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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Scary Challenge: Progress Report 1

I've had my challenge going for a very short while now, and already I think we're seeing some progress here guys!!

Perhaps it all sort of started when I got a text from the creator of the "She wants a baby, WATCH OUT!" rumor. Normally I would have ignored it and continued with my F*** You stance. But instead? Instead I replied and flat out said I was heartbroken to learn that because of her now a bunch of people think I would try to trick someone into getting me pregnant. (For the record for readers newer and older -- I've had my sperm donor plan in place for YEARS and have no desire to vary from my plan.) Anyway, I felt such release just telling her that I know what she's been spreading around. Clearly I know it is one big lie and that I am in fact not someone you need to watch out for, but still I wanted her to know I know. And really, with my upcoming race schedule tell me how I'd complete my crazy January 2013 goal if I am waddling around with a human growing in me?? Riddle me that!

Mess with me and I'll sick these two on you!
So then today I did it again. This time I initiated the confrontation! When I learned that someone told a friend of mine (a friend in my "circle of trust") about the rumors he heard, I knew that it was getting out of control and traveling work wide (which really, is this the reputation one wants in the work place?). Enough is enough! Oh man, I actually made someone physically squirm! I know we use it as a figure of speech, but really, there was physical squirming! And an attempt to have a blank look like "I don't know what you're talking about". In the end I made clear that it is a mean lie, also while trying to acknowledge that yeah, you're being a pansy and too afraid to talk and I can read that all over your face!

There are a few others on my list that I'm sure are helping to spread things around and who knows, I might confront them, too.... so as the original rumor began ... "Watch out"! Ridiculous -- but now that I'm not allowed to be scared, I just might have a fun time with this whole confrontation thing. **I was VERY nice in my approach, FYI. I'm not a mean confrontation starter at all apparently. Phew!

I must say I feel pretty damn good! Who knew it could be so freeing to just stop being scared and address what is actually a pretty serious issue!


  1. Look at you go!! Congrats!

    I have issues with confrontational communication. . . or communication I assume is going to be confrontational. I've been working on it and it does get easier. . hopefully less scary too!

  2. You are being pretty bad ass right now. Props!

  3. Good for you!! I think that given where you work, you should respond in writing to everyone who is repeating this rumor that if it continues you will file a grievance or something similar -- surely this is contrary to the human resources policies, particularly for your environment. Just a "it's unfortunate that this happened but if it continues it's going in your file."

  4. Way to go!! I like to think I could be that kickass, but really, I am just a big pansy. You are amazeballs!

  5. Good for you girl!! That's a awesome feeling. We should all stand up for ourselves more often. I alot of times, just let things go and think they are not worth my time. Proud of ya Miss Bad Ass! :)

  6. Good for you. I wish I had your ambition.

  7. Way to go you, beaming proud :-)

  8. wow, good for you! people suck sometimes, for real.

  9. Woohoo!! Look at you!!


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