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-Steve Prefontaine
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- Don Draper

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Week 3: I'm on a Roll!

After last week not being the most fabulous, this week was better than ever - running wise. Perhaps having crazy, unnecessary drama going on in my life was good inspiration for some awesome runs!  

I had 3 swim classes this week, all of them being a ton of fun and a good work out. My arms were actually sore all week from the work we did their focusing on different muscles each day. I just love that!

I was a bad student - I forgot my leg exercises both days. I'll bat my eye lashes at the coach and try to beg for forgiveness on that one.

And then the running. Four runs this week for a total of 25 miles. Each 5 miler was better than the prior. I kept gaining speed, even during the walking intervals. I did have one little hiccup. During my 3rd 5 mile run I was 2 miles in when things got funky. By 2.5 I realized I was having a minor Meniere's attack. 3 miles in and I was sitting on a short wall trying to get my bearings and feel steady enough on my feet to finish out the last two. And finish those two I did!

After a run this week I had a wonderful surprise. I checked my mail and wallah! It was there! After 2 months of waiting, I finally got my Rock'n'Roll Encore medal. Woohoo! I wish every training run had a prize like this waiting for me!

Today I had a great 10 mile run. I covered some new terrain and really enjoyed the change of pace, so to speak. But speaking of pace ... it kept getting faster as the miles went on. I would venture to guess my final 2 miles were the fastest of the entire run!

I also stepped up the food game and made myself a stir fry. It was good AND healthy!  And speaking of eating better, mixed with all of this running ... on Thursday I had FIVE people tell me I looked skinnier. Woohoo! I'll take hearing that any day!

Not running related, but life related.... my dad has been in town this week. His best friend passed away two days after Christmas and this weekend was a really nice "Celebration of Life" in his honor. He was a really nice guy. So laid back. AND he was a movie star! Yep! Have you ever seen (oh heck, have you ever heard of??) Fire in the Sky? It was made right here! And Bill walks right through a shot. If you watch the movie you totally can't miss him. And if you watch the movie you'll see buildings I run by on many of my long runs. I think of Bill and that movie every time I pass by! The movie is pretty horrible, but I do watch it if it is ever on. I mean how many small Oregon towns (other than Astoria & Cottage Grove) get to say a movie with real Hollywood stars was filmed there?

And now it is officially Race Week! I get to spend next weekend with one of my most favorite people, the blog world's own Cilley Girl. Plus Jules will also join us as we all carb up and race together next Sunday! I cannot wait!!


  1. That Rock Encore medal is fab. Glad you had a great running week. 25 miles, that's terrific.

  2. Love the medal. Very cool!

  3. The eye scene in Fire In The Sky is one of the scariest things I have ever seen in my LIFE.

  4. That medal is awesome! And it looks like we had the same thought this week - mixing it up with different terrain.

  5. Congrats on your rockstar week! You seriously motivate me to get my butt in gear. I have not felt like training at all.

    And congrats on that badass medal :) Doesn't it make you want to run 8 more to collect all 7? haha!


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