To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.
-Steve Prefontaine
Make it simple, but significant.
- Don Draper

Monday, April 30, 2012

12 Minutes

12 minutes -- that's the amount of time shaved off from my finish at last year's Eugene Half Marathon.
13 - that's number of half marathons I have done.
36 - the number of races I have done.
Fastest - that was my fastest finish time so far!
Slowest - that's where I "rank" among everybody from here that ran the race.

Slowest - that's where I "rank" among my Friends that ran the race. 
Equal - that's how my friends yesterday made me feel. Never could I keep up with a 3:04 MARATHON time, a prior Boston runner, a sub-2 hour half marathon. BUT you know what?? Those friends that are far superior to me never once made me feel any less. I really appreciate that! I still feel the support from them. When we part I never feel I'll be made fun of for being a slower runner. I leave their presence and feel excited! I'm excited for them and their success. I'm excited to be a runner. I'm excited about the friendships I have formed all from a common bond. I feel inspired to keep trying to improve. I look forward to seeing them again.

The joke - that's how I am made to feel every single day in this environment where people are openly mocked here for not being able to keep up with faster runners. I am slower than the one openly laughed at. While I should be happy today over my personal victory I am just sad. I've never been embarrassed or ashamed of my running until the daily dynamic changed. It's like I'm the token chubby slow girl that has to be patronized. You know what I mean? The fake support. I fell in love with the running community because of the shared support. In my first 10K race I was injured and under-prepared, but I still went and gave it my all. When I was paused to the side of the road, hurting, thinking I was going to be sick and just really wanting my mom, did the really fast people (the 20K runners) mock me? No. They actually cheered me on and urged me to keep going. I think those of us that support each other and don't judge are the majority. So why is that the minority is what I have to see every day? I notice that attitude is infectious to the point where non-runners are even judging me and looking down on me for "only" doing half marathons. Apparently you aren't "good" or working hard enough or worthy until you do a full. Okay, so what if I do a full? Do you then say I have to do a 50 miler? 100? Am I only acceptable to you if I make the Olympic Team? 

I shouldn't let it get to me. I'm probably just really tired. I know I am. And what is venting going to change? I can't change the world. I'm not some Whitney Houston song. Some will never accept me, and frankly I don't even want them to. I guess I just wish the mean attitudes didn't exist. I might have my bitchy moments, but I can't think of a time where I ever mocked someone just because they don't run an 8 minute mile. I think we all try. We all put out an effort. We all have different reasons for running and different goals. I am not competitive. I never have been. I don't have to be the best. But just because I'm different, I don't think I'm any less. 

Faster. Slower. Sprinter. Runner/Walker. Long. Short. Skinny. Fat. We are all runners. Plain and simple. 

I just wish I could fairly be accepted as one. In the end, my hobby that I am so passionate about - I hardly even speak of it anymore. It's like I'm shoving the biggest part of my life into a closet just so I can stop being mocked. I'm almost to the point where I pretend I DON'T run anymore. I shouldn't have to do that. I shouldn't do it.

Someone just send this to me: Just know that you have people that know you, and are very proud of how you did yesterday. You are awesome.

Well said. I will focus on that!!

Thank you to all of You! You the supportive, genuine friends - even if we haven't met in person yet, I still consider you to be my friends and you never know when we were end up meeting at some race in some place near or far!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Eugene Half Marathon - Round 2

What an interesting turn of events this race proved to be! I was kicking myself for registering for a repeat race and had no motivation to go up and run. Something seems to have changed - and I credit that to my visit to Pre's Rock the day before.  As morbid as it might be, I visit Pre's Rock quite frequently, mostly before important races. It just gives me a quiet place to talk to him and find my focus. That visit, plus trying to put  myself to bed while watching Without Limits, really helped me remember why I registered. To push myself to do my very best ... and to run with Pre! I should point out my race attire - Pre went to Marshfield High School and was #13... this was my 13th half marathon. I couldn't think of any better way to feel motivated and honor my idol at the same time than wearing his singlet when I finish on his track!

The Coach knows me well, and therefore knew to give me a pre-race call. One of the things he told me was that he KNEW I was going to get my sub 2:30 (which has kind of been my only time goal for a half marathon). He said because I wasn't stressing the race and have been improving so much lately, he saw me getting that time without much effort. I kept thinking that to myself the entire drive up to Eugene. At 5:45am I snagged my staked out parking spot and managed to not have to really parallel park. Phew! After applying some sunscreen and getting everything in order I was on my way to Hayward Field. The potty lines - non-existent - walked right in! Then I was off to meet up with the infamous Boring Runner (I quickly deemed him NOT boring at all)! He was just so nice and enthusiastic that I immediately felt calm and ready. (Thanks, Adam!) Then it was off to get my photo with my boyfriend -- you know, Pre. In no time at all I found a couple of co-workers (the Coach being one) for a quick group photo before we got into our corrals. *I won't point out that the girl that sang the National Anthem messed up multiple times. Nerves, I'm sure!* Guess who started the race for us!  MEB!  He and I have been at the same race two times in a row! We are almost BFFs.  Okay, let's run!

I had on a pace band to get me to 2:30. My plan wasn't even to necessarily hit that - I just kind of wanted a gauge overall of how I was doing compared to last year. To get to the finish I was going to run until I couldn't and keep walk breaks to a minimum. When I did walk I wanted it to be short. For the first 4 miles I only walked through the water stops. Oh yes, another plan - don't get sick all over the track from drinking too much and eating the on course bananas! I hit 5K pretty darn fast. In those first 3.1 miles I remember thinking "Wow, I'm not even telling my body to do anything. I'm just sort of going with zero effort! This is cool, but freaking me out a bit!" Then came the hill. I did power walk up not even half of it so I'd have energy left to run strong after. I'm happy with that choice. I couldn't believe it when I hit the 10K mark and completely smashed my 10K PR. There was a moment of celebration from me at that point!

Another thing going through my head were the words of Bill Bowerman (courtesy of Donald Sutherland in Without Limits):
Citius. Altius. Fortius. It means Faster. Higher. Stronger. It’s been the motto for the Olympics for the last 2500 years. But it doesn’t mean faster, higher and stronger than who you are competing against. Just Faster. Higher. Stronger.
So for this race I alternated between "Easy. Light. Smooth." (Born to Run) and "Faster. Higher. Stronger." Not faster or stronger than other people, just faster and stronger than myself! I ignored everybody else and didn't feel a tinge of competition with them. This was all about myself staying consistent, seeing what my body was capable of today, and doing my best to make Pre proud. Could I be any cornier? Yes!

I was steadily ahead of pace. At one point I had over an 8 minute lead on getting the 2:30! I tried not to let that distract me. I didn't want to get excited and then mess it up. Steady as she goes, I just kept focusing on my breathing and finding the flattest parts to run on since I could already tell my IT Band was hurting after the long stretch on the banked road of Amazon Parkway. I was in disbelief as I passed Hayward Field and saw how ahead of schedule I was - but fortunately I didn't get cocky. As tradition has it, my body revolted. My stomach wasn't happy. The last 5K was hard. I was alternating between walking and running too frequently. I debated getting sick and then continuing strong, but it just never happened (deja vous from last year)! I saw my lead slipping away from myself, but still felt confident. When I was running I was still "fast" (heh) and I'd push it until my stomach said NO.

And soon enough there I was. I could see the entrance to Hayward Field, but I couldn't get myself to run. Did I mention by this point I was almost shivering and had stopped sweating a couple miles ago and was just hoping to get through the finish before the collapse? A spectator seemed to take notice and yelled my name. He got me to start running and kept yelling for me until I was out of hearing distance. THANK YOU!!! I was overwhelmed with joy as I dropped down onto the track for my last tenth of a mile. I couldn't do a finishing kick, but I didn't care. I had my PR and was going to enjoy every step. Then I heard my name again!! The Coach! He came down to the track just in time to cheer me on. That made me so incredibly happy that I did find a small kick and got myself through the finish line in 2:25 with a 6+ minute PR! (And, incidentally, this makes FIVE PR races in a row for me!)

I shouldn't have sat down. Getting up was not exactly easy!

I never did throw up, hallelujah - and Giraffy got photographic proof of it (see above photo)! I did, however, nearly fall over and had many volunteers holding me up and steady as I walked through, declining medical aid. And thanks to all of them for that! After making out with a wall for a while I got some water, cookies and a banana. I wandered around aimlessly not really all there. Frankly, I'm still in a daze - this is going to be a slower recovery process for me! As I was heading toward my car I stopped to watch people as they ran up to the gates with one tenth of a mile to go. It was there that Amanda and Julie found me! I talked with Julie for a while as we waited to see Small Town Runner. Overall, what a day! PRs all around - and Boring Runner got his BQ!! So I went into this race not caring and left feeling on top of the world and so excited for everyone else that also found success in Track Town USA!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I'm So Blah I Forgot To Publish This Post

Last year's Eugene - when it was fun and I cared
Normally on race week I am excited, a little nervous, looking forward to racing. This week? Pfft - I really am NOT enthused at all. The Coach and I are both running the Eugene Half Marathon on Sunday - with everyone and their freaking mother. I already paid, so I will obviously run it. But it just doesn't feel special this year. Last year it mattered. This year it is kind of blah. Almost an inconvenience. We are wondering if Boston ruined us, mentally, for this race. I mean we did just come from the biggest race I'll ever get to sort of be a part of. And now here I am going back to repeat (which we know I don't like to repeat races) and run in the same race as some people I very much detest. Don't I have the best attitude right now?? I'll be happy if I don't have to see the vile person in question. Still it is just too much. Too many people. I like the local anonymity I used to have with my running. That seems to have disappeared and makes me want to sort of hermit myself up and be sure to avoid the "popular" races. I'm not kidding. It is like everybody in town is going up to Eugene to run. For me running is an escape. Freedom. A time to do MY thing away from those people. And now they are crashing the party.

And it's not Boston. I wasn't ready to be done with vacation. I'm having a very hard transition back to normal life after my getaway. Each day I keep thinking of some way I could just relocate my friends and family to New England with me. Maybe I wouldn't like living there, but I instantly fell in love, so who knows.

Anyway - I have to race this weekend. It is kind of sad that I don't care. This is my 13th half marathon and I'm wearing something "special" in honor of that at my running idol, one Mr. Steve Prefontaine. I'm hoping once I get to the mini-expo I'll change my attitude and get excited. My mom is joining me for the trip up to Eugene for the expo and some yummy pasta somewhere. So hopefully that will also help pull me out of my mood's slump. The good part of this weekend is that I get to see Small Town Runner again, and I just adore her! She's always so nice, positive and I always leave her presence feeling inspired! I need to find her BEFORE the race I think, not just after!!

Not much else going on. I could talk about my non-race vacation activities, but I think I kind of just want to keep all of it to myself. I can say it was the single best vacation of my entire life. We were a fabulous travel duo. Zero tension. No stress. A lot of laughter and good food. We saw a lot, all the while just taking our time and stopping to enjoy simple things. I've called shot gun next time he goes back to run Boston. I get first dibs on being the side kick -- and he says WHEN I BQ he'll come as my support staff. Ah, that's so sweet --- completely delusional -- but sweet!

Also my lawn mower and I hate each other. I've kicked it and called it tons of bad words. I'm getting a new one. I've hated this one since maybe my 3rd time using it a few years ago. I want a riding mower! Wouldn't that be fun?? I do have a ton of grass to mow, but I just don't know where I'd store it - or find the money to buy it.

Goofy is on my mind a lot. The heat that just hit us makes me question if I can even run 1 mile anymore. So I'm already looking up training plans and planning ahead for a weekend of 42.4 Disney racing miles. Eek!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Mile 26.1 of the Boston Marathon In Pictures!

There is just so much I could write about my first time spectating a race and having that race be the Boston Marathon. So much so that I don't even know WHAT to write! 

The short version: I had us up early so the Coach would not have any chance at all of not getting his bus to Hopkinton. We easily made it to Boston Common where I counted 20 buses at a time lined up, filling quickly and parading off to the Athlete's Village. To say I felt out of shape and obese would be an understatement!  Once his bus took off I wandered through the park and Back Bay before officially hitting Boylston Street. I realized it would be a good investment for the day to buy a chair, so that's what I did. Chair, breakfast and magazines in hand I found a spot in what looked to possibly be the shady side of the road. I befriended 3 other women and for the next few hours we bonded over everything. I was probably there around 7am - and The Coach didn't even start running until 10:20am! This was a day long commitment, and a truly unforgettable experience!

Instead of babbling, I'll just share a small selection of photos from the large amount I captured that day!

Racing to his new world record! The Canadian women I befriended were pretty happy!

My signal that the runners were getting very close!
Sharon Cherop just 1/10th of a mile from her victory.
Wesley Korir leading the men, moments from his win!
Josh Hartmann
As best as I could tell, the two in yellow didn't know the middle guy, but that didn't stop them from turning around, helping him get up and walking him into the finish. Still gives me goose bumps.
Running. Heat. Packs. Full clothes. WOW!
The view down Boylston
Another man down - a very common sight during that incredibly hot day.
Another sight I didn't like having to see as often as I did.
That skinny man in the blue shorts - the Coach! He did it!!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Fenway + Fruit Fly = Love!

Okay, I'll just admit it right off the bat ... I cannot stand baseball when it is on TV and I am forced to watch it*. It is brutally painful. I want to stab my eyes out. In grade school I loved when we got to play it in P.E. I was actually pretty good and had my own bat and ball that I'd practice with after school with my grandpa. But watching it?? UGH .... torture. (*Turns out IN Boston I like watching the Red Sox on TV. Who knew?!?)

That was until the 2011 Princess Half Marathon trip. My mom LOVES baseball. She actually grew up watching her older brother play. He was the catcher. Who was the pitcher? My step-dad! So she has childhood memories and has always been around the sport. Since she came all the way to Florida with me to watch me run I thought it would be nice to spend that afternoon at the Atlanta Braves Spring Training game. That game seemed to almost start a new tradition. After my second half marathon I went to sit by my uncle and grandpa at an OSU baseball game. The night before the Seattle Rock'n'Roll Half Marathon I took myself to a Seattle Mariners game. Turns out I really like baseball in person!

The Coach is a HUGE Red Sox fan. I mean his fandom is so big he was just on the cover of the Eugene newspaper last week, on the Portland news Friday night and keeps popping up on countless websites for his replica of Fenway Park that he and his son built on his ranch. So... with that said, there was no way I was going with him to Boston and not going to a game at Fenway Park!

After my 5K we caught the "T" down to Fenway and began an awesome afternoon! I pretty much instantly became a Red Sox fan at first sight. Fenway is soooo cute in a little old man, retro way. I always feel I was born in the wrong time, and at Fenway I felt right at home! I loved how old school it all was - down to the men working the ticket booth!  

We were there early so we had time to walk around the whole park taking pictures and soaking up the baseball energy. The Coach was speechless and covered with goose bumps. It was rather adorable. I did some serious shopping creating the perfect outfit for my first game. I say "first" because I hope to go back for more! I quickly found a restroom to change out of my post-race/pre-baseball clothes. Once I was set we checked out our seats. Oh. My. Gosh. Fabulous location! Perfect view. I felt so close to the field and couldn't wait for the game to start.

But first! Food. I ditched the Coach and returned with a souvenir cup of Coke and a big slice of pizza. I don't even know that it tasted that great - but it was perfect at that moment! After I inhaled it we went on a little tour to see the rest of the park, returning in time for me to get nachos and not a miss a moment of the pre-game action.

It was Jackie Robinson Day, so every player was #42. I had just learned how all of the 42 jerseys have been retired (except for one remaining player) so when they said it was a special day I felt pretty smart for already understanding why!

The game was awesome! The Red Sox were playing the Tampa Rays. Sadly Jacoby Ellsbury (a fellow Oregon Stater!) got hurt so we didn't see him play -- but I found him in the dugout nonetheless! I actually started learning names and remembering players when they were up to bat. There were some exciting moments where even I jumped out of my seat and was yelling for them to round the bases as fast as they could!
Dustin Pedroia
In the 6th inning I made my way back for my last round of food ... souvenir fries in a plastic Red Sox hat! My goal for the game was to eat my weight in baseball food - I came close! Naturally I sang Take Me Out to the Ball game during the 7th Inning Stretch, but the 8th inning was the highlight. Nothing like a stadium full of people singing and dancing to Sweet Caroline! The Coach has full video of my performance. If he remembers to send it to me I might share it with you. I owe him a ton for that afternoon. I was really excited to go to the game, and like the rest of the trip, it exceeded all expectations! Best baseball game EVER!

When I was on my way to get the fries a couple guys in aisle stopped me. "Hey! Weren't you just on the screen dancing?" "What? Me?" "Yeah! You were totally on there. Did you see it?" "Ha! No - I was so busy dancing, I missed it. Dang!"  So for a moment I was famous and dancing to the Jackson 5 on the Fenway Park jumbo tron!

Such a fun time! I can't wait to go back!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Insanity of the Boston Marathon Expo

Okay, maybe "Insanity" is a strong word. How about Intensity!  From the second you realize you are close to the expo there is that electric energy in the air. You see tons of slim runner's bodies. Jackets from marathon's past start appearing everywhere. There is no need to worry about if you are going in the right direction because everybody is going in the same direction. A pack of people, some hurrying to get in, others like The Coach and I walking slower absorbing everything and getting tons of pictures. 

Seeing as I KNOW my Adidas sponsorship is just around the corner I was pretty excited to see a mass of Adidas merchandise as soon as we went in. Since I was our race expo expert (really? I mean The Coach has been running longer than I've been alive. How did he function before I came into the picture to boss him around??) I insisted we first pick up our numbers and shirts. For a race this size you could tell they had their stuff together. This was probably the easiest packet/shirt pick-up ever! **And for the record, I was totally in love with all of the orange! I'm a big fan of orange, so this was a day of eye candy for me!

The finishers shirts were nice I thought! And since we are coming into summer soon I was happy that my shirt is a short sleeved one. So the REAL runners - they got the big orange bags you see above with some energy bars, water, their shirt and a program. There was probably more but I didn't fully raid it soon enough. As with the Princess Half in 2010 - I was the one shamed into going off to a side room to pick up my little packet and shirt and NO bag. This time, however, I was fine with it. Boston's Marathon isn't in my future, so I'll be more than happy with my 5K goods! I mean I was in Boston, my new favorite city, how could I find any disappointment at all??

After getting The Coach's things I shuffled us off to the small, quiet side room for MY race things. Me me me. Right? That's why we were there? For MY 3.1 miles?  As with the marathon, the 5K pick up was a cinch. They even let me try on the shirts so I could find the right size. Holy moly - for the first time ever I chose a SMALL!! And even though my race is a shorter distance, I still insisted on ample photos!

(I seriously should have volunteered. Do you see those beautiful ORANGE jackets they got??)

Okay, I'll just keep going and randomly toss in MY photos. Yeah, I'm obnoxious at the moment, which is good considering I'm in my post-vacation depression right now. ;-)

So at this point we have our numbers (mine had my LAST name on it! That was a first!! Certainly couldn't hide the German in me with that bib!) and we have our shirts - which means R0nda wants to shop! In the end a LOT of merchandise was purchased between the two of us. I was so proud of the anti-orange Coach for buying not one but TWO official jackets - one of each style! 

Let's talk about the expo/vendors. If you've done Disney races you know how those go ... glitter, tutus, over-priced headbands, skirts, One More Mile, Bondi Bands .... estrogen overload. This was NOT like that at all - and frankly, I really enjoyed this expo more because of it. All the big brands were there with unique Boston themed clothes. As I type this I'm in a shirt that says "Run Wicked Fast"! Shoes, Garmins and their equivalents, iFitness belts, energy gels/bars/drinks. It was HUGE!! Here's a tip - if you are ME and you have a weak stomach and you are in a busy, hot expo - do NOT test everything. Okay? Just take my word for it. Oy!

While looking at Garmins I turned behind me ... and there was Meb! Not even 4 feet from me, he was signing autographs. His line was "wicked" long so I just gazed at him, soaked up his coolness and went along with the day. I also saw Bart Yasso at a booth signing copies of his book. He didn't have a line. 

The Coach and I separated. He found a booth he had to go to and I found mine. The ONE booth I was NOT going to miss. runDisney. I talked to a cast member and (with a plan in my head!) asked if there was any benefit for me to register for a race there versus at home. She said I'd avoid service charges. Yes! BUT she also said they had some facebook promotion and you'd get a free backpack if you brought in something from a race. Not knowing about this since I was on vacation I offered up a compromise and showed them tons of pictures in WDW with my various medals. So the backpack was mine once I officially registered for Goofy's Race and a Half Challenge! What on earth have I gotten myself into??

B.A.A. 5K - Boston!!

It has been close to a year and a half since I have actually raced a 5K and set a PR.  Since I couldn't do THE Boston Marathon there was no way I was missing out on the chance to do the BAA 5K race the morning before.  I tried to create a colonial-ish outfit inspired by the city's history. I really needed my hat and musket to complete the look but struck out on finding the perfect hat until two days after the race. Oh well. I was still red, white and blue and one of the very few skirts on the course!

After no sleep I was up way too early to catch the shuttle to the transit station and ride the subway into the heart of Boston.  Upon arrival I could feel the excitement in the air. I did mild stretching of my calves, hit the potty, tried to find Desiree Davila and found a spot in the starting corral. Sure, I was going to run between 6 & 7 minute mile pace, right? Ha! It didn't appear people really followed the signs, so I just squeezed in where I could. Our national anthem was sung and we were off for a very fast 3.1 miles around Boston Common, Beacon Hill and Back Bay.  I couldn't believe I was racing with legit elites and an Olympian for this year's marathon! I think that knowledge helped me go -- I even went without my iPod!

The pack of runners (nearly 6000) never thinned out. Instead of weaving, I just kept steady by pacing off of people that looked faster than I am. Then, to keep it interesting, I'd pass 'em!  One by one I was picking people off, getting me steps closer to the finish line.  The course was Great! I mean what a place to run! The downside was that the streets of Boston don't seem to be smooth at all. As much as I wanted to look at the sights I still had to watch my step and be alert to the densely packed crowd of runners.

Going into the race I had one plan ... enjoy running in Boston. I'd been walking around the city so much and didn't want to set myself up for disappointment so I had no time goals. Finish and have fun! I maintained a speedy pace never once walking. And the "hill" I heard about? Piece of cake! Coming down Beacon Hill I let loose and let 'er go! I was even low 8's for a while. The first 2 miles flew by and the momentum of those carried me through mile 3.  I was VERY hot but told myself only 10 more minutes and I could relax and dry off all of the sweat.

I rounded the last corner onto Boylston and saw the Boston Marathon finish line. OMG! I couldn't slow down. That excited feeling came over me and it almost happened ... my upchuck reflexes almost kicked in.  I forced myself to get above 9 minute mile pace and slow my breathing. As I got closer I found my clear path and went with my finishing kick. It was awesome!!  -- THEN I was dry heaving and grabbing onto the wall. Old habits die hard!  I saw some elites being interviewed on my way to the medal/refreshment tent. They are so tiny! I felt enormous.

I got my medal and food bag, a photo and went outside to bask in my post-race glory outside of Trinity Church and the Boston Public Library.  How did I do? That night I checked the official results ...

Not only did I get a new PR, I finally got my sub-30.... by ONE second!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Boston Diaries: Freedom

My last day in Boston was relaxing, silly, yummy, historical and colonial! (I kind of have an obsession with "colonial" as a word after loving a hat I tried on in Epcot after the Princess half. Yesterday I found a charm for a necklace that was one of those adorable tri-tip hats. I'm sure that's not the official name, but I like it. So now I have my colonial souvenir!

To round out our most spectacular vacation we finished off the Freedom Trail. We saw things like the Old North Church, toured Paul Revere's home, went on board the USS Constitution and relaxed on the grass up at Bunker Hill. I also had my first ever gelato in the little Italy area of Boston... Or as I like to call it... my future home!

We decided to finish off the week in our favorite style with yet another "picnic" on the bed while watching the Red Sox. I think that was just perfect!

It's been a fabulous experience! It exceeded all expectations and hopes I could have ever had. I cannot wait for a chance to go back!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Boston Diaries: THE Marathon

I imagine most of you know more about the finer details of the day's activities than I do since I was dependent on the official Twitter feed that stopped when the men were at mile 18 or so.

I can tell you that yes, it was damn hot!! I can tell you of three people that I know dropped out.... Last year's winner being one and then two people (one I actually know, the other the son of a woman I was sitting by) that are "normal" runners. It was a long, crazy day with all sorts of emotions - for the spectators and the runners!

The Coach came through with a huge smile on his face and that made my hours camped out at 26.1 miles all worthwhile!

Having never spectated a race before, I can't imagine other races comparing to this at all. And now I have a wicked sunburn, as they say. The good news is (or is it good?) I have my voice back!

Today is our last day. I am bummed about that, but it will be a fun one!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Boston Diaries: PRing My Way to the Jumbo Tron

I mean really, why run just three PR races in a row if you can do it four times?? And that's just what I did yesterday while crossing this little finish line also known as the Boston Marathon finish line!

I'll save the details for the official post, but I will tell you it exceeded all expectations! And those elite runners? Freaking fast and tiny!

What better way to celebrate a personal victory than by celebrating a Red Sox victory at Fenway Park!?! And who made it on to the jumbo tron because of her sweet Jackson 5 dance moves? Yours truly!

Such a fun race day! Now I'm on the subway heading to THE Boston Marathon! Crazy! I never in my life expected to be here... Especially on a record high temperature day. Eek!