To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.
-Steve Prefontaine
Make it simple, but significant.
- Don Draper

Thursday, December 31, 2009

That's All Folks!

Two-thousand nine is nearly over.
It has been a fun, busy year.
Ups and downs.
I'll try to only remember the ups, but remember the lessons learned from the downs.
I traveled a lot, and don't see that changing much!
I've stayed home a lot, too. Home is where the heart is!

I began this blog in 2009, and have really enjoyed writing  and sharing my adventures, opinions, recaps, life - even if I am the only one that ever reads most of it. Hopefully a post or two were interesting to you in some manner! I am vowing to make THIS the last official post of 2009. I think this is one resolution I can keep. (Incidentally, the New Year's resolution I made in the 9th grade - the no candy/no chocolate one - STILL going! Still haven't broken it!)

So, good bye to 2009, thank you for reading. See ya next year!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Things They Say - Round 2

Good morning, City of _____
Hello? If you're there I can't hear you.
You're going to have to call back.

That one is always my favorite! Makes me laugh every time.

The Things They Say - Round 1

Have you heard if its snowing in Portland or not?

No, it isn't.

Oh, letting up for New Year's maybe.

Yeah, because the weather likes to pause to celebrate holidays??? Welcome to my world! This is the kind of stuff I have to hear all day long every single work day.

Being a Groupie and Loving the Drag Show

  1. I'm good at it!
  2. Being a groupie of someone you are friends with is just plain fun!
  3. Alex never fails to entertain the pants off me. Not literally though. I mean can you imagine Alex getting me out of my pants? That would be pretty crazy -yet as a groupie I guess ultimately that should be my goal. Alas, it is not.
  4. Dennis cracks me up - even when he "styles" my hair or makes me be part of a jingle bell choir.
  5. Men in dresses are just my preferred type of men. We all understand each other.
  6. I have MY table (#17 - row 2, center) and my seat at my table. I feel strange sitting anywhere else.
  7. The phone number to the cabaret lounge is programmed into my phone.
  8. Those "ladies" have the best shoes!
  9. Perky Boobs R Us up in there - and those puppies are firm!
  10. It is fun to get to snap the bra strap of your MALE friend.
  11. Joan Crawford .... what a bitch! --- love it! (If you notice the top quote on the right side of my blog - its one of Joan's!)
  12. They could teach all of us women some make-up tricks or two.
  13. That little guy, James, has the perfect "figure". I'm so jealous!
  14. I love listening to the audience gasp when Coti comes out as Reba. He really does an amazing job!
  15. Wendell doing Michael Jackson was completely awesome. I mean my jaw literally dropped.
  16. Alex, Alex, Alex .... he's the best. We all know it. Did you catch his Barbra??
  17. Watching men get uncomfortable when female impersonators step off the stage and move toward the audience is totally amusing for me. 
  18. It never gets old!
  19. Sights, sounds, smells ... its like Vegas was brought a little bit closer to me - and I don't even have to fly!
  20. Its the only place around here that I can go and just relax and laugh and be around "my" kind of people! Wait, did that make me sound gay?? Yeah - I'm not. Just a little 'fruit fly' as they say!

Monday, December 28, 2009

A Little Less Conversation....

.... A little more action, please.....

And where do you find the best action?? Action of all varieties??

Fabulous LAS VEGAS!

My biological clock is ticking, and telling me I haven't been in Vegas for a few months and I need to go back. It is also telling me I haven't seen my dear Mike in Phoenix in over a year, meaning there is some major yin/yang quality time in order. Plus Sparky (aka Clark aka Mike's better half), I haven't seen the ol' Sparkster (heh heh, I just made that name up!) since January 2008 during a weekend in Phoenix/Brokeback Mountain weekend. Add Alex and Daniel, who reside in Las Vegas, to the mix, and well..... clearly it means its time to plan another trip!

I invite you now to take a sneak peek at what e-mail exchanges during the planning process sound like between Mike and I!
What do you think about meeting up for a little Vegas weekend sometime next year? Like in May or something?
I think we could be up for that. To meet some drag queens maybe??? :)
I am just dying to get out of here and hit Vegas again. And I am dying to see you again. Seemed like a perfect rendezvous point! And um, drag queens??? HELL YES!!!
I have yet to DO Vegas. Like properly. I haven't gone out clubbing at night. I REALLY want to go dancing and experience the nightlife of Vegas like any normal, short, flat-chested, pale American girl should! 
I haven't done that either! We'll both be virgins!
OMG, don't tease me now... I am 100% serious about Vegas!! For reals - I have already been looking at flights and hotels and random weekends in May! Would Sparky join us, too? I miss that sexy man! ;-)
Yeah, I wouldn't be able to keep Clark away if I was going to Vegas. He can let me go to DL alone but not Vegas.
OMG! Um... I'm excited about this! I trust you will mention it to Clark tonight, and if you don't I'm calling him myself and telling him that you two are coming to Vegas!
Good thing I'm getting back into the running thing - I want to look hot when we're there! Disney might be filled with all the gay men in the country, but Vegas will be sure to send some hetero guys out to the streets!
Do we all get to bunk up and share a room? Where are we staying? What will we do first? What kind of drink do you want? Too much too soon???  ;-)  I just had to throw all that at you because, well, we know I love to plan!
But seriously, I think this would be the raddest little vacation for all of us. The trips to Phoenix were a blast, but Clark had to work. At least this way we can all be on vacation together!
I don't have to stay at the fanciest hotel. But I want to stay on the strip because, like, its The Strip!! I prefer NOT to be at Circus Circus 'cause we know that's just too ghetto!
And yeah, honey, you're going to be staying with gays. Our kind don't deal well with trashy Vegas hotels. I'm thinking Mirage or above would be about right.
OMG the Mirage???? My whole "old enough to know I want to be in Vegas once a month" life I have never thought I could stay there! It is my fantasy hotel. My dad had us staying at Circus Circus every time we went. I think that's 3 or 4 times now.  But then I wasn't even 21, so it didn't matter as much, but I so badly wanted to be part of the Vegas scene that staying at Circus Circus was like shopping in a thrift store.  I drooled over the Mirage. It was THE place I always wanted to stay but I was convinced you had to be a high roller with loads of money to stay there. Even on my past trips I just dreamed about it, but saw it becoming closer to a reality. If we had a 3way --room split, not a REAL 3way, you dirty birdy! -- then it could really be REAL! WOW!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Pure Art for the Ears

It is the most beautiful song I have ever heard. Depending on my mood it can bring out a variety of thoughts, memories and emotions. This song I love so much is Claire De Lune by Claude Debussy. If you aren't,aware of it, or even if you are, take a moment to just listen and enjoy!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

2009 ... A Year In Review

Oh how time flies!  Since I became a blogger 5 years ago, I've been doing annual recaps of my life. Why change tradition now?

January - So long ago, I can barely remember it! I was dieting for no reason and wasting away. I loved buying new clothes ... I didn't like not eating... for no reason.

February - Viva Las Vegas!! An addict was born! I had a spontaneous Girls Only Valentine's Day weekend in Las Vegas. It was an insane amount of fun! R.A.D. also happened - as it does every year - but on this Appreciation Day I got to be reunited with a dear old college friend. And did I mention I went to Vegas? Saw Phantom of the Opera, drank a lot of fruity drinks, had a blast at a gay club off the strip where my friend Alex performs, finally made it to Studio 54, met a Titanic historian, and had fun, fun, FUN!!

March - Jessica, taking advantage of one Friday night's boredom, convinced me to join a free dating site. To humor her and my mother I gave it a try. Convinced the only people wanting to talk to me were freaks, I was about to ditch the site ... and then came along this hockey player from North Dakota....

April - My month began with a first date. Then a second. Then an out of town trip. Before the first week was over, I had a boyfriend. What??? This month became one filled with fun, food, laughter, movies, meeting families and weekend adventures. We hit the beach, hot springs, Diamond Lake, karaoke bars, movie theaters, golf tournaments, restaurants.. yada yada yada. And thus began the busy lives of the North Dakota boy and the Oregon girl!

May - Welcome Mr. Sunshine! Boy it sure got hot, didn't it??  I ended up buying a pretty good sized pool for my backyard - which came in handy while we were finally painting my house. What a chore .... its December, I am almost done painting. Hmph.  Memorial Day weekend was lovely. Spent some time at a winery with good company, music and badminton, then hit up my mom's house for food, badminton, games and music! The big highlight of the month was a visit to Enchanted Forest with Jessica and Ryan. I must say we were the four coolest people there - duh!

June -My schedule didn't slow down at all. Sara and Jason came to town, which meant Music in the Park and sharing goofy junior high stories in the wine garden at the Arts Festival.  This was also the month for the "big" golf tournament of the summer. Can we all agree that year's sort of sucked? It wasn't the usual party atmosphere that it is - but I still managed to have a really great time - and not get sunburned! A big highlihgt for  me was going to the lovely wedding of Arwyn and Tonia.  They had their ceremony on the beach - and pretty much everybody was teary eyed before it was over. Such a wonderful day for two fabulous gals! That same weekend allowed for more cave exploring in Bandon - and my first time digging a hole and peeing in the cave's sandy floor. I tried to save a sea lion that beached itself. I choose to be positive and believe she is okay!

July - Busy Busy Busy!!! The month kicked off with some quality time out at my mom's and on the river. Heather and Daniel joined Michael and I for some floating down the North Umpqua. I admit I was completely petrified at first. Thank you Bacardi Silver - you helped me through that first trip out! The girls really perfected their karaoke performance of Paula Cole's Where Have All the Cowboys Gone. If you missed it, catch the video on Facebook! A strange little thing happened to me in July. I was bitten by a baby monkey inside a restaurant downtown. You read that correctly! A baby monkey bit me. It was my first time ever touching a monkey, and it was kinda cute, so I wasn't worked up over it. I only worried about dying for a few minutes off and on throughout the next week. The ultimate highlight of July has to be my super spontaneous trip to Vegas with Michael. We walked, sang and drank our way up and down the strip. Didn't bother with shows, didn't make it to any clubs .... just kept grabbing fruity drinks once the prior one would run out, and wandered around checking things out. My liver hurts just remembering that weekend - but I totally can't wait to do it again!!

August - Calling all Parrot heads! It was THE party of August - were you there?? This year my mom and I throw an end of Summer party with a Jimmy Buffett/island theme. It was a lot of fun. Many friends and family members showed up and a nice afternoon/evening of food, drinks and great music! My month was enhanced by a visit from Jessica! She was my special house guest during Fair Week so we could go to the Huey Lewis and the News concert. Oh yeah - be jealous!  I had an absolute blast! She got a mini-Roseburg tour, we checked out animals at the fair, took goofy photos, did something my mom doesn't approve of, sang along with Huey, ran into too many of my exes, people watching, fair food... you name it, we did it! Not only did I party at my mom's house, I REALLY partied at my dear uncle Kelly's house. Did I ever! He had his annual party, too - and, well ... I had fun. (Remember those photos of me laying on the ground? Or the mud on my face the next morning? Yeah - enough said!)  Michael and I took advantage of being in Bend and had a fantastic time hiking up to nearly the top of Mount Bachelor. It was my first time on the mountain without being there to ski, and it was crazy to see the actual terrain instead of snow!  On our way home from Bend we stopped at Crater Lake to take in the views. What a nerve-wracking drive, but what a breathtaking view!

September -The ninth month was one of change. A healthy, positive change! I began running every other night, with the goal of running in a 5K race. Not just ONE race, but TWO! I bought some clothes for running, downloaded a training podcast and entered myself in 2 races. I'm still shocked at this decision, but I am so happy I made a goal and a plan and stuck with it!  September also allowed me some more time over in the Cascades - this time in Sunriver with my dad!  I haven't been there in decades, and it was totally the way I remembered it. I got to ride bikes, pet horses, go to the observatory, take a run through the golf course, run into some friends rather unexpectedly, relax by the fire and go to the Lava River Caves. Michael and I were in heaven in the lava tube. I highly recommend visiting if you are ever in the area!

October -  VACATION!! I'm sure other things happened (OSU tailgates), but we all know the biggie of the month was my annual Disney vacation, this year with Jessica. Oodles and oodles of fun! We are already discussing the 2010 vacation! October wasn't all happy times in the sunshine. It is suspected that probably on the way home from Florida is when I contracted the Swine Flu.  Lovely H1N1 came along to ruin a couple weeks of my life.  Phooey!  Ah ha! Another positive for the 10th month of 2009 --- Alex!! Those sassy "gals" from last year's Jewel Box Revue returned at the very end of September, and I couldn't have been happier! I went many times in October and now I've lost track of how many times I've been down to see Alex in action!

November -I turned 31 years old and I didn't flip out!! I was probably too sick from the Swine Flu to even car, to be honest. This was a pretty quiet month, actually. Work was crazy busy for me, which may explain why I was too tired to do anything. My month was pretty much work and female impersonators. I had a lovely "date" with Alex's boyfriend, Daniel. He's such a doll - they both are! Thanksgiving was enjoyable. I always look forward to the big family gatherings ... with a realistic amount of apprehension thrown in, too. Black Friday was AWESOME this year! My tree is exploding with purchases that I can't wait to open! My pets, myself and Santa were all very generous this year!

December - My month began with the completion of the most challenging goal I've ever set for myself .... I successfully finished a full 5K race! It was the most amazing experience and I am very excited for the next one.Work's crazy schedule hasn't let up at all - but I don't really mind that. I enjoy feeling busy and productive once in a while. My dad came to town for a visit - and thanks to his strength and technical savvy, I am the proud owner of a new TV that I bought all by myself! My family celebrated Christmas early, as always, and it was probably the best Christmas we've had in years. I wish that it could have lasted longer, but we're busy people with plans! I'm finishing off the year with a couple more nice Christmas gatherings, and 2 more trips to see Alex in Dreams Come True at Christmas down at the casino. Its going to suck when he goes back to Vegas, but at least I'll get ONE more chance to see him perform right at the start of the year.

Overall this has been a really fun year! I've spent a lot of time with friends and family members, run into old friends unexpectedly and made some new ones, too!  I really enjoyed getting out and enjoying nature, and I'm pretty sure Lady loved her little adventures as well. As for new year's resolutions, I'm going to keep the "no candy/no chocolate" thing going. At the end of this year I'll have successfully kept to that resolution for 16 years! I really can have the most amazing will power when I want to.  Another thing I'd like to try to maintain is a consistent running schedule, especially while training for the 5K in March. Other than that though, I plan on just doing my thing. Being happy, traveling when I get a chance, working, yada yada yada!  And maybe getting back to Vegas???

Monday, December 21, 2009

Enough is Enough!!

First there was Heath Ledger. Then Michael Jackson. Now Brittany Murphy.

Heath was one of my favorite actors, Michael IS the King of Pop, and Brittany is one of my favorite actresses (her and Kate .... nothing better happen to my dear Winslet!!)

I will keep it clean and not repeat the words that came out of my mouth when I saw the news of Brittany's death yesterday. When I saw Heath Ledger and Michael Jackson's reports - I was working, and couldn't help but cry - especially when telling my co-workers the latest sad news coming out of Hollywood. I would really like all of this death nonsense to STOP!!

I love her movies. When I'm alone and have time for a marathon movie day (or weekend!), she is one of my actresses that I'll have as my theme for the day (or weekend!). She has such a contagious laugh! And those great big eyes! Whenever I contemplate a different hairstyle, it is always Brittany Murphy photos I turn to. Obviously I never followed through with that one!

What I really liked ... her body. I thought it was perfect. So tiny and petite. She looked cute in anything. Fiona Apple. Another "perfect" body in my eyes. Many people think Brittany had an eating disorder. I choose to believe that caused her early death, versus nasty rumors and speculation of drug abuse. Man, what does that say about me?? The two people I've always wished my body could look like ... and now one of them is gone, possibly because of her desire to maintain that super tiny physique. Damn.  Fiona Apple better not follow in these footsteps. I'd probably not even bother coming to work if there is ever a horrible story about Fiona's early death!

So, celebrities that I really like ... PLEASE STOP DYING!!!
Thank you.

Book of Questions #6

I should really start picking harder questions!

Do you feel ill at ease going alone to either dinner or a movie? What about going on a vacation by yourself?

I don't know, no, Heck no! I haven't gone to dinner alone... yet. I don't know that I would have a problem with it. It might be strange to go to a "real" restaurant alone, but I don't know. I wouldn't ever rule out trying!  I have gone to 2 or 3 movies alone. It was kind of nice. I just went when I felt like it, didn't have to share my drink or my popcorn, and didn't have anyone talking in my ear! It was actually really fun, and I might do it again here pretty soon. The Royal Family 5K I am running in has a "Princess and the Frog" theme. I thought it might be nice to see the movie so I'll actually "get" the things I am seeing while in Florida!

A vacation by myself? Yes, please! Been there, done that, would totally do it again! Having company on a trip is nice, but going alone is pretty damn sweet, too!  I wonder if this is an only child thing and that's why I don't mind being alone?? Hmm. I'll have to ponder!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Did I Really Just Type That?


That is what I am putting as the description on a check to send to a vendor.
I seriously love my job!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Book of Questions #5

Is there something you've dreamed of doing for a long time? Why haven't you done it?
For about the last 15 years I have been wanting to learn to play the cello.  I have visions of playing "Music of the Night" with my mom accompanying me on the piano. It is such a dark, beautiful sounding instrument - I just need to some day even touch one.

Why haven't I pursed it? I guess for two reasons - neither of which are very good.  First, I suspect that getting a cello would be rather expensive. But because of reason number 2, I have no real idea. Number 2 - I don't know of a place to get a cello. As far as I know, there are no true music stores left in town. By "true music store" I mean a place with sheet music, trumpets, pianos, flutes and cellos!

Jessica used to play the cello, and I found out too late that her parents were selling hers. I suppose with all the information on-line I have no good reason to not at least investigate further!

Monday, December 14, 2009


I may have a severely unpaid fine. Yes, its true. The girl who uses cash for almost everything and 90% of the time pays her credit cards off in full .... she may potentially have an unsettled debt. To whom? The Douglas County Library.

I was in the 10th grade and rented a book. The name just escaped me, but I believe "King" was somewhere in the title. Heather R** and I actually both checked out the same book for our book reports. I was horrible at reading back then. Wait - I shall explain. I could read just fine. Excellent reading skills .... I just got bored reading books that had no interest to me at all. This was one of them. My book ended up being returned late. Really late. So late, in fact, that I have never used my library card since that day for fear of 10th grade R**** getting caught with an over-due book fine.

Somewhere along the way they put in self check out scanners. I decided to try that out - it said I wasn't allowed and to go to a librarian lady for assistant. Hell no I won't go!  Back to my mom's library card it was! I've checked out quite a few things since 10th grade. Videos and books, mostly for studying purposes - but some videos for my own enjoyment (i.e. fantasizing about going on random vacations to exotic or far off locals).  Always I go to my mom for her card. There is no way I'm going to get caught with this fine! I mean what if there is interest charged??? That book was late being returned during the 1993/1994 school year! Its almost 2010. I can't start pawning off my new TV and all those other "necessities" just to pay my late fee on a stupid book!!

I guess if I ever have a child, I'll have to figure out how to help him/her check out books. We'll cross that bridge when we get to it! But I can tell you this ... Mommy (me) won't be there to help! My kid is on its own!


“Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; but remember that what you now have was once among the things only hoped for.”

As I find myself at a spork in the road (sounds more fun that a fork, right?!?) ... I find this quote to be fascinating. I don't know that it will help me out at all, but being at a crossroads point in my life, I keep looking anywhere at all for a "sign". Next I will get out my Magic 8 Ball for guidance!

Actually, now I think it might be rather interesting to study Epicureanism.

I'm in the Big Leagues Now!

Why am I on the verge of blogging fame? Well because of my wit and deep intellect, duh!

Okay, so maybe not. BUT I had a first this morning! I've been spammed!

I wrote a blog about moving on from bad friendships and eliminating negativity. I included "closet cleaning" and "winter" in my blog title. Today I got this comment on that blog:


Good one on Winter Closet Cleaning.Do you know 1 million children are accidentally poisoned in their homes each year? To Discover the healthy alternative and make your home a safe haven these tips at may help.


The next thing on my blogging horizon? I imagine soon you will all start leaving a comment saying "first" to show you were the first one to read and leave a comment. Perez Hilton and better watch out. There's a new sheriff in town!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Book of Questions #4

If your friends and acquaintances were willing to bluntly and honestly tell you what they really thought of you, would you want them to?

No. There is someone that kind of already does this ... and it haunts me every day. I wish I could get it out of my head. It does let you see into the mind of other people though. Their opinions aren't always based on fact, but rather assumptions, so then you have to somewhat take it with a grain of salt. But at the same time, it sucks to hear someone giving such harsh criticisms of you when they don't even know the REAL you yet and they hold you up to unattainable expectations. So would I want to hear all of my closest companions tell me what they think? No way. Ignorance can be bliss, right?         ...........but then there are those lovely moments when you hear other people saying exactly what they think of you - only they are naive enough to think you can't hear them. Attention World! R**** has AMAZING hearing! And R**** is also pretty damn good at the silent treatment. I put money down that a certain person will not hear a WORD from me again for years, if ever. I wouldn't say I'm holding a grudge, I've just learned their opinion, and don't see any reason to bother wasting my time being fake nice to a petty gold-digger anymore!  That felt good!

Do you think your friends would agree with one another about the kind of person you are?

Overall, probably yes. But my friends all know me in different ways from different experiences and segments of my life. Some have seen the super happy guest service R****, some know R**** the college party girl, some know R**** the girl in band, some have seen the R**** that had to be strong and deal with a horrible man belittling her at work every day, some have been with me through divorce, some have only known me at random parties, some really know the REAL me. I think the main R**** is always consistently the same. I don't like fake people, so I try my best to just be genuine. I think real friends see that.

Book of Questions #3

Question 163 just jumped out at me.

If there were a public execution on television, would you watch it?

Let the morbid girl answer without hesitation. YES!

My friend Lindsay and I used to rent all sorts of crazy movies in junior high and high school.... that Ted Bundy movie with my boyfriend Mark Harmon, Helter Skelter, Faces of DeathFaces of Death did have executions - and we so totally watched them!  I looked away when it came to animal deaths though - that is NOT what I want to see. Except I will admit I did watch the chicken get its head cut off because I had to know if they really do run around. It did. Poor chickens.

With that being said, I have watched someone die in real life back in the late 1990's. He was just a regular dude floating the river. He hadn't committed heinous crimes (that we know of anyway), and wasn't being punished for anything. That one was sad.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Book of Questions #2

Would you rather spend a month on vacation with your parents or put in overtime at your current job for four weeks without extra compensation? 

Okay, so this has to be the easiest question ever, right? I suppose it would be tricky if you said it was with my actual parents together, my mom and my dad. But I guess as I read this I figured my mom and Jim since they are the ones that live closest to me, and thus more likely to go on a month long vacation with me. So obviously I would say VACATION!!  Nothing here says I can't have my own "demands." My "demand"?? Separate hotel rooms!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Book of Questions #1

I've been wanting to write, but just haven't had anything all that inspiring to write about. So I thought it could be fun to just pick some questions out of that infamous "Book of Questions" and use that as writing material. Who knows, this could end up a good brain exercise with me trying to actually come up with an answer!  I've decided to just start with the very first question in the book. Feel free to leave your own answers in the comment section!

For a person you loved deeply, would you be willing to move to a distant country knowing there would be little chance of seeing your friends or family again?

Perhaps I've become a little jaded in my 31 years of life, but this question isn't as hard to answer for me as it may be for others. So here's my decision, based on life experience. No. No I wouldn't. Love comes and goes. Family is forever. Stability is important to me. Family is important to me. Right now I am pretty darn stable, for being such a slacker! I can't imagine giving up a secure life with my family and friends nearby, to move somewhere that I would have to start out fresh. According to this question, there is apparently someone I "love deeply" in this distant country. At this point in my life am I willing to throw away my close network of people that support me and are there for me through thick and thin, just to go be with a guy that will most likely break my heart in a short time? No way.

Boyfriends come and go, friends come and go, getting along with family comes and goes. But with the friends and family, they are always there when the boyfriends turn out to be Mr. Wrong. I have the most loyal friends - some newer, some lifelong. I have a very caring family. These are things I value.   Clearly if we look at my track record, I haven't had the greatest run of boyfriends that actually like me. (Wait, I don't really do the boyfriend thing often anyway, so my stats are skewed). So can I give up my current life for someone that won't treat me right, that lives in a different country? No. Not at all. Mr. Right will come along, and when its right I won't have to give up things that I find most important.

Wow - jaded much, R****??

Beaver 5K Fun Run Official Results

The official results have been posted!

Out of 375 participants, I was the 243rd person to cross the finish line. My official time was posted as 35:42.2 ... giving me an average of 11:31 minute miles. Not bad at all considering I really haven't tried to REALLY run since the beginning of October!

Hopefully the weather will decide to agree with me and not get too icy .... and I'll be out there training again on a regular basis.  Now I'm running full steam toward March 6, 2010 and Orlando, Florida!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Grand-daddy of All Milestones! Beaver 5K Fun Run COMPLETED!

I did it!!!  I finished my first ever 5k race - and had so much fun doing it! I am pretty sure I was smiling the entire time, too. Yay for me! I'm getting ahead of myself, let's back up....

I woke up at 5:30 to get ready - did some facebooking, nice hot shower, washed and dried some pants and OSU socks in case I needed extra layers. Around 7 a.m. or so Lady and I were out the door. I couldn't do my first race without my best girl at my side!  It was a foggy, very cold morning, so I did have some thoughts about my sanity and what I was getting myself into!

We got to Corvallis with over an hour before the race to meet up with mommy and Jim, get checked in, warmed up and nerves calmed. It was kind of crazy and overwhelming to be walking onto the field at Reser Stadium and not be the one watching a sporting event, instead being the participant! I'm glad I was there early because I felt so lost not knowing how the whole race scene works. I did get checked in with no problem, got my official commemorative t-shirt and number, and hit the potty. Jim helped me with that while my mom and Lady were off checking out the outside of the stadium. Imagine my shock when I looked over and there was my little doggie down at the field. I'm such a proud mom - my little angel is almost a college girl now!

The area was pretty fun! The race was benefiting the Willamette Valley Girls on the Run program, so there were many grade school girls around in their running gear and little numbers. I liked them - I figured if they could do this, I could too! There were some booths set up with merchandise, free food and drinks, bag check, chiropractor/massage therapy (should have hit that!), jump ropes, yada yada yada. There was also a live band which was pretty good - imagine my shock when that cover band was actually a bunch of young girls! I was impressed! In the center I could see the finish line, but didn't really pay attention to it. I was more into just looking up at the stands, taking pictures, warming up my nearly bare bottom and checking the clock. I probably should have stretched more - but I will completely admit that all the people in their pro running gear and skinny bodies were super intimidating and I didn't want to look like some faker out there stretching. (I always DO stretch at home, but I only have an audience of a cat and a dog.) My nerves took over, so I wasn't able to concentrate on stretching much anyway. I just wanted to get going!

Finally it was time! There was confusion because nobody really knew where the official start line was at. I just knew I wanted to start near the back of the pack so that all the experienced people wouldn't fly by me and kill my spirit in the first 30 seconds.  The blow-horn went off and I did have a moment of panic. I've never been in any situation remotely close to this. I would compare it to the rope drop at Magic Kingdom and all the guests taking off running in various directions to be the first on their favorite ride. I avoid that moment, but here I was paying to be in a similar situation, except the ride at the end of this was just my 2 hour drive home.

So there I was, in the middle/back of the pack and on my way. I could only do a fast walk at first 'cause it was so crowded, but soon I got my stride going and actually passed people! I was shocked that I just kept running and running. I think I did the entire first 1/2 without stopping. Any time I did stop it was only for a few seconds before running again. I couldn't believe I was passing people! It just made me smile and motivated me to keep going. I had a rad playlist (which will be addressed at the end), so that REALLY helped. The setting was awesome. We started outside Reser Stadium, ran UPHILL to the MU Quad, and then went zigging and zagging around campus.

I was very pleasantly surprised when somewhere after the 2 mile mark I saw a familiar looking white ball of fluff. It was Lady! And Jim! And my mommy! That was a great boost, 'cause let me tell you, that last mile was a killer compared to the first two! I think I knew the stadium was so close, so I was just ready to cross the finish line.  I really am still shocked. I PASSED PEOPLE!!  Fatter, skinnier, younger, older ... I passed them! I fully expected to be at the back of the pack, but I was holding my own. I wasn't actually racing anyone, I just wanted to finish. The "cheerleaders" along the sides were great for keeping me going, too!

Once at the entrance gates of Reser Stadium I knew I had to just keep pushing! I wasn't going to stop running now!! I came around the last corner, and there was my cheering section rooting me on to the big finish. What an adrenaline rush to go down that final hill and see the inside Reser Stadium in all of its glory!! So many people were lining the sides of the final stretch. They were all cheering so loud, and even though nobody knew me, they didn't stop cheering me on. A man was up on a ladder with a blow horn - and I do believe he told me to keep going and called me "Hot Stuff"! That was awesome, and I just went into a full blown sprint for the last few paces. I'd say I ran 50 yards pretty damn fast! The finish line was right under a big inflatable Beaver archway - complete with people and their loud cowbells! It was the most amazing feeling ever!  And I fully admit I was corny and threw my arms up in the air during the final stretch as I crossed the finish line, but you know what - I earned that moment of corniness!

There I am post race =>
My mommy was pretty quick to get down to the field to meet up with me. I was pacing around, panting, touching the field and thanking it for being so awesome, and just basking in my big achievement!  I finished in 35 minutes and 43 seconds. I expected it to be closer to 45 minutes, so I more than exceeded my expectations!  It was so much fun, I will totally be signing up to do it next year. Its given me much more confidence going into March's Disney Royal Family 5K in Orlando!

And now I'd like to thank some people!
  • Mommy, Jim and Lady for being there to help me with all of my clothes, keys, ID, phone, camera, yada yada yada... and for cheering me on!
  • Holly for being the biggest inspiration to do this and really helping me get started with the whole running thing.
  • Brian for calming my nerves nearly every day this week, and giving me all those tips on what to do and what not to do before and during the race.
  • Oregon State University and Girls on the Run.
  • The little girls that I used to pace myself at the beginning -- but then flew by :) 
  • The volunteers lining the way cheering for all of us out there being crazy and running in freezing weather!
  • Carrie Underwood for helping me get started with a nice paced song.
  • *NSync for reminding me of the good ol' days of college and helping me get up that big hill.
  • New Kids on the Block, Adam Lambert, Michael Jackson, and the Black-Eyed Peas for keeping me peppy and moving.
  • A special thank you to Miss Britney Spears. She was there with me throughout the entire race! Her music seems to be the right tempo for my running, so I'm glad she popped up more than anyone else! Crazy, right?
  • And finally, a big thanks to Christina Aguilera. We crossed the finish line together:
Step back gonna come at ya fast
I'm driving out of control
And getting ready to crash 
In the blink of an eye
In the speed of the light
I'll hold the universe up
And make your planets collide

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

All For Nothing?

I have calculated that next week I am going to be paid around $160 to do nothing. Because of a lack of teamwork, and my desire to just resolve situations so I don't have to listen to grown women whining about having to help out, I will pretty much lose a full day of my work week. Instead of doing my own job I "get" to sit and do nothing. (The position I will cover off and on throughout the week doesn't allow for me to accomplish anything.)  I suppose some people would enjoy this opportunity to be paid for nothing. I do not. I have a job to do, and I would like to do it. More and more I find myself without enough time to get MY job duties done because I have to cover for those with no motivation to do their own work.

I am thinking of becoming a casino dealer.


Me say why-o .... why do you leave that strange feeling on my teeth, yummy banana? I enjoy eating you, but you make me want to immediately brush my teeth. Why?? Can we work on changing that, please?

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Winter Closet Cleaning

Its that time of year again. No, not time to re-cap the things that happened during the year, but rather time to flush out the negative energy and focus on the positives!

I've been feeling lately that some things have been left lingering in my life, and not because I want them to linger around, but because I feel obligated. But then I realized today I have absolutely NO obligation to keep things around. Just because some people may enjoy these "things" (?) doesn't mean that I need to. I do and say things to be polite because I am a polite person, but then I roll my eyes at myself for not being as genuine as I'd like to be. Should we really bother to keep "things" around if they don't bring feelings of joy, happiness, friendship, positivity? We only live one time (until we are reincarnated and/or floating on a fluffy little cloud in heaven finally reunited with our dear pets!). Why let any minute be ruined by something that you could easily just cut out?  I feel like I need an example since I am politely trying to tip-toe around what I am setting out for recycling.  ......

Addictions - those are things we keep around, but really by definition of the word, they are negative. Drug addiction? Bad. Food addiction? Bad. Chap stick addiction? Bad. Shopping addiction? (Oh it feels so good...) Bad.  What else? Toxic Friends. Toxic friends are bad. I once wrote an entire blog (which was never posted) all about toxic friendships. I learned I am a magnet for toxic friendships, mostly because I hate confrontation, and the wrong people end up feeding off of that and taking advantage of the me and the unhealthy friendship. A person very close to me is the same way. He felt obligated to remain friends with this complete disaster just because they'd known each other since grade school.* Well someone probably knew Charles Manson since grade school .... doesn't mean you want to stay friends with him!

At some point you have to just let some things go, especially if "cutting your losses" may end up saving something that is much more important to you. It might be difficult or awkward, met with protest or social scorning. Who cares?!? Would you rather have people without your best interests in mind upset with you over your choice to improve your life? Or would you rather weed out the unfavorable things and feel overall happier? I choose happy!  Besides, I know that those that really matter and those that genuinely care about my well-being will be fully supportive of my latest round of "cleaning out the closet". Hell, some of them may actually feeling so pleased they'll be throwing a party to celebrate!  ;-)

So now I will try to move forward with my negativity purge. I've done this in the past when it was really needed, and I have been so much happier and felt so free as a result. I see obstacles ahead, but will cross my fingers that support will come from the right directions. Because I am an optimistic person, I think it will all be okay!

*That disaster was (rather dramatically) removed from his social circle, and those around the polite, obligated feeling friend are sooooo thankful to be rid of the negative energy!!

**Now you've finished reading this and are thinking "Oh my gosh, is she talking about me??" No, I'm not. If you are reading this, you're 99.99% safe from tonight's tribal council elimination. And no, little Michael isn't getting kicked to the curb, so get that thought out of your head as well!