To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.
-Steve Prefontaine
Make it simple, but significant.
- Don Draper

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Informal Will - as of February 2010

In the event of my untimely passing during my upcoming trip to Orlando, I am leaving behind this informal will.  Trust that I DO plan on hanging out in ghost-like form when I am gone, so if this isn’t followed, I WILL KNOW!  (Is this morbid?  This all started because my mom had to write down serious things just in case something really does happen. And every single time I fly I always hope it’s not my last time seeing people. So I’m just thinking about it in case my luck in the friendly skies runs out.)

Mommy:  She gets first dibs on everything. If she and I “go” together, Jim can get first dibs in her place. Since I am confident he will only be interested in my gardening/yard work type tools, I feel safe in continuing on with writing my will (in alphabetical order so as not to play favorites, although my “children” and Grandpa will go first because I AM playing favorites!)……

Tinker Bell:  My oldest daughter gets my baby blanket. She will be delicate with it and love it as much as I do. (Tinker and Lady will be moving in with Grandpa Jim, fyi.) (They are not allowed to have people food, and Tinker is NOT allowed outside!)

Lady: My youngest daughter gets my Margaritaville blanket – and any other blankets she wants. The two girls DO share when they have to, so they can decide amongst each other who will get what.

Grandpa:  I have a spare VCR/DVD player. I would like someone to hook that up to Grandpa’s new tv for him. So then he will also get all of my seasons of NCIS that I have on DVD. If someone could also teach him how to get that going, that would be great!

Alex and Daniel
:  I leave you two my entire Queer as Folk collection! Every time you watch and see Ted involved in anything involving nudity, and then get grossed out – just know that I will be on the couch next to you (in ghost form)  also wanting to vomit! Seriously – why did they give that guy ANY sex scenes??

Arwyn:  She can have my curlers. They are practically brand new and hardly ever used since I have way too much hair to regularly throw up into curls.  You can use those to curl anybody you want. Please try to curl Tonia’s hair. I will be up on my little cloud watching and waiting to see how that turns out!

Brian Davis
:  I would like Brian to have my fight song playing Benny Beaver. He would appreciate that in his own little way! I think its how he would like to remember me. His family doesn’t yet have a Wii, so I’d like them to have mine.

Brian Wayne:  Only someone in central Florida fully appreciate how awesome and convenient my Flip video camera could be. I’m leaving mine to Brian so he can use it to capture those truly unique moments with the locals – particularly the drunk locals missing teeth and unsure of their gender identity at Halloween Horror Nights!

Char:  I’d like to leave Char my laptop. She needs to experience the joy of sprawling on the couch with a dog at your side while harvesting your farm and tending to other necessities on Facebook!

Christine:  My dear cousin will of course get my super rad old school Blazers jacket! Wear that with pride, honey!

Clark:  Sparky knows what I’d leave him….. except I don’t actually own one/any! But I leave it to you in spirit!

My Dad:  Fins up! My entire stash of Jimmy Buffet books and CDs will come back to you. That’ll help liven up any Ohio night!

Deb:  I leave Deb my L Word collection. Enjoy!

Debbie:  She, too, is a Nintendo DS owner – so I’m leaving her all of my games. She also gets my DS so her cute little grandson can play with her, too.

Esther:  I have left Esther my whistle. It’s the whistle that lights up and is on a tie-dyed string. I like to use it at work when I am in charge. She gets to take my place as the obnoxious one – only IF I don’t make it back.

Heather Rae:  I don’t really have stuff that Heather would want I don’t think. But what I do have is Barbies! A ton of them! I leave all of my Barbies, their clothes, cars, pools, dream house, all of it …. To Bailey, Carly and Annie!  Oh, I have Halloween candy from last year …. I have been saving that for Heather! You can have it now –but only in the even of my death. If I don’t die, you have to wait until October to get it.

Jason:  After Ginny gets caught up on the Dark Shadow discs, these will be passed on to you! Once in a while when you watch, please having some of blooper drinking game in my honor!

Jessica:  To my dear friend Jessica goes my entire collection of totes! I know that she will be the only one to truly appreciate them.   I also leave her my Hannibal Lecter doll. She gave him to me, and if he can’t be with me, she really is the rightful caretaker. I would also like to leave her my red iPod and Nike+ sensor so she, too, can enjoy the freedom and fresh air of running outdoors! Taking a chapter out of the book of Jessica, she gets first pick on all of my DVDs. If you want my blu-ray player, that’s yours too!  My past issues of the T.A.P.S. magazine go to Jessica – as well all of my Ghost Hunters DVDs.

Kori:  Kori can have my work ear plugs! My lipstick and other fun make-up will go to her, too. Ashley loves that stuff and her dad won’t let her have it --- so I am her hook-up. I’m like a drug dealer for make-up. They will also get my movies that little girls would like …. Charlotte’s Web, Mary Poppins, Sleeping Beauty, etc... If I don’t make it home (but my mom does) with the cookies I am buying in Florida, I would like them to be split up between Kori and Jessica.

Michael Clifford:  Seeing as he is the biggest Disney fan I know, he gets first pick on all of my Disney things – and trust me, there are some pretty cool things in that stash! Naturally he also gets possession of my Princess ½ Marathon Weekend tiara, that’s just a given! He can also have my old Batman cards!

Michael Rutten:  I am leaving Michael my “fancy” camera. He loves to use that thing and I know he would take good care of it.  My smaller, easier to use camera will go to my mom and/or Jim.  He can also have my black and red iPod. He loves to listen to music so much that I can’t believe he doesn’t have one already! I feel like I should leave Michael something else... You can have my flask!! Also, I’d like you to have my ghost type DVDs since you are also really into that stuff like I am. Since I’ll be a ghost by the time you inherit these things, I’ll once in a while float by and mess up your hair so you’ll know I’m around!

My Family:  The family members that haven’t lost their minds and know that our family roots lie at Oregon State University may divvy up my OSU things as they deemed fit!  If Alex ever decides to study business or psychology as a minor, or major, he can have any of my old text books that he wants! Do they still use graphing calculators? Is that what we called them? Those big fat ones that you can type notes into? Anyway – he can have that, too. I found it super helpful at OSU, but then again that was nearly a decade ago and maybe my “tools” are now obsolete.  With that being said, if Alex doesn’t have his own computer, he can have mine. And my printer. I don’t want him to ever have to use a dot matrix printer while living in a dorm. Trust me – it is humiliating!!

* * * * * * *

There are other things that might be up for grabs – like my new TV,  my bed, (my mom has already claimed the headboard, so don’t get your hopes up on that one!) etc….  If things need to just be sold off, I’d like the proceeds to go to help the animals at Saving Grace Animal Shelter. They took care of my Lady before she joined my home, and I would like for them to keep giving animals a nice temporary home before they find their own permanent homes!

At my memorial, (and you better have one for me, dammit!!) it is my wish for people to smile … but I want tears, too! And I insist the Unbirthday Song be played as well. I feel like my Kali River Rapids hat should make an appearance. That little ride ended up having such a major impact on my life …. and helped spawn my e-mail and screen names, so it seems fitting that it be present.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Milestone #7 - THE Goal!!

I did it! I cannot believe I actually did it!! This week I successfully ran a full 5K without even considering stopping to walk or pass out! (And this was all at my best pace ever!) I actually felt so good that I thought I could have probably kept going for a while longer. I was totally in "the zone". Now that this huge milestone is under my belt, I am going in to next week's race feeling very confident!

I am still on such a high that I am creating new ultimate goals - but long term ones that will require hard work and continued frequent running. I don't want to just run in this Royal Family 5K and then be done with running. I enjoy being outside getting fresh air, I always feel great when I finish a hard run, and overall I am just feeling really good! I'm sleeping great, I'm feeling more energetic, and I'm busy looking to the future!

What lies in store? Well, let's fast forward to 2011. Jessica and I are now toying with the idea of not just vacationing together in 2011, but vacationing AND doing one of the major Disney runs during said vacation! I want to push myself to do something more than just a 5K. Now that I've done it once, I am confident I can continue to run that and want to slowly increase my distance and improve my pace. I see there is a race that is a 1/2 marathon relay. That's sounding pretty fun. I'd have to run longer, but by the time October 2011 gets here, that shouldn't be a problem!

**My mom asks me, "What about my future granddaughter? Where does she fit into this?" Well ... I guess I can always waddle across the finish line! I do enjoy how she is optimistic enough to think that there will be a grandchild in her near future. And I must confess, before she even asked me ,I had asked Jessica pretty much the same question!** 

So I am feeling great and determined to take the completion of what at one time seemed unattainable, and just keep pushing forward!

37 Odd Things About ME!

Deb sent this to me via e-mail, I thought I'd just cheat and post my answers here!

1. Do you like Blue cheese dressing? I don't hate it, but I wouldn't choose it. No, I guess I don't?

2. Have you ever smoked a cigarette? Never. Never even thought of it.

3. Do you own a gun? No. Jim almost sent one home with me once when I was dealing with a psycho/peeping neighbor, but I was too nervous to actually drive with it in my car to get it home.

4. What flavor Kool-Aid was your favorite? Red. Is "red" a flavor? I go with red.

5. Do you get nervous before doctor appointments? Yes - but usually just nervous that I'm going to be forced to stand on the scale. I don't really look forward to all the other aspects of a usual visit, but the worst part is being weighed.

6. What do you think of hot dogs? I prefer the pigs to be alive. But I do eat soy hot dogs - with lots of ketchup, a hint of mayo, and a slice of cheese.

7. Favorite Christmas Movie? That is hard!! There's always National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, but I also love the Family Stone and Love Actually. I guess it depends on my mood!

8. What do you prefer to drink in the morning? Sunny Delight (Original/Florida - not the California style), which unfortunately I rarely have in my house because I drink it all up too fast. I also love a little shot of Diet Pepsi if I'm getting all shaky and craving caffeine.

9. Can you do push ups? Um, no. Do I want to do them? Hell no!!

10. What's your favorite piece of jewelry? The ring my mom and step-dad gave me for my 21st birthday.

11. Favorite Hobby? Traveling anywhere and taking pictures on said travels.

12. Do you have A.D.D? No. And don't even get me started on it. Basically - there are the people that think its a valid "disorder" and there are people that think it is just a lazy excuse for bad behavior. I fall into the latter category!!

13. Do you wear glasses/contacts? I have glasses for when I'm at a computer for a long time so that the glare won't give me a headache. However, with that being said, I actually have perfect vision - so the only glasses I wear regularly are my sunglasses!

14. Middle name? Rae

15. What are you thinking about at this moment? My vacation that starts 1 week from tonight!

16. Name 2 or 3 drinks you regularly drink? Water, Diet Pepsi, red Powerade

17. Current worry? Just normal pre-vacation jitters --- will I get through airport security with no hassles? will someone be sitting in MY seat on the plane? will I have to get up and use the airport bathroom? will hotel check in go okay?   You'd think I'd be over these worries considering how many times I've made the same trip, but I can't help it. I worry!

18. Current hate right now? My co-worker that I just cannot get along with. I've given up on even trying.

19. Favorite place to be? Cuddled up at home (or my mom's house) with my pets sitting with me.

20. How did you bring in the New Year? Vegging out on the couch watching all the countdown to midnight tv shows... with Tink, Lady and Michael.

21. Where would you like to go right now? Orlando, Florida .... oh wait, I'm going there NEXT WEEK!! Woohoo!!!   (and I'd like to go back to bed and watch the Olympics)

22. Name two people who will complete this. I hate these kind of questions. This is not an "odd thing about me". This is just a lame excuse for a question because the original creator couldn't come up with something better to ask. Here's an odd thing about me .... all through grade school I never used a school toilet.

23. Do you own slippers? Yes, too many.

24. What color shirt are you wearing? Black

25. Do you like sleeping on satin sheets?  No. They are slippery and cold.

26. Can you whistle? YES!!! I am an excellent whistler and do it quite often, although not as much as I used to.

27. Where are you now? Oregon 

28. Would you be a pirate? Totally - but growing up I always wanted to be a pirate wench instead. Well, that - and an astronaut.

29. What songs do you sing in the shower? Whatever is playing on my iPod at the time.

30. Favorite Girl's Name? That's a tough on. But again this is a lame question... next.

31. Favorite boy's name? Eh, whatever - boring. Someday I will create one of these surveys and I won't put in these 'filler' questions.

32. What's in your pocket right now? I am wearing a skirt that has no pockets. I am not a dude.

33. Last thing that made you laugh? Jessica's comment about how great our singing skills are and that people are still raving about it. .... Its true, too!

34. What vehicle do you drive? Mine. A Chevy Cobalt. I LOVE it!!

35. Worst injury you've ever had? I had a finger slammed in a car door once. I remember that hurting a lot.

36. Do you love where you live? Yes. I live in a small, quiet little town (although it seems people here think it is way bigger, busier, and fancier than it is), in a small, quiet little cottage.

37. How many TVs do you have in your home? 3.  The "real" one, a small one in my bedroom, and a small one in my exercise room.

Monday, February 22, 2010

What's Eating ..... Me?

Gilbert: You know what? You're such a big boy.
Arnie: Yeah! 

Gilbert: You're such a big boy.
ArnieI'm a big boy!
Gilbert: You know what? I bet you could do this all by yourself if you really wanted to. Could you do this by yourself?
ArnieI'm a big boy!
GilbertYeah, you're a big boy. Now take this...
ArnieTake this.
GilbertWash everything, your towels are there.
GilbertAnd your robe is there.
ArnieOkay! The big boy is gonna wash himself! 

I work with Arnie. I am Gilbert Grape.  I spend 8 hours a day listening to Arnie talk to himself. Now I don't know about you, but just the 2 hours or so that you see Arnie in this movie, well after that I've had enough - and he isn't even in every single scene. Close, but not quite.  

Now just imagine 8 hours a day with Leonardo's character from What's Eating Gilbert Grape. 8 hours a day. 5 days a week. You'd go crazy, right? 

Welcome to my world.  Of course I couldn't be lucky enough to work with a Johnny Depp type, no. Give me the mental person. Great.

I read on IMDB that Arnie was autistic. So then I decided to go to Wikipedia (because who doesn't love to Wikipedia things??) to just pull some basics on autism, although she could have Asperger's - which is in the whole "Autism family". (Now I realize I have a degree in Psychology and actually did spend time studying autism, so therefore I should be able to spout off facts to you, but I'm venting, and creating a theory, and therefore I don't feel like it!) The following bullet points are from Wikipedia:
  • People with autism have social impairments and often lack the intuition about others that many people take for granted.
  • About a third to a half of individuals with autism do not develop enough natural speech to meet their daily communication needs.
  • Autistic individuals display many forms of repetitive or restricted behavior.

    • Compulsive Behavior is intended and appears to follow rules, such as arranging objects in stacks or lines.
    • Sameness is resistance to change; for example, insisting that the furniture not be moved or refusing to be interrupted.
    • Ritualistic Behavior involves an unvarying pattern of daily activities, such as an unchanging menu or a dressing ritual. This is closely associated with sameness and an independent validation has suggested combining the two factors.
    • Restricted Behavior is limited in focus, interest, or activity, such as preoccupation with a single television program, toy, or game.
That is just the tip of the iceberg on what I have to deal with every single day I go to work. Only maybe 20 feet from me, I hear the same repetitive conversations where you can't possibly believe a grown up is the one having them. At the same time every day certain things HAVE to happen or it is a full blown crisis.  Really, I'll just cut it off there. There is no possible way to full describe the "Arnie" at my work.  I don't know how Gilbert Grape did it. Perhaps I should watch that movie tonight to get some pointers on keeping my sanity!

I'll leave you with this:

Arnie:  Gilbert, how many minutes till they come?
Gilbert: 3 million, buddy.
Arnie:  Three?
Gilbert:  Yeah.

That's my life. One word responses. "Yeah." Its easier to just give up and say "Yeah" than to try to actually communicate. (Did I mention I think "Arnie" is also a hoarder with OCD??) For reals. I can't make this stuff up.

Vacation is how many days away??

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Say Cheese!

I can't help it. I find him completely adorable. I blame Michael for this. If he hadn't made me start watching hockey with him nearly a year ago I wouldn't even know who he is. Now his picture is my desktop photo at work, and I keep whining about not being able to watch the Russian hockey games in the Olympics. Damn you, Michael!  ;-)  I kid, I kid!

Anyway, Alexander Ovechkin - he's just a doll!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


For my Idol blog readers, I'm going on a little 2 week - no, wait THREE week hiatus!

I have Olympic fever and it wins over everything else. Idol gets me during down times, but I have no interest in blogging when I have ice skating, skiing, curling, snowboarding, hockey, and all that other fun winter stuff to watch! So the next two weeks I will be dedicating myself to the Olympics. 

THEN.... its off to Florida for my own little athletic event. My regular blogging of Idol shows will resume around the 2nd week of March - unless I wait for the top 12. I'm not sure. I'll decide when the time gets here I guess. 

So anyway - no Idol blogs between now and then, just regular blogs about nonsense!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

AI 2010 - Hollywood - First Round

Ellen!!! I'm happy now!

If I were going to be the next American Idol, I think Hollywood week would be the hardest. I wonder who I'd be more star struck by, Ellen or Simon? As any reader of mine should know, I adore Simon. However, Ellen is Ellen. She learned about fossil fuels with Bill Nye the Science Guy, she came out before it was a more common thing to do, and she has the funniest stand up ever!* So it looks like Ellen wins this first battle!
*Seriously, I have 2 DVDs of hers and every time I watch them I laugh just as hard as I did the first time I saw them. I mean laughter so hard I gasp for air, snort, cry and to push my chubby cheeks down so I can even see.

Skiiboski won't be missed.

My tummy is nervous just imagining being in the position these people are in.  I can't even find courage to do sober karaoke; there's no way I'd be able to do Hollywood week .... without a flask!

Can we all agree that Andrew made Paula Abdul's Straight Up sound better than the original version?

I am so glad the southern blond girl with the horrible teeth sucked because I didn't really want to watch her every week.

As we watch this crying montage I wonder how much looks play into their decisions.  I hold firm to my belief that at Disney they keep the pretty people in the interactive, high guest contact places and the fugly people backstage or in less desirable roles.  Don't believe me? Check out my old photos from my years there.  You'll see all the pretty girls in red saloon dresses - not in kitchen attire. And you can't say that the Kali crew wasn't a cute gang o' kids!  Sure, we had "Stache," aka the Yeti, and her bright pink socks at our ride, but I guess a few hairy women get through now and then. ANYWAY, as viewers we want nice voices with nice faces. Judges and producers know that, and I trust they aren't ignoring it during Hollywood week.

That big guy in the blue totally talks like Luca Brasi in the Godfather.  "I come to you on the day of your daughter's wedding" ..... and ask for a second try. ?? Give it up, dude!

Okay, no way would I audition with an instrument. Can't you just see me singing and playing my flute?? Ha - okay, how about singing with an accordion or piano? No way - I wouldn't risk it. Its about singing more than instruments; I'd focus on the main task at hand.

Is it too cocky to proclaim already that your family's lives are going to change forever .... just because you didn't get cut after the first day in Hollywood? A little presumptuous?

"Don't forget the words" ... kiss of death!

The new big daddy - I like him singing John Mayer better than hearing John Mayer do it!

What the hell song did Down Syndrome sister sing? It sounded like a horrid, boring church dirge.

Tattooed single mom, with her yellow teeth, missing teeth, and a few extra pounds ... will she be the one normal looking, average person to crack the top 12? She sang way better than I expected her too. Her kid was a little funny looking. Just sayin'!

Oh hey!! That kid with the hair at the end that got bleeped - remember him?? His complexion has cleared since we saw him last! Maybe he read my blog and bought Proactiv!

I'm exited for tomorrow and the vicious group round! That is ALWAYS drama filled and I love it!!

Workplace Bathroom Etiquette

*I feel like maybe I better put a disclaimer at the top of this, just to warn you that I may hit a nerve or two with this post. Perhaps I'll hit too close to home? Perhaps you agree and wish this had been mentioned sooner?*

These are only a few things I'd like to say about proper bathroom etiquette in the work place.

  1. Overall manners. This is NOT your home bathroom. Just remembering that we all have to share this room might be a good idea. Being conscientious of your coworkers, be your friends or enemies, is always a polite thing to do!
  2. Some workplace bathroom doors have locks, as well as a stall (mine does).  The lock is there. Use it. If I don't have to walk into an "unoccupied" room only to be jolted at the sound of you urinating, then I don't want to. 
  3. Coworkers don't want or need an announcement as to the status of the restroom. If it is occupied, let it be occupied. Go back to your desk and wait, or just silently stand and wait. A full announcement that "somebody's in there" is NOT appreciated.
  4. Please be kind and check to make sure you are not leaving your pubic hair on the seat for the next person. Nobody wants to know what kind of nappy mess is going on in their co-workers pants. Leaving your wiry hair behind only causes horrible mental images to come to mind. Who wants that??
  5. Potty Training 101:  flushing. In America, this is a standard step in the whole using the restroom process. Its pretty easy, too. Forgetting is not an option. But number 5 is about something even worse. Its about not fully flushing. Apparently some of you need multiple flushes. If that is the case, please remember to flush until the bowl is adequately free of debris. This leads me into number 6.
  6. Clogging is basically NOT tolerated. If you are going to clog the work toilet, you better be prepared to fix it. If I am in the bathroom after you and the toilet is already visibly clogged? You can guarantee I will hold it because I refuse to sit on a tainted toilet. Again this all relates back to number 1 and manners.
  7. So then in referencing number one ... can we try to keep it to "number one" at work? I understand that "sh*t happens", but it is greatly appreciated if you could try to save that for your personal bathroom in your home .... or in a restaurant, store, car dealership .... anywhere other than the shared work toilet. Do you like walking into a room that feels hot with stank from a co-worker's ass? No. So trying to save it for elsewhere is something that co-workers should unanimously agree is appreciated. I understand that sometimes you have what constitutes an emergency. I can practice forgiveness for the rare emergency, but not a daily habit.
  8. If you just can't wait and "sh*t happens" .... there is not ANY reason at all to not use the provided air freshener. At least do your part to try to help the situation.
  9. Wash your damn hands. No ifs, ands or "butts"... see what I did there?!? A pun!  Anyway, yes, wash your hands. If you are in and out of the bathroom, complete with a flush, within a minute ... you did not wash your hands. 
  10. Don't leave an empty roll. Can you wipe with 1 or 2 squares? I certainly can't. I bet you can't either. So why are you leaving an empty roll behind for the next person? MANNERS!!
I think that's about enough. Ten is a good round number.  If you have other things to share, feel free to do so. I imagine there are many other things that could be added to the list if you work in a place with multiple stalls in the bathroom! This could just be the tip of the iceberg!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Inspirational Visions

No, I'm not writing about those pictures you see of a nature scene with some message printed on the black border about how to achieve your goals or be the best that you can be. Today I am writing about the visions that come into my mind and inspire me to keep running. I run alone, pretty late at night, and I find it necessary to fill my head with images and scenarios to keep me from thinking about collapsing and taking a nap in the middle of the road.  And now, welcome to my brain!
  • Epcot - the setting of my next race. I often picture myself running through World Showcase ~ and hoping I won't create a "protein spill" mid race.  (Protein spill = vomit) .... trust me, nobody wants to smell Voban while trying to do ANYTHING, let alone while testing your endurance!
  • The finish line - I find great motivation in picturing the finish line just ahead in front of me and then crossing it!
  • My  mom. I like picturing my mom cheering for me in her "ChEAR Squad" t-shirt with her Mickey mouse clappers standing at the finish line.
  • Smiling. I find that making myself smile makes the whole running experience better!
  • Serial killers. I am pretty sure at least one is lurking in my neighborhood. Every car I see slowly passing me, every person outside their home when it is dark out - I "know" they are the next Buffalo Bill ... and that helps me keep up my pace.
  • Being attacked. (Have I mentioned I am morbid at times??)
    • One "fantasy" I remember happened as I was approaching my friend's home. I knew that at any moment my attacker was going to jump out from the bushes right behind me. Of course I would be so close to safety, but not close enough. I would put up a great fight, struggling to get to my friend's doorstep, but, as in any horror movie, I would lose the struggle just before he would have a chance to notice my pleas for help.

    • Last night I was prepared for a throat slasher. I knew it was going to be the person driving the stupid hatchback car that had a camouflage paint job.  I was preparing myself to find the courage to use my own blood to write "camo" on the ground next to me - to help leave a little clue for RPD when they came to the crime scene.
That's about it. I envision completing my running goals .... and mostly being attacked and left for dead on the side of the road.  Whatever works!


Wednesday, February 3, 2010


We were driving home from a long weekend at our family's coastal cabin at the lake. My mom and I were having a fun little ride in our relatively new car, eager to get home and shower in HOT water (versus bathing in a lake)!  Only a few minutes into our drive, we were just leaving Reedsport when the following conversation took place.

You know, I'm kind of hungry.
Me too. We will have to get something when we get home.
We should get pizza!
Round Table pizza - I'm suddenly craving it.
Yeah, I'm craving it so much, I feel like I can almost smell it!
Me too, weird!

At this point I turned to look in the back seat. Isabella Bijou, our three pound Maltese  princess was regurgitating our weekend food all over the back seat! Baked beans, potato salad, sloppy joe mix - typical camping food - had been set out for our two big dogs to eat while loading up our things into the boat to head home. Little did we know that Izzy was helping out, too!

From Reedsport to Roseburg I held my little girl in my lap. Armed with a roll paper towels, I was constantly cleaning up and trying to catch it before it was all over my lap and the new car.  Close to two hours later when we finally made it home .... well, let's just say a hose was taken to me, my clothes and my snazzy Blazers Starter jacket.

And that pizza craving?  Gone!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

AI 2010 - Auditions - Denver

Denver. They frisked me in Denver. And went through my dirty underwear.

I am so very over the auditions. Tonight better be good. I am feeling quiet; this may be a short blog.....

This fat guy doesn't look like Jack Black. He loves cheese? Heh - he's a computer consultant, not what you picture a singer to be by day. He has nice, white teeth. Yay for a non-douche with nice teeth. good start to Denver!

Ooh good - on with the freaks! This is what I like. This giggling dude - this is entertaining me. OMG his singing gave me my first smirk of the show.

Mad people ... that's fun TV!

Sap story - we know this girl is going through. I don't like that she's trying to do some sexy type thing. Turn off. I fully agree with Simon - that is NOT her hair. Not at all.

Tonight's pity please are because they are single mom's? Really? Desperate for back stories I guess. She's crying before she even sings?? Ew - I can tell you now whom I don't like. Yuck. Next!

Some man skin, eh? This is bizarre! Strange.

Holy crap!!! This chick is 16???? High school? I thought she had to be in her mid-20's. Yikes! Singing John Mayer? How douchey could you get? I agree with Simon - annoying voice, and I love that Simon called her an orange.

My mom would have totally encouraged me to date a singing football player/musician in college. I am not in love with this guy. He has nice teeth. Cheese-ballish audition I think. Glad he didn't get through.

Posh has some sever hair today; looks painful.

Public Service singer? Well then we know he is going to suck. Anyone that compares themselves to over-rated Mary J. Blige is automatically going to yell instead of sing.

A bad singer montage - give me more of that!

This girl that traveled from Italy - her speaking voice is horrid! I don't even want to hear her sing.

Bikini Boy - butt scratching - GROSS!

Is it Top 12 yet?? This is going on forever!

Helpful Advice from Michael

RR:  I "told" my mom she and I were going shopping in Eugene together in a couple of weeks for running and vacation clothes. She told me I need a boyfriend. Seriously, who am I going to hang out with when you leave?

MR:  Your mom.

RR:  Yeah, so that means Lady and I will be making trips to the coast alone again.

MR:  Get a hooker.

RR:  Oh thanks.