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-Steve Prefontaine
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- Don Draper

Friday, February 24, 2012

Bleep Bloop aka I Wrote This On Meds

*Oops! I write this yesterday and forgot to post.*

Running hasn't been happening. I was supposed to return to it last night. Then Meniere's paid a visit. As I type this I am currently under the influence of the back-up drugs I take to try to help minimize the vertigo. Not sure how helpful they are when they just make me loopy and sleepy! I set an alarm to get up and run this morning, but when I got out of bed and almost fell I realized i wasn't in any condition to run. Hopefully tonight. If these drugs wear off, I really want to get out there and run! The last one was so good - I want to do it again!!

Taryn was super awesome and just sent me a link about Fiona Apple. Other than Steve Prefontaine, Fiona is my big idol. I freaking love her. She's just so perfect - in my eyes anyway. I knew an announcement was coming, but I wouldn't let myself get too excited or speculate. But SHE'S BACK!! Hallelujah!! I cannot wait for more Fiona! This really made my day. I wouldn't say I'm a Fiona groupie --- except I totally am. Her guitar player used my pen once. I was devastated when I lost that pen.

Templeton - my new piglet!
On Facebook I started an informal status update poll. My mom has never seen the Notebook and refuses to watch it. But then she always whines about Ryan Gosling and why does everybody love him so much. I keep telling her to just watch the Notebook and then she'd get it. But she won't. Thoughts? Do you love that movie? Do you hate it? In 2005 I had a bad Meniere's attack during work and had to go home. I thought I'd just curl up on the couch and sleep. The Notebook was on. Thinking it looked horrible and sappy I knew that if I put it on I would immediately be bored into a nice sleep. Right? Wrong! I never slept. I was sucked into it. I was sobbing. Before this movie I was never a crier. Now? Forget about it. I bought PS I Love You. I thought it was going to be a cute little romantic comedy like You've Got Mail. Wrong again! I had to grab a hand towel because a little tissue was not soaking up all the tears enough. The Notebook turned me into a freaking sap! My second time seeing Les Miserable? The entirety of Michael Jackson Cirque du Soleil... what did I do? Cry! What the hell is wrong with me?!? 

This talk led to Giraffy and I talking about Office Space. I don't even need to tell you about my day to day life. If you've seen that movie, you know my daily existence. I have the red stapler (but more as a tribute to that movie). And I am very much the asshole that wants to play Tetris and just not show up to work. The Robot that I have referenced before is 100% Milton. No wonder I feel like sometimes I'm going insane. Maybe I should take a tip from that movie and just go work in construction or dig holes.

And last, on my random little post ... I was kind of eyeballing a hilly 15K this weekend. I get a PR on a hilly course so suddenly I think I'm awesome and unstoppable? I guess if I do end up running it then it will be good hill training and prep for the next 15K. After that race ...Boston 5K. (I just said that so I could again tell myself that I'm freaking going to Boston!) I might run in the Redwoods instead this weekend. That would be cool. BUT the Oscars are here. I never miss the Oscars. Pizza. Red Carpet. Billy Crystal. Love it!

That's it. Bye!


  1. Office Space might be one of the best movies of all time. No lie.

    And you are welcome about Fiona Apple. I am also a huge fan. I have a shirt from her tour right after Extraordinary Machine came has the lyrics from that song on it. I love it!

    I am LOVING Templeton, what a cute little pig!!

  2. I <3 Office Space but have never seen The Notebook cuz it looked too sappy. I should give it a chance! Speaking of notebooks, are you keeping a Meniere's diary or have you in the past? When I was first diagnosed my doc suggested it: I wrote down what I ate, stress level, meds, how I felt in general, etc. It was extremely helpful in pinpointing my triggers (sodium, stress, period bloat, sinus congestion) so we could figure out how to deal with them. I used a Winnie the Pooh notebook that made me smile even when I felt like crap :)

  3. Maybe your mom could read the Notebook book, so then she would understand why we all love Ryan Gosling so much.

    I never cry, and I did at that movie. I hope S loves me that much when I get old(er).

  4. Boston. Boston. Boston. :)

    What's the deal with virgin rum and coke? Isn't that just coke?

  5. It is sooooo cool that you're going to Boston.

    I do really like The Notebook, I just borrowed it from my grandma the other day, but I couldn't get Dan to watch it with me. :(


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