rather ridiculous how cold I was for late March.

So there's one more "longish" run in the books. I'm disappointed in myself last week. I just overall sucked at training. I've got to get my head back in the game, stay hydrated, eat some bananas and get more sleep. I vow to make an improvement from here on out. In the end this run was 7 miles in 1 hour and 17 minutes - so right on pace. And of course BB was fine. Not winded. Not tired. Whatever. Inside I know he was probably crying and hurting and just wishing he could stop running and go lay in bed in pain. RIGHT??? I'm the runner, dammit. I AM THE RUNNER!!

Ball Pocket

The Champion running skirt they sold at the Fit For A Princess Expo (and the WDW Marathon expo too, right?) .... it has that strange pocket. 

Did anyone else get this skirt?

Did you feel like the handy pocket on the leg was upside down?

Did you think you were of course the unlucky person to get the flawed skirt?

Well, I Googled Champion skirts .... it is a "ball pocket". So I guess if you play tennis this is going to be a great feature for you. I, however, would NOT recommend putting your Gu in it. Or anything, for that matter!

I just feel so relieved that I finally know why my pocket was upside down!

Enjoy our run down Main Street USA!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Why I Love Being A Runner

I was reading Meagan's Princess Half recaps and I got that whole warm, happy post-Princess feeling back. It really was such an amazing experience. I promise I won't blog about this one race all the time. But like any "first" in life, it is memorable and left a huge imprint on my life in general, not just with regard to running.  As much fun as I had at the Princess Half, no matter how many times I run that same race it will never compare to the fun that Lesley and I had that morning. So, two days after the half, I decided to return to Florida in January 2012 to run the WDW Half Marathon (minus the 1,000 character stops, whining and hallucinating). I'll miss the fun princess atmosphere and all of the women out there together, but this just gives me a chance for new memories!

With this little trip down memory lane that I took, I noticed I was sitting here smiling. As much as I sometimes hate it - I always love it. Running. I love to run -- just like my necklace says (as Lesley was kind enough to remind me during that crazy, curved hill at mile 10!) I have no eloquent words to describe it, but we all know what I'm saying, right??

I love that feeling when I finish a run. Sweaty, tired, sore, stiff, thirsty, hungry ... whatever the feeling is that day, I always love it. As bad as I might feel, I'm always happy I went out and tested myself.  Prior to September 13, 2009 I couldn't run from my house to the end of my block without walking at some point. I never toyed with the idea of doing a 10K, 15K or *gasp* a Half-Marathon. I mean that's just not what I was made for. I don't have that slender runner's body. I have hips. They aren't going anywhere. I'm not exactly tall, which means my legs aren't exactly long. I'm bow legged like you wouldn't believe. Ugh. My left food always turns out a bit when I walk and run. I hate it, but I try to fix it and I can't. I have a little belly that doesn't want to leave. (But then do I ever do ab workouts? Not yet. But soon!)

I'm just an average woman. But I feel above average when I run. In my little skirts, with my trusty Garmin, I feel on top of the world. Even at the lowest points of runs where maybe I realize I'm dehydrated or my body is hurting, I still feel unstoppable. I mean I ran 13.1 miles with minimal walking. I mean Lesley did NOT go easy on me (and I'm so glad she didn't) and we RAN that race. We pushed my body the hardest it has ever been pushed in my entire life. And when it was done, delirium and all, I was happy. I was smiling. I was proclaiming that I was ready and looking forward to the next half marathon (now 16 days away)!

Running makes me feel like I can do anything. I've scaled crazy ass hills during races and survived. I've run at a near 5K PR pace in humid, 80º+ temperatures (puking at the finish line) and survived. I've traveled out of town alone to run in new places and survived. I've raced with a cold (setting my current PR) and survived. I've raced with hip bursitis and survived. I've raced while recovering from H1N1 and survived. I've gotten tipsy off rum, ran my fastest mile ever and survived. I've passed out at night (only once!) from rum and then ran 10 miles and survived.  I've set goals, achieved them and survived. I've slept two hours and run 13.1 miles and survived. I was the most non-runner you've ever met, I decided to become a runner and I survived!

Perhaps the best thing about becoming a runner is "meeting" all of you!  The whole running community is so crazy supportive! I, believe it or not, used to be a pretty hard core bowler. During college I was in two leagues at the same time, and would spend many nights at the bowling alley practicing and studying. I pretty much swept the city tournament and bowled at Nationals when I was at the top of my game. Then I moved to Florida and was unhappy being around teams that actually blatantly rejoiced in the failure of others. It wasn't fun anymore. By the time I moved back to Oregon and I had lost the love of a sport I was really good at, and it was all because of the bad vibes going around. But running is the opposite. I love that about you all! I have never raced and felt that someone was wishing for me to trip and fall. I never felt mocked by other runners when I wasn't as face. I have been encouraged by elite runners (passing me during a 20K while I was struggling to finish the 10K) while I was leaning over in the bushes ready to be sick. In what other sport can you find that? The spirit of everyone is just so awesome! Even when I have a bad race I always have fun - largely because of the support of my fellow runners. 

Basically, we are cool! I'm always so grateful to all of you that read and comment on my posts! And I love reading your blogs. I always learn new things from your experiences and the advice that you share.  With that said, I will totally point fingers and blame some of you select individuals .... for what? For turning me into a race addict! I mean how many half marathons have some of you done at this point?? In just 365 days?? You ladies are crazy ... and I LOVE IT!!!

And that's all I have to say for today! Now let's go grab our shoes and run!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Odds & Ends. And Lorena Bobbitt.

After the Shamrock 15K - my photo pose,
courtesy of Cilley Girl
I am dying! I can't stop laughing - internally this time. No tears like during the Target DIET Dr. Pepper explosion, however.  This time it is about Cilley Girl's post. Check it out - not only does she discuss exploding Achilles Tendons (what??? yeah!), but she talks about yours truly and my auto-pose for pictures. All she says is true, I can't even disagree with it! I can't even tell you how funny Cilley Girl is in real life. I mean if you could have seen this picture she shared with us ... she claims it was food she pulled out of the oven ... I'm not sure ... I mean, maybe we should double check with Lorena Bobbitt first? I wonder whatever happened to her - Lorena, that is.

Biker Boy has never been to Disneyland! I can't tell you how cool I think that is. I love being with people on their first visits to places. I haven't been to Disney's California Adventure yet either. The last time I was in Disneyland was December 2000 - right before they opened the second park. It was my college graduation present to myself before I moved to go work in Walt Disney World. I know - I need new vacation destinations. Anyway - the point of all of this is... last night I finally booked a hotel room right across the street from the parks. Now I can just walk to the race area and not depend on any transportation and risk being late. Plus it was cheap - which is always nice. I figured I didn't need to stay at the Grand Californian since I still need to get plane tickets to Vegas - and then register for WDW Half and book my plane/hotel. A trip on a budget ... I can do that!

Last night I decided to throw on one of my trust Adidas compression sleeves. My right leg was just killing me from the cramp. I started wondering, in the course of everything leg related, if I had maybe pulled something? I don't know. I just know that in 17 days I will be in the starting line to run my second half marathon and I don't have time for injuries. So today I am at work - with one normal leg and one leg modeling a lovely leg sleeve. I know they have spendy ones out there - but I picked these up from Adidas for a whopping $15 and LOVE them!  Hint, hint, Adidas .... still waiting for you to sponsor me... I am still deciding on my training for the rest of the week. Ideally I want to do 5 miles today, finishing out the week with 11 miles on Sunday. I am open to alter this if my leg needs to rest, but really I just want to run!

This weekend Biker Boy is coming down to visit and meet my little girls, Lady & Tinker Bell. I hope Lady doesn't immediately roll on her back and spread her legs. I mean really, um, embarrassing much?? Our plan is to make snickerdoodle cupcakes to take out to my mom's, where we'll be having dinner with the family. He better be scared. I hear there is a line of questions being prepared for him. I don't want to go as far as to say that he'll be interrogated like in Meet the Parents, but ..... Fine - I'm totally kidding! We aren't a scary family at all! We're also going to hit what I call the "Hippie Fair." That could be a blog all on its own - and I will certainly be bringing my camera with me to that!

That's it for today. I hope everyone enjoys this lovely Spring day. It is Spring, right? Because the wet ground, dark sky and trees blowing in the wind sure don't look like Spring right now!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Run #2.3 - Hello Spring!

Short sleeves & a skirt. Awesome!!
My third run in this round of training was good, yet bad. The plan was to enjoy 5 miles in the wonderful sunshine that I have missed so much. The best part of this run? Going out in just a skirt and shirt. No arm sleeves. No gloves. Nothing to keep my ears warm. Just the basics (granted my "basics" always include compression socks, my Road ID and my Garmin). Since this was shorter and I wanted to feel "free", I also left the water bottle and cell phone at home. It was great!

When I got to the park it was very active. Dads were tossing footballs with their kids, the play structure was completely covered in small people and dogs were owning any free space of grass they could get! It was great!! Welcome back, Spring!

The run itself was nice. I did have a moment of nerves when I was running toward 4 boys that were blocking the entire path across the bridge. I don't know what it is about groups of boys but they just make me uneasy. Perhaps this is because I assume every male is a serial killer (which in turn makes me feel safer if I just assume and prepare for the worst). At the last minute they finally gave me some clearance. Gee, thanks.

About half way in I paused to massage my calf. During Sunday's 10 miler I got a killer cramp and it is still sore. Is this normal to be sore from a cramp two days later? I quickly picked back up and went on my way. Three miles in, I had a strange sensation in my ankle area. This was it. I just knew that I had some major injury or I was bleeding. It was just below where the cramp was and I was scared to even investigate. I gave in and pulled over - expecting the worst. Ha! It was just a little bit of shrubbery that managed to get into my sock region. Phew!

After that I was really in a zone. I felt great. My legs were feeling the best they have in a long time. I was just concentrating on every step and leg movement. I glanced at my Garmin .... 9:30. Wow! It used to be that 10:30 felt great, and now it is 9:30? Now if only I could maintain!! It wasn't all sunshine and rainbows, however. At 3.8 it all stopped. My left calf was screaming at me. I pushed it two more tenths of a mile, still with visions of hitting 5 miles, but it wasn't to be. I ended up finishing 4 miles in 40 minutes and taking a long, slow, limping mile-long walk home. I wrapped the sore spot with the Arctic Ease I was given at the Fit For a Princess Expo and felt instant relief! I kept it wrapped for a couple of hours and it stayed nice and cool the entire time. Score!!

So that was run three. Kind of crazy that the next half marathon is only 18 days away!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tuesday Nonsense - in Photo Form

I took this picture upon entering Target on Saturday afternoon. We should have known then that we were in store for some complete nonsense - bordering on total chaos.... chaos just in the form of me laughing so hard. I'm so glad I didn't wet my pants!

Today I'm sporting one of the pair of socks (and goose bumps on my legs) I bought on that crazy trip to Target! I love them.

Last night I sort of started a mini fire in my kitchen. I thought I had turned on the oven to warm to fix some yummy tots. I took out a cookie sheet and set it on the stove, which was on top of my water bill I just got in the mail, which was on top of one of those burner covers. Well .... I turned on the burner instead of the oven. My house now kind of smells like electrical fire. I think that is because I charred the cookie sheet & completely butchered the burner cover. The water bill? Well, that was in flames. R.I.P. (The picture is of the ashy remains of the water bill, and the former cookie sheet that now resides in my garbage can.)

I wasn't feeling well yesterday morning, so I stayed home after lunch. Tinker Bell was more than happy to cuddle in bed with her mommy. Biker Boy was nice enough to let me borrow a comfy shirt last weekend - and I sort of forgot to give it back. It kept me nice and warm during my nap!

Seriously - how am I expected to look at invoices like this, then type a description for the check, and NOT giggle??

Monday, March 21, 2011

Run #2.2 - 10 Miles & the GCG

Only two runs into this round of half-marathon training and I am already on a double digit run! I found myself in Portland again, so I was really looking forward to getting in the miles in a new place with new sights. Wow. Um, it was sooo windy! And cold! The cold went away, as it always does once you start running, but the wind stayed pretty strong.  I was making a big loop through downtown Portland, crossing the Willamette River a total of 6 times. The river crossing was when the wind was really noticeable - yet super fun when it was at my back just moving me along! Surprisingly after running by the Saturday Market three times the smell didn't make me sick! The first time it was a little touch and go, but by round three none of the smells bothered me. Hallelujah! And the dogs, oh the dogs. I saw so many beautiful, huge dogs walking around. And there was the man that was solid silver. I thought I saw an old school boom box with him. Maybe he was going to be a robot? I didn't stop to find out. The sights were certainly not like the ones I have at home. I saw tons of runners that were legit (and not fakers like Stink Eye!). And then there were signs that we don't have at home.  For instance, there was a sign about suicide with a suicide prevention hotline number on it just at the start of one of the bridges. And then there were signs like this along the river:

Yeah, water where I live is clean and you can swim in it!
The big change for my training with this run is that for the first time ever on a training run, and only the second time in my life (the first being the Princess Half with Lesley), I ran with a partner! Biker Boy through on his shoes and decided to join me. What was going to be a mile or so turned into 3, which then resulted in 5.3 miles! Um, yeah - how annoying is he?? He isn't a runner! He is BIKER Boy. And who was the one that was dying and wanting to pause and occasionally walk? ME! The runner! Not fair!

Part of my issue was that my quads were still killing me from the 15K I just did in Portland last weekend. I have never had so many hills all at once, so my legs were still recovering. Once Biker Boy left me to get his oil changed I finished the last 5 miles on my own. I was actually back in my normal groove, so they went by easier and faster than the first 5. Easier, that is, until I hit 7.88 miles. There I was, just over half way across the Hawthorn Bridge when I got my first ever leg cramp during a run. My right calf just screamed at me. I tried to run it out, but had to stop and just stretch. At first it was so bad that I thought I was done, but never one to give up, I kept going until I hit 10 full miles! In the end I finished the 10 miles in 1:50 ... which is 3 minutes faster than I finished the Shamrock 15K, so it was good, but I could do better.

WAIT, I left out the biggest part of this run ... did you see the story about the exploding Dr. Pepper? The Dr. Pepper was part of the ingredients (along with my Diet Pepsi) for the rum we had with dinner the night before. I sort of forgot to be normal and hydrate with water, and instead went out for 10 miles after passing out the night before due to rum consumption. Imagine how great I could be if I could just say No!

After the run I was starving. I needed food, and I knew the exact place to satisfy my hunger ... the Grilled Cheese Grill! I have been to the original location twice, so this time we went to the new Double-Decker bus! It was so yummy. I had the Gabby - which was 4 types of cheese on some bread made in a local Portland bakery. Of course I insisted we sit on the top deck, because who sits on the bottom level of a double-decker bus?? Coming down the stairs after 10 miles and a leg cramp, well, it wasn't pretty, okay? But it was totally worth it. If you get to Portland, hit up a Grilled Cheese Grill!  *And if you made it this far, I never did share that Biker Boy upgraded to BF status. So yeah, there go my plans of being the forever single girl. Good thing BB likes me! *

Clean Up in Intimate Apparel

After a day of shopping for fun things like running clothes, Strawberry Shortcake socks, bracelets and a vacation sun dress for Disneyland, we were at our final stop... A quick run in to Target for a new shower head (I swear I didn't break the old one!!) and some Dr. Pepper. (Yuck. I'm not a fan of Dr. Pepper, but this story might make me one!)

The geyser can is in BB's hand at this point.
While in Target (which we do not have where I live) I remembered that Rose told me you can get awesome knee socks super cheap. Naturally I had to go find them! As we got to the sign that said "Intimate Apparel" it happened. The flimsy cardboard container Biker Boy was carrying just sort of gave out and ripped, sending twelve cans of the Doctor onto the floor. The majority stayed in the box, but a couple went rolling toward the bras, while a third just let loose like a mini geyser. It started spraying and had a minor roll to it at first. The spray may have hit some of the bras. It definitely was hitting Biker Boy's pants - and I swear it was trying to go for a crotch shot. He denies it, but I swear that's what I saw! An employee was walking by right at the time. He immediately did a 180 and ran to get paper towels. Before he could clean anything I had my phone out because I was NOT going to miss this explosion! Once I snapped my picture I was gone!

If only you could see the tears rolling down my cheeks.
I scurried away trying so hard to not laugh. I could feel myself getting redder and redder. I totally ditched BB and Target Guy so that I could laugh and upload the photo to Facebook. Hey, I have my priorities! There were still people shopping, naturally, so I was trying to not just be random girl laughing all alone. But then when I covered my face I thought they might worry that I was sobbing uncontrollably. Now had they assumed that, they would have also been correct. Tears were seriously streaming down my face. I could NOT stop laughing and crying for the life of me. 

Just when I started to think I had it under control, Biker Boy came around the corner, holding only the shower head and no Dr. Pepper. And then I lost it again. I haven't laughed so hard in years! I mean I was buckled over, doing my best to not snort or make any crazy gasping for air type sounds. Other shoppers then started laughing just at how hard I was laughing - I think a young boy was mildly frightened. For me, the part, well ONE part that cracked me up the most was the fact that it was nearly spraying the Target bras! I was about to regain composure again when Target Guy appeared with a fresh 12-pack of Dr. Pepper for Biker Boy. I totally lost it again. I didn't even try to fight it this time. I attempted to apologize for the laughter, but couldn't stop laughing long enough to do so. I honestly didn't feel bad at all. It was awesome!

On our way out of Intimate Apparel I started laughing again when I saw the big caution sign put up in the walk way. I did load up on socks - then ratted out BB to the checker on our way out of the store.  The next morning before fully waking up I was in another fit of laughter while still in bed. Fine, I am laughing again. Perhaps you had to be there, but maybe these photos and video can help you feel like you were a little bit! Was it possibly the highlight of my Portland weekend? Totally!!

Friday, March 18, 2011

National Awkward Moments Day - MY Story

Biker Boy has informed me that it is National Awkward Moments Day today. I shared with him a story of one of my most memorable awkward moments that I still wish I could undo. Since I had no run to write about, I thought instead I'd share my story with all of you!

* * * * * *

Freshman Ronda
I remember this and think of My So-Called Life because I can totally see Angela Chase doing this same thing - except with Jordan Catalano. It is a moment that I still replay and wonder WHY?? I guess it is sort of my own "I carried a watermelon" moment. (For you boys out there - that would be in Dirty Dancing where she makes an ass out of herself in front of the handsome Patrick Swayze). 

It was 1996. Finley Hall, Oregon State University. I lived on the 2nd floor - boys on one side, girls on the other. The majority of the boys were football players. We lived in the wellness hall so no alcohol, no smoking and a lot of athletes. I was good friends with some of the football players, one in particular. Jeremy Brown - aka Mr. Body. Mr. Body was his name before I met him and literally fell over my roommate into our room after drooling over seeing him in his towel in the hallway. 5'8" of pure muscle and gorgeous, black skin. *sigh* *so hot!* Jeremy Brown and I had a strange relationship. Always flirty, but never crossing any lines. He would leave his room unlocked (he had a single) every morning so I could walk down the hall and wake him up since he always slept through his alarm. (Note, having your music come on softly is probably not the most effective way to wake up in the morning.) 

Well on this day in 1996 this little blond freshman girl almost had her chance to move beyond the platonic stage with this hot football player. The guys had just won a game! Crazy as it is!! They beat Stanford. Our only win that season I think. So they were all happy and we were all ready to celebrate. After the game Jeremy Brown and I ended up alone in the floor lounge - which nobody ever used as far as I know. The lights were off, but there was still some light coming from outside - it was dusk. He was laying on his stomach on the floor. I was sitting by him, with my legs stretched out. He had his head on my thigh - so right there I am freaking out inside okay? I mean I had never done anything at all. I hadn't even kissed a guy since being at OSU at this point. I had hardly kissed anyone ever at this point. Next thing I know, he puts his hand up on my thigh. What happens next?? Ugh. Without even thinking of what I was doing, I grabbed it and almost threw it off.

I died a little inside.

I was mortified. So embarrassed. I mean I am dying right now just writing it. He just got this look on his face like "what's wrong with you?" I didn't even know how to answer. I just wanted to undo it. Not that I wanted anything to progress further, but why did I have to look like such a prude moron? It was just a freaking hand on my thigh. Not a big deal!

And that was the end of Jeremy Brown. We were still friends - I still woke him up in the mornings. He still hung out in my room eating grilled cheese and cuddling on my bed or bean bag with me. But nothing ever happened like that again.The next term he moved off campus and came back to visit once. But then I never saw him again (pretty sure he left OSU since the football coach that had given him a scholarship retired). I often wonder where he is now. He was pretty cool and always nice to me - even though I was a total moron!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Run #2.1 - A New Personal Best!

And here we are, back to training for a half marathon. Wasn't I just doing that? I guess with two more to race before Mother's Day I am pretty much going to be doing this non-stop for a while!

Dear Adidas, You may sponsor me.
It felt so good to just go run last night without a set plan. I wasn't deliberately aiming for hills, I wasn't trying to hit a new mile distance or time goal. I just wanted to get out, run 3 miles and get back into the training groove. My legs must have been ready, too, because they were on fire! We (my legs and I) set out in the daylight(!!) for a change, taking advantage of the few moments when it wasn't a torrential downpour outside. I was shocked when I looked at my Garmin and I was comfortably cruising along at a 9:44 pace. Granted this is very slow for some of you, but for me this is faster than normal, and I was excited. Instead of slowing down I just kept at it for as long as my legs wanted to. I never worried about pace at all. On this run I just wanted to enjoy running - which I really did.

The thing that shocked me was that I never really slowed down. The only "pause" in my pace was when I had to wait for traffic to clear so I could cross one of our four major roads in town. Throughout the three miles I would look down and see that I was still sub-10. What?? Crazy! Even on the minor hills I ran up I was still keeping my pace. This is just insanity to me. Am I getting faster? Could it finally slowly be happening? In the end I came in at 3 miles in 29 minutes and 48 seconds I believe. Bam! My first sub-30 three mile run!!

I am so close to my goal - a sub-30 5K. It feels like it is just around the corner, and this helped boost my confidence level! I think this run was a great way to resume my training schedule for this next half marathon. It is nice to just feel like all the parts are working together in the way that they should be, 100% pain free!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Half-Marathon Training Resumes

I enjoyed resting (if walking around Disney World is resting) the week of the half marathon and didn't run until the following Sunday. That was fun and it felt great to get out again. Then I was just able to get in a couple runs before the Shamrock 15K. Now that that race is over, I am back on the training path.... except that once I start training I am tapering and racing! The next race is April 10th, so I have a chance for 3 more long runs before then. I'm hoping that the weather could stop being such a big baby and cooperate. I think our town is nearly under water at this point, and trees are crashing into homes and cars left and right. Sounds so appealing to run in, right? I was really excited about the daylight savings time change just because I can finally run in the light again .... yet I still haven't had a chance. I am hoping tonight I can at least get out for a 5K, even if that means I look like a drowned rat afterward.

Crazy as it is, I think that Shamrock 15K helped boost my confidence about the half. I did 9.44 miles according to my Garmin, and really my legs still had life left in them - even after the hills. Perhaps my concern (?) with the Corvallis Half Marathon is just that I won't have Lesley with me to entertain me, laugh with me, take silly photos with me, or keep me moving when I'm feeling like crawling into a bush and hiding from the world. In my favor, however, is the fact that I love Corvallis and I always feel so happy and calm when I go back there. I spent 4 years of my life getting my degree from Oregon State University, so any time I go back to campus I just get overwhelmed with memories .... so I think that could really be a help to this race. Plus it is Oregon - so I really doubt I'm going to be melting or having issues with the heat this time!

And shoes. I'm going to be due for some new shoes some time. I wonder how long it will take before they are completely stained with blood and match my current set?

With regard to other upcoming races, I am waiting for finish another half marathon or two, then I'll be registered for the Walt Disney World Half Marathon. Obviously Lesley and I had a blast with the photos - but our finish time isn't one I want to submit for a corral placement in the next race. At least now I have some motivation to keep my legs moving in April's race! I just liked corral B so much that I don't want to be slapped in the face and put in corral X in January!

I haven't looked any farther really. A couple weeks after Corvallis is the Eugene Half, with the Hippie Chick the following weekend - so really, there is no time to rest here! Disneyland Half plans have changed a bit - officially! I am no longer going alone .... Biker Boy booked his flight to go down with me. I'm sure he'll be a fabulous cheerleader for Rose & I this September!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ladies & Gentlemen, We Have A Winner

And out of the 43 comments, using the random number generator .... the winner is someone I have actually met! Crazy, considering we are all scattered across the country.

So who is winning the $30 gift card?? Who's going to have fun shopping? Who is going to bring me cupcakes when we meet up in Vegas for the Rock'n'Roll Half Marathon??

Here's the winning comment: 
I love me some cupcakes... obviously, but did you know that I am actually a kick ass baker. I make a mean cake pop.
Our winner is Lucy! Where did we meet?? At the porta-potty of the Princess Half Marathon! 

Congrats, Girl - once again, you are a bad ass!

Shamrock 15K Challenge

...aka Attack of Meniere's Disease.

Packet Pick-up:
I aimed to be at packet-pick up early to help calm the nerves. I am always on edge that maybe they won't have a bib for me so I aim for early just in case I have to scramble and make things happen. But this went smooth. Got my number, chip and shirt without a problem. I was kind of disappointed though. Granted the website is filled with information, I like to have tangible things in my hands at race time. I would like to have had maybe a small map of the course with water stations marked, and maybe a slip with information about clothes check, line-up times for each race distance, etc... I guess I just worry, so I like to have reminders. This had nothing. We did look around and found one map on display with all 4 water stations marked. Seemed like not many - but maybe I was spoiled with the frequent stops at Disney? This confirmed my decision to race with my hand held water bottle for the first ever. (Glad I chose this!!) And during packet pick-up I had the slap in the face of a minor Meniere's attack. Not too bad, but still enough to make me use hand rails and pause now and then to sit and gather myself. Lovely timing.

I had so much fun at dinner! I got to finally meet Cilley Girl in person, as well as her friend Julie. We met for pasta at the Old Spaghetti factory in Portland. I opted for the Spinach and Ricotta Ravioli with marinara sauce. Yummy, and I ate the whole thing - which is rare for me. And a piece of cheese bread, 2 pieces of sourdough (?) AND ice cream. I was a good girl and drank water, too. After talking at our table for ages we migrated up to Cilley's house to continue race talk, look at photos and play with her adorable dogs, Maggie & Ginger. They are so cute! I've been stalking her dogs for a while now, so I was happy to get to meet them face to face! The clocks were changing at 2am, so we all decided we had better retire for the night, but not before deciding on meeting times and parking strategies for the next morning.

Ronda, Cilley Girl & Julie
I was a bundle of nerves. I tried to eat my bagel - in the end I ate just under half of it. I was more successful with the banana and ate just over half of it. The rain was coming down pretty good - all day. I think that added to nerves. I just wanted to cry and/or throw up. I couldn't even tell which. I think I was nervous about racing in a new city, on new hills and in "new" weather. I mean the last race was hot and humid and this one was cold and rainy. I didn't know what to do! The crowd was insane! I think they said there were over 30,000 people racing - plus you add the volunteers, vendors, entertainment and cheering family members ... it was a zoo. But l like that! Although I didn't have to go, I jumped in line for the porta-potty. By the time I was up, I had to go. Good plan, Ronda! Once that was done I met up with Cilley and Julie and we were ready to make our way toward the start. In the end I went out in a hat, arm sleeves, tank top, skirt and a very lovely Princess Half Marathon jacket.

Around the half way point.
Did I start off too fast? Not really. I just went with what
 felt good. I knew I'd be walking a lot of the hills, so I wanted to do my best when I was able to easily run. The hills started half a mile into the course and I unzipped my jacket immediately. I regretted the decision to wear it. I was going to call my cheer section, but then I knew he would be watching ... and I was right. I spotted my support staff, pulled off my jacket, passed it off and kept going. Nice & smooth! Glad something was nice and smooth. Around mile 3 at the start of the REAL hills, it happened. I started feeling off. I crashed into TWO girls back to back when trying to get water. I felt so bad. I moved to the side to drink and then tried to go again. Oh - I was good, I fueled in the start corral, and then at miles 2, 4 and 6. I learned from my mistakes! Anyway, I was hit with the reality that I was having a pretty bad Meniere's attack mid-race! This was my first time having it happen during a race. I pretty much freaked out. I was alone, I wanted my mom, I wanted to throw up (bad attack's do that to me), I wanted to cry. One girl was nice and asked if I was okay - she must have seen me totally lose my balance and then immediately rush to grab onto a pole. I called my mom and told her what was going on and said I just needed a pep-talk to help me get through it all. So she did, and I went on my way feeling a little better!

My final kick!
After about 2,500 miles of hills, we finally hit the downhill (only to be met with a couple more uphills, then more downs). I made up for some lost time on the down. When we hit the flatter part into the finish, around mile 7, I found myself again and started to just run and not have to pull over as much. It was really hard though, not gonna lie. Had I not been having this whole Meniere's thing I could have probably been 5 to 10 minutes faster. After mile 8 I just let it go. I wanted to bring it in to a nice finish. My cheer section caught me as I was coming into my final kick - of which I sped up once, then amped it up one more time! I was so focused on the finish line that I didn't even see him. I flew through the finish after 1 hour and 53 minutes and immediately started getting sick.... until some guy gave me stink eye. What? Has he never seen a runner puke at the finish? Well he scared me out of it; I don't know how! **Upon uploading my Garmin data I see I crossed at a 6:18 minute mile pace. YES!! I knew I went into high gear, just didn't know it was THAT high!

I got my medal, and immediately brought out the beads and bobbles! I was able to see Cilley Girl and Julie cross the finish line, and bestow the beads and bobbles upon them as well. I was so happy I got to see them finish. I never get to do that since I rarely know other racers. We wandered around the after party in the mud and pouring rain for a while until we realized it was freaking cold and miserable and we were all hungry. Before we said our good byes we took the mandatory post-race photos ... gotta think of the blog after all!

It was a great experience. I learned a lot from this one... mostly that I CAN survive a race during a Meniere's attack, although it is not my preferred way to do it. I guess mentally I am stronger than I thought. I just hope my next race I will start out strong mentally AND physically, and then just stay that way. I'm glad I did it. Another race in the books! 3 weeks off, and then we do it all over again at the Corvallis Half Marathon!

**If anyone has any tips or ideas of things to read, I am open to suggestion. The topic? Pre-race jitters. I get them BAD before I get to the race site. I usually drive an hour to a race, so that's A LOT of time to feel sick and constantly pull over to the side of the road.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Giveaway Reminder ... & Other Things

Just a quick post today.

I wanted to give one more reminder of my giveaway that ends at 5pm Pacific time TOMORROW!  Click here to be entered to win a gift card from CSN Stores!

I successfully completed my first 15Krace. If you are a facebook friend of mine you may have seen a status update mid-race. Basically I had a major Meniere's attack not even half way into the race. Imagine going up the longest hill known to man kind - in the rain - not barefoot, however - and then you can't even see straight - let alone try to run straight. It was pretty bad. This was a major "I want my mommy" moment - and I even pulled out the phone to call her just to help me keep going and to prevent me from just bursting into tears. I'll type up the full race recap later tonight, once I get power back ......

Which leads me to the storm. I was in Portland all weekend, so I missed what happened in town. The freeway coming south was pretty nasty. I had cruise control set at 60mph for a while, which is way below the norm around here! But I survived, just taking it nice and slow. When I got home close to 11pm all of the power in my neighborhood was out. This morning - still out. Luckily my grandpa gave me this awesome flashlight in my Christmas present, so I was able to hang it in my shower and see this morning. Nothing like putting on make-up with a flashlight as your only source to see! Hopefully the power will be on by the time I go home for lunch!

How was your weekend?? Did you do anything awesome and exciting??

Friday, March 11, 2011

My Mom Saw Prefontaine Run

... and she reminds me of it All. The. Time.  In fact it has now become a running joke between her, Lesley and myself. Well my mom saw ME run, too! So there!

And the next time I get to post will probably be after my next race, the Shamrock 15K Challenge, where I will once again have my pre-race talk with Pre and hope he sends me fast legs.

In 2 hours I'll be outta here and on my next mini-out-of-town race trip. When I get back I, Fruit Fly, promise to do my best to be a better blogger and commenter.

Back to Pre. . . Mom likes to tell me how cute he was, too. Duh. I mean would his poster be on my wall if he wasn't cute? Heck he was even cute when I accidentally stepped on his face!

And I'll hype the ess out of it since I rarely get to have one .... I have a gift card giveaway going on! It ends next Tuesday, so don't procrastinate too long and miss out!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Running, Vegas, Medals, RAIN

I've been so sporadic with my blogging since vacation. Even on vacation I sucked and didn't get my usual 1 post minimum per day. I'm starting to feel almost normal again, so maybe I'll be back to blogging and commenting on every one's blogs. It is a good thing I don't have any trips planned until the Disneyland 1/2 in September, otherwise I'd never get caught up with my online life!

Speaking of Disneyland - my airfare is booked. Now I'm just looking for a hotel and waiting for a certain someone to agree to come with me. 

Also along the lines of half-marathon based vacations, Jessica was proactive and booked our hotel room last night. I know it seems early, but we were excited! And get this - we got a room at the Excalibur for $140 total. That's it. $70 a piece! Sure it isn't the Bellagio, but how often am I in a room when I go to Vegas? Not very. And it is close to the start line. We figured this leaves us more money for the yummy fruity drinks they sell everywhere. Mmm, I can taste it now! 

The skies have opened up. It is pouring in Oregon right now. I'm hoping for maybe a dry bit on Sunday morning for the Shamrock 15K. If it is insisting on being wet, maybe not too cold would be nice. After all I did run the Prefontaine 10K in pouring rain, but the temperature wasn't bad at all. Prefontaine ... my mom saw him run. She insists on reminding me of this All. The. Time. And then she says how cute he was. Well, duh! I mean would have I have an unattractive running idol? Heck no! Did you know I have a poster of him on my wall at home? Now ya do! 

I wore my 5K and 1/2 marathon medals around last night. It felt so good! I was visiting my grandpa and showing them off. He thought they were pretty darn cool! It really sucked when I went home and put them in my race box. I seriously need to get one of those medal display things. My whopping 4 medals need to breathe! And I counted, I should be getting a minimum of ELEVEN this year. That would be 13 by the end of 2011 if I don't add any more finisher medal races or win an age group award again. 

I've been running with the awesome pink iFitness belt that I won in Giraffy's giveaway. I really like it! I liked my Spi belt enough, but this feels a little more stable and has two pouches! And it soaks up the sweat. Be happy you did not have to touch it after the half marathon. Giraffy and I met up at the start area so she could pass off the belt. I wore it during the race and had no issues at all! And boy did it soak up the sweat. This is gross - but then running has a lot of gross aspects .... when I got home and eventually unpacked my suitcase (so this is Thursday or Friday night I think?) my half marathon clothes - still sweaty! I guess rolling them up and shoving them in your suitcase and never letting them dry just keeps them sweaty? Hm. Um, gross. But yet kind of awesome in a gross way. Did all of us mention how freaking hot the Princess half was? 

Okay - that's enough. How about some links, just in case you missed 'em and are just dying to see?!? 
So the busy nature of 2011 has kicked into high gear! I'll be racing non-stop, hitting 2 more states along the way. I have a date tomorrow ... yeah, did you miss that post yesterday? I am peeling from my Florida sunburn. So over that! But the sun was so nice! And wtf, I am pretty much twitterpated. How did that happen?? How long will it last??

Disney's Beauty & the Beast Royal Family 5K

This race was like none other! For the first time I was not nervous at all. What a relief!  Since I was running the half marathon the next day I decided I would walk the 5K just for fun and to get the bling! My mom used to walk up to 10 miles a day back in the day, so I asked her if she'd be a trooper and walk this with me. I was like the proud mom this time watching my mommy put on her first race bib and cross her first finish line!

We woke up at 3:30am (a whole 3 hours of sleep for me, woo.) and began getting dressed in our orange and black. Originally we were orange, black and white - but quickly realized we had to skip the white sweatshirts and scramble to find orange t-shirts that match. With less than 12 hours to race time we found some shirts on clearance at the Rain Forest Cafe. Phew! And there we were, sequins on our black pants, orange shirts and our black, bedazzled veils. I made a judgment call and said I refused to be seen with the huge orange flower and feathers that we originally had on our headbands. I just couldn't do it!


At the bus stop we were the 2nd people to arrive and one at Epcot I think we were the 2nd bus overall to get there. It was pretty empty, so we immediately went over to the stage/DJ are to get photos with Belle and the Beast. I guess it might shock you all to know that I am actually freaked out by the characters and get really nervous. You'd never know that looking at our half marathon pictures, right? After pictures we grabbed a bagel and water and waited for more princesses to arrive. And did they ever!

L, B, A & R
I was scanning the crowd and saw the cutest little girl in a Minnie Mouse dress. Before looking at the mom walking with her I already knew it was adorable little A! And there was Becca (50 Half Marathons in 50 States). So I lingered waiting for them to finish their trip through the photo line. Seriously you guys, A is the cutest little girl ever! She was just so friendly and even gave me a hug. Totally made my day!

Fruit Fly and Brooke
Sarah & Ronda
Next thing I knew I heard my name ... and it was Brooke ~ (What the Hell Was I Thinking?)! And then Sarah (whom I used to work with in Asia Attractions). It was like blogger Heaven and the cameras were coming out! I wish we all had more time to hang out - but nature calls, pictures call, dancing calls and the starting area called. Before we knew it, it was time to move into the starting chute. I'll admit it was strange heading to the back where the walkers were - and honestly we should have moved forward a bit because we had to pass a ton of people in the first mile. Did I mention the dancing? Oh yeah - we totally rocked the chicken dance and Macarena!


Once the race started we saw a dude totally biff it. I mean blood gushing down his leg. Perhaps running on a curb trying to pass people because you got there late and thought you'd run wasn't the best idea? Had to suck. It was a nasty fall! The race was so much fun! My mom was determined to stay ahead of Sarah and I the entire time. So naturally I'd lolly gag and let her get ahead, then I'd subtly scurry by. I must have been so annoying. I mean some people were just working their hardest and here I was goofing off, talking non-stop, taking pictures of everything, and not really breaking a sweat from exertion - just sweating from the freaking heat and humidity! Fine, I ran backwards at one point. Ha - I am more like Prefontaine that I thought! My favorite move was cutting the inside corner during the uphill leading out of France. But I didn't just go the shorter route - I ran it... thus forcing my mom to run uphill to pass me again. Am I a brat?? Did I mention she does NOT run and has no desire to?
Mommy's First Race!

Cut to the end. Mile 3 marker comes. Bratty little Ronda gets a smirk, looks at  her mom and Sarah and says, "Let's go, Ladies!" and forced them to run it in to the finish. I'm so proud of my mom - she did it! This is no big feat for a lot of us, but for my mom who had never run, that tenth of a mile was probably more than enough. We all crossed with smiles on - but got total photo blocked by some old lady. Dammit. 

At that point I thought no race could ever be as much fun. Naturally I was wrong -- 'cause the Princess Half totally topped it! But it was still an unforgettable time with my Mommy!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Viva Las Running

(My blog title doesn't really make sense, but I'm too excited to care!)
Did you miss the announcement? It seems like it was everywhere - and I was one of the people watching live just waiting to hear the news. Sure, the entry fee is steep - but so are other races I've signed up for. And for me this may be a once-in-a-lifetime type of thing (I'm trying to not do repeat races yet except for some local ones). So, within moments of registering opened, I was IN!

My dear friend Jessica and I will be heading to Vegas to run the Strip AT NIGHT and I couldn't be more excited! How awesome that they switched the start time. This works better for my schedule anyway since my friends perform in their show at 10pm on Saturday and I don't want to miss it. This is Jessica's first race, too, so I hope she enjoys it - and I know she will! Wait - it is also her first trip to Las Vegas. Sweet!!

So .... who's with me? Who else is ready to run Vegas at night??

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I'm Still Alive .... Sort Of

I kid you not, I think I was asleep by 8:35pm last night. When I go to Florida I always adjust to the 3 hour time change immediately, but when I come home it takes forever to get back to "normal." The good part of this is it has been easier to wake up in the mornings. However, I'd still like to at least stay up a little later than 8:30 for Pete's sake! Who is Pete anyway? We used to call this guy Crazy Pete, which really felt appropriate after he left tons of drunk dial messages on my friend Robin's answering machine one night.

What else? There is my giveaway going on right now, $30 to CSN Stores. Check it out - entering requires no brain power at all!

It feels as if I just finished my first half marathon - because I totally just did! - and now the next race is upon me. This time I'm heading north to Portland for the Shamrock 15K Challenge. Yeah, I didn't notice that it had "Challenge" at the end of it until AFTER I registered. But this is okay. It is typical of me to pick races that are on the harder end of the scale, so this is just one more. Looks like we have 4.5 miles uphill, followed by a downhill finish. Knowing that I can now do 13.1 has calmed my nerves on this race. While I want to do my best, I'm also not going to be all crazy about it and kill myself. My next half-marathon isn't too far away, so I'm going to enjoy it, but also think of it as just another long Sunday training run. Yeah, right. I'll see that 9 mile marker and throw it into high gear and pull out my usual kick for the end. I didn't have much kick in me at the half, but we sure tried. Hopefully I can muster up a kick for this one!  The weather for race day is a low of 48º and a high of 52º - with showers. So basically the opposite of what we just had in Florida. This is definitely more to my liking!

Brace yourselves. You won't even believe what I am going to say next. Are you sitting down? I am. You might need to.  I mean this is so unbelievable and uncharacteristic of me that even I am having a hard time typing it. I ... wait for it ... have a date. WHAT??? I know! I'll let you collect yourself and pick your jaw up off your keyboard.         .......................  Shall we continue now? Race weekend starts early for me - since I have said date Friday night (and Saturday day!) in Portland. I'm still searching for his name. Kim came up with "Sushi Guy" at a race last year, and it stuck (but he obviously did not. Ha!). Perhaps one of you will be brilliant and have a name for the new date?? He is currently voting for "Mr. Awesome!" - the ! is part of the name, which cracks me up. And last night he voted for "Sonic Boom" when I was going through ring tones in my phone.

After all of that is over, on Saturday night I have a slumber party with Cilley Girl. Two pre-race slumber parties in a row! I'm dying to meet her dogs. She warned me of her machete I think it was? I'll be armed with an array of self-defense mechanisms, like my awesome Ninja skills. I better develop those ASAP! And there is talk of going for pasta. Is this still on, Cilley??

And to end it all, I had a nice run on Sunday. It was my first since the half and returning to Oregon. The weather was just perfect for me and my legs felt great! I only did 5 miles since I was under-fueled and starving. Things always happen on my runs, this was no exception. This time I ended up helping an older woman who was concerned about a young girl taking an infant down to the river bank. I think she was worried that we were going to have one of those tragic "mom drowns baby" stories and so she wanted to investigate before anything happened. All seems to have been okay, but how nice is it that she was concerned?!?

I freaking just babbled on and on forever! I guess I haven't had real blog posts in a while, so I had a lot to say!

It's Giveaway Time!!

I'm still recovering from my vacation hangover. Is it every going to go away?? Perhaps I should start being like everyone else and taking time off after vacation so I can recover. But no - I power through and come back like a trooper!

Ooh - brilliant idea! It just came to me! I should work from home. I mean they could totally hook me up with a laptop, a connection to our network so I could access my programs and files and then maybe office desks that I could kick my feet up on - to avoid cankles. Seriously - did you see my cankles post-half marathon??

But alas, that isn't going to happen for me. Bummer. BUT, if you win my giveaway you could use your $30 gift card  from CSN Stores toward your own office furniture, or a pet ramp like Cilley Girl did with my last gift card giveaway. Heck, I am a professional shopper - I'll totally help you find what you didn't even know you always wanted! Maybe you want something to prop your feet up on after you run 13.1 in the heat and then refuel with delicious salty food and rum drinks?!? I could have used that -- but let me tell you the junk food and rum was totally worth it!

Okay, so how will you win? I'll make it super easy and give you a lot of options!
  1. Follow my blog. Simple, right? And really, why wouldn't you want to?? ;)
  2. Pimp me out .... share the word of the giveaway on your blog, facebook and/or Twitter. You get one entry per pimping, so you can get THREE with this one! 
  3. And because I always love learning about you guys, you can have an entry just for sharing something cool about yourself as a comment. Like maybe you crushed on Andrew McCarthy? Or you are addicted to cupcakes? You ran into a woman/man/pole/garbage can during a race? Make me laugh!
So there you go - that's FIVE possible entries per person - and they are all so easy. Yay! I like easy - especially during vacation hangovers! The winner will be chosen March 15th at 5pm Pacific Time, and I'll announce the winner ASAP!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

A-B-C about ME ME ME!!!

I have another race report to write, but I'm going to procrastinate by jumping on the ABC bandwagon!

A. Age: 32   yikes!
B. Bed size:  full  I sleep diagonally so that it feels bigger than it is!
C. Chore you dislike: taking the laundry out of the washer and putting it in the dryer/hanging to dry
D. Dogs: my favorite! Right now I just have my lovely little Lady
E. Essential start to your day: a shower. I HAVE to have a shower and put on lipstick before going out
F. Favorite color: black and red, together. (My blog - My rules for how this game is played!)
G. Gold or silver: silver
H. Height: 5’5 3/4"
I. Instruments you play(ed): Piano, flute, piccolo, started teaching myself the accordion. I really want to learn the cello and bagpipes next. 
J. Job title: I have no idea. Account Clerk? Ronda of All Trades really.
K. Kids: Just my cat and dog right now. One child some day!
L. Live: Oregon
M. Mom’s name: Mommy Rae.  Okay, Debi. She's just Mommy to me!
N. Nicknames: Ronnie Rae, Ronda Bear, Fruit Fly, RR
O. Overnight hospital stays: Never! Not even when I was born!
P. Pet peeves: Really? I'll keep it short and just list one .... sounds. I hate noises - food noises especially.
Q. Quote from a movie: (Rae put what I wanted to put - from Goonies!) Can I just quote ALL of Titanic? Okay - let me find another one .... "Ready when you are, Sergeant Pembry" - I say this to my mom when I'm ready for a break at work. Hannibal Lecter says it right before Sgnt Pembry meets his demise in Silence of the Lambs. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME??
R. Righty or lefty: Right
S. Siblings: I am an only child, but always considered my pets to be my furry little sisters
T. Time you wake up: It used to be 6:30, but post-Princess I've switched to 6am. (That's still sleeping in compared to the hours I got up to race!) 
U. Underwear: Uh huh. I do wear that. But I just say NO to Granny Panties! This girl NEVER has a visible panty line!
V. Vegetables you don’t like: Pretty much all - except for delicious green peas
W. What makes you run late: Me. And my ability to procrastinate. And brushing my hair.
X. X-rays you’ve had: My foot when a weight fell on it in college. Then some thing with my 1st kidney stone.
Y. Yummy food you make: People love my mac & cheese. I'm kind of a big deal.
Z. Zoo animal favorites: polar bears, otters, babirusa, capybaras