To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.
-Steve Prefontaine
Make it simple, but significant.
- Don Draper

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Angelina's Right Leg .... LOVE!

I am obsessed with the Oscars. I never miss them. I was so overjoyed with Billy Crystal was assigned hosting duties again. I've been tweeting up a storm and all over on facebook discussing my opinions. Of course MY opinions are the right ones. Duh!

All the prior best moments were tossed out the window when Angelina Jolie came on stage with that leg.

Did you see it?? Did you see the Oscar winner then mock it? It was PRICELESS!!

If you missed it, during a commercial break I decided - sans make-up and sans brushing my hair - to recreate for you. Angelina didn't wear comfy pants or an English soccer shirt. No. She wore a dress with a loooong slit all the way up to her hoo-ha and heels.

I call this Fire Crotch Meets Angelina's Leg.  (Fire Crotch being reference to Lohan, of course.)

One Year + an Assload of Medals

One year ago today Lesley and I got 2 hours of sleep before getting up at 2am to put on our glittery pink eye shadow and catch the bus to Epcot for my first ever half marathon. At the time I did that race I thought I'd do Disney Princess, Corvallis (a last minute decision just before heading to Florida), Eugene and the Las Vegas Rock'n'Roll Half Marathon. I had NO idea it would instantaneously become an addiction. Today I saw tons of people (via twitter and facebook) running the Princess Half again ... without me. Instead of being bummed about not being there, I thought I'd relive this really wonderful, challenging and rewarding year!

I met so many people at the first race - so it gets the most time in this post. Lesley and I spent a ton of time together even before race day, and while at the 5K I met up with Becka and Brooke, and Courtney at a party (where she let me tuck and roll out of her car!). The Half brought even more friends! First I found Lucy at the potties - because of course friends want to meet there, right?!?

And then without even trying Katye appeared in our corral and we got to start the race with her. I missed the blue/yellow memo that she and Lesley both apparently got!

Who knew when we met that day that a year later I'd be talking to her all the freaking time, part of Team Jam with her and just like unable to function without her? In a text panic moment Giraffy and I met up to say hi and so she could pass off an iFitness belt to me. History in the making!

As soon as well all met, we were all off and running for 13.1 magical miles through Walt Disney World. I say magical NOW -- but there were 2 miles where Lesley was dragging me and my eyes had to have been rolling up into the back of my head. So. Freaking. HOT!

With that race, the addiction was born ... bring on the MEDALS!

Corvallis Inaugural Half Marathon - let the puking tradition begin!
Eugene Half Marathon ~ with Kim and Stacey! New PR - I met Pre's sister. I puked on Pre's track.
Seattle Rock'n'Roll ... I registered for this because some stranger on the internet told me to. I'm glad I did, and I am sooo glad I met her. Yay for Abby!!
I hated nearly everything about the Lacamas Lake half marathon. I will never do it again. Look at that ridiculous "medal".
For the Disneyland Half, Team Jam was born. I finally got to meet Rose! Life hasn't been the same since. Yay!  And speaking of medals - I went home with TWO from that race. Hello Coast to Coast!
Portland Half Marathon brought a surprise PR. I also got to meet Pre's older sister, Jeff Galloway and Frank Shorter!

The Runaway Pumpkin was my first costumed half marathon. I never thought I'd see the day I ran in a bushy tail and ears! For this one Kim and I got to run with Donna, Jules and the Cilley Girl!
Las Vegas Rock'n'Roll -- I think we ALL read about how that race went down overall. I still loved it!!
Walt Disney World Half Marathon -- I got to run with  Abby and Fred. I named us Pineapple Express. We were as dysfunctional as a bunch of potheads would be after smoking too much Pineapple Express. I had a blast!
My best friend was my partner for the Walt Disney World Inaugural Marathon Relay. We are Agony of d'Feet ... and we are awesome!!
Then came number 12! AND a new PR - at the Heart Breaker Half Marathon.

What a year it has been. I'm thinking I'll back off on racing this year - or mix up the distances a bit? Who knows. I'm just going to keep working and building ... building up to something BIG!

Thank you ALL for all of the support you've given to me in this last year (the Oscar's are on, this is my chance for a speech!). More than one of you have had to see me crying, and not always happy tears -- Runaway Pumpkin anyone?!? Fortunately I haven't puked on any of you ... yet - but it was a close call for Team Jam with TWO moments of gag reflex popping up. And all the advice - I've learned so much from all of you. Thank you! You like me, you really like me!

**I just realized I ignored an assload of other non-half marathon medals. Yeah, another post for another day!**

Week 4: Pissy About Princess

This will be the shortest week recap ever. Why? Because I sucked. I'd say The Coach either had it really easy or really hard. Meniere's Disease became a problem and I never once made it to swim class. Bummer. Running happened one time - a couple hours ago. 

This is what it looks like when I sit on a bench and ponder.
I had visions of at least 10 miles. I thought if I'm doing 10 why not just push a bit more and go for 12. But then if you're going to do 12 then just do the half marathon. But why stop there? Go for 14! And if you can do 14 you can surely do 15.

Ha! I did 5 miles. Five. Lame balls, Batman.  I am pretty disappointed. But sometimes vertigo dictates what I can safely do. Those 5 miles were freezing. I actually went out in two long-sleeve shirts and never regretted it. It did feel wonderful to be back out there again, I just hated having to come to terms with the fact that I couldn't safely keep running farther away from home. 

Next week will be a fresh start. I want to get back into the swing of things, and if I have to run 5 miles close to home I'm close (just in case) then so be it!

And ugh. Are giraffy and I the ONLY people that didn't do Princess this year? Seeing it everywhere has kind of pissed me off, but not really. I just wish I was there.  So... on that note, I'm going to go register for the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror 10 miler right now! See you in September, runDisney!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Bleep Bloop aka I Wrote This On Meds

*Oops! I write this yesterday and forgot to post.*

Running hasn't been happening. I was supposed to return to it last night. Then Meniere's paid a visit. As I type this I am currently under the influence of the back-up drugs I take to try to help minimize the vertigo. Not sure how helpful they are when they just make me loopy and sleepy! I set an alarm to get up and run this morning, but when I got out of bed and almost fell I realized i wasn't in any condition to run. Hopefully tonight. If these drugs wear off, I really want to get out there and run! The last one was so good - I want to do it again!!

Taryn was super awesome and just sent me a link about Fiona Apple. Other than Steve Prefontaine, Fiona is my big idol. I freaking love her. She's just so perfect - in my eyes anyway. I knew an announcement was coming, but I wouldn't let myself get too excited or speculate. But SHE'S BACK!! Hallelujah!! I cannot wait for more Fiona! This really made my day. I wouldn't say I'm a Fiona groupie --- except I totally am. Her guitar player used my pen once. I was devastated when I lost that pen.

Templeton - my new piglet!
On Facebook I started an informal status update poll. My mom has never seen the Notebook and refuses to watch it. But then she always whines about Ryan Gosling and why does everybody love him so much. I keep telling her to just watch the Notebook and then she'd get it. But she won't. Thoughts? Do you love that movie? Do you hate it? In 2005 I had a bad Meniere's attack during work and had to go home. I thought I'd just curl up on the couch and sleep. The Notebook was on. Thinking it looked horrible and sappy I knew that if I put it on I would immediately be bored into a nice sleep. Right? Wrong! I never slept. I was sucked into it. I was sobbing. Before this movie I was never a crier. Now? Forget about it. I bought PS I Love You. I thought it was going to be a cute little romantic comedy like You've Got Mail. Wrong again! I had to grab a hand towel because a little tissue was not soaking up all the tears enough. The Notebook turned me into a freaking sap! My second time seeing Les Miserable? The entirety of Michael Jackson Cirque du Soleil... what did I do? Cry! What the hell is wrong with me?!? 

This talk led to Giraffy and I talking about Office Space. I don't even need to tell you about my day to day life. If you've seen that movie, you know my daily existence. I have the red stapler (but more as a tribute to that movie). And I am very much the asshole that wants to play Tetris and just not show up to work. The Robot that I have referenced before is 100% Milton. No wonder I feel like sometimes I'm going insane. Maybe I should take a tip from that movie and just go work in construction or dig holes.

And last, on my random little post ... I was kind of eyeballing a hilly 15K this weekend. I get a PR on a hilly course so suddenly I think I'm awesome and unstoppable? I guess if I do end up running it then it will be good hill training and prep for the next 15K. After that race ...Boston 5K. (I just said that so I could again tell myself that I'm freaking going to Boston!) I might run in the Redwoods instead this weekend. That would be cool. BUT the Oscars are here. I never miss the Oscars. Pizza. Red Carpet. Billy Crystal. Love it!

That's it. Bye!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Oh How RAD It Was!

I had an awesome RAD yesterday - thanks for the happy wishes --- and for not climbing through your computer screens to strangle me for creating my own holiday back in 2007!

I asked my mom for a piglet. She got me a rubber ducky - except it was a rubber piggy! Close ... and probably easier to take care of than a real piglet. I was going to name the piglet Templeton (after the rat in Charlotte's web that I just adore). Perhaps I'll name the rubber piggy Templeton instead!

And then to celebrate with one big ol' country feast I went to the Rodeo Steak House. The vegetarian went to the restaurant with meat meat and more meat. I left feeling completely stuff. The spinach artichoke dip was so freaking delicious, I want to go back for more!!  But then there was the grand-daddy of it all ... and I'm not talking about the peanut shells I kept tossing on the ground ... I'm taking about the ginormous drink!

I don't even remember what was in it ... but let's just say it was 32 ounces of yummy, fruity alcoholic goodness! Perfect end to a very RAD day!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Happy R.A.D.!!

I'm still basking in the glory of my race this weekend ... and while I do that ... I am enjoying my 6th year of my own holiday!

Happy R0nda Appreciation Day everybody 
- it's R.A.D.!!

I'm enjoying it in my new socks (from Cilley Girl) - and obviously with my cat (who is there trying to steal all the warmth from the heater.)

Monday, February 20, 2012

Heart Breaker Half Marathon - A Surprise!

Last month I was looking at upcoming races. I was getting close to the 1 year anniversary of  my first half marathon. With 11 under my belt I knew I wanted 1 more to get my 12 in 12. I acted on impulse, consulted with The Coach and Cilley Girl and registered for the Heart Breaker Half Marathon in Portland, Oregon.

Saturday I drove up to Portland to meet with Cilley Girl. Because she IS so awesome, she had Titanic on TV for me when I walked in the door. I said a few lines along with it - on 2 different channels!! - then we were on our way to the race expo. I resisted temptation and didn't register for any races (but I am eyeballing a couple). I DID listen to Jeff Galloway give a couple of talks. I love listening to him and seeing his excitement over running and those of us that are trying to improve. After he spoke I told the gang how I knew I would run well. I always run better after being around Jeff! 

From there we began an endless string of jokes about giant Dick's. Don't be dirty! We were talking about Dick's Sporting Goods. Biggest Dick's I've ever experienced. So big I couldn't even take it all in at once. You should have seen the size of the balls with that Dick's. Huge! Since I'm a junior high boy, these things never get old to me - or Cilley Girl for that matter. After tons of shopping we had a yummy pre-race dinner at the Raccoon Lodge. I might have this more often because it seems to help me run!

Race Day

I hit snooze a few times before we were up and Adam, quickly out the door on our way to downtown Portland. Parking was a breeze and in no time at all we were warming up at the race start. A DJ was playing music and getting us pumped up for the run, and then a surprise! Jeff Galloway was there giving us last minute words of advice. I felt calm and ready -- very uncharacteristic of me.  At 7:30am the gun went off and I was on my way, filled with nerves and excitement!

My race goals changed throughout the first 10 miles. First goal - sub-3 hours. I knew this was going to be hilly and kick my ass. I promised The Coach I wouldn't race it, I'd just use it as a training run as I prepare for Eugene. Plus I hate hills. To achieve my goal I would stick with the 4:1 ratio as long as possible before I resigned to walking. Another goal I have had was to some day run 10K without ever stopping. Boom - done!

The number of runners was pretty small and the majority seemed to break away fast at the start. I spent the majority of the first 5 miles with people all around my pace. I used them for motivation and resisted urges to try to race them. At mile 1.5-ish we hit our first aid station. No water, just big, juicy strawberries! I had to take one just because it was the first time it has ever been offered to me. I nibbled on it during walking segments and finally tossed it around mile 4. It was good! My usual sensitive tummy did get a little unhappy around mile 4 when I thought I was having a big sip of water. It was some electrolyte drink I've never had. I hated it. For the next 2 miles I was touch and go. New goal - Finish.

At 6.7 miles I finally paused on a hill for delicious water and 1/3 of a Clif shot and fun conversation with the high school boys handing out water. At that moment I realized I was about to start THE hill. The plan was to run the flat-ish and downhill bits (very few and far between) and quickly walk on the uphill. I had no desire to hurt myself, I had no desire to let my mind get the better of me. This was a training run after all. At some moments I couldn't see any runners in front of me or behind me. New goal - beat at least 2 people. 

Then came mile 10. I had been going for 2 hours. My hips were sore but I wasn't feeling terrible. I started heading down the hill. Then I realized I have been going for just over 2 hours and have only a 5K left. I ran up by another woman and asked her how many more uphills we had to tackle. She said, "None! All down hill from here!"  "Awesome!! I walked up all of those hills, I'm ready to run this sucker in. Thanks!!" And off I went. The math started going and I realized ... NEW GOAL:  Get a PR.

12 in 12!
No more 4:1. No more trying to not burn out by going too fast. No more easy training run. This PR was going to be mine without a doubt. I opened up my stride - even threw my arms in the air out of joy when I realized what I was going to do - and felt a huge smile come over my face. Those 3 miles were awesome. So much joy and determination flowing through my body. Other runners and I encouraged each other as we celebrated surviving the huge hill, and I couldn't take my eyes off my Garmin. Also I noticed that those people I started the race with and lost on the hills? I was back with them ... and passing them as I ran sub-9 for a while! I was on fire!

Soon, there it was. The finish line. I hit the straight stretch, kicked into my finishing sprint, crossed the mat and jumped in the air with a shout of joy. New PR!! A race I was worried about finishing, and instead I beat my prior PR by 4 minutes!! I can't even describe the emotions going through me - but there were tears of joy!

I immediately got my medal and called The Coach to tell him the news. He was speechless. It was awesome!  Quickly I met up with Cilley Girl, Donna and Jules and we all shared stories of our respective races while I dined on some strawberry shortcake! It was a surprisingly awesome day of races! I never expected a PR at all, but what a way to get my 12th half marathon in 12 months! I'm still in shock and still smiling!! Go big or go home, right?!?

Week 3: Race Time!

As much as I tried to be a diligent runner, The Coach had to listen to me beg permission to skip some runs. Considering a very difficult half marathon course was on the horizon for the week's long run, I couldn't justify heading out into a dark, cold, wet night when I was having some Meniere's symptoms. Happily he gave me a pass. However, this meant I really only got in one 5 mile run before the half. I was fine with that. The run was challenging, but still I noticed my overall speed picking up. It gave me some confidence going into the race - which I'll post about next.

Swim class was really fun this week. Our teacher worked us hard. I left all 3 classes feeling tired and sore. I love it!! We had a bunch of races up and down the pool on Wednesday. Being a fan of running in races, I pushed hard so I wouldn't lose any of these silly swimming races. It made for an excellent work-out.

Not much else to report. My focus was on the weekend ... shopping, eating, friends and a little bit o' running on the side, too!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Scary Challenge: Progress Report 1

I've had my challenge going for a very short while now, and already I think we're seeing some progress here guys!!

Perhaps it all sort of started when I got a text from the creator of the "She wants a baby, WATCH OUT!" rumor. Normally I would have ignored it and continued with my F*** You stance. But instead? Instead I replied and flat out said I was heartbroken to learn that because of her now a bunch of people think I would try to trick someone into getting me pregnant. (For the record for readers newer and older -- I've had my sperm donor plan in place for YEARS and have no desire to vary from my plan.) Anyway, I felt such release just telling her that I know what she's been spreading around. Clearly I know it is one big lie and that I am in fact not someone you need to watch out for, but still I wanted her to know I know. And really, with my upcoming race schedule tell me how I'd complete my crazy January 2013 goal if I am waddling around with a human growing in me?? Riddle me that!

Mess with me and I'll sick these two on you!
So then today I did it again. This time I initiated the confrontation! When I learned that someone told a friend of mine (a friend in my "circle of trust") about the rumors he heard, I knew that it was getting out of control and traveling work wide (which really, is this the reputation one wants in the work place?). Enough is enough! Oh man, I actually made someone physically squirm! I know we use it as a figure of speech, but really, there was physical squirming! And an attempt to have a blank look like "I don't know what you're talking about". In the end I made clear that it is a mean lie, also while trying to acknowledge that yeah, you're being a pansy and too afraid to talk and I can read that all over your face!

There are a few others on my list that I'm sure are helping to spread things around and who knows, I might confront them, too.... so as the original rumor began ... "Watch out"! Ridiculous -- but now that I'm not allowed to be scared, I just might have a fun time with this whole confrontation thing. **I was VERY nice in my approach, FYI. I'm not a mean confrontation starter at all apparently. Phew!

I must say I feel pretty damn good! Who knew it could be so freeing to just stop being scared and address what is actually a pretty serious issue!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My First Time, So to Speak

Valenwhat? Psh ... the REAL holiday is coming up. Just one week from today is R0nda Appreciation Day.... it's R.A.D.!! THAT's when I'll celebrate.

You don't know about it? It exists. I swear. I think this is the 6th year it's been going on. Maybe 5th. In the past I've gotten things like a light up ring, puzzle book (because I'm a dork and I like puzzles), an Apollo astronaut with lunar rover, a princess picture frame AND .... the coolest ... a Hannibal Lecter action figure! I love having my own holiday!

Anyway, In honor of today's nauseating holiday where I'm always ignored, I figured I could babble about firsts ...

Pucker up!
My first love & My first kiss. Same person. He was so adorable. His name is Andy. He was my boyfriend for 2 weeks in the 9th grade. I think it was one of those "do you like him? Do you want to be his girlfriend?" things where my friend was running back and forth between the two of us at the Valentine's Day dance. He dumped me because he didn't know me well enough. Then we became really good friends. By the time summer hit we were dating again. He'd sleep on my couch so he could get to soccer practice in the early morning. I even took him to our family cabin on the lake a few times. We had our first kiss on my couch in the living room of the home I still live in to this day. I ended up dumping him a couple of months later. He was a little A.D.D. for my taste. And then we became even better friends. Like friends that wanted to date again and always wanted to kiss and would always get soooo close to doing it before something would interrupt. I'd say if you had to look back on a "first love", this was the perfect one. Nothing but happy memories. Never any hard feelings. We remained friends until I graduated high school and left town. Nice boy. My mom certainly approved!

How about you? Do you fondly look back on your first love? Was your first kiss as nerve-wracking and awkward as mine? (We did get better ... I mean as good as 9th graders can get.) We were a good, prude little couple!

Monday, February 13, 2012

My SCARY 1 Week Challenge

Scared. We all get scared sometimes, right? But I suspect what I get scared of is NOT what one would normally be afraid of.

Examples of things I am scared of:
Scared to throw up when I have just eaten. It is so much easier to puke when only water, banana and a bit of bagel are in your stomach.
Scared to try new food, i.e. vegetables and things with different textures.
Scared to use the phone.
Scared to talk to my mom about "serious" things.
Scared to confront the starter of the "R0nda's tricking you into getting her pregnant" rumor.
Scared to put my head under water without plugging my nose.
Scared of getting fat.
Scared of spiders.
Scared of going to Mexico.... which reminds me I am...
Scared of eating before races because I don't want to be one of those people that others take pictures of when they have an "accident".
Scared to ask people in stores for help.
Scared to talk in front of groups of people.

Here are things I am NOT afraid of:
Being alone in a reportedly haunted location known as the "Body Chute"
Being alone in various parts of a huge, empty, dark, haunted building in the middle of the night with no electricity
Ghosts & ghost hunting
Ouija boards
Haunted houses
Running 13.1 miles
Meeting strangers off the internet in person
Flying across the country alone
Vacationing alone
Roller coasters. The bigger, badder, faster the Better!
Little critters I encounter in the wild
Jumping over fire pits
Spectating autopsies (yep, I did that!)

Here are things that I would like to do that some might consider a little crazy:
Have a little chat with an inmate on death row -- think Clarice Starling/Hannibal Lecter/Silence of the Lambs type thing

Okay, I only came up with one. It's true. I've always wanted to hunt serial killers and/or interview them and learn about the psychology behind why they do what they do. Call me morbid, I just say fascinated and curious.

So as of NOW I have a week long challenge given to me by Giraffy. I CANNOT refuse to do something because "I am scared." Feeling really sick at work and needing to throw up but don't want to let myself because I have a full stomach and I'm scared of being heard throwing up? Too bad. Need to call someone for some reason? Sorry, no texting just because it is easier. For a week I won't allow myself to be "scared". Eek, this CHALLENGE could be ... dare I say it.... scary?!?

How about you? What are YOU scared of?

11 X 3... So Many Things!

You know how everybody is getting tagged with 11 things? Yeah, I've been tagged 3 times now that I'm aware of... but I'm so far behind on every single blog, I bet 30 people tagged me. Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating. Anyhoozy, I'm cheating. I figured I'd answer the questions my friends have asked of me and call it good. 

Up first, and this is in no particular order at all ...

Questions from Katye at Long Legs on the Loose:
  1. If you absolutely had to change your first and middle name, what would you change them to? But I love my middle name! Well my first would be Veronica... and so naturally that is what I will name my daughter. It is always what I named my first car. My middle name? How about Katura ~ she was my grandma's cousin and just had the coolest name.
  2. If you could just drop all responsibilities for a week with not negative outcomes, what would you do with that week? Hard questions!! Gosh, okay, if I had NO negative outcomes whatsoever I'd have a week like the Hangover. I LOVE Vegas! So forget work, forget bills, forget carbs, cholesterol, hangovers, money, blah blah blah ... I'd go party it up. Stay up all night. Dance. Drink. Sing. See tons of shows - because I could spend as much as I want with no negative consequences! I'd have the ultimate Vegas vacation. I can't do that in real life without my conscience getting to me!
  3. What pattern best fits your personality and why? Animal? Stripes? Dots? Plaid? Paisley? Dots. Random. Colorful. A different story and aspect of me with each little dot!
  4. If you could take up any career for a month, what would you pick? I'd be a Broadway star! Singing my heart out, telling a story. Of course I'd have to Eponine in Les Mis, or perhaps Dinah or Pearl in Starlight Express.
  5. Trendy or timeless? Timeless. There is a reason some things are only trends and the good things stay timeless!
  6. Are there any brands (can be any kind of brand) that you just can’t live without? And the runner in me doesn't hesitate.... Adidas and Nike
  7. If you could create your own endurance event, what would it be? Place? Time? Event? Prize? What else? If I was clever enough to answer this then I'd create my own endurance event!
  8. If you are running out the door and can only tag one bag with you for the day, what would it be? Gym bag? Purse? Mommy Bag? Brief case? I'd have the messenger bag that I hope to find next weekend. My desire is that it will be bigger than my purse, but not huge. And adorable. Handy. And adorable.
  9. What was one article of clothing from your childhood that you distinctly remember and what makes it so memorable? My Wonder Woman underwear set. It was underwear and a tank top. Kind of silky smooth. I'd just wear it around the house for fun and I always felt like I really was Wonder Woman. A few moments of confidence in me now and then.
  10. What’s your bedroom look like? Do you love it or would you change it up? It is blood red with little accents from Japan and China (from Epcot, naturally.) I love it! If I could change it I'd probably just make it bigger with more closet space.
  11. Just for the hell of it, what Chinese Zodiac year were you born in? Google it if you must ; ) Horse.
Those were hard! Now questions from my running twin, Christina at Lace it Up and Run:
  1. Favorite dish/food?  Italian is my favorite. But then I could eat grilled cheese and fries any day of the week, any time of day, multiple times a day.
  2. Favorite singer?  Fiona Apple. Hands down. She is my musical idol.
  3. Chick flick? Thrillers? Scary movies?  I like all, but from this I'll go with chick flicks.
  4.  Favorite beverage?  Diet Pepsi, although I'm weening myself off and drinking a lot of water these days.
  5. What's your typical/usual daily outfit?  Mary Jane type shoes, knee socks, short skirt, shirt - quite often with a tank top underneath if the shirt is low-cut ... I am flat chested, those shirts are way too revealing for my rib cage.
  6. What's your usual workout outfit?  Wait, that's what I just said. All that above is what I wear to work. If I'm not working I'm in running clothes.
  7. Pet peeve?  Noise. Almost any type of noise that humans make with their bodies. And pen clicking. I will go postal over the constant pen clicking at work some day.
  8. Introvert or extrovert? Believe it or not ... introvert!
  9. What do you always have in your grocery cart?  Dinosaurs. (I can't believe I'm admitting this.) They are essentially ABC's and 123's -- except dino shapes. Also Morning Star "chikn" products.
  10. Your best trait?  My ability to find the positive in anything.
  11. Your worst trait? My ability to take a tense situation and crack jokes instead of just addressing the tense situation. I HATE confrontation and serious things.
Last, but most certainly not least... questions from Giraffy at 365 Days of Awesome:
  1. Do you cross train? (Be honest!) I guess technically I do now! Water aerobics 3 days a week, and I'm supposed to be doing leg strengthening exercises 2 days a week as well.
  2. What's your FAVORITE thing about running?  Meeting fellow runners. And medals.
  3. And your LEAST favorite? Pre-race anxiety where I am just positive I'm going to throw up. And we all know that eventually I do. 
  4. If you could eat only one food for the rest of your life, what is it? Shocker ... grilled cheese sandwiches and French fries. Best combo --- sourdough bread, American cheese.
  5. What came first, chicken or the egg?  Egg? Ugh. Why do you have to ask me that? I will end up pondering this for way too long, even though it is obviously not the first time I've heard the question.
  6. You're stuck on a deserted island - what three books do you wish you had with you? The Book of Questions. (good for endless conversation and thinking) Catcher in the Rye. I remember loving it and being bummed when I finished reading it.  A blank journal to write my own stories.
  7.  How much time do you spend getting ready before leaving your house for a normal day of work/school/whatever you do? Before work - about an hour ... that includes snooze time. If it is the weekend I can take HOURS to get ready. I just chill out and take my time with no rush.
  8. Do you love the treadmill as much as I do? No. I've never used a treadmill!
  9. My birthday is coming up (in 6 months)... want to come have a party? How is this even a question? Of course I do!!!! I want to be in charge of gift bags for everybody that comes.
  10. What should I get The H for his birthday (next week)? Tickets to Florida to see the Lemonheads, along with Disney Princess Half Marathon race registration. Duh. (Obviously he'd re-gift that to you in a second, right?)
  11. Have you joined Team Gab yet? I'm lame. I haven't. But I think I still have time? I suck. But I adore little Gabby. She's just the cutest!!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Week 3: I'm on a Roll!

After last week not being the most fabulous, this week was better than ever - running wise. Perhaps having crazy, unnecessary drama going on in my life was good inspiration for some awesome runs!  

I had 3 swim classes this week, all of them being a ton of fun and a good work out. My arms were actually sore all week from the work we did their focusing on different muscles each day. I just love that!

I was a bad student - I forgot my leg exercises both days. I'll bat my eye lashes at the coach and try to beg for forgiveness on that one.

And then the running. Four runs this week for a total of 25 miles. Each 5 miler was better than the prior. I kept gaining speed, even during the walking intervals. I did have one little hiccup. During my 3rd 5 mile run I was 2 miles in when things got funky. By 2.5 I realized I was having a minor Meniere's attack. 3 miles in and I was sitting on a short wall trying to get my bearings and feel steady enough on my feet to finish out the last two. And finish those two I did!

After a run this week I had a wonderful surprise. I checked my mail and wallah! It was there! After 2 months of waiting, I finally got my Rock'n'Roll Encore medal. Woohoo! I wish every training run had a prize like this waiting for me!

Today I had a great 10 mile run. I covered some new terrain and really enjoyed the change of pace, so to speak. But speaking of pace ... it kept getting faster as the miles went on. I would venture to guess my final 2 miles were the fastest of the entire run!

I also stepped up the food game and made myself a stir fry. It was good AND healthy!  And speaking of eating better, mixed with all of this running ... on Thursday I had FIVE people tell me I looked skinnier. Woohoo! I'll take hearing that any day!

Not running related, but life related.... my dad has been in town this week. His best friend passed away two days after Christmas and this weekend was a really nice "Celebration of Life" in his honor. He was a really nice guy. So laid back. AND he was a movie star! Yep! Have you ever seen (oh heck, have you ever heard of??) Fire in the Sky? It was made right here! And Bill walks right through a shot. If you watch the movie you totally can't miss him. And if you watch the movie you'll see buildings I run by on many of my long runs. I think of Bill and that movie every time I pass by! The movie is pretty horrible, but I do watch it if it is ever on. I mean how many small Oregon towns (other than Astoria & Cottage Grove) get to say a movie with real Hollywood stars was filmed there?

And now it is officially Race Week! I get to spend next weekend with one of my most favorite people, the blog world's own Cilley Girl. Plus Jules will also join us as we all carb up and race together next Sunday! I cannot wait!!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Oh Dear Crush, You Make Me Swoon

Let's talk about crushes today!

Evan Dando - crushable??
This idea came about because I have a friend, I won't mention any names, but she is part of Team Jam and isn't the one that shows pictures of her ass in every post. This particular Team Jam member might be obsessing over Evan Dando. What? You don't know him? I hear he is the front man for the Lemonheads. Yeah, the Lemonheads.... She and Dando are besties, too! I think he's going to move into her garage.

Anyway, this got me thinking. Do/did I have any celebrity crushes that I obsess(ed) over? Is there anyone that I would go out of my way to see, even if it involved different states and hotels?

Then I realized Yes. There is one celebrity that I still repeatedly check the official website for. I've seen him in 3 different states. I cried the first time I got to see him with my own eyes. I even tried to get tickets to his TV show back in the day. It pains me when he is near and I can't afford to miss work to get to where he is. I've had a crush on him since 1996 when he still had his beautiful curly locks. Who is this man that makes my heart swoon? This object of perfection?

Howie Mandel.
Las Vegas - 1997, my first time seeing my future husband. How rad are my clothes??

True story. OMG I can't get enough of staring at him. And when he makes me laugh? Even better!

Other crush worthy gents? Mark Harmon. Anthony Hopkins. *NSync as a collective whole.

So how about you? Care to come clean about any celeb crush you have or used to have back in the day?

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Muffins. Sperm. Edamame. Addiction.

I carried a watermelon. Okay, I didn't really carry a watermelon, but if I ever do I'm going to deliver line just like Baby did - and I will NOT be put in a corner.

I DID carry muffins. It is part of Operation Kill Them With Kindness. Work is just so tense lately. For the first time in years I'm not sleeping at night. I have a gut ache about going in. I've been fantasizing about the good ol' days of sweating in the Florida humidity during the peak of summer, walking in one place sometimes for 13 hours a day, trying to teach 1,000s of guests how to buckle a seat belt. I usually look back and wonder how I ever survived that portion of my life. I had to ask for permission to use the bathroom - and wait for another cast member to come cover my position in order to do so. Never did I think I'd long for that again! I mean I still have Kali nightmares to this day! No joke, today I am doing the jobs of 4 different people. I'm about to pull my hair out.

My costume for today!
I wore a Halloween costume to work today. I left out the green ascot. I should have added it. It would have been a fun pop of color!

I un-friended and blocked the person that thinks I'm the type of person to go around tricking people into getting me pregnant. Yes, because I am SUCH a whore I would totally do that? How on earth have I made it 33 years without getting knocked up since this is apparently how the person believes I behave? I mean I probably wouldn't have spent so much time doing research on sperm donors if I was really going to trick people into getting me pregnant, right? Or is this just me being silly, logical and a normal freaking human? Lame balls, Batman! Did I neglect to mention that all this nastiness has been happening at my WORK?? Yeah, because that is just what you want a fellow co-worker telling other co-workers. Psh, good riddance to all of that!

I bought healthy food again! After a stressful day I came home, sat in my recliner with NO tv on. I did some puzzle games then finally went shopping. I ended up coming home with a new pan & lid (which I am ridiculously excited about!), edamame, broccoli, yellow squash, cauliflower, rice and tons of spices/seasoning. Tonight I attempt stir fry, courtesy of one fabulous girl by the name of giraffy! I'm excited to get in there and chop and dice and sizzle and steam!

I ran my 3rd of 3 races a month ago today. I've been thinking about that a lot lately. It was such a "magical" weekend. Abby and Fred were fabulous roommates! I didn't eat nearly as much pizza and French fries as I expected I would, but that's okay. I did have a lot of tasty food court breakfasts though! My next race is now a week and a half away. I think I'll be ready! I'm trying to be the best running student I can. I'm trusting that this will help me to "suck less" - as that fabulous giraffy is known to say!

I don't have a good reason to start this paragraph with an "I". Sad news at swim class today. One of our fellow classmates passed away Monday night. She had a severe stroke a few weeks ago and just never really recovered. She was nice, and let me tell you - even at 85 she was always out there with us working as hard as she could, sometimes out-working us! Hopefully her daughter will rejoin the class once she feels ready. We'll all be happy to welcome her back!

I think that's all I've got for today. I'm feeling that twitch again. That twitch where you just really want to stalk race websites and pick one out and register. You know what I'm talking about I'm sure! So Addictive!!!

What's up with you? How is everyone? I'm so sorry I'm the suckiest blog friend in the world. I've been M.I.A. lately (and NOT flipping off NBC cameras - seriously , this is being blown out of proportion. It was so fast. ANYWAY.). I need to get back to reading. Stress has just taken over. I'm feeling better, so hopefully I can resume my normal life!

**EDIT:  For clarification, it was a girl friend that seemed it was necessary to warn someone to "watch out" for me. And then deemed it necessary to tell other people to go warn him, too. No males thought I was trying to trick them into knocking me up. The very nature of preferring a sperm donor kind of should imply I have NO intentions of tricking anyone into anything, right? Right.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Writer's block is annoying. I'm sure the block is due to the fact that my mind is either thinking about running (shhhhhhocker) OR I'm busy dwelling on the big rumor figuring out how to process it. Happily, with regard to the rumor, I have forgiven 2/3 of the spreaders. One was totally meaning it harmless - being a dude, he was clueless about the nastiness of it all and just talking to his bromance partner. And the other? Well she is a young girl, she heard something she thought was juicy and didn't assess the reality of what she was saying, and she has a crush on someone it involves, so why not run and go tell him what she heard? But the originator? Honestly,I don't see forgiveness happening. I think it is beyond repair. Sad, but then it was so horrible and mean that I won't ever forget it. Que sera sera, you live and learn!

I was listening to Adam Carolla's podcast at lunch yesterday. They were talking about Steve Martin wearing a toupee! Did you know this??? One person on the show questioned if they were "outing" him and the others said No, that it was just kind of a known thing. Crazy! I never knew.

I'm trying to write about my training once a week, but last night's run was AWESOME! Bill Murray told Phil in Groundhog Day .... "Don't drive angry." Well, if you run angry you can go so fast and strong and long! It was sweet!! My coach told me last week, when I wanted a pep talk, to think "Light. Easy. Smooth." I've been doing that and it worked, too! Pretty sure I'll be in the next Olympics in 4 years. Watch for me. You can say you knew me when!

Boston. Any ideas on what I should wear for my "big" race? I'm just clueless. I'm kind of thinking that it might be a time to rock the "rainbow colored socks"?!? Just not yet having a vision of what else to wear. I'm sure they frown upon running in ONLY socks. And let's face it, I am so freaking prude I wouldn't dare do that. I don't even take off my swimsuit at the YMCA! I get out of the pool, dip into the hot tub to warm up, dry off, throw on pants and go out into the cold still wet - but at least warm from the hot tub!

Okay, that's all I've got. Wait, I need a cool looking, not old lady frumpy gigantic messenger bag. I believe this to be a necessity for Boston! Ideally I want this PanAm bag I found, but $88 is too much for a bag. I mean I could do some races instead. Any suggestions on where to find THE perfect bag?

And again -- thank you so, so much for all of the very supportive and uplifting comments as of late. I don't mean to be a Debi Downer. That's normally not my style! I CAN promise you this though, no matter what you hear, you don't have to hide yo' kids, hide yo' wives, or hide yo' husbands ... you don't have to watch out. I'm not trying to trick any of them into getting me pregnant! If that was my method of operation I could have had like 23 children by now.


...we may now resume normal blogging....

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Week 2: Blah. The Next Will Be Better

I don't have much to say about this week. My body hurt a lot at the beginning because of last week's fall. So I had to postpone a run one day. This got me off schedule and I skipped a day. AND I skipped all leg work due to aching knees. My long run sucked a bunch. I turned 10 miles into 5.

In happy news, swim class was really fun and I had good workouts every day!

Obviously this hasn't been the greatest week. I realized I'm kind of going through a little grieving process over this whole thing where I'm realizing a friend isn't a friend. Today I'm in the anger phase. I'm hoping it passes. I finally talked to my mom about all of it and I feel a bit better.

I'm going to brainstorm and come up with something fun to post!

In the end-- my running was 15 miles. I hoped for 20. 25 were planned. I'm okay with the shorter week though. I need ease into this hard core bad ass lifestyle.

***Did you all like Madonna at Half Time? For this one day I decided to forgive her for all of her "accents". This made me remember Madonna from the good old days. I wanted to go roller skating.

OH - and only 2 weeks until my 12th half marathon in a year. Can you believe it?!? I know I sure can't!

Friday, February 3, 2012

The Post Where I'm Quiet

And this is why I'm quiet....

.... don't worry, running is going great. I'm finding so much joy in it right now (and stress relief!). I finished Dirty Dancing last night and started on the 7 Must Sees in Walt Disney World - i.e. Stacey!! A.K.A. the video that constantly plays on repeat in your WDW Resort hotel room. It's sick, but I just love her. So rest assured, I'm enjoying running more than ever right now! I'm back in my groove, my body is feeling much better post-fall, and I'm looking forward to my upcoming races with friends.

Sad. Betrayed.
That's how I'm feeling these days, and that's why I'm quiet. I already vented on the running issue - and I can't thank you all enough for you kind words of support on that post! Every single one made me smile and feel a little better. Sadly that running/venting post is tied into the other things bothering me. I don't even know how to explain without boring back story and details that I don't really feel need to be put on the blog. I feel like I'm living in a real life Mean Girls type movie. I used to be a Heather. We Heathers were much nicer than the Mean Girls, okay? I'm quite the social butterfly and like to include everybody and keep things positive. I'll attribute that to my years of being a Disney trainer and welcoming new Cast Members into our unique world. But now because of my openness, friendliness and apparently being too trusting  I feel sad. I feel like I've been betrayed by someone I thought was a friend. Things I've said in private conversations (although I've discussed on this blog and it isn't even a secret at all) have been twisted and used against me. Not once, not twice, but three freaking times. Girls are so mean to each other. And this time they've hit below the belt. I'm pretty laid back about things, and very open as well, but that doesn't mean it isn't important and personal. I never expected that to be taken, spread about as gossip and turned into something so negative against me. Especially when it is so very wrong.

My heart is just broken. It's like the silent blindside that I am not even supposed to know happened ... but I do know. I can't help but wonder, would I rather NOT know and continue being the butt of the jokes? Or know and at least learn and maybe reevaluate things?
Awkward post for me, right??  I mean this is so NOT typical of me. Writing helps me just find some release. I promise the next time I post it will be my normal nonsensical self!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Post Where I Vent

I think I need to vent.
I'm in a funk. It is stupid and I should put on my blinders, turn off ego, feelings and emotion and just get over it.

I'm in week 2 of "new" training. My body this week isn't cooperating as much as I would like - due to falling on my face. I'm sure I sound like a weenie. But to never be one to fall, and then suddenly do it and not even catch yourself with anything but your chin and shoulder? Yeah, I'm feeling pretty beat up. I couldn't run Monday because every step was a stabbing pain to my left hip and left knee. It was discouraging to start out the new running week that way. I pretty much felt like a total loser.

But I guess feeling like a loser is making me want to go outside and run even more.

There's a vibe at work these days. It isn't a good one. I can't even put my fingers on it. People seem cranky and I'm just trying to lay low. I feel like I keep f*$#ing up on everything and I can't keep up with all that I have to do. It happens at this same time every year, but this year it is really frazzling me. I get frazzled, which then makes me want to either go home and curl in a ball and cry or go home and go for a run. I guess it is good that I feel like running is becoming more of a thing I do for myself and my mental state than what I do just to prepare for an upcoming race.

There's another vibe at work. It feels like the "Hey R0nda, you suck and we're going to tell you" vibe. One time a delivery guy - in 2009 when I was just starting to run - and for me starting something is scary and you need a lot of support - told me that I don't run fast enough. He said I won't be a real runner until I do 8 minute miles. What a thing to hear when you've been running for 2.5 weeks, right? The week I flew to Florida to tackle the 5K and back to back half marathons a co-worker proceeded to insult me and say it was no big deal because I don't do marathons. (Because that is what you need to hear during pre-race jitters!) I'll just ignore the fact that I could out run him any day of the week... backwards. I know conversations happen about me behind my back these days. Heaven forbid I not be part of a scandal for too long. *sigh* And in some of these conversations that have happened behind my back I know that at least one person is expecting and just waiting for me to fail. What a support system, right?? In my running life and circle of friends -- that would be all of you -- I just like to be optimistic and supportive. We all have ups and downs and I'd rather help cheer you up during your moments of feeling down than revel in it. There's never been a single time where I hoped for any of you to fail. I never predict failure or collapse. I want to see everybody do the very best they can. And now I'm here in this bizarre little world where I have an in-person support staff/cheering section of one. One person that wants to see me succeed. Then I naturally can't help but wonder if I'm just a complete joke to everyone else.

I know I'm not skinny. I know I'm not fast. I know I'm not a "real" runner according to faster people or those that are anti-skirt. But dammit, I try! I throw up during races and I keep going. I fall on my face and I get up, dust it off and finish my run. Without warning I get severe vertigo and feel disoriented, but I never give up or quit. I've never had a DNS. I've never had a DNF. I might not ever be fast. I'll never lose my curvy frame. I won't be part of the "in" crowd around here --- and you know what? I want to keep it that way!

I don't know about you - but dang it, I need a bloggy meet up! Cilley Girl - February 18th can't get here fast enough. I'm so ready for some positive girl on girl energy with one of my favorite people!

What The Fob?

You know that key chain thing that you have with the buttons and you push them and unlock/lock your doors, pop your trunk, etc? Did you know that's called a fob? I'm fobless and I miss it. Mine just died. Even changing a battery wouldn't fix it. RIP dear fob of mine. I didn't even know you were a fob until you were gone.

Last night during my run I put on Dirty Dancing. Not the soundtrack, but the actual movie. I have quite a few movies sitting in my iTunes - and I think I might start running to them more often now. First I have to finish Dirty Dancing. -- Right now Baby and her dad are having issues and Lisa thinks she is top dog now. Bitch. Oh, and Lisa just said, "Tonight's the night with Robbie. He doesn't even know yet." Yeah - the joke will be on you, Lisa!

Did you all love last night's episode of Glee? I don't even care about the storyline ... I just loved that it was MJ MJ MJ. I don't need to say it again, but I will ... I freaking love Michael Jackson! I used to bring my red tape player to kindergarten and make the entire class dance around to his music before school. True story. And then the New Girl. Who's watching it? I can't get enough of it. The whole cast is just great! It makes me smile.

You know what else makes me smile? This!

Boom! I'm running Boston. Okay, fine. Not THE big race, but I get to cross the same finish line the day before, so there!

My spare time is now filled with my new travel books about Boston and color coded tabs for marking things I want to see! If you have been there (or live there) and have any fabulous ideas and/or suggestions .... send them my way! *It is possible I've already started looking up the childhood homes of the New Kids on the Block AND the Real World Boston house.*