To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.
-Steve Prefontaine
Make it simple, but significant.
- Don Draper

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Perfect Timing! ºoº

Today is Day 2 of 1/2 marathon training! (I like to mention it to any and everyone that will listen to me. Heck the cashier at the grocery store thought I was the coolest thing ever and actually started writing down info about C25K so she could start running. She even told me I was "very inspirational" and thanked me for talking to her. Go me!)  Anyway - day 2 and my first run. Of course it had to be raining... but then it is Oregon and therefore I don't even really notice the rain anymore.

But what made today even more exciting? 

Our first official Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon e-mail! Woohoo!! Did you get yours, too?

So enough of this babble, I have to get reading!

I've also spent part of my day daydreaming about this:

I feel like tonight is going to be a great run!!

Who else is going for the 2011 Coast to Coast Challenge??

Monday, November 29, 2010

The Beginning and The END!

Today is a HUGE day!

Not only is it Lesley's birthday (Happy Birthday, Expo Partner!), but it is also the start of new things for me! Today is the official beginning of training for my very first half marathon. If you ignore me not wanting to drag myself out of my warm bed, I did wake up feeling invigorated and ready for this new adventure!

I started off with a protein shake. I am a vegetarian with terrible eating habits. My protein intake is basically non-existent most days. Sushi Guy has been trying to get me to try protein shakes for weeks now, so today I finally did. Tomorrow I might mix it with milk or less water. It was tolerable - but really it was like water with a hint of flavor. Yesterday I loaded up on "healthy" food at the store. My definition of healthy isn't like anyone else I'm sure, but at least it is an improvement on what I would prefer to eat. (Can't we just live off of pizza and fries??)  I don't actually have my first run of training until tomorrow, but tonight I'll still be getting in some exercise and working on maybe toning my pathetic arms?

I also said today is the End! I sure hope so! I have (I think) made my official Princess 1/2 Marathon running skirt purchase - with matching arm sleeves!  FYI - Running Skirts is having a Cyber Monday sale! I'm a sucker for a sale. I'm a sucker for a cute running skirt. I couldn't resist! So I think this is the end of shopping .... for a while. I feel like I want to wear my "Love to Run" Prefontaine shirt at the 1/2, and it will match the skirt I just bought. But if I find something else I just HAVE to have between now and then I won't rule it out. But I can't imagine doing this first huge race without Pre with me in some fashion. Maybe someone will get me one of the Pre necklaces that his sister made?? Hint, hint, hint.... Christmas ideas!! Wait - okay, so nobody in my family reads this blog. That was a wasted hint. 

So, in conclusion (remember having to do things like that in school? I love being able to write MY way now!) .... Happy Birthday, Lesley! Hello 1/2 Training! Good bye, shopping! I'm putting the credit card away. I think. Yeah. I am.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Time to Procrastinate is NOW

.... because come Monday I can't procrastinate anymore!

I have officially declared Monday, November 29th, 2010 the beginning of training for my very first half marathon. This is HUGE! First off - I was never supposed to be a runner. People laughed at my aspirations to run a 5K. And now I am laughing at them as I happily put my training calendar on the refrigerator and start getting my mind focused and ready for the challenge. You only get to have your first time once - and here it is!

So, as I procrastinate up to the last possible minute, I thought it would be fun to get some new music to listen to during my runs. I have found other good songs via my blog, so I thought if any of you have some must-have songs that you'd like to suggest, well, I'm all ears!

And for my own suggestion, go get the new Glee Christmas CD. It is fabulous!

This Training is Gonna ROCK!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Shopping, Expos, Shopping, Food, Shopping

  • I went into our new local Costco today for the first time. Eh - unimpressed. I was impressed by the ginormous size of the shopping carts, however. Those puppies are HUGE!
  • I'm starting to look ahead to 2011 and my races that I'm lining up. I've already registered for 2 half marathons and a quarter marathon. The big thing on my mind? Disneyland! Anyone else planning to run the Disneyland Half-Marathon? As it looks right now, my travel buddy won't be able to join me, so I'm brainstorming on who to have as my roommate and cheerleader. I'm pretty darn excited, too! I haven't been to Disneyland since December 2000 when I sent myself there as a college graduation present to myself. Sure I've been to Disney World countless times, but it will feel good to go back to where it all started. Now I just have to start saving money for the entry fee, hotel and tickets. I really need to work on my connections and see what kind of perks I can get to minimize the cost!
  • Anyone here into barefoot running? Am I correct in thinking you just wear those really thin shoes versus actually running barefoot? I don't see myself trying this, but Sushi Guy is always talking about it. I tried on his new shoes and it was strange how different they felt compared to my running shoes.
  • I ran twice yesterday. VERY short runs, but still I tried. I realized that suddenly - seriously overnight! - Oregon became cold. I went to bed Monday night. I woke up Tuesday morning to run and there was snow. It was 27º during my first race last year, but since then I haven't had to brave the elements. I decided to spend the next week and a half getting acclimated to running in really cold weather. After that? Half marathon training officially starts! YAY! I can hardly believe that in less than 3 months from right now I will already be in Florida anxiously awaiting the Fit For A Princess Expo!
  • Black Friday.... I think I'm sleeping in for the first time in years. Woohoo!! Here's a question for all you pro-runners out there .... are there any fabulous, must have, on-line deals for running type things? Like Running or Zensah? Anything like that? There isn't one place in my town where I could get anything running related, other than socks or sports bras. Oh yeah- I Black Friday shop for ME!!
  • Tonight I'm cooking! Little ol' me! Pumpkin pies and starting on the stuffing. Tomorrow I'll be cooking fifteen pounds of mashed potatoes and peas. The peas are for ME, too! Nobody else cares about them. They are my candy!
I hope you all have a great extending Thanksgiving Day weekend! Don't worry about calories - just have fun indulging on this awesome holiday! And none of you better be trampling over other shoppers. Here's my shopping tip - since I'm kind of a pro - bring one of those awesome recycled type tote bags. I have a ton if you need to borrow one. And then pack light. No purse - just keys, ID and money. Throw the bag over your shoulder and as you see things you need, chuck them in the bag. This gives you TWO free hands for pushing other women out of the way when you are fighting over socks. Is it just my town that has people going ballistic over regular ol' men's socks? I've yet to see it - but I've heard the horror stories!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I'm So Good - I Can Run With My Eyes Closed??

1st off -- I'm one step closer to being a morning runner! I was up at 6 this morning, saw snow outside, and still continued to get dressed and go out. I only did one mile, but that's a step. I think I'll do a couple more tonight so I can at least get more than 1 mile in for the day. But mostly I am happy with how easy it was to just get up in the morning with the intent to run! I hope I can keep it up.

And now my running ... with my eyes shut?? I knew that I wasn't going to look cute, dainty or feminine in my "official" race photos from this weekend. I was working harder than I ever have. I figured since I was just doing the 5K and not the 10K or 1/2, I could really go for it ... even though I was expecting to suck. Well, um, yeah, the pictures certainly show that I was working hard. And apparently they show that I run with my eyes shut?? I swear to you I do look around. I mean how else would I have had my "religious" moment and been able to see Pre? Wait - was it a hallucination? Were my eyes shut??

So now feel free to laugh along as we see me start the race, half way through, and coming in at the end before crossing the finish line!

Okay, not so bad still fresh, nice double chin, and my EYES ARE CLOSED??

I'm sure I was just concentrating on nut stepping on a worm??

I love this one. It is so horrible! Look at my hair! I was in the process of ripping out my headphones so I could hear the crowd as I came in to the finish line. At this point I knew the PR was mine, and I was going to continue that sprint through the finish line!

I can't tell if that is a look of "OMG I'm going to puke!" or happiness. I mean it is a fine line with me. ;)

Now THAT is happiness!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Mystery Inc is on the Case!

Hey - that awesome PR I just had and wrote a report about? That was my 400th post! Who knew I'd end up with such a great topic for number 400?

Today we have a little look at four 30-somethings trick or treating around the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World!

Daphne & Velma

Fred & Shaggy

Searching for clues!

Boo To You Parade
I LOVE the Boo To You parade. It is so much fun. Peppy music! Candy! (I don't even eat candy, yet I love to see how much I can get.) Captain Jack Sparrow. And of course, the Headless Horseman!
I think something fishy is going on OVER THERE!

I LOVE this part of the parade. The first time I saw it and realized the Haunted Mansion was coming to life in front of my very eyes - well I was like a kid ... a kid in a candy shop?!?  Moments before I took this picture I had just had a special moment with Captain Jack Sparrow! Apparently I was loud enough and enthusiastic with my screaming, and he noticed. We had our own little moment, just the two of us, which lasted for quite a while, and it was grand. Highlight of my night!
Velma does The Robot!
Daphne does Disco!

And there you have it! Velma & Daphne went home with an obscene amount of candy compared to most other guests. Here's our little tip! Go on the very last night of Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party. And then as your candy bag gets full dump it! Into another bag. Into your purse. Into your souvenir popcorn bucket that you just HAD to buy because it has the Cheshire Cat on it. This keeps your bag looking pathetic compared to everyone else. Plus, with it being the last night they are trying to get rid of all the candy. It helps to look ahead. If you get choices of who to go to for the candy -- watch! Who is more generous? Go to that line! My suitcase was 10 pounds heavier on the way home, and candy is really the only thing I added to it that wasn't there before!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Run To Stay Warm 5K

Okay, so to recap the short back-story .... I've been stuffy. I haven't run. Last Tuesday, on a whim, I signed up for a 5K. I figured it would be a fun way to force myself to get out and run 3 miles, but knew it would probably be my slowest race ever.  With that, let's recap the day!

4:30am: alarm goes off. Ugh.
4:50am: I get out of bed.
6:15am: I leave my house and head to pick up Sushi Guy and head to Eugene

Once in Eugene panic set it. I couldn't figure out how to get the race area. I could see it, but couldn't figure out how to get there. Long story short - we made it and no trouble getting a parking spot.  My bladder wanted nothing more than to find a potty - even if it was a porta-one. But then my nerves wanted me to get checked in. So first things first was getting my chip and number. On the way I heard, "Hey Ronda!" and there was my friend John that I haven't seen in over a year! He was doing the 1/2 marathon, and from what I hear he did great!
John & I right before the 1/2 Marathon started
Then, no sooner did I see him and start walking toward the car and I ran into fellow bloggers! (We'll get to that in just a sec!)  Got checked in. Sushi Guy was faster with that. Who knew that just registering on the day would be faster than paying ahead of time??  And while I was in line to get my number I saw Rocky! Rocky and I have known each other since junior high and had band together all through high school. He was my boyfriend for all of 2 months way back in the day. Rocky went on to WIN the 10K! He is so freaking fast!

Ronda & Rocky - a little RHS reunion in the parking lot!
All checked in, number on, time for Sushi Guy and I to wander a bit and grab the camera. Heading to check out the course map we ran into the bloggers again. Photo time!! I mean really, how many of us aren't always ready for a mini-photo shoot at any race?? For the record, I looked like a total moron in all of them. I just wanted to get that out there so you would all know that I do know and acknowledge it! ;)

And there we are! My first bloggie meet up - who knew there were at least 4 bloggers in the Pacific NW? I swear most of you are all on the east side of the US or down in Texas or up in Canada! But four of us all managed to meet up at the same time in the same place! So, without further ado I shall introduce you to LaurieFruitFly --- wait, you already know me, (Just) Trying is for Little Girls  and Elkton Runner. They were all so cool! And poor them having to listen to me TRY to talk. I swear every word I tried to say yesterday came out completely wrong. You'd think I've never even run in a race before! And everybody had a great race. Those gals are speedy! Congrats to all of you... Now if you could mail me some of your talent I would be very appreciative!

And then I promised I would share this lovely photo of "FruitFly and Sushi Guy"!

Turns out he is rather camera shy and freezes once a camera comes out (hence why I just decided to throw my body into him right before the camera clicked!). By the end of the day I think he finally started to relax. I mean you can't really get through a photo shoot with me and not eventually just give in and smile! And what about Sushi Guy?  Well .... he got first in his age group and a new PR!

BUT hold on! This is MY blog. Let's talk about ME ME ME!!!  Okay, dang -- Eugene, Oregon is called Track Town USA for a reason. Those people are FAST! And I was so grateful for that yesterday. To make a 3 mile race a short summary .... I was on fire! I couldn't believe how fast I was going. The one time I noticed I started to slow down - which then was still around 10minute miles - a pack of 1/2 marathon runners came around me - like a swarm of bees. They flew by me, but it really helped me get back on track. Near the end of mile 3 I did walk twice, but only about 5 steps each time. I was pretty sure I was going to hurl and I didn't want to get it on myself. But I snapped out of it and pushed for the end. Right at the 3 mile mark I had to do a triple take at my Garmin. Before this my PR was 31:11. When I looked down I was at 29:58. I knew if I didn't fall on my face I'd have a new PR. So I ran. Oh my gosh did I run! If they got me in any of the photos I know I will look like I am a distorted alien type freak probably in massive pain. I just pushed it harder than I've ever pushed it ... and I snatched up my new PR of 30:35. And not only did I get a new best time, but I finally achieved my goal of having an average pace of LOWER than 10 minute miles. WOO HOO!!!

I honestly thought I was going to be horrible. And I was okay with that. I would have never expected the day to turn out as it did! And I beat Rocky! Well, not really. I crossed, went to puke (but didn't), met up with Sushi Guy, and then heard Rocky's name announced as the 10K winner. I rushed to congratulate him, and then rub it in that I finished first. I totally expected him to pass me before the finish line. Hey - I will take any victory I can!  (The photo to the left is me showing off what I "won".... a lovely generic bib.)

Post race was a lot of fun, too! After Sushi Guy got his award, which you know I promptly tried to steal and pretend it was my own, we watched people finish and eventually decided we were hungry and must tend to our tummys. Now, if you didn't read the original blog about Sushi Guy, I will let you know that we met at a race in May, (in which I also PR'd. He might be my lucky charm?) and when he asked if I wanted to go for coffee after I was stupid and passed ... because I don't drink coffee?? Stupid Ronda!!  Yesterday I did NOT pass up on the offer!

The rest of the day we drove around Eugene to various sports shops. I ended up with some new gloves, sports bra, shirt, and running pants. Sushi Guy got new shoes. And an education in American (he is not from here) early 90's hip-hop music... in the form of Kriss Kross. And C + C Music Factory. 

No trip to Eugene is satisfactory for me until I visit Pre's Rock. Today was especially important for me. My new thing has been to have a bubble bath and pep talk with myself the night before. And in my pep talk I do my best to talk to Pre and have him help me the next day. Well yesterday I kid you not, I swear I saw him. If any of you other runners saw this please tell me! It was like seeing Jesus in your food. I saw Pre on the ground. I don't know if it was really there. Or if it was a collection of leaves. Or what. I don't know ... but once I saw Pre I sped up, past a lot of people, and we know how the race ended. So I had to go to his rock and say Thank You!

And Sushi Guy decided to leave his ribbon as a thank you. Sushi Guy was also sick all week, and still is - and once our PR adrenaline rushes wore off we were both a pretty lame, quiet pair!

The start of our photo shoot!

Such a fun day! Overall I improved in every aspect and my body still felt great after. I didn't leave anything out there, so I feel like I really did do my best!

One more of the girls! 

Saturday, November 20, 2010

EEK!!!! aka BEST. RACE. DAY. EVER. !!!!

OMG you guys!! I can't even blog it. 
Okay, seriously. No really, I don't know where to start. Let us just consider this the preview.

Basically, I have been so congested I could hardly breathe. Before today I had only run 3 times in November, for a grand total of about oh, 4 miles? On a whim I signed up for a 5K. Expecting to have a potential all time high "score" (today was the day I could NOT find any of the correct words!)... instead?


And not just that, but my goal of running sub 10 minute miles on average? I totally achieved that goal, too!

AND I met up with some fellow bloggers, Sushi Guy, an old boyfriend from 9th grade, and another old friend. Overall a FABULOUS day!

The full blog with photos will come tomorrow!  

p.s. I had some quality time with Prefontaine today too.  You know how people see Jesus in their food? I swear to you I saw Pre! I wish I was kidding. I mean I sadly think I stepped on his face? We'll cover that in tomorrow's post!

My first blogger meet up! YAY! And of course I look like a boob! :)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hi! :) I am Done Whining!

I am done with my whining about the TSA! (I know, you are all shouting Hallelujah about now, right?) My mom and I came up with a plan for when I am inevitably given the world's most thorough enhanced pat-down. (I really am that unlucky, I swear.)  Depends! We have decided to just wear Depends. Either that, or if they probe too deeply perhaps my little bladder will give out and oopsie daisies - good thing I packed spare undies for this trip! Wink, wink. ;)

This week I have spent over $160 on new running clothes. I couldn't pass up on the early Black Friday sale on the Skirt Sports website. I suggest you run over there if you are a fun. I got some of their "shorties" for $10.50! That's a steal! So in total, my new purchases this week are the Zensah arm sleeves and compression capris, the "shorties", a running skirt and then a matching long sleeve top for that shirt. I suspect that will be my December race outfit, too! Now I just have to wait on the mail. Does time go any slower than when you are waiting on a package in the mail??

I passed on running last night because I was just so worn down from this stupid cold. But my mind is all in the game today. I went to bed early and feel ready to run tonight. By the way, did anyone catch the Criminal Minds episode after Survivor last night? I missed the end, so I don't know how it turned out. It was a good one, too! If you know - feel free to leave it in the comments! 

Anyone going to see the Harry Potter movie? I want to go. I imagine I'll be going alone. When you're the only single one in your local circle of friends, you find yourself going to things solo quite often. I'm an only child, so I'm used to this, and it is actually kind of fun! What I'm not doing solo is going to the race on Saturday. Mr. Sushi and I have decided to ride up together -- at least I think we did. I was fuzzy and tired during that conversation. That will be fun - might help calm my nerves a bit. I hope. Or make them worse!

My mom and I finished our matching outfits for the Royal Family 5K in Disney World. Since I am just going to enjoy walking it with her before I run the half, I figured we didn't have to be too hard core with the running gear. Is anybody else going to do the 5K also? If so - when you see the two women in matching hoodies and pajama pants, well then you found us!  I'm also thinking I'll be in my token knee high rainbow socks at the Expo --- so look down at the short people in silly socks, and you will have found me!

Okay this post is done. I feel another photo blog coming on today as well! Perhaps Halloween Horror Nights or the Kennedy Space Center. We'll just have to see which one calls to me today!

Look for these two faces in Florida in just three months!!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A TSA Story from One of Us

I do not know this blog author. I've never read her blog before. But I feel like she is one of us. Granted I am not a mom, but I hope to be some day. I know a lot of you are. And she is a runner ... raise your hand if you are, too? That's what I thought!

I just stumbled on this post of hers and wanted to share her story. She is a mom that was traveling to Texas to run a half-marathon when she found herself caught off guard and getting way more of a pat-down than I think any of us really want. I can handle the basics. I've gone to places before where it is just standard procedure to get the general pat down before entering. But this is too far. When they touch you in places I'm not even mature enough to say? Well that's pretty sad.

So anyway, check it out if you want to. It will be interesting to see how all of this new TSA nonsense turns out.
TSA Sexual Assault by Erin - a mommy blogger.

In Honor of Harry Potter

I wanted to blog, but my head is so stuffy I can't even think. So I thought we'd have another photo blog from my vacation.... in honor of the new Harry Potter movie coming out this week. 

Today's topic ... Islands of Adventure! I bought the first 6 Harry Potter movies just so I could watch and study before our trip. I didn't want to get there and not be able to fully appreciate everything around me. Who knew I'd be the one flipping out over how cool it was and begging my friends to get me my own robe?? (Nobody bought it for me, but Christmas is coming up ... hint hint!) This was our longest day. Up, showered, stop at the food court for a bagel, driving through tourist traffic, parked and at Universal by 8:30am. We got back to our hotel room and in bed at 1:30am the next morning!

We were so excited and feeling fresh at this point!
We made it!

Jessica & Ryan being total tourists!

I was just so happy to be back here after so many years!

Yay! I'm here - time to spaz and want to BE Harry Potter!
Mmm, Butterbeer! If you go you MUST try it! And why not splurge and get it in the cute little souvenir mug? You also get a choice of frosted or regular ... I opted for frosted. I sampled both, and I preferred it this way. It had a very smooth taste to it. Contrary to the name, there is NO alcohol in it. It tastes like cream soda and butterscotch, with the occasional hint of root beer. It was very yummy! PLUS, it really begs for you to make a foam mustache. Am I right? Or am I right??
One of only 3 group photos from our entire trip. Heading to Hogwarts for our very first time!!
Christmas present idea?

And finally, just Hogwarts! It really is massive. We could see it from I-4 on our drive there. The queue line itself was just fascinating. Really an amazing ride. I would have enjoyed it even if I hadn't done all the studying before my trip. If you have a chance, GO!! But hit it first thing before the crowds get there for sure. We even had to wait in line just to go into a store!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Frequent Flyer + Prude = Not Good!

I fly all the time it seems. More than some. Less than others. I'd say I fly somewhere at least 3 times a year. Next year alone I have 4 half marathons planned (as of now) and they are all in different states. So there are 3 flights right there. With all this talk of the new TSA rules I can't help but blog about it -- like tons of other people are, no doubt.

First off, here is a story of an experience I had in 2007.

My mom, step-dad and I were flying home from Orlando via Denver. Apparently the weather in Denver was so bad that our flight out of Orlando was delayed multiple hours. By the time we got to Denver the airport was essentially closed. We were all sent to a counter to get tickets worked out for the rest of our journey home, and given coupons for a near-by hotel. Bad news is, as if being stranded wasn't bad enough, our luggage was in limbo. That means we just had our carry-ons and the disgusting little complimentary toiletry kit they gave us. It was snowy outside. We were in skirts and summer tops (shorts for my step-dad). And flip-flops. Lovely.

The next morning there is a huge fiasco with our flights and they had booked me on some flight earlier in the morning - but never told me. Anyway security .... we weave through the longest line ever. My step-dad and I get through with no problem, but my mom is pulled aside and frisked. Great. At the gate my step-dad and I get pulled aside and told to wait for security agents to come. What?? 

This huge woman and a man come along. In front of everyone they go through our carry-on baggage. Yes, my dirty undies were in there. Thank goodness I had my swimming suit, so I could at least kind of feel like I had something fresh on. And then we were frisked in front of everyone. It was so humiliating. I politely asked why we had been singled out. She wouldn't answer me. My  mom commented about how apparently if you politely ask a reasonable question they don't have to answer you.  So the scary woman replied.

"You left the airport. We don't know what you brought back in with you. Why did you change your tickets?"

WHAT???? Um, did you forget that storm?? Tons of canceled flights? Forced to leave? Is all of this just vanished from your memory? And how many of the other thousands of travelers just entered the airport? How am I ANY different?  

The last 3 people to board, we got the stink eye from everyone on the plane. I know bad words came from my mouth when I was walking down to the plane. We seriously felt like the Griswolds. It was humiliating.

Cut to getting home and emptying our bags. What did my mom find in her carry-on? An obscene amount of Disney hotel shampoo that I had thrown in her carry-on without her knowledge. All these security checks and they never noticed all of these "illegal" liquids we carried on?? Nice, TSA. Nice.

And now it seems that people will randomly be chosen to either basically feel like they are standing there naked for _____ (who really knows??) to see. OR, if you are prude like me you can opt for the extreme "pat down". But then if you are prude like me do you really want to feel like you could just cancel your annual pap smear appointment because some TSA agent is going to be feeling you up in great detail anyway?  

I've read where people are thinking we should stop flying as a form of protest to this completely humiliating new form of "security". Well okay -but I am already flying in February. And I don't feel like driving from Oregon to Anaheim or Las Vegas either. I do want to travel by train sometime, but I don't really know the logistics of that. I don't know. It just seems extreme. We saw a woman in her 80's getting frisked once. Really? Because someone's great grandma is a huge security risk? 

I think I'm still formulating opinions on it all. What would I do if I am randomly selected? I hate confrontation so I feel like I'd probably just cry while they look at my naked body. And I call BS on them when they say it doesn't really show much detail. Really?? Because I've seen quite a few of the photos that have been posted, and you pretty much see EVERYTHING. I don't even like to see myself naked, let alone have some stranger sitting in a gross chair at a computer screen see me naked. I mean my own doctor has to fight to get me into a paper robe ... and he's my doctor!

What do you all feel? Any opinions? Thoughts? Supportive of the new policy? Against it? I suppose I have thought about it because at the airport I am unlucky. I am always pulled for random things. THIS is one thing I don't want the displeasure of going through.

(I did not proof-read this because I feel lazy, so I apologize if there are tons of glaring errors!)

A Hot Mess

I figure "hot mess" is the only way to describe myself last night. (Seriously, could I have gotten a worse angle in that picture??)

There I am in my Skirt Sports running skirt/capris, my awesome Skirt Sports 3/4 sleeve jacket, an old race shirt (which isn't actually old at all - 4th of July's 10K), my new leg sleeves, my blood soaked shoes and the new socks I was given at the last race I did. I pretty much feel like I looked like a walking running disaster.

And then there is the cold. I don't even know if you can call it a cold. I just can't breathe. I'm all stuffy sounding. It is really annoying actually. 

So I went out for my first run since getting back from vacation and finally getting over the jet lag that wouldn't die. My legs felt great. I was very happy about that! My lungs? Burning. I did two miles before I just had to call it quits. But even at that it only took me 21 minutes I think. I had 2 mini-walk breaks to adjust the coat. Okay, so I'm not just stuffy - I have the temperature thing going on where one minute I'm cold and the next I'm sweating. So 1/2 the time the coat was a great idea the other 1/2 not so much.

It was during this run that I gave in to the good bad good .... er, um, Influence(!) of that persuasive gal at (Just) Trying is for Little Girls .... and registered for a 5K this weekend.

So there it is. The most spontaneous racing decision so far! Looks like rain or shine, stuffy nose or not, I'll be racing. Go me! Totally not even trying for a PR, but definitely looking forward to being essentially forced to run more than 2 miles at a time this week!

And remember that sushi date from a couple of months ago? He is probably going to do it too, now!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Someone Went Shopping

After my week in Florida and then returning to Oregon to find myself freezing all the time I realized I have to adjust my running clothes. I've been wearing knee high socks every single day to work, and bringing out all sorts of sweaters and jackets. Um, yeah, it is still in the 50's here I think. So basically, I am admitting that it seems this winter I am a total wimp.

However, being a weather weenie doesn't fit into my schedule when finally I get to get really serious about this Princess 1/2 Marathon coming up. So, what did I do to resolve my cold weather issues?? I went shopping!

Being delivered to me this week are some Zensah arm sleeves and Zensah 3/4 length capris. I am so excited!! I've been hearing this Zensah name ever since I started reading all the running blogs, and now finally I'll have some of their products! Last month I bought some Adidas leg sleeves, so I've got that covered. And my friend got me this awesome jacket to run in for my birthday, which puts me at 3 jackets. So while I'm sure I am still under-prepared in the clothing department, I do feel a little better. Fortunately the rain doesn't phase me. I mean if it did it would just be ridiculous to try to be a runner in Oregon, right?

I haven't run since my birthday morning - which was November 4th - so I am very happy to announce that today I will be going for a run after work. I'm still congested, but I think finally over my jet lag and ready to be a somewhat normal person again. Plus my legs just really want to MOVE! Woohoo!!

Just for fun photo - Halloween at the Hard Rock Cafe!

Oh. My. Gosh.
It really just hit me. I mean I knew it was going to happen. But for some reason the magnitude of it all just hit me. I'm seriously going to run a half-marathon in just over three months. Holy freaking cow!! I can't wait!!!!!