To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.
-Steve Prefontaine
Make it simple, but significant.
- Don Draper

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

One, Tew, 3, FOUR!! Four Months Old!

Four months. Wow! Time has flown by so dang fast. It was just a year ago that I had two embryos trying to nestle in and make a cozy home inside of me. And now I spend 20 hours a day with this little girl that is trying to grow up way too quick!

I am caught up on her baby book, now just adding in firsts as they occur. She's had her first bout rolling over lately, and even her first real laughs! She discovered her feet and ever since can't stop grabbing them with both hands.

Toys are taking over my home! With our Babies R Us registry rewards we had an insane amount of money on an e-gift card to use at Babies R Us. **here is my tip.... Register for things you want, even if you buy them yourself. We would register for items as we put them in our cart, have our registry updated, then pay. We did it for everything including furniture like her crib, dresser and bassinet. After the registry is closed you get rewards back in the form of a gift card. Uh yeah, I'm set now! A potty of her own, her own sofa, scooter, activity table/bench, movies, books, toys.... We loaded up! She even has her own "iPhone" now! So future parents, register!!!!

She is a complete jabber jaws. Non-stop "talking" when we are home. In public, around new people, she is a little shy, but if she is anything like her father that won't last long at all! I love it when she uses her soft, sweet voice. It is adorable! But more often she is letting us know just how loud she can be. It's possible she's caused an animal or two to leave the room because they weren't interested in her conversations.

Back to the toys, she can pick them up now if they are in front of her. Just the other day she grabbed her entire steering wheel toy with both hands and was holding it. This is not small, I was quite impressed! And it is so cute when she drives. She keeps one hand on the wheel and the other reaches around hitting buttons, the key or the shifter. Before I know it she'll be driving her own Jeep. 

This is all over the place and random. I feel my traditional 4 hours of sleep give me the right to be scatterbrained in my own blog! The photo above with the little OSU stuffed animal... that was a baby shower gift from Dixie. Dixie gave the suggestion to take Katura's photo every month with it to show her growth. This is the first month using it, so expect to see that animal popping up regulary in these posts!

I bet there are important things I should note. But again, 4 hours of sleep a night. My little sleep is not even because of Katura. She sleeps through the night because she is a good girl and loves me. My dog wakes me up for potty trips. When a 14/15 year old dog asks to go potty, you don't say no. You happily get up and appreciate her going outside to potty and not on the carpet!! If I get up with the dog I usually just end up in my chair pumping milk. So on any given night there is a good chance I am up for a hour while the rest of the world is sleeping. Another reason I don't sleep I guess is because of the baby.... the baby and my perhaps over-paranoia of SIDS. If she is quiet too long, day or night, I HAVE to check on her. The other day I didn't see her breathing so of course I gave her a good poke. Oops! So much for that nap she was taking!

She's trying to put her feet in her mouth right now!! But she keeps distracting herself by insisting on watching me write. It is quite an ego booster when you can walk into a room or talk and end up having the undivided attention of an adorable little girl! She's quite a Mommy's Girl, but she always loves play time with her daddy!

Last week I was curious about Disney Springs in Walt Disney World and how it compares to the former Downtown Disney. I was googling images and found a video of people checking it out. Well that one video turned into my new obsession with these vloggers on YouTube. Katura and I were alone watching their fun videos going around Disney, Universal, their normal lives .... and we decided it was time for a vacation. But where to? 

We never had a honeymoon. We wanted Hawaii, but since we were married in Vegas we thought we would delay it so it wasn't like 2 back to back trips. For our anniversary the trip was delayed due to buying a new house, Man Friend's mom passing away and doing a Ragnar Relay. The next anniversary we were secretly going through IVF so vacation wasn't really even a thought. Well now I have my baby, we are living a normal life, and it feels like it is time. Man Friend made the mistake of agreeing with me and he barely said the word Hawaii and I was set! 

Soooooo, vacation prep is on! I'll have a birthday and Katura will turn 9 months old while we are relaxing on the beach in Honolulu! I used to fly maybe 3 times a year, so I am very comfortable with airplanes, packing and TSA screenings. Bringing a little girl is a whole new ballgame, and I'm quite excited! I've got a notebook where I'm writing down any ideas I have about packing and what kinds of things we could do in Hawaii. My little girl already has two new bikinis and some outfits for her time in The Aloha State! I knew I had to shop now because by the time we go I would have no luck finding her some warm weather attire. You can see one of her new hats in the photo to the left, it has a matching outfit (not the pajamas she's wearing)! Since it was watching a couple going to Disneyland that motivated me to plan a vacation, it feels fitting that for my birthday we are going to Aulani (Disney's new resort) for a character breakfast. I am excited to see Katura meet Minnie and Mickey for the first time. She watches them every morning, so maybe she'll recognize them?!? We'll see! And to top it all off, her Grandparents are coming along! 

And with that I already have airline tickets and our hotel booked, so it is time to finalize our rental car so I can relax and maybe whip out a boobie and feed a baby!