To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.
-Steve Prefontaine
Make it simple, but significant.
- Don Draper

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Time Warp - Cabin Style

Some time in January, it was a gorgeous Friday afternoon. As I sat at work I began thinking that it would be fun to go to the coast. I texted MF about it (our first date was a day trip to the coast) and he agreed, adding that this time I could take HIM on a date! And so it was .... my brain started planning!

Not too sure about the trampoline on the dock??
My mom was in cahoots once I knew what I wanted to do. At her house she pulled out a life jacket, fishing pole, tackle box and those weird cage things used for crabbing. Meanwhile Man Friend and I were shopping. He had no idea what we needed, and looked confused as I stared at each aisle, leaving the store with things like Pringles, one Snickers bar (extra confusing since I don't eat candy), Capri Sun, 7 layer dip, tortilla chips, cookies and more. He was thrown off when he saw the tools for fishing and crabbing ... knowing full well that a) I wouldn't hunt any kind of animal and b) I don't have a license to catch any animals. So we left those behind, picked up my life jacket and picnic basket and went home to finish packing.

I could so easily fix this!!!
In the morning I woke us up by playing some Eddie Arnold music. This was critical for the plan! He probably just found it annoying. (Eddie is what we woke up to every morning at the mystery location. Grandpa loves him!) Showered and dressed with clothes packed for any type of weather, we loaded up the Jeep and I told him to just drive North. A few miles in I told him to get off of the freeway and head West. We then paused at a little cafe called Arlene's. When I was a little girl we'd stop at Arlene's for breakfast occasionally on our way to the mystery location.

We continued on, eventually making it to the wonderful Oregon coast, taking in only a quick passing view of the Pacific Ocean as we drove. "Turn here!!" I blurted out, and we pulled into Lakeside, Oregon. Lakeside is the tiny "town" at Tenmile Lake. We drove through the "town" and pulled into McKay's - the local grocery store. Here I had to show him the impressive array of condiments they offer. If the world runs out of ketchup, mayo, pickles or syrup, McKay's will still have some in stock. I was pretty upset that they no long seem to sell Mad magazine anymore. After the store is when MF really figured out what was going on.

The "give the secret away" stop was the marina. We rented at 17 feet boat to head out onto the lake and go to my old family cabin! MF boated over to the main dock where Lady and I brought all of the supplies ... ice chest, blankets, picnic basket, etc. This was Lady's first time in a boat and she wasn't too thrilled about getting in! Once loaded we were off, heading from the South Lake to the North. I had MF drive so I could just sit back and enjoy the view. It had been years since I visited my cabin, which was sold to a close family friend about 8 years ago I believe.

Seeing the cabin was .... strange. I describe the whole visit as being like Rose in Titanic when she is seeing it all old, and worn by time and abandonment. But in my eyes it was flashbacks of the way it was for the first twenty years of my life. On a lark I told MF to reach down to a certain place - and sure enough there was the key! We were able to get in and check it all out. It smelled the same, the carpet was the same. The place seemed virtually untouched, sadly. I didn't expect it to be so emotional. I felt as if my grandma was there welcoming us for the weekend. I could hear my Aunt Nancy laughing. All current life issues were gone and I was suddenly a young girl wanting to cook hot dogs, hike, swim and go float in my raft, but not before watching Goonies!

I did leave with a few of my old things from back in the day, including a letter my grandpa had left for me about to get the cabin up and running, then closed down, for when I went there on my own once in college. My grandma's things were still there. Our old medicine was still in the bathroom! It was surreal. I really miss is there. I so badly want to go out again, bring a room, do some cleaning of the inside and out. Ultimately I'd love to gut it and redo everything and bring it back to life... probably need to win the lottery first!

Once I could round up Lady from her big exploration around the area we got back into the boat. We floated out in the middle of the completely empty lake, and pulled out the food. I had brought along the traditional "cabin food" that I grew up with - complete with mac & cheese! I even had some playing cards and crossword puzzle book - requirements of a weekend at the lake! The big reveal, however, was on my iPad. While having snacks and enjoying the sunshine we watched Weekend at Bernie's ... the ultimate cabin movie, second only to Goonies!

I hated saying good bye again, but something tells me this time it isn't good bye. I see myself staying over for a weekend at our family friend's other cabin and really living it up. Can I still water ski?? I kind of need to find out!!

I'm the King of the World!!!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Today is R.A.D.!

In 2006 I very happily got divorced! Oh it was joyous. I even saved and laminated the announcement in the paper. Hallelujah, that horrible person was out of my life forever and I was free to be ME and not be around a life ruiner!

Soon it was nearing February and people were getting all giddy over Valentine's Day. Pfft. For the record, when married to douche bag there was never anything on Valentine's Day. Probably best since I hated him. (I'm not a bitch, he was just that awful to me.) Anyway, I said Screw Valentine's Day! Why celebrate something that everybody is always twitchy over? I'm free, I'm happy, I'm making my own holiday!

So in 2007 Ronda Appreciation Day was born! It falls on the 21st of week after everyone else's "holiday". And that's today!

Happy RAD everybody... Appreciate me, dammit! ;)

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Blogging? What's That?

I didn't forget I have a blog. I didn't forget that you have a blog. I've just been kinda busy.

I think I'll run tonight.
I ran this weekend.
I started some home improvement projects and am loving the results. I'll share photos soon!

Wedding planning is coming along, and it is sooooo close now. Still waiting on RSVPs, but I guess people don't RSVP for anything anymore. That or I just know people that don't plan on telling me if they are or aren't coming and it will be a surprise. Just met with the caterer getting food for 100 - 115 people. Hopefully more than the 46 that have RSVP'd will be there....

That's it for now!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Thlurry Thursday

Meniere's Disease SUCKS!! I'm in a terribly bad episode right now and staying home from work is not an option due to another coworker already being off. I'm freaking miserable!

I get my wedding dress tomorrow night!!

Silence of the Lambs came out twenty-two years ago today. I feel soooo incredibly old now. I went to the theater the day it opened in my hometown. I was in the 7th grade. I instantly fell in love with Anthony Hopkins. We've been "engaged" for 22 years apparently. He doesn't know yet.

I'm getting married to my little 2Fish, aka Man Friend, in just two months!! Tew Legit gets married in two months ... I sense a theme here.

For Valentine's Day MF got me a new running skirt that I've been eyeing for months. It's the Running Skirts one that is all rainbow colored with the different race distances on it. Yay! I'll have to register for a race so I can debut it.

I have run twice since the marathon. This Meniere's attack knocked me down right when I was getting back into running and feeling great. Dammit.

But since I can't run we've started doing an arm work-out so that I won't totally hate myself in my wedding dress.

I shouldn't blog when I'm nauseated and dizzy ... I feel like I end up sounding cranky.

There is a loudly crying small baby in here right now. We've had an influx of LOUD, unmanageable children at work ... I'm thinking maybe I want zero children now.

Ronda Appreciation Day is only one week away!!!!!

My vacation is approved for the Dumbo Double Down in Disneyland!! My flights and hotel are booked, and in March we get to buy our park tickets. YAYYYYY!!!

I think MF and I are getting movie theater popcorn (a benefit to living in a small town and close to a theater!) to eat at home while we watch Silence of the Lambs. Do we now how to do a romantic Valentine's Day evening or what?!?

Ronda Appreciation Day is only one week away .... one week. !!!!

Anybody know when the Anchorman sequel is coming out? I want to see it NOW!

I think that's all for now. I'm fuzzy. My brain isn't working.