To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.
-Steve Prefontaine
Make it simple, but significant.
- Don Draper

Friday, August 28, 2009

And It Is Still Going!

What a summer it has been. I feel like I've been going non-stop through the entire thing.
  • Grease in the park
  • Music in the Park every Tuesday
  • Arywn's wedding/fun weekend at the Oregon coast
  • Enchanted Forest
  • House painting - and new swimming pool!
  • Art Festival/wine garden
  • Las Vegas!!
  • Huey Lewis & the News at the county fair
  • Birthday parties in Eugene
  • 4th of July party
  • Floating the river
  • "It's 5 o'clock Somewhere" party
  • Dexter marathons
  • Golf tournaments
  • Graffiti night - and being bitten by a monkey!
What else can I possibly do before I feel summer is over?
  • A weekend in Bend, coming home via Crater Lake
  • OSU football season begins
  • A weekend in Sunriver
  • Alex Serpa and the "Dreamgirls" return to Seven Feathers
  • Walt Disney World with Jessica!!!
It has been a busy few months - with tons of fun with really great friends and family! I think things are going to slow down a bit, but I hope not too much!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

This Week's Horoscope

Yep - I'd say this one is pretty damn accurate!
A week for introspection. This is time to take a pause, look behind, and assess your situation  emotionally, socially, spiritually or professionally. This is a period of review, letting go and recharging yourself spiritually and physically both. Focus, now, is on fulfillment through service, empathy, and awareness of others' needs. At job, your focus is on making contacts and reaching out to others in both a social and professional sense. It's a time to turn inner restlessness into fruitful contact with others. Awareness of your position in life within the context of the group, rather than through self-centered focus is increased.

If in business, goals that involve networking, making connections with others, joining or strengthening ties in a group project/activity, and nurturing good are the focus this month.

Financially, this is promising week and gains are to be expected more than before. However, it will be difficult to avert your expenditures. It is also suggested to take care against loss or theft. Gains can be arrived from communications or dealings. Beneficial time for investments and grow your money. Investments in share or speculations are beneficial. However, avoid investing in insurance policy or fixed deposits.

Close relations will be important to you this week. You may feel an urge to share feelings or you may hear news that you find very important. If you are single, then it is not a good time to enter into a new relationship. If committed, you may go for discussion to a problem together. You will like to take long time to make it decisive. Emotions are on your sleeve. You want to show your existence. Your partner may not agree with you on some parts of the discussion. Take your partner's point of view seriously. Good response through children will make you feel satisfied.

Students are in competitive mood. It is time when you find ready to take exam anytime. Over confidence may spoil the scene. So look on what you have done and what is undone. Self-assessment is necessary. It is good week to take exams or competitions but not good for sports competitions. Players are advised to practice more and improve the stamina.

24th Beginning of new project is favored. Avoid haste. General gains. Feel sensitive about relationship.

25th Motivation at work. Things will generally get busier. Keep some extra time for sudden change.

26th Some changes that may lead to a new undertaking, relationship, or attitude change. General gains.

27th Feeling emotional for your financial position could figure now. Unavoidable expenses. Low for love.

28th Important meetings at work. Possessive about your belongings/finances. Feel to express yourself.

29th Make the most of opportunities that come along, but learn to discriminate. Communications are vital.

30th Discussion on past issues is possible. Desire to express your emotions.

Monday, August 24, 2009

15 Minute Babble: Blah

Do you ever feel like you want to blog but don't know what you want to blog about? That's me. I have the major need, but an acceptable topic escapes me. Maybe I just need to be given a topic like our teachers did in English classes when we were younger. Of course if given a topic, I'd probably not want to write about it then. I need a random topic generator. Do those exist? If you know of one, please let me know! Or if you have a topic, pass it along.

I guess I could write about my life, but today I have nothing to say about it.

 * * * * * * * *

A  mother and daughter just came in. The mother is across the way. The daughter is over here popping her eyes barely over the counter, sneaking a peek at me. She is totally adorable. We keep giggling together. What a refreshing break to this day. This girl has no idea how much I appreciate her smile and laughter today!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

And That's Why Its Good To Be ME!

--If you don't get the Gene Simmon's reference in the title, you are really missing out!

I was driving in my car when I realized I am a very lucky person. I observe things around me that really make me appreciate the things I have and the people in my life. I keep seeing marriages falling apart, people with mental illness running their lives, people miserable in every aspect of their work lives, people with ups and downs in their personal relationships .... and realize that its good to be me. I have so much to be thankful and grateful for!

  • I have an awesome (and HUGE) family. My baby cousin isn't a baby anymore, and now he's one of my texting buddies. My mom is the coolest mom you could ever hope for. My grandpa is the best landlord ever! My cousin Christine makes me smile every day - just by being herself! We always look forward to football games together - not for the sport, but just for the purpose of being together and spending a day laughing, sharing stories, and, of course, rooting for our teams. Its a family of Oregon State University alums!
  • My dog. My cat. I LOVE my pets. They are my babies. Lady is my little angel. I think she was supposed to enter my life when she did. Even though they try to deny it, I know my cat and dog do like sharing each other's company. My cat is my princess. We've been together through tons - and traveled across this huge country together TWICE! She really does think she is the head of the household - and she almost is - if only she could change her own litter!
  • I live in an adorable cottage. Its got a fresh coat of new paint color on it, a new pool in the backyard, and well, its home! Way better than apartment life for sure. I have such a huge area of land around my house - at times I can almost try to pretend I have no neighbors!
  • What's that dude's name? That one guy - the one with the little ND accent that slips out when he doesn't even realize it? Oh yeah - Michael. He just popped into my life so unexpectedly - and I haven't had one boring day since! I was so used to living alone for so long, and now during the rare times he goes to visit his parents, my house feels way too quiet and empty. How on earth did you worm your way in so well, you little "pill"!?! ;-)
  • Heather R** kicks ass! My BFF and I get to see each other now more than ever. Her BF and my BF are practically BFFs now, too - how cute are we?!? I have 3 completely adorable "nieces" that I just .... adore! Each of them has their own unique personality. Little Carly just cracks me up every time I see her. That girl is such a R** already - and she's only 3!
  • Jessica is the bomb! Wait - do we get to say that anymore? Hm. Okay - Jessica ROCKS so hard! We are going to be on vacation together in less than 2 months and I am so freaking excited. Excited about the trip, yes, but also really excited to get to hang with Jessica for more than just a day or two before we have to part ways and get back to work and normal life. Everything we see and do in October will be a first for her, so I really hope she has the best time ever!
  • Facebook - yeah, as crazy as it is - I'm actually glad its around. I've reconnected with so many old friends, and connected with new ones that I've actually known forever, but never really "knew". I love the blogs my friends write. I have so much fun reading them and living vicariously through their lives -- especially since nearly all of them have children except for me. I get to have this little peek into life with a child and what my future has in store. Gosh, I hope my kid ends up as cute as my friends' children.
  • There's another one! I'm fortunate enough to have friends that have cute children. I can't lie and tell people their ugly kid looks cute. I still remember the ugliest baby I ever saw when I was working in Florida. It freaked me out. Anyway - thank you to my friends for producing cute children!
  • My friends in general. You guys really are the coolest! I have so many that are true friends. Good people that make me laugh. Friends with police officers as husbands that respond super fast when something goes down and I needed assistance! Friends to vent with during a stressful work day. Friends to go to lunch with when we need a mini-break to catch up on things. Friends to share spiced rum with. Friends to share shots of tequila with. Friends to do Black Friday shopping with. Friends to discuss American Idol with. Friends to watch old home movies with and laugh until we cry.
  • Rocky Horror Picture Show. Random? Yes. But how awesome is RHPS?!? Its like a subculture of people that know it and truly appreciate it. I love that my friends love it as much as I do! I'm glad there are people in my life that can go to a RHPS tribute show with me - and find total amusement in watching the sign language interpreters versus the actual performers!
  • Yin. Yang. They go hand in hand. I am soooo lucky to have a Yang to my Yin. His name is Mike. Gee whiz - these Michaels are everywhere in my life! Life wouldn't be right if Mike wasn't in my life. Without ever meeting we ended up having matching tattoos. Now we have some matching piercings. But our yin/yang goes way deeper than just body art. He's one of my closest and dearest friends. When we vacation together I call it a family vacation - not just a vacation with a friend. Mike will be in my wedding. Can I get him in a dress? Probably not - but you know, there's time to debate that issue!
  • I am pretty darn lucky to have my job! Seems everywhere you go you hear people talk of being laid off from their jobs and struggling to find another. I've been at mine for years now - and even though I get "a case of the Mondays" every once in a while - I'm still pretty darn lucky! I enjoy what I do. I have some really great friends that I work with, and I am left alone to be pretty independent and just get my work done. So yay for employment!
  • My car. I love my car! We get along great. She just got a bath. Her A/C has never failed me. She still looks new even though she just crossed over the 10,000 mile mark!
  • Oregon!! I feel so lucky to live in the most beautiful state I've ever visited - which is quite a few! After living in Florida for so long, I really appreciate the beauty and peace of the Pacific Northwest. We have gorgeous seasons, so much nature to get out and explore, my friends and family are here. Its just a great place to be.
  • I feel like I could keep going. So I'll end with this ... freedom! I am thankful for my freedom. Freedom to do what I want, say what I want, buy what I want, go where I want whenever I want. Freedom that takes me to Florida every year to see my BBFF. Freedom that lets me visit Fabulous Las Vegas on a whim. I am thankful for Las Vegas!! It is my favorite place to be. The sights. The sounds. The ability to drink in a mall or on a sidewalk or in a bathroom or in an elevator or in a casino or in a bar watching your friend shine in a drag show or on a monorail or get the idea. Vegas is the ultimate playground of freedom and sinful indulgence. I can't get enough of it! Maybe its time to plan another trip! Michael? Mike? Clark? You boys ready?? Let's do it!!

Over. The. Line.

Me: I will be driving your new car home on Friday night, right? And then I was going to go bar hopping that night and thought I'd take it to Rumors and then Yogee's?!?

Mommy: You are such a witty young lady.

Me: And Michael is going to drive Jim's little red thing around, no?

Mommy: Nothing Jim has is little!

INAPPROPRIATE!!!!!!! I did NOT want nor need to read that!!!

Bye bye to Jim's "clunker"! :-)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Word of the Day Is....


I was returning from lunch when I was forced to say, "Thanks for using your turn signal, douche!"

Immediately after those words left my mouth I heard this on the radio: "Blinded by the light, revved up like a douche!"

Finally!! For the first time since it was the topic of discussion at Jessica's birthday, I got to hear the douche song. And you guys are right --- that is totally what it sounds like!! Heidi's voice was in my head singing that song all afternoon... that was an awesome night, wasn't it?!? And if they aren't saying "douche" in that song, well you fooled me!

Oh How I Just Hate Being This Shallow

You probably don't want to waste your time reading my blog. I know it is a totally narcissistic waste of time. I mean it is my blog, so I probably shouldn't write what I think, and instead write what everybody else thinks. I mean, nobody ever reads it more than once - especially after seeing how dull it is. Right?

22.18 August11:17WCIX.NET, San Mateo, California, United States
23.18 August11:19WCIX.NET, San Mateo, California, United States
24.18 August11:19WCIX.NET, San Mateo, California, United States
25.18 August11:21WCIX.NET, San Mateo, California, United States
26.18 August11:23WCIX.NET, San Mateo, California, United States
27.18 August11:24WCIX.NET, San Mateo, California, United States
28.18 August11:25WCIX.NET, San Mateo, California, United States
29.18 August11:25WCIX.NET, San Mateo, California, United States
30.18 August11:26WCIX.NET, San Mateo, California, United States
31.18 August11:27WCIX.NET, San Mateo, California, United States
32.18 August12:28Road Runner, Staten Island, New York, United States
33.18 August14:09Douglas Fast Net, Roseburg, Oregon, United States
34.18 August14:10Douglas Fast Net, Roseburg, Oregon, United States
35.18 August16:59Cox Communications, La Mesa, California, United States
36.18 August18:23WCIX.NET, San Mateo, California, United States
37.18 August18:23WCIX.NET, San Mateo, California, United States
38.18 August18:23WCIX.NET, San Mateo, California, United States
39.18 August18:23WCIX.NET, San Mateo, California, United States
40.18 August18:24SBC Internet Services, Irvine, California, United States
41.18 August18:26SBC Internet Services, Irvine, California, United States
42.18 August18:27SBC Internet Services, Irvine, California, United States
43.18 August18:27SBC Internet Services, Irvine, California, United States
44.18 August18:29SBC Internet Services, Irvine, California, United States
45.18 August18:29SBC Internet Services, Irvine, California, United States
46.18 August18:29SBC Internet Services, Irvine, California, United States
47.18 August18:29SBC Internet Services, Irvine, California, United States

Give Me Violent, Not Ho-Hum

I find the weather to be fascinating. Mostly fascinating in how quickly it can change and how violent it can get. Hurricanes, while boring after being stuck in your house for hours, and sometimes days, are pretty exciting at times. During the 3 hurricanes I experienced (shout out, Charlie!), I was sure to go outside and walk in the wind. I had to soak it all up. Even Tinker Bell went outside during a hurricane or two. She's such an awesome cat! Of course she was in my arms and not allowed to touch the ground, but whatever. Thunder and lightning storms - another fun one. The booming crash of thunder, the blinding flash of lightning - always brings a smile to my face. So yes, I enjoy weather conversations - about crazy, violent weather experiences.

Why is it though, that old people in the work place won't retire? Wait, no, wrong question. Why do they seem to enjoy talking to everybody about weather? Not fun weather talk, but lame "I have nothing to talk about and can't stand silence" weather talk. I can't tell you how many times during the recent heat wave I heard "Oh, is it hot out there?" What? You know it is in the upper 90s, lower 100s. Why bother asking? All day I hear boring weather talk. "It is humid here this year." No, actually, it isn't. Get out of Oregon once in a while and you might discover real humidity. "That was a bad storm!" No. It wasn't. There was rain. There was wind. Big deal. "I hear its going to be warm today." Yeah, its mid-August. It is summer - it is warm every day.

I can't wait for vacay in 2 months - real humidity, real storms, real heat!

And I want to say I have an awesome boyfriend ... he brought home some ear plugs for me. What a doll!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Last week was the Douglas County Fair. What made this year the raddest fair in years? It was the special guest star ... Jessica! She came down Tuesday night to stay over and go to Huey Lewis and the News on Wednesday.

I had a total blast with her here! I'll just mention some highlights - and then send you off to the pictures that can tell the story!

  • Elephant ear for Michael and Jessica. Why on earth didn't I get one??
  • AWESOME people watching
  • Hanging with my cousin for a bit
  • Running into a couple ex people that I didn't really want or need to see
  • Cool new ankle bracelet
  • New piercings
  • Piglets
  • Calves
  • Baby goats - kids?
  • Bunnies
  • Running in to lots of friends
  • Carnival games
  • Drunk Michael
  • Huey Lewis and the freaking News!!!

Ya Think?

"Looks like bill time!"

Ya think? Really? Um ... that's my job. I pay bills every single week. I work on them every single day. If it didn't look like "bill time" at my desk, would I be doing my job?

People say the stupidest things to me. I think they just do it to find a reason to talk. They can't handle actually working and not just talking about food or physical ailments. I pretty much stay mute at work, so saying something this obvious (Its bill time!) is not going to get me to engage in conversation.

Why am I mute? Yesterday a nut kept interrupting my work and made me come up and .... get this .... tell a customer the name of a dating website. Okay - MY personal life is NOT for crazy lady to discuss with anyone, let alone customers that just want to come in and pay a water bill. Can we say inappropriate? Can we say lack of judgment? Can we say no common sense?

And they wonder why I just sit quietly and keep to myself all day.

Get Into the Groove

They move like no one is watching. They move like they can't even hear the music the rest of us are listening to. "They" are the always present Music in the Park dancers!

If you've ever been to a free concert at Stewart Park you know whom I am talking about. We have the Bird Lady - the large woman always in a muumuu type sack dress. She floats in clumsy, swaying circles with her gross wiry gray hair hanging from her head. This year we also have the adorably boy and girl with Down Syndrome. They really do have the best moves. The other dancers should take some tips from them. I can't forget to mention the hippie dude in his skirt. I can't even call it a kilt. Whoa! Tonight he is in army green shorts and his typical tie-dye shirt, huge socks, and lace up Robin Hood like leather boots. His hat is like the "Australian" hats I saw at the fair. His hair needs a wash and trim so bad!

This blog would not be complete without discussing the shirtless dude. He is in a very dirty formerly white shirt tonight, complete with holes from years of wear. That goes well with his very worn denim ..... capris?? This guy - how can I even describe his moves? He likes to dance right in front of the speakers. There are moves I have never seen before and don't dare try to imitate (we suspect he is under the influence of more than one substance!). Usually his ratty shorts are sagging and showing the crowd some crack. The other week he had some sort of galloping move with his right leg in front of the other. His dancing is usually twitchy. Ooh - he just wandered around with some sort of dead leafy branch - and was very into singing along with a song none of us have ever heard before. There is the galloping move again - with a sort of deep arm movement - a mix between air guitar, churning butter and rolling dice at a craps table.

I really can't go on. I have to stop writing and get watching. "Aussie" hat dude is doing something like looks like Clark Griswold's Germany moves.

Man, I love the Burg!

Oh yeah - Chuck, the drunk magician, is here.

***Note: Shortly after writing this blog I decided to FINALLY get an elephant ear. I've been dying for one all summer. Just as I placed my order .... a bomb threat caused the evacuation of the entire concert area. At least I got my elephant ear!

A Near Break-Up

R****: I see you.
FRIEND: Awesome. Who are you?

I was offended and about to dis-own my friend of nearly 5 years. Who are you?? Who am I?? Did he dare to delete my phone number from his phone???

The friendship was saved with this:

FRIEND: I got a new phone recently and I lost all my numbers.

Phew - that was a close call!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Go Dexter, Go!

I was watching Dexter last night and found myself amused. I was amused at myself. There I was, intensely watching and rooting for Dexter's success. Dexter is a serial killer. But you can't help but like him. It made me think back to 7th grade when I went to see Silence of the Lambs on opening night. Just from the previews I knew Hannibal Lecter would be my favorite character. I was right.

What is it about us as a society that makes us root for the bad guy in movies. We cheer for the villain. Didn't we all want to see what Hannibal would do if he escaped? But in real life we don't root for the them .... or do we?

I can't flip through channels without stopping if I see Manson, Bundy, etc... on my screen. They are kind of the anti-hero. The psychopathic bad guy you love to hate or hate to love. These guys are intriguing. Are we fascinated by them because they do things most of us wouldn't even imagine doing? I can tell you I've never once though of breaking into a woman's dorm, raping someone, and leaving them in a pool of blood. The thought of brainwashing people and having them go torture innocent people for no reason - never crossed my mind. I can only think of one person that I know that has had these thoughts and acted on it. He's sitting in a jail cell right now. The rest of us aren't.

Why do we created these people into almost mythical type figures. Saying "Dahmer" brings to mind for all of us a pale guy from middle America with horrendous glasses and cannibalism. Movies are modeled after these disturbed people. Buffalo Bill - an example of a mixture of multiple serial killers. We should fear these men (and women - shout out, Aileen Wuornos!). We should despise them for their cruel acts. But then why are there women trying to have relationships with those that are alive and sitting in a prison cell? Why are things autographed by killers being sold on the internet? Why do I have a Hannibal Lecter doll proudly on display in my computer room at home?

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

She's Coming!!!

Jessica is on a bus on her way to the Burg right now!

I am so excited!!!

We're going to go get Tinker Bell and Lady at their Grammy's house, then head out to the good ol' Douglas County Fair!

Can't wait to see what this year's fair has in store. Always the best people watching event of the year!