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-Steve Prefontaine
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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What The Fob?

You know that key chain thing that you have with the buttons and you push them and unlock/lock your doors, pop your trunk, etc? Did you know that's called a fob? I'm fobless and I miss it. Mine just died. Even changing a battery wouldn't fix it. RIP dear fob of mine. I didn't even know you were a fob until you were gone.

Last night during my run I put on Dirty Dancing. Not the soundtrack, but the actual movie. I have quite a few movies sitting in my iTunes - and I think I might start running to them more often now. First I have to finish Dirty Dancing. -- Right now Baby and her dad are having issues and Lisa thinks she is top dog now. Bitch. Oh, and Lisa just said, "Tonight's the night with Robbie. He doesn't even know yet." Yeah - the joke will be on you, Lisa!

Did you all love last night's episode of Glee? I don't even care about the storyline ... I just loved that it was MJ MJ MJ. I don't need to say it again, but I will ... I freaking love Michael Jackson! I used to bring my red tape player to kindergarten and make the entire class dance around to his music before school. True story. And then the New Girl. Who's watching it? I can't get enough of it. The whole cast is just great! It makes me smile.

You know what else makes me smile? This!

Boom! I'm running Boston. Okay, fine. Not THE big race, but I get to cross the same finish line the day before, so there!

My spare time is now filled with my new travel books about Boston and color coded tabs for marking things I want to see! If you have been there (or live there) and have any fabulous ideas and/or suggestions .... send them my way! *It is possible I've already started looking up the childhood homes of the New Kids on the Block AND the Real World Boston house.*


  1. The Glee episode was great. My favorite was when Artie and Mike did Scream, because that video is amazeballs.

    Also, if you need a little race warmup, try to see if you can hit up the Esplanade by the Charles River. It is so pretty to run by, and since there are lot of bikers and runners on it, you have water fountains and stuff all over the place.

    Aside from Mike's Pastry, that is what I miss most about Boston. The Esplanade. I am so jealous you are better let us know if you find out where the New Kids lived (Jordan's still my fav)! :)

  2. What the Fob? Love it! Both my car's have Fobs and we have purchased spare ones of ebay as they are so pricy to buy from the dealers.

    I don't watch Glee or New Girl :)

  3. I'm with Jen. Look online and you can probably get a replacement for pretty cheap.

  4. Love my fob.
    My fob rocks!

  5. How cool you are going to Boston!! I've never been (but it's on my list of places to go).


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