To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.
-Steve Prefontaine
Make it simple, but significant.
- Don Draper

Friday, July 30, 2010


My morning run was a bust.

I slept terribly - I blame the Jersey Shore for that. My alarm went off at 5:15am and my head felt horrible. I couldn't convince myself to get up and run when I was having this weird, early morning headache. "Weird" in that I am not really prone to getting headaches. But now I realize what the deal is. Such a kill joy, especially since I was still on the high from yesterday's nice run. But it seems today is a dreaded Meniere's day. I'm going to try to do a mind over matter on this one, but so far not so good. Maybe this Pop-Tart next to me will fix it all!

 In other non-running news, I'm returning to my "fruit fly" ways this weekend. My friends are having a little "gay night" at her grandma's tavern. I hear there is shuffle board! And what would a gay night be without the token straight girl?? So naturally I'll be there in all my rainbow loving glory! Tomorrow night I'll be with the same crew for a night at the casino and the drag show. I'm looking forward to hanging out with friends, but the show doesn't have the same level of excitement for me as it did the last two years. The last two years my totally amazing, spunky, sassy, fabulous friend Alex was in the show. Alex is the best! If you don't believe me, just ask him! But alas, this year my favorite diva wised up and realized spending any portion of your life in Canyonville is not really something anyone should do. Why stay in a flea-infested, casino owned trailer in the sticks when you can just stay at home near the Vegas strip?  *for the record, I do not live in Canyonville, nor do I live in a flea-infested trailer... or any trailer for that matter.*  So I'm sad to go down and see 4 men in dresses when none of them are named Alex Serpa. I couldn't get it made in time, but in spirit I will be wearing my "I ♥ Alex Serpa" t-shirt!

Wait - did I neglect to mention this drag show is called "Gone Country" ?? I may stab my eyes out. Or my ears. But hey! If my Meniere's is still going strong tomorrow night I won't have to worry 'cause I won't be able to hear well and I'll barely be functioning as it is. Ha! I finally found a plus to this annoying thing that has been plaguing me for 7 years! Plus I can get by with having my 2 drink minimum consist of Pepsi and everybody will still think I'm drunk when I stutter and have a hard time talking. There ya have it - I can turn any negative into a positive!
Now, let's go book that spontaneous flight to Vegas and go see some real entertainment!

(Did you click? No? Go do it!) over.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

I Felt Like Snow White... A Sweaty Snow White in Nikes

I'm back in the saddle again! Er, back in the running shoes again!

After a week long unplanned hiatus, I was so happy to be up at dark-thirty putting on a running skirt, eating a pop-tart (strawberry with frosting!), and heading out for a run.  I feel so guilty when I don't run, but I feel so gross and drained when it is 90 degrees outside! The morning and I are just going to have to become besties for a while!

Here are some of today's running stats:
  • Miles: 3
  • Time: 32 minutes ... not bad considering my hiatus, just waking up, and walking the first little bit to loosen up!
  • 10 deer --- one of which was an adorable little fawn with spots all over
  • 1 prancing fox
  • 1 hawk keeping a close eye on me
  • 2 NKOTB songs unexpectedly coming on the iPod
  • 1 car that would not allow me any room, causing me to nearly throw myself into the ditch
I've switched my iPod format, for lack of a better word. I have decided for some of my runs to just ditch the ear buds. If I turn up the volume and stick my iPod in my pocket I can hear it just fine, but still enjoy all the sounds that nature has to offer. I'm liking this switch! I even decided that I will NOT be listening to any music at the Princess Half. I want to just absorb everything around me. I can hear Glee songs, Madonna, Britney and Flo Rida any time, but I can't run through THE Castle whenever I want!

One thought in my head during today's run was something I read in a Runner's World forum. Someone said something to the effect of "why bother going for a run if you're only going for a mile and a half". That bothered me. Not all of us are able to just go and run 5 miles without a problem. I've done 5 before and felt great. I've tried the same exact route before and found that I couldn't do it and quit after 1.67.  It was disappointing to see someone basically telling a fellow runner that they should just give up if all they can do is 1.5.  The way I see it, any effort at all is worth it. At least we are getting out there and moving. We are trying. We are enjoying ourselves. We are working up to longer and faster. But to chastise someone for "only a mile and a half" - that's so negative. Heck when I started running last year I just wanted to be able to run around the block. If someone had told me I'd be training for 13.1 miles I'd have laughed at them! 

So that's my 2 cents! My 3 miles this morning wasn't a marathon, but it was more distance than the rest of the residents in that neighborhood today!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Well THAT'S a First!

I got my first ever "booty call" text last night. At least I think it was the first of that sort. I'm so oblivious, I didn't even realize that's what it was at first!

And I know you want to know .... it was a big, fat NO to that request! No, no, no!!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Go Pre!

A quiet, eerie feeling filled the air. A crowd of people all bonding in silence. Remembering Pre.

That's Just Dandy!

Why mow your lawn when there really isn't anything to mow other than a bunch of flowers?

This is my backyard looking toward my neighbor's back yard. Maybe I should become a florist? I seem to have enough to spare!

15 Minute Babble: For the Sake of Babbling

  • I am pretty sure there was a psycho killer down at the bank of the river last night. After work tonight I shall go down to investigate. I just know I will find a torn piece of plaid flannel and maybe drops of blood. Definitely signs of a struggle. (Too many movies, Ronda??)
  • My "Cinderella" is gone. Work is really lonely without her around. But she is off with her Prince, her beautiful horses, and her lovely little princess in training! She will be much happier now - but I expect this will lead to many more blogs from me since my dear friend isn't around all day to talk to anymore.
  • This is beyond lame, but Farmville is really pissing me off!!  Everybody else finds a stupid Queen Bee - why can't I? Seriously, "Queens" flock to me, and I to them - but I can't have a fake bumble come to my damn farm? Whatever, my drag queens are better than "her" anyway!
  • My adorable cousin finally married his adorable fiance this past weekend. I am so stinking happy! It's about time!
  • I kind of went running blog crazy and subscribed to quite a few people. (You can find them near the bottom right of this blog, if you would also like to read what others have to say!) There are tons of running blogs out there! Not all of them struck my fancy. The ones that seems to have something fun and honest to say, those with a little pizazz and something I can identify with, those that struck a chord are now on my subscription list! I just love reading what other runners write. It helps me feel like I'm not alone in certain thoughts, questions and struggles. AND it really helps motivate me! I could use any motivation I can get right now. I need my next race to get her ASAP. Racing always gives me a high and re-lights that half-marathon training fire!
  • And my 15 minutes are up. That concludes today's babble.... for now!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Progress Report #13

Progress? What's that?

I haven't run since last Thursday. It was a good run. A hot, fast, humid, stinky, sweaty run. But I felt great!

What doesn't make me feel great is the weather. It seems to be cooling down, but gee whiz, I'm over it! I should love the sunshine for all the warmth and fun it allows, but it is killing my running. I was in a zone. Then my zone just melted away. I want it back!!

My next race is less than 2 weeks away. It is "only" a 5K, so I am confident that I will do it just fine. But I'm not confident on my time. This heat is just dragging me down. 1 mile feels like 2. 2 miles feel like 4. This 5K could potentially feel like a 10K. I just want some nice and not too hot weather for that race, and then cool temperatures from then on. I will have just over a month to prep for the Prefontaine after the SkirtChaser, and I do NOT want to slack on it at all. The Prefontaine will be the most important race to me so far - aside from the 2010 Royal Family 5K that I kicked ass in. This is the last big one on the schedule before the 1/2 marathon. And this is Pre's race. I have to do my best!

But I can't do my best right now when I can't even churn out a decent 5K during training. Ugh. Is it Fall yet???

On a happy, non-whiny note, my newest running skirt arrived, and of course I love it! I can't wait to see what kind of skirt we get at the SkirtChaser next month! I am hoping for solid black. I need a solid black running skirt. NEED I tell you, NEED!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Casting Couch

.... is closed. The Casting Couch hasn't really been open in well over a year. No applications to be taken as I am not currently holding auditions for any role of potential suitor. There is no vacancy. I believe I already announced my lack of desire to bother with dating or boyfriends on multiple occasions. There is just too much going on in my own life, and I am so happy and content just being my regular, independent self without the hassle of tending to someone else or their ego. It is time for me to focus on ME.

I imagine if I ever opened up the position (which has been completely closed for seven months now), I would have a strict list of required and desired qualifications - just as in any job application. I have listed them before, so I figured, based on things learned since the last list, I could update!
  • Education, education, education. It was on there before, but I just can't stress it enough!
  • Good oral hygiene. I mean really, is this where anyone should want to slack??
  • MUST have a fun personality. MUST have a personality in general, actually! If I am bored, he's out!
  • A runner would be good. Or someone that at least could be supportive of my running and join once in a while. (This is just desired, not required.)
  • Manners and respect are required. No talking bad about me to my face or behind my back. If I hear "I don't give a fuck what she thinks!" then you are immediately kicked to the curb. 
  • Must not physically repulse me in any manner. Physical repulsion includes, but is not limited to:  bad teeth, halitosis, gross nails, too much body hair, loud/gross eating habits, sweating/body odors with no attempt to rectify the situation.
  • Must not engage in behaviors that repulse me in any manner. Behavior repulsion includes, but is not limited to:  drug use, over indulging in alcohol too frequently which results in improper/mean behavior, anything involving any form nicotine -ugh, makes me ill!
  • A job is a MUST!! This is non-negotiable.
  • Motivation. Motivation to get off the couch, to get out of the house, to try new things, to travel, to live.
  • A voice. Don't let me do all the talking. That causes me to lose interest in the dude quite quickly. I already know my thoughts and opinions; hearing myself say them doesn't gain me anything at all. Have an opinion of your own!
  • Must respect my space. I am independent. I don't want someone sitting too close to me all the time. I don't want to walk around holding hands. I do NOT want public displays of affection.
  • Don't nauseate me. I am pretty much completely turned off by schmaltzy guys. Things some might consider romantic I find to be completely lame and just roll my eyes at. I don't want cutesy pet names, I don't want to deal with needy people. I'm pretty much more like a guy in this respect I guess. Sentiment at the right time is okay - but only in the right dose. What is that dose? I don't know. If Mr. Right comes along, then I'll know the dose.
  • No Debbie Downers either. Don't constantly look at me like I'm an idiot. I mean if you think I'm such a moron, don't even apply in the first place!
  • Respect the family. If my family doesn't like you - forget about it. If my dog and cat don't like you - forget about it. Background checks will be done. Don't doubt that!
So pretty much I am done being Ms. Nice Girl. I let people linger around too freaking long after I'm already bored or pissed off and completely un-interested in the relationship. This is just because I hate confrontation and I don't want to hurt people's feelings by telling them they are a total douche bag, or boring, or an asshole, or physically repulsive, or just Not. My. Type. 

And thus, I choose to be single! I hear a lot of people whining because they are "alone". Poppycock! I don't feel alone at all. I have great friends, great family, too many hobbies to keep up with. I am so proud to say that I am Happy!!

... but if Mark Harmon divorces and ends up knocking on my door, well back off, ladies! He's mine!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

*Insert Evil Laugh Here*

It is time. That spoiled little brat Lindsay Lohan is finally going to jail. I don't even feel bad watching the live feed with a smile on my face. I can picture how she's probably going walking through that line of paparazzi  that is anxiously awaiting her arrival.

All these feelings and predictions - based on my own experiences with the bitch!

*Flashback*  Fall 2001. Disney's Animal Kingdom.
(She is now officially late, by the way. Will she actually show up and turn herself in?)  It was probably around 9:30 in the morning. I was walking to work, just coming out of the Oasis and getting to the bridge to take me to Discovery Island. The peace was interrupted by yelling. I spotted some scrawny, ginger girl causing a scene and yelling at her father who stood there looking helpless. A few steps from this production was a Guest Relations cast member in the plaid vest. That caught my attention and forced me to take a second look to see if it was some "celebrity" that was disrupting everything. To me this kid was nothing special and I continued on my way.

A couple of hours later I was sitting in the tower of Kali River Rapids.  (OOhh - she might finally be arriving.) (That was here, there she went - walking in just the way I predicted!) Normally all you hear in the tower is the muffled noises from the ride, but on this day I heard much more. Again there was the sound of some kid screaming at people. I wasn't allowed to leave the tower, but I HAD to investigate!  Sure enough, it was this same kid with Guest Relations - and a large entourage of people. And this same kid was being a complete brat and yelling. Some of my fellow cast members came in to join me in the tower. That's when we realized the obnoxious thing backstage was the little girl from the Parent Trap remake. She was so un-famous to us, we didn't even know her name.

She was there doing a film shoot. We watched her from the tower on the camera. She was nailed with water. It was beautiful! By the time she was getting off I was being rotated out to another position. We crossed paths a few seconds later. You could tell she thought was just too good for anyone and anything around her. Her stringy hair was a mess from the water. She pushed through our guests with her head down, covering her face. Meanwhile my friends and I just laughed. This little kid looking like a drowned rat finally got what was coming to her that day. That walk of shame through unsuspecting guests was fun to watch after her horrible displays the rest of the day.

But now this! That same hurried walk with her head down. Her hair not looking any better considering it is overly bleached blond this morning. Now she can yell and cry all she wants. That bitch is finally not going to be able to call the shots anymore .... for a little while anyway!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Very Happy Birthday

Today is Disneyland's 55th birthday! Can you believe it? I imagine to some that sounds so old, and to others it sounds so young.  I figure there are countless blogs today about Disneyland and how great it is, Walt's vision for a place he could take his family, people's favorite rides, yada yada yada.  I decided to honor this day by sharing some of my favorite Disneyland memories!
  • My earliest memory - being locked out on the balcony of our near-by hotel with my aunt. I remember looking down and seeing the Matterhorn. It was the biggest, most fascinating thing I had ever seen!
  • My scariest memory - Summer vacation before 2nd grade, Haunted Mansion. The ride came to an unplanned stop. We were in our doom buggy overlooking the table/ballroom scene. Suddenly a man in a suit of armor came and moved our buggy. There was screaming involved .... by us - NOT the suit of armor!
  • My "dream come true" memory - 10th grade marching band trip. Finally! After fantasizing about it my entire life, I was part of a Disney parade. We marched right down the middle of Main Street USA to start Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Parade. I didn't want it to end!
  • My "I just lost my voice" memory - 10th grade marching band trip. Big Thunder Mountain. Sara decided we HAD to yell "Tom's a babe!" when we were on the ride. Tom was the cast member that loaded us into the train. Well, we yelled. And then my voice disappeared.
  • My "celebrity encounter" memory - Big Thunder Mountain. My mom and I stood in line next to "DJ" (Michael Fishman) from Roseanne. Roseanne was VERY popular at this time, so for us it was a pretty cool star sighting, even though it was just DJ and not Darlene (my favorite).
  • My "seriously? Did I just do that?" memory - Hungry Bear restaurant in Critter Country. I was wearing a white Quicksilver t-shirt. I loved that shirt so much. Mom and I were sitting down to enjoy an early dinner. Just as I dipped my fry into some ketchup and started to aim for my mouth a cute college-aged cast member came up to our table. He wanted to ask a few questions, just to find out how our experience was. It was great ... until he came up to us --- and that ketchup covered fry went all down the front of that WHITE shirt I loved so much. I was mortified!
  • My "is our log .... thrusting?" memory - Splash Mountain. Behind my aunt were 3 teenagers. If you have only been on WDW's Splash Mountain, in California you do not sit side by side. We all pretty much straddle each other. Well I don't know what kind of straddling was going on - but something was happened that caused our log to thrust forward in a rhythmic manner. My aunt was almost squealing behind me. I was too scared to look!!
  • My "does this mean we spend the night?" memory - My mom and I were the very last guests on the Pirates of the Caribbean.  We exited our boat and went toward the exit. To our surprise the door to get out was locked. We kind of looked around confused, until someone came to set us free. Why we got in trouble from this cranky cast member I'll never know. 
  • My "I didn't know that was possible" memory - We were on Star Tours. I have no idea what was so funny to my aunt, but she got the giggles. If you haven't experienced this then you are missing out! She was out of control with laughter. It was along the lines of  "Hee hee hee, hoo hoo hoo". Throw in a few snorts, and you've almost got it. But then something happened that I am still baffled by. She fell out of her seat! Slid might be more accurate. I looked to my right and saw her getting lower and lower. She was just flopping around like a fish. Clearly the cast member in charge of watching the ride wasn't paying much attention because she was literally out of her seat and bouncing all over for almost the entire duration of the ride!
Obviously I have many more memories, but that would get boring. So I have decided to end this blog with one last "I want to crawl in a corner and die!" memory!  Enjoy!
  • It began in line for Space Mountain. My mom and I used to browse through stores to see what merchandise they had to offer before actually buying something. We stopped doing this after realizing they would always sell out of "THE" thing my mom had to have. Anyway, this particular year (1996), I was a senior in high school just about to graduate. The Lion King was taking over Disneyland. My mom was telling my aunt, our friend, and me about these boxer shorts she found in Adventureland. They had Timon and Pumbaa on them. My aunt heard the description of the boxers, but didn't really understand. So we explained that Pumbaa is kind of gifted with bodily functions.  Fast forward to later in the day in Adventureland. I was standing at the counter next to my mom while she was buying her boxer shorts. Of course, as is always the case, a hot college guy is tending to us.  Out of the blue a strange woman, (that would be my aunt), comes up from behind.  In a loud voice, as if she was projecting to the entire store, she says, "THOSE DON'T SAY 'FART' ON THEM?!?"  Realizing her volume and use of the "f" word, she kind of shriveled up and disappeared out of the store. Completely mortified, and seeing the cast member trying to suppress laughter, my mom says "Who was that lady?"  We tried to play it cool, but he had to know "that lady" was in fact with us. I seriously could have died!  
Would you like to see those shorts now that caused my most embarrassing Disneyland moment ever?? Here they are! (Yes, in 2010 we STILL have those shorts floating around!)

What are some of YOUR favorite memories??

Friday, July 16, 2010

Cinderella Wins!

You may recall my prior blog about Cinderella and her current epic battle with all things evil.

Good news, fairy tale fans .... Cinderella has won! The evil villain has been slain.

The sun DID come out tomorrow after all!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Saving Cinderella

If there is anything that Disney cartoons have told me it is that Good always triumphs over Evil. Jafar didn't win, Aladdin did. Sure Ursula was beautiful, but only for a short while. In the end, Ariel got the man. The Wart didn't stay a young boy helping around the castle... he pulled the Sword from the Stone and became King. Snow White was beautiful and fair, and although the (I think very pretty) evil queen almost won, in the end Snow White prevailed.
Is it the same in real life?

Right now I'm watching my own sort of fairy tale with a beautiful young maiden and an evil, jealous woman out to get the person that Disney movies tell me will win. It sucks to watch in real life. A cartoon is so much more colorful, it has catchy songs, there are cute animals with personality that like to sit on your finger while you sing and whistle with them.  Real life is filled with hate, drama, backstabbing, malicious plots, lies .... you name it, I see it.  However real life is also filled with loyalty, honesty, hard work, beauty, determination, friendship.... you name it, I see it.

Seeing these two things clash in real life actually gives me a gut ache. Not the dramatic "I fell on the floor laughing" - but you didn't actually fall on the floor laughing - type of thing. I mean I truly physically have a gut ache. It hurts. I want to vomit a little. I just feel uneasy.

It has been a struggle going on for years. Ups and downs. A roller coaster, if you will, but all the while it is the evil step-sister trying to sabotage Cinderella. I guess in this story I would be the Fairy Godmother. Overseeing everything, and working my magic to help Cinderella. But this is a very powerful evil step-sister that is trying to control any and everything. Hell she is trying to control Walt Disney and is telling him that he is not actually the mastermind behind Disney classic movies and parks. She is trying to convince him that it was all her idea and that SHE is and always will be in charge.

Except she's not. We all know it. She won't accept it.

I just sit here antsy and waiting for that fairy tale ending where our sweet heroine comes out on top.  To give a frame of reference, the part of the story we are currently in would be the big fight between Malificent and Prince Eric. The darkest part of the movie with night, fire, dragons, swords, etc. We've gone through the calm eye of the hurricane and are now experiencing the worst effects of the storm. Pretty soon the sun will come out.

The sun will come out ... tomorrow???  Oh I wish it would be as soon as tomorrow. 

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Law of Averages

For those that don't know, I pretty much listen to Cosmo Radio (XM 162 - check it out!) every single time I'm in my car. I love long trips since they give me a chance to hear full episodes of my shows. Cosmo Radio is probably not best suited for prude or easily offended people. But if you love honesty, gossip, pop culture, love, sex, relationship, guys points of view, girls points of view.... then this might be the station for you!

ANYWAY - last night on "Get in Bed" - with Sara and Greg, both of whom are totally awesome! - they were talking averages. Here is what I learned.

Average number of sexual partners:
            Males:         7
            Females:     4



I feel another survey coming on!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Progress Report #12

I'm getting kind of jittery again. As if the sudden heat wave wasn't enough to put a damper on my running, I seem to have hurt my back. I either tweaked it while a) mowing the lawn, b) running in 80ยบ+ temperatures, or c) floating in the pool. Sadly, I really think I did something while trying to execute a flipping over on to my stomach maneuver while in the pool. Dang it!  So I haven't been able to turn my body really or do much moving. It is starting to feel better though. 

I missed my long run for last week because of this, and I am not feeling good about it. My whole focus right now is doing my best at the Prefontaine Memorial run - and missing my long runs is NOT part of my training program. I have, however, made some progress with regard to this run. I am officially registered and have booked a hotel room for the night before. Seems that rooms in Coos Bay are already filling up pretty fast. But I did get one for less than $100 - it has a pool, free wi-fi, is close to downtown, and has many food options for carb loading!  I'm really looking forward to this trip. It is always fun to stay alone in a hotel room! Plus I'll make a trip back to Sunset Memorial Park to visit Pre and Grandma Murphy (who is actually my great-grandma). Also, after the race, I'm going to visit the Coos Art Museum and their Prefontaine Gallery.

With regard to this week's running, I am really hoping my back gets back to normal so I can resume. I'm schedule for runs on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday - which I suspect will HAVE to be morning runs before the temperature skyrockets.

And that's all for now, folks!

WAIT!  Two nights ago I signed my mom up for the Royal Family 5K in Walt Disney World next February! She agreed months ago and there was no way I was letting her off the hook!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Butte to Butte 10K Race Recap

(Re-posted from Trainers posting)

Call me the Queen of Procrastination! ... Here is my brief race report from the Butte to Butte 10K on the Fourth of July!

Basically, if it could go wrong, it did. About 12 hours before the race, I was hurrying into the house to grab dinner and watch Prefontaine to help get me all pumped up for the challenge ahead of me. Well, as I ran up the step of the deck my foot crashed into it, with the most horrible sound. I fell on the floor and saw blood right away. I was able to ask for some ice and band-aids. I was pretty much flipping out! Thankfully I acted fast, and in the end it was okay - just some blood on my sock after the race, but nothing like I had expected.

Cut to the morning of the race. I woke up at 4:30am, prepared to leave at 5:30am. I realized I forgot my pre-race routine of getting a bagel and banana for the drive North. I drove by the store, and it wasn't open yet. I felt I was running late, so I just got on the freeway and hurried on my way. Well, my nerves kicked in, resulting in 2 pit-stops on the way up. I did get a blueberry muffin at the second stop so I could at least try to eat something, but that was pointless. Couldn't eat.  I had plans on being at the shuttles to the start line by 6:30. I was just parking and putting on socks at 7:05. I still had to walk a few blocks to the shuttles - and the last one was at 7:30! (I made it in time, phew!) The bus ride really got my stomach upset. At this point I had some pain killers and a little bit of water in me, and that was it. Great. Found one more bathroom stop before the start, and then my nerves started to calm down. I think there were around 3000 at this race, I positioned myself somewhere in the middle.

And we're off!  I think I ran 1/2 of a mile before walking. And I wasn't the only one. The entire first mile was uphill - with the last bit getting steeper and steeper as we went. This race actually gave awards to the first male and female to make it up the insane hill. I guess this race is kind of notorious for that.  Mile 2 was an even steeper downhill - but I actually loved it! I did my fastest mile ever there -and I had to in order to make up for lost time on the uphill. The rest of the way was just flat and hot. A little after the 2 mile mark the walkers merged with the runners, so that did make it a little more difficult and congested.

 (The infamous Donald Street hill. It was brutal!!)

In the end I crossed in 1:12:23. That's 3 minutes faster than my 1st 10K! I imagine had I eaten something, been hydrated, not had bleeding feet, and not had to stop a couple times to either stretch out my calves or walk for a few seconds here and there, I could have made that into a 5 minute improvement. But considering all the things I had done to sabotage myself, I am pretty happy with my time, and that only leaves room for improvement!
(Happy to be finished - with a new PR, a free water bottle, and a yummy popsicle!)

So Anyway.....

I really hate it when people say "anyways". "Anyways" is not a word. The correct form is "anyway." No "S" is needed. I cringe when I hear people say it incorrectly. 

I also hate it when people quote Silence of the Lambs to me ... and they do it wrong. 


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Kissing Correlation Theory - RESULTS

Here are the results of the Kissing Correlation Survey.... so far!

(Ignore the huge "SAMPLE" -- I didn't feel like paying to upgrade so we could see a chart without "SAMPLE" on it!)

When Did I Become One of "THOSE" People?

I'm pretty sure last year Holly had a very similar blog. And now I find myself joining her as one of "those" people.

It's true. I am one of those people that tries to figure out how to work in a run while on vacation. I realized the other day that while daydreaming about this year's WDW trip with Jessica I was thinking of my packing list and wondering how many times I'd be able to work in a run. 

I go to Disney World and worry about working in some runs? I'll be logging so many miles as it is just while walking around theme parks!

That leads me to another realization.  When I used to work in WDW I remember the mornings of the official Walt Disney World Marathon. Traffic was always interrupted and it was harder to get back to Asia to start my work day. I'd see guests on the buses wearing their medals so proudly. And I'd sit there and think to myself how crazy they are. Honestly I bet I even said it out loud to my mom once too. "Who goes to Disney World just to run?"

Yeah.... I do!  I am one of those crazy people that deliberately plans a vacation just to run. And not only run, but to be up at 3am to go run. I suppose I neglected to mention in the last blog that the Royal Family 5K starts at 7am, while the Princess Half Marathon starts at 6am. Yeah, I am totally one of "those" people!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Milestone #8 - I am REGISTERED!!

I fully admit it ... I am addicted to looking for races and registering. I love that first bit of excitement and anticipation about what it may be that will make that race something special.

Today I signed up for what maybe the most monumental race of my running career!  I am now registered not only to walk the Royal Family 5K in Walt Disney World with my mom, but I am now registered for my very first half marathon - Disney's Princess 1/2 Marathon!

That's right!! Next February I will be joining thousands of women and running 13.1 miles through Walt Disney World at the early hour of 6 in them morning. I am so excited! This can only help me keep my momentum going and help me maintain focus as I start more specific training while prepping for this very "magical" experience. 

I would have never in my life believed I'd sign up for even a 5K race let alone a half marathon. That seals the deal ..... I AM A RUNNER!!