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Friday, April 13, 2012

Boston Diaries: What City Is That?

We made! And what a fun trip it was to get here!!

We left Portland at 6:45am, landing in Newark, New Jersey. I honestly felt confused the entire time I was there because all the gift items said New YORK! We actually checked the GPS just to verify our location. I wasn't all that impressed with my time in Jersey... Not a single Guido sighting. Dammit! So since I couldn't find any I took my own fist pumping picture!

As we were heading to our plane The Coach and I kept looking out at this skyline thinking some buildings looked familiar. I asked the flight attendant checking tickets...

"Excuse me, what city is that?" "What?" "What city is that with all of the buildings?" "It's New York!" "That's New York???" "yeah, New York."

I went running to The Coach.... "That's freaking New York City!!!" Highlight if my day right there! This West coast girl isn't used to seeing such sights from the Portland airport!

Our flight was delayed on the Tarmac for about 45 minutes, but soon enough we were flying over NYC! I was cranking my head trying to see as much as I could through the opposite side's windows. I sadly couldn't see the Statue of Liberty. This made me really want to go visit Abby and see the Big Apple!

Upon arriving in Boston we saw merchandise for the Red Sox and the marathon.... The Coach was in Heaven! At baggage claim we were taking pictures of a 26.2 sign and a fellow runner started talking to me. We chatted a bit and parted. A few minutes later we were reunited with that man and his wife again.... To cut out a lot.... they are from Eugene. We were all on the same flights all say. We are all at the same hotel. The man grew up in the very small town The Coach lives in. The Coach said his name and the guy says "yes that's the name I saw!" Small world! I'm expecting them to keep popping up over and over again this week.....

So there you have it! Day 1 is in the books. My tummy is growling, off for food!


  1. That's so funny! I didn't realize you had a layover at Newark. Yea, it's really close so you should come back!

    1. Once I realized it was NYC I was looking at the first thing I said was "Oh Abby's so close! Dammit!"


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