To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.
-Steve Prefontaine
Make it simple, but significant.
- Don Draper

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Its Already Been Brought!

I was accosted yesterday.
It pissed me off.

No more Mr. Nice Guy -or is it Ms. Nice Girl? Its on like Donkey Kong. You better bring it! Are you ready to rumble? Put your dukes up. We're get all nasty up in this mo fo. Wanna take it outside? Its not personal, Sonny, its business .... except it IS personal now. You gotta fight for your right to party -- or maybe just your right to be treated in a decent, civil manner. What's the first rule of Fight Club? It should be "don't f*** with R**** R**!"

I'm rounding up my posse and we are not putting up with this schtuff any longer. You wanted a war, you got a war.

In this battle of good versus evil, who will win? . . . Good ALWAYS prevails!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Whisper, Whisper, Whisper
That is all that happens here.
Whisper, Whisper, Whisper
Its like being at the 7th grade slumber party and I just want to go home to get away from it.
I don't miss junior high at all.
I hate that I feel like I am there again. Its like I'm stuck watching "Mean Girls" in real life and I can't change the channel, but its too painful to watch.

As a side note, I love that movie. But its fine in movie form versus real life!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I Miss the Hansen's.

Last weekend was the first golf tournament of the season. It had some name involving Clint Newell, but to me it will always be the "Hansen's". The weather wasn't the best. We got sprinkled on during day one, and day two was just really windy. Day one had an accident when my foot was suctioned into the mud - resulting in a dirty back side. So embarrassing.

On day 2 they ran out of food and beer. Thank goodness the Malibu coconut rum never ran out! Phew!

Overall Jim, Hans and Terry tied for 2nd place. Go Team! ..... (Or "Team Hans" as I dubbed them this year). And Jim got "Longest Drive"! Yay Jim!

Fun weekend - lets just hope for more warmth and sunshine at the Abby's tournament in June!

American Idol: Rat Pack


Top 5 - only 3 weeks left until the finale. Michael will be happy to have his girlfriend back - although hockey will still be on, so I won't have my boyfriend back! I wish Mike & Clark in Arizona watched Idol - this is Mike's favorite music! I hope they pick good songs and make me think of Vegas. Mentor ... hmmm, Wayne? Tony? Michael? ... Jamie freaking Foxx????? Seriously?? Really?? Hmm, we'll see. He went double platinum? What? I am out of the loop for sure. Fo sho. (Ooh, 1st mention of Vegas tonight. Rad).

I can't believe this show is an hour long tonight. Dude.

1. Kris - First - Kris would please me if he shaved his face. Second - this song is so sweet. Reminds me of Father of the Bride. Nice - I like the tempo change. This is so pleasant! I am liking it tonight! Kris is a refreshing little guy. Predictable ending with the octave jump, but I'll let it slide. I'm with Randy - best vocals and presentation by Kris so far. I didn't miss the robot girls that are normally in front of him!

An hour? This will be a long night of judges rambling.

2. Allison - I pray to Ryan Seacrest that Allison doesn't give me a headache tonight. And I hope she doesn't butcher a great song. Or maybe she SHOULD such so she'll finally go home?!? Dude - I've only seen the shoulders up, but she looks like a cheap whore - ooh something else to remind me of Vegas! I HATE her voice on a song like this. I am over this bar lady voice. She hits the right notes, but I don't care for the constant raspy-ness of it. The novelty of the 16 year old wore off when she turned 17 - or maybe before that. Still overrated. Randy? She looks like Brittney Murphy? Uh - NO. As a Brittney Murphy fan I am offended. Kara - she IS a one trick pony. Whoa - you put constant bottom 3 girl in the finals? No way.

3. Matt - Another song Constantine did during his season of Idol. The hat tonight - he didn't need it. He did that last week. Couple shaky notes at the start. I need him to let loose and not sound timid. Is it me or is his "voice" different every week? Sometimes Justin Timberlake, some times the Fray - what is HIS voice? Is this it? Another week of fiddling with the final note. I was underwhelmed. Jamie Foxx had me hopeful for more. I see him in the bottom two this week after that.

Do you think Jamie Foxx will perform tomorrow night? Have we heard who it is? They've been doing past Idol contestants, so who knows.

4. Danny - Glasses feel normal - thank you, Danny. Nice stitching on the jacket. Am I the only one to notice? This was going good - but he had a totally gay "yeah yeah" in the middle. Dammit - he started the straining thing again. It was just too much at the end for me - ruined the nice softness of the beginning. If he would have toned down the ending growl it would have been better ... for me. For you, for me, for yada yada yada.

Kara is really irritating me tonight. Normally I'm fine with her. Paula's dress is dumb.


5. Adam Lambert - This is a song I know from Michael Buble and listening to it with Mike. I am excited to hear the Lambert version. Like the pink stairs! Two lines in and I love it. Adam and I must have the same music taste overall because I always enjoy his arrangements, even on songs I don't know. Happy to see his regular hair with a suit. No snake ring this week. I'm feeling good listening to this! He has such an adorable smirk! In my latest Adam Lambert dream last night, he wasn't gay. He's so humble - its great! "Adam is wicked cool" - nice sign... Adam was in Wicked, for those of you not in the know.


Overall, watching the recap - the night goes to Kris and Adam, of course. And Matt needs to whiten his teeth. And Adam is freaking HOT!!


15 Minute Babble: ..... Brrr!!

The heat in the building has been off all week and will continue to be off into next week. Nearly May, I've worn pants two days in a row - which is very uncharacteristic of me. I even put on long sleeves today. Actually, with my shiny shirt, ruffles, and blingy buttons, I could be Liberace's side kick! I even have on my huge Titanic ring to top it off .... should have worn the Heart of the Ocean, too!

Anyway, its freezing. We all have our space heaters on (sshh!!) and I have been contemplating using my blanket all morning. As icing on the chilly cake, its raining outside. Poor Michael has been working outside in this yuck for hours now. He might hate me for making him get a job now. Sorry!

This weekend Michael and I are going to Portland. Our plan was to go to the zoo and see the Polar Bears. Hopefully the weather improves by then. If not, maybe it will be OMSI on the agenda instead!

Really, I just want to be home in my warm jammies with my new Nintendo DS games.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

You Named Your Kid After A Cow

"That is absolutely the most hideous thing I've ever seen. It is the new Public Safety Center. It is such an ugly building. Its like something out of the 60s. I don't know what the City was thinking with that." -- Marilyn Kittleman

Oh my gosh! That was so freaking amusing! I sat here listening to and watching that disgusting racist oaf, Marilyn Kittleman, insult the new Public Safety Center.

Sorry, cankle cow, but this unfinished building is actually FAR more attractive than your raccoon-eyed face ever was or ever will be. She really is a total bitch. I have no problem saying this. We all know it to be true. And really, how much class and style could this beast have - she named her own freaking kid after a cow. I kid you not!

Hey Marilyn - Tammy Faye called. She wants her eyeliner back.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

15 Minute Babble: Sheer Randomness

There's this obese, loud man that has been driving me nuts for weeks. I think his time here is almost done. Oh how I hope so at least!

I bought new exercise clothes last night. Michael and I are going to try to get back in shape together. Maybe no pizza this weekend? Eh, whatever ... this weekend is the 1st golf tournament of the season. That means country club food and alcohol! Hopefully there is some sun involved, too. More sun, less rain.

Heather R** deleted her facebook and myspace profiles again. I am at a loss of what to do now. Will we have to actually call each other on the telephone now? Can we even do that??

The bitterness and anger going on near me hasn't dissipated at all. Now I am just having fun watching it. I think its like a volcano that is just quietly building up to a mass explosion. Oh how fun that will be to watch!

I think want to walk outside now. Its gorgeous!

And I think I want to be Deb's date this weekend for a special "mixer". If only I could clone myself!

I think this 15 minute "break" is up.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

American Idol: Disco


Rumor has it that Adam will be awesome - well duh! And my spoiler list tells me he goes first. SO I could make this short and just praise Adam, but then I couldn't insult Lil Rounds and her huge ass - so I shall report on them all!

1. Lil - Ooh the list was wrong! Sweet! Now I get to do the ass first. Her ass is HUGE in that outfit. Black is apparently NOT slimming on everyone. Nice extensions - and with that I'm being 100% facetious. The bangs on her or horrendous. Is it me or is this song choice predictable as hell? Randy nailed. Again she was manic and all over. Basically the judges don't like Lil - and neither does R****! ---- I don't need to write more ... Simon said what I wanted him to. And why does she ALWAYS get to defend her performances when no one else really does?

2. Kris - Happy to be back to the more acoustic Jason Mraz feel with his song. This is the way I prefer Kris. I'm actually enjoying this version. Kinda cooler than the real version. I must admit I am now picturing Hank Azaria with that fake tan and Daisy Dukes singing and dancing to it in the Birdcage. Good performance! Mellow, original, refreshing! Kudos to Kris!!

OMG my internet just closed without my permission. Panic is setting in. Dammit!!

3. Danny -This song reminds me of Drumline. Why is Paula dancing? I need to change the cat's litter. I can't concentrate now that the internet crash has happened. Ok - I will have people unhappy with me .... I think I am over Danny. Every week I don't enjoy his voice. He hits notes, but I don't like the way he sings. "For him, for me" it always feels forced and strained. I'd like him to sound more relaxed and natural. The forcing is why I always feel like he's yelling at me. He's a nice guy - or so we have all been told - and he's a good singer. I just personally am not on the big Danny bandwagon.

4. Allison - I like this song. Can she ever just be normal? Ok - question .... we all say how she can sing and is impressive for a 16 year old ... but would you really go buy her album and listen to her for a dozen or more songs in a row? I know I wouldn't. One song? Fine. An album? Hell no. On a side note, her hair is way better tonight than last week. She still needs a new clothing stylist.


5. Adam - I love this song. Its on my iPod. I'm so ready for this! Will I be brought to tears like Deb's friends? He has a great tan. I need to get me one of those. Look at that snake ring! Wow! This is very different from the original! Kudos!! And he's just singing it with soft moments and trademark Adam Lambert signature style! Lovely. I can't wait to hear the studio recording of his version. If you haven't listened to those before, they are usually better than the show performance. They have better music and are longer versions of what we see on tv. I'll be buying this one, of course! And now let me say this: He's so cute!!


6. Matt - This song is too stereotypical for me. Don't we all picture Stayin' Alive when we think disco? Performance wise - at least he isn't singing in annoying Beegee falsetto! Well, not the whole time. He has a hard time just ending his songs. His jacket is gross. Did he need the hat? He has nice teeth. Yikes! Did you hear a girl totally squeal when Simon said he didn't like it?

7. Anoop - Damn! Bad first note! That sucks for him I'm sure. The clappy robot girls can't even clap together tonight. Nice. What the hell is this song? Is this Anoop's swan song? At this stage of the competition would you do a vanilla version of a song R**** doesn't know? Two people go home tomorrow - I wouldn't have done what he did. And I wouldn't have dressed like I was auditioning for Miami Vice. The judges seem to have enjoyed this - I was bored. He has dead performances. I want life behind the eyes of the performer - not a vacant, glazed over look (See hyena photo to the upper right!). Simon and I are sharing the same thoughts again!

Oh F*$k! Was Lil in a huge onesie?? WTF???


Sing It Baby, Yeah!

Friday night was so much fun! To sum it up ....
  • Went to Eugene
  • Visited Heather
  • Convinced her to get a sitter
  • Put my nieces to bed
  • Went to the Red Lion
  • Met up with Karen - she's rad! - at the entrance to the bar
  • Hugged the birthday girl (Jen)
  • Got my drink on
  • Did some dancing
  • Did some karaoke - TWICE!
  • Had a grand time!
But it would be more fun to see all of this in pictures!

Monday, April 20, 2009

A Day at Diamond Lake

Saturday was absolutely beautiful! The weather reports said it would be sun, sun, sun! And thank goodness the reports were accurate!

Michael and I decided to spend the day driving to Diamond Lake to take in the sights and the snow. It was his first time there, and we couldn't have chosen a nice day! The lake is still frozen over, but it wasn't cold at all. The temperature while we were there was a pleasant 60 degrees! We were actually just fine wearing t-shirts, but our feet had moments of being chilly every time we sank in the snow!

Lady LOVED the snow. She rolled in it, ate it, licked it, frolicked in it. She was one happy puppy!

After Diamond Lake, heading home, we wanted to take a mini-hike to a waterfall. We ended up hiking up to the Umpqua Hot Springs instead. Neither of us knew they existed, so it was a fun, spontaneous adventure for all of us. Lady was such a trooper crossing the North Umpqua River on just a log, and then working her way all the way up to the hot springs. She even got brave and tried the water. I suspect it wasn't very tasty and too hot. 108 degrees they said it was!

I was a little shocked to get up there and see nude-o dude-o and naked old man. They left NOTHING to the imagination. But it wasn't just naked men. We got there right behind two women that stripped down to nothing, and I'm pretty sure I saw a lesbian couple cuddled up in one of the lower pools. Aside from one old man busy with a bong, and two little girls in bikinis, we were the only people wearing clothes. So we kind of took our pictures, touched the water, and made our way back down the mountain to head home and conclude our day!

Friday, April 17, 2009

15 Minute Babble: Sunny Day?

Sunny days sweeping the clouds away,
On my way to where the air is sweet;
Can you tell me how to get,
How to get to Sesame Street?

I can tell you how NOT to get there. Don't come where I am right now! Holy cow - a lady just yelled at my sweet friend and told her something about getting more earrings (??) (I just checked, she only has one piercing per ear.) Then she called her a "slut f*ck" and went out the door. WHAT?? Transients are so amusing some times.

Transients are even better and friendly than co-workers some times.

Sad, but true.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

15 Minute Babble: Full Moon?

I know today is not a full moon. I watched in amusement as Michael and his mom discussed the full moon versus new moon on their calendar.... But seriously.... what is going on???

Yesterday the local schizo delivered to my work some freaky "religious" booklets telling us how we are going to Hell and that God hates us. (He particularly hates Catholics I learned.)

I just watched a father and son get fairly upset because they drove to Roseburg from Tiller to make a 9am appointment (it was 10:15am at the time) -- yet their paperwork said to be in Myrtle Creek, NOT Roseburg.

Then another couple was here to pay fines that needed to go to Arizona, not Roseburg.

All the while a cell phone behind me was ringing super loud and never stopped.

Then the customers started piling and voices were coming at me through the phone's intercom.

And now that it is quiet I am listening to my dear, sweet friend get dumped on .... again.

Oh, and the schizophrenic woman gave us more mail and actually came into the building today - even though she's been banned.

OMG I can't handle the pompous tone I'm hearing. My friend is so sweet and intelligent. She doesn't deserve what is being handed to her.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

On the Search for One-Eyed Willie

April 4, 2009. It was an amazing day that I would happily repeat over and over again! Lady was sporting her new hair cut and bandanna when Michael arrived at our little cottage. Of course I wasn't completely ready, but soon enough we were piling into the car and on our way to the coast.

First stop was the Umpqua lighthouse at Winchester Bay to take in the ocean view. We quickly hurried to nearby Lake Marie. It is nestled away among the trees off to the side of the main road. It was so peaceful and pretty. Lady was happy to stretch her legs and investigate all the new plants, while Michael and I enjoyed the view of the water and sounds of the birds.

Lakeside and Ten Mile Lake were next. I couldn't resist a stop at McKay's. The amount of condiments they carry is very impressive! (see linked photo album!) Nothing has changed in that store since we used to visit there every summer. For the first time in 10 years I got to physically touch my lake. . . it wasn't exactly warm! Lady got to have a sip; I think she enjoyed it.

Back in the car, we were on a quest for food. T.J. Shaw's is apparently gone now, so we ended up grabbing some fast food and eating down at Bastendorf Beach. Lady loved the fries, Michael enjoyed a strawberry shake, and I enjoyed the view and great company.

Sunset Bay was calling my name! The weather was great and the tide was out, which made for a lot of fun at the tide pools. Michael was having fun looking at teeny tiny crabs -- until I found him some starfish, sea urchins and anemones. Of course we could not pass without poking an anemone or two!

Lady wanted to be the guide dog and lead us up the hill to the cliffs overlooking the ocean. The view of crashing waves from up there is breathtaking. That crazy Michael insisted on venturing down the side of the cliff and making me very nervous - mostly I was worried about my camera being dropped! Walking back we were momentarily lost when we ignored Lady's sense of direction. Getting lost allowed us to watch some little brown squirrels flirting on a tree, so it was worth it!

Sunset Bay was fun, but we were ready for a REAL beach .... namely Bandon. The old town area was bustling with activity - but our goal was the ocean. I hadn't been to Bandon since January 1996. Seeing those majestic rocks again was so cool. We must have spent hours on that beach enjoying sea lions and horses. By far the highlight of the whole day was finding some unexpected caves. I had a few true Goonie moments! Even Lady was having fun exploring the caves and tide pools. I do believe she actually chose to go for a swim when we were in a secluded sandy beach amongst the enormous rocks. Or she was just trying to impress the male German Shepard that was nearby!

The sun started to set and we decided to head home. Our plan was to watch Goonies that night, but my DVD was shockingly missing from its case. (I should probably alert the proper authorities about it.) It was a travesty! (I immediately went out to buy a new copy!)

Best Weekend of 2009 .... so far!

American Idol: Songs from the Movies


I hear Quentin Tarantino is on. I suppose we can't get lucky enough to have a slip up of the f-bomb from him like during the 1997 Oscar red carpet show. Why is the intro so long? Have they forgotten how last week ran long? Top 7 - this season is going by fast for me. I think the blogging makes it less painful. I totally want to watch Pulp Fiction now. That movie is a classic! Quentin kicks ass. He is so kooky! And he says the F word a lot. Gotta love that! What a long intro. DUDE! They met THE man! Lucky bastards! I wanna meet Quentin!

1. Allison - Her hair is so horrendous and I'm not talking about the color. I love how a movie maker is critiquing music. He is a dude with no fear. Okay - the girl. I need to stop looking at her fat neck. I'm not her fan. She is a great singer though. That fugly outfit is NOT flattering to her physique. I find this song kind of boring and she isn't making it unboring for me. A couple notes I didn't like -- BUT a much better start to the show than we've been used to!

2. Anoop - This song was cool ... in Junior freaking High! What the bloody hell is he wearing? I'm over him. I've been over him. That long ooooh was killing me. This doesn't make me want to go run out and watch Robin Hood again. Too many dead "ooh's" in that version. BORING.

* Randy looks so barfy. *
* Anoop is in a zone? WHAT? What kind of zone is that?? *


3. Adam - So cute. Obviously Quentin would be an Adam fan. Those two seem compatible. Yeah - 'bout time we got old rough Adam back. And the eye liner! Sweet!!! He completes me. He can sing songs I don't care for and suddenly I don't hate them. I enjoy how when a note will typically stay one note over and over or dip low, and he mixes it up a couple steps higher or even an entire octave higher. He is letting it all out there tonight! That kicked Anoop's ass. And did I mention how hot Adam is yet? His teeth are beautiful. I know I've said that before, but teeth matter. And um.... I love RHPS! Adam = c.u.t.e.!!


4. Matt - This song has always bored me, too. But I like this better than Anoop's performance. This week sounds like he is finally just singing and not trying to sound like someone else. Yuck - he went high and I didn't like it. Sounded sloppy on his way back to the regular notes. Final falsetto was fine though. Ah there - Randy mentioned the messy part. Thanks Randy!

5. Danny - Hand gestures - YES! I can probably totally mimic Danny's hand gestures. What is with this gross old songs? No offense, Mommy - but this is like something I'd roll my eyes over during karaoke at your house. Why is the dude yelling this song? That was not singing. Its not a yell type song. Glad we have no glasses tonight. I didn't think it was beautiful like Paula said. It was strained and painful. But that's just my opinion, and that means I am right! Duh!

6. Kris - How is it I have nothing to say? I don't know the song. Maybe that's why? Why didn't anybody do My Heart Will Go On? It is the anniversary of the Titanic hitting the iceberg after all. I do like Kris though. Nice, cute guy. I enjoyed him 2nd best I think. I appreciate his lack of yelling and his soft singing. I think my ears just needed a break from Danny's obnoxious strained voice and Matt's tangents.

7. Lil - Oh great. Gospel. Yeah. I'm going to gag. Let's see how huge that ass is tonight. Damn - those heels are insane! Her hair looks stupid. Ew - she totally hit a BAD note and just garbled a bunch of runs over it. I heard it. You can't fool me. I was a Ricketts Review judge, dammit! The "gospel" middle felt manic to me and I just had an audible "ew" on that last note. I love that Simon just rolled his eyes. Simon - glad he's not praising that performance. She was overrated and is just proving it every week. She is NOT great!

The recap does prove that aside from Allison a tad and Adam, it was a night of boring songs and boring performances.


15 Minute Babble: A Tribute to Coleridge

Here is my updated tribute to Samuel Taylor Coleridge's Rime of the Ancient Mariner:

Bitches, bitches everywhere
And all respect did shrink;
Bitches, bitches everywhere
They never stop to think.

I am a big believer in Karma. Karma is going to have a field day with what's going on lately. The strong WILL survive. It will be hard, but it already has been. Entertaining to watch, and very frustrating, too. I can't wait to see how it turns out! I just hope the resolution is sooner than later.

Monday, April 13, 2009


I have been slacking on updating my blog. I've actually been working on a re-cap of the coast trip with Michael and Lady - but haven't been able to find time to update it at night. I will do it sometime soon!

  • Work has been super busy.
  • My lawn isn't as much of a jungle as it was a week ago.
  • I had 2 different Easter functions yesterday - slept like a baby last night!
  • Lady is looking adorable with her bandanna still around her neck.
  • Michael makes delicious scrambled eggs.
  • I tried avocado last night for the first time ever, as well as cornbread. The cornbread was yummy!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

American Idol: The Year They Were Born



Girl Scout cookies? check. Journal? check. Pen? check. Chair by the fire? check. Cell phone handy? check. Must be time for Idol!

Baby pictures are always fun ... as long as they aren't nudes of me! Yeah, my number 1 man has his back back to normal tonight. Woo hoo!

1. Danny. (Stand By Me) Danny's mom and I have the same name! I bet she spells it wrong. This is Mom & Jim's song. What the hell? 5 words into and I don't like it already. Sometimes you just want the real version instead of a funeral dirge of a beginning. I know the women love him, but I am not liking this much. His outfit is an improvement on week's past. I like black with a bold color popping out.

2. Kris. (All She Wants to Do Is Dance) I HATE this performing among the robot girls thing. So lame. I am getting claustrophobic watching it. This is a retarded song. I think I like his version better than the original retarded version though.. This show is on the verge of making me feel old. Big fan of Kris, but not my favorite performance of his at all. Bet it will be better than Scott's though! (Was that mean?)

3. Lil (What's Love Got To Do With It) BARF! Go home! I hate how she talks. I hate how she sings. I hate her gigantic ass. Honestly her voice isn't even impressing me in the slightest tonight. But she's been "thanking" - that's "thinking" with an "a" instead. Its like "You can Sang!" -- What's with deliberately sounding like an idiot and using the wrong tense of words? The audience seems to have liked it .... but I thought it was lame. She is so overrated. I think only the judges ever liked her versus the viewing American public. Thank you Simon!!! He nailed it. She was busy doing stereotypical moves and vocal nonsense. She should just go to the Vegas circuit or something. I promise I will never want to hear her on the radio. She and Fantasia can go scream together and bounce around on their girthy backsides together.

4. Anoop (True Colors) I love this song! Reminds me of the Honey, I Shrunk the Audience pre-show. His voice started a little too breathy for me. He's making it boring, no? I listen to this song on repeat and it doesn't bore me, but this is. I am not "feeling it" as they say. Felt like a vacant performance. He was singing the words but it didn't seem like he was actually into it. The judges liked it better than I did. Singing was fine. Notes were fine. Delivery was boring. Maybe he needed to do the Epcot version.

5. Scott (The Search is Over) New instrument tonight. do I know this song? He is such a goody-goody, its like he won't perform a non-schmaltzy song. Ooh - bad note. Make that bad noteS. This might be his week to go home. Oh my gosh - make it end. I feel bad for him. This is bad. Am I the only one thinking about all this "right before my eyes" stuff and how he can't see? I need to ask the soft-hearted people to NOT vote for him. Yeah he's blind. A lot of people are. Doesn't mean he's a performer worthy of staying on another week.

6. Allison (I Can't Make You Love Me) Yep - I feel old. Was she born when we were all getting our periods and first bras? Hell. No - she was born AFTER that. Damn. If anyone cares, Constantine Maroulis sang this song during his Idol season. Its on my iPod if you want to listen. Best song choice of the night - since Danny f***ed up Stand By Me. Her clothes are way better than last week. She has such a fat neck. That was good. I still think she sounds like an old biker bar fly.

7. Matt (Part Time Lover) I am NOT surprised he chose Stevie wonder. Another week of wanting to be Justin Timberlake. Sorry dude, you are NO JT! I do like this song though. Happy he's just singing and not playing the piano again. Does Paula always dance? Poor Simon having to be by that. Why is he growling so much during this song? I don't get that. Oh whatever .... let's get to the REAL show ........


8. ADAM LAMBERT (Mad World) Let me say again how hot he is. Phantom mask!! I prefer his dark hair. Yummy!! A chair! I'm so excited!! The blue reminds me of the Top Gun sex scene. Yes, I can talk about gay guys and sex - comes with the faghag status. I will point out his tight pants and the way they accentuate his, um, .... package. He has a great ass by the way - have you seen it? I'll post the picture! .... Watch Simon ... I saw the spoiler ... YES!!! Simon on his feet! Rad!! Adam is the BOMB diggity! Are we allowed to say that phrase anymore? I just wanted to bring some Randy Jackson to the blog. Its like a high school talent show and then the guest professional comes out to finish the show. LOVE HIM!!


Monday, April 6, 2009

15 Minute Babble: Blah, Blah, Blah

I don't know if i want to laugh or scream. Blah, blah, blah. That's all I hear. This lady rattles off "important" information to me. It goes in one ear and out the other. This happens every day. Like clockwork, I end up rolling my eyes. I don't care about the neurotic tendencies of anyone else. Don't we all have our own issues that we don't need to occupy our efforts to tend to some one's anal retentiveness about paper clips, staples or tape?

If Object A is firmly attached to Object B, is it necessary to wrap tape completely around Objects A & B? I, personally, don't think so. Staple 'this' but paper clip 'that'. 'This' and 'that' are the same exact things, but Heaven forbid we staple 'that'!

The beach yesterday was a blast!
Photos and blog are soon to come!
And I am hungry.

Happy Monday, everybody!
And Happy Birthday, Big Daddy Steve! --- ooh, new nickname I just made, I like it!!

Friday, April 3, 2009

15 Minute Babble: 100% Babble

My tummy is growling. My legs are cold. Tomorrow I am going to the coast. I have been consulting tide tables so Lady can get maximum pleasure at the tide pools. My mom hit a co-worker's car last night. No damage at all. I about died laughing. I have some old "It takes two baby, me and you," song stuck in my head, yet I don't know when I ever heard it last or what it is. My friend is so sweet. I'm listening to her help a customer and she is just so nice. I went to Red Robin last night. It was super yummy. Grandpa is taking me to lunch today. He's bringing me my dog. She is going to her "beautician". I need to get her to the vet for her rabies shot before April 25th. I've almost had her for 4 years. I had just cut off tons of my hair, then went to the pound to get myself a little present for getting my taxes done. My dog is a nerd. She's hysterical! She LOVES to wiggle. I would like a nap right now. Today is just deadline after deadline. I'm in a holding pattern right now. I kissed a girl and I liked it .... except that's not true. I've never kissed a girl so I don't know if I'd like it. But I love the song. This poor lady filling out forms said she has no friends or family to use as an alternate form of contact. That must be lonely. I'm lucky I have many people around that I could use as a backup if I needed it. She was maybe 3 feet tall. That must be hard. I hate answering telephones.