To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.
-Steve Prefontaine
Make it simple, but significant.
- Don Draper

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Dear Local Radio Station,

Dear Local Radio Station,

Your station sucks. I have traveled across the entire United States of America via moving truck twice. Both trips only let me have access to local radio stations. In all of those other towns, cities, states, NO station was as bad as yours.

Your ads imply you think you are funny and original. You're not. You're annoying.

Even more annoying is your obsession with Billy Idol and AC/DC. I can't believe how many times I've heard "White Wedding" since February when I put a new mp3 player/radio in my bathroom. Seriously? White Wedding is on steady play in mid-2009? Really?

If it wasn't for Kidd Kraddick's radio show (based out of Texas, mind you), I wouldn't turn your station on EVER. Even then you ruin my morning Kidd Kraddick laugh-fest with your stupid ads for yourself. You call yourself "Sam". Okay, you are not a person. You are some poorly run small town radio station. Prior to the stupid name switch you at least played something closer to Top 40/pop music. Now we don't really have any current pop music being played on any station thanks to you. Shame on you, "Sam".

Here is how you promote yourself on your website, Local Radio Station:

WHO is SAM...and What Does He Play?
Pretty Much Anything and Everything!

How about...Red Hot Chili Peppers - Duran Duran - Cheryl Crow - Matchbox 20 - Queen - AC/DC - The Cure - Kelly Clarkson - Poison - Counting Crows - INXS - Journey - Goo Goo Dolls - Toto - Hall & Oates - U2 - Christina Agulera - The Clash - Black Eyed Peas - Train - Pet Shop Boys - Chris Daughtry - Def Lepard - Van Halen - Police - Chicago - David Bowie - John Mayer - Creed and LOTS MORE!

When it comes to great music...
Sam is the kind of guy you want to know!

Again, you are NOT a person. You're a stupid-ass radio station. You can't even spell Sheryl Crow's name properly and you have some very strange looking picture of John Mayer on your website. I am again reading the list of music you give as examples. I'd appreciate you reading over it and then decide how "great" your music really is. Sure, these artists were popular at one time, but now is not their time. Let me use the previously mentioned "White Wedding" as an example. According to Wikipedia, this tired song was released in 1982. Nineteen-eighty-two. I don't want to hear it every morning during my shower in 2009.

In conclusion, I can't stress enough how much I despise your station. If Kidd Kraddick in the Morning ever stops being aired, well then I won't complain - that means I'll never hear your station anymore. Of course Kidd Kraddick is on iTunes, so perhaps I'll just listen to him there and avoid hearing the Doobie Brothers or Mike and the Mechanics when I'm in the mood for something more current!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

No One Over 5'7" Allowed to Join

After a countdown that had been going on for probably three months, Jessica and I were finally back at the Enchanted Forest! Jessica's boyfriend, Ryan, joined us, as did my adorable bf, Michael. This was Michael's first trip ever to the Enchanted Forest and iIwas positive he was going to love it!

During our walk through Storybook Lane, I noticed nobody ever really had to duck. It was then that we realized at 5 feet and 7 seven inches, Michael was the tallest member of our party. We were a badass group of shorties! ....badass because both Ryan AND Michael were super cool sporting their shiny, golden Sheriff badges!

Jessica and I were busy with our cameras and talking about our Disney vacation (5 months!!) while the boys were getting quarters to shoot guns at targets in Western Town.

Michael's favorites were the Indian Caves and the Log Ride. Four adults in one log equals one very wet ride! Jessica always loves the Fantasy Fountains, and I just love it all - but probably get the most excited over the Ice Mountain Bobsleds. I'm going to say the ice cream parlor was Ryan's favorite, but I have no idea.

It was a totally rad day. Great company! Great friends! Great theme park! Great day!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

Instead of writing, I am going to be lazy and link my blog to my photos from this weekend!

To sum up, Michael and I kept busy being lazy outside. We went to the Henry Estate winery for live music, hilarity, wine and badminton with Michael's parents. We checked out the river in my mom's back yard. Michael golfed off the deck. We had a big spaghetti dinner with my family. We ate way too much. We started watching Dexter. We played Shanghai. We played Apples to Apples. We visited the duck pond. We had a great, relaxing time!

15 Minute Babble: Dear ______,

Dear Dude Standing At the Other Window,
You are an ass. I could tell just by looking at your body language when you walked through the door. You keep turning and looking at me as if I'm going to empathize with your situation. I will not. You're being an ass to my friend. You got a parking ticket that went to collections when you didn't pay it. That's not our fault. Park properly or pay in a timely manner, and your frustrations could have been avoided.

Dear Dude on the Bike,
Why must you ride in the lane I am driving my car in. We are going up a hill. I was going 40 mph until I got to you. You cannot go 40 mph up a hill, or even on a flat street. Wearing a gross lycra onesie doesn't mean you are keeping up with the traffic flow. Do you not notice the traffic backed up and people changing lanes to get around you? You're annoying. You're not a car and you're not in a bike lane. I would like you to move out of the flow of traffic, please.

Dear Dude on the Phone,
When I say "How may I direct your call?" all I want to know is how may I direct your call. I don't care that you missed your court date or that your bill is due and you aren't paid until next week. Can't you just say "I need to talk to the court, please" or "water department"? Do I need your story? No. Do I want to answer your questions about how to get a lawyer or marriage certificate? No. I just want this 15 minutes to go by as quickly and pain free as possible. I want to hit one button to transfer you away. Okay? Great. Thanks!

Dear TMI Woman,
You give everyone too much information that makes some people uncomfortable. Normal interactions do not require the details you share. I don't care that you were a single mother. I don't care that you got a bruise this weekend. I don't want to hear that you prefer to sleep naked. I don't want to hear that you stayed in a hotel with a squeaky bed and how you learned it was squeaky. I don't want to hear personal details of your life or your family's life. In general, when people call you for help, they just want their answers and to hang up. They don't call looking to make a new friend and hear that you had to go to the doctor for some mystery infection. Too much information is just that .... TOO MUCH information!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

American Idol: The Finale - Part 2

It killed me not to have a live blog last night - and trust me I had A LOT to say! So instead, here are my post-Idol thoughts!

First up - the winner..... Contrary to what most people would think, I am very happy with Kris being the winner, for a few reasons.
  • I don't want to hear Adam sing that horrible song Kara wrote on the radio. I think I'd feel embarrassed for him even having to sing about rainbows and mountains and dreams. I realize he is gay - but does he HAVE to sing about rainbows?
  • I really enjoy the laid back vibe Kris gives off, and I enjoy his voice. I would totally buy his album if the songs appealed to me. However, I'm not 100% positive that being the runner up would have allowed to actually get a record contract. He's a nice guy, laid back, humble. Is that going to get him ahead in the harsh music industry? I don't really think so. So I wanted him to win just so we would know he'd have a record and a chance to make it big.
  • Adam has enough star power and pizazz that he's generated enough buzz to get a contract without having to win some reality tv show.
  • This gives me the best situation - a win-win situation, if you will. Kris wins and gets a contract, Adam doesn't win, but probably still gets a contract, and we all win by getting a great American Idol finale!
Normally Idol gets on my nerves by the end of the season. I think the "Idol Gives Back" episode is what usually did it for me. I was happy we didn't have a full hour of pleas for our money and celebrity hosted clips trying to tug at our heart strings. I don't have enough money to be able to donate to things, so that episode is a waste for me. I watch for the singing and the clothes and the crazy antics. This year has proven to be the year for that! Even up until the end we were constantly seeing the twists and unexpected "shockers". I mean really - nobody was more shocked than Kris was last night when he won, right? His reaction was great. I wish the camera wouldn't have panned out so quickly. I wanted to get to see our new Idol as he absorbed what all was happening around him!

Okay - on to other things, in no particular order ....

Norman Gentle and Tatiana del Toro -- way too predictable. As soon as they talked about awards, I knew those two would be onstage doing their schtick. I enjoyed Norman more than Tatiana, but both were so predictable they weren't that funny to me.

More enjoyable was Bikini Girl and her new implants. Her voice sounded worse last night than she did during the audition process. Maybe the cosmetic surgery messed up her vocal skillz. Ha! And how about Kara?? I loved seeing/hearing her kick Bikini Girls ass vocally. I ask you this - did Bikini Girl know Kara was going to join her? She seemed shocked and mad when something was happening behind her (i.e. Kara's entrance.), but then they seemed to be just going with it together, so was it pre-arranged? It reminded me of when the Clay Aiken wannabe was singing Simon and Garfunkle and Clay came out behind him. In that instance, though, it was cute 'cause he was genuinely surprised, giddy, and you could tell he was loving the chance to sing on stage with his Idol! And I agree with my mom .... Kara needed to rehearse her bikini reveal a bit better. Looks like the zipper was kind of stuck on the bottom. But still, one of the best Idol moments ever. You know people will continue to talk about that one!

Lil Rounds ... her as is still huge! I mean HUGE! And Queen Latifah ... only if your name is Queen and you are a confident, self-assured woman can you get on stage in that black, lycra, unitard! I personally wouldn't have the guts to try to wear that, but that's just me. And why did Lil get an entire song? Matt was virtually ignored except for a couple lines with Santana - and he lasted longer than she did.
Cyndi Lauper - that was awesome! Not a fan of Allison, but I loved hearing them do Time After Time together!

Rod Stewart - he's aging, but he's aging pretty well! He is 64 in case you were curious. Rod was my first REAL concert, and it was so cool. He's always been one of my personal favorites. He almost fell, right? I think so.

I was excited to see Jason Mraz on stage! How many times have I mentioned his name throughout all of these blogs this season? I just wish he'd have been singing with Kris instead. But still, I got my Mraz, so I was happy!

I don't have much to say regarding Kris and Keith Urban. Mostly that is because Keith Urban is just Nicole Kidman's husband to me. I don't know his music; I don't really care for country music in general. But they did a good job, I thought their voices complimented each other.

Danny Gokey still makes me want to barf. He has a huge ass, too. He and Lil should have done a duet instead. Lionel was cool, but like, of all his songs that's what they chose to sing? I mean it essentially forced the awkward white guy that can't dance to dance!
David Cook was great. I loved seeing him on stage again. He is still so cool and good!

Black Eyed Peas. Eh, whatever. Blah.

Queen was a fun ending - but poor Kris. I mean that was totally a song for Adam and he dominated it! It was a cool way for them to just kind of sign off for the season. For me, for you, for them, for me, they ARE the champions! Again, a win-win situation!

Montages. I love them! So the judges' montages at the beginning were a funny start for me, for them!

And lastly ..... Beth. KISS. Gene Simmons. Adam Lambert. Paul Stanley. Make-up. Costumes. Crazy boots. Tongues. Fire. What a freaking fantastic moment in the show!!!!! The second the music for Beth started playing I knew what we were in store for and I was so excited!! Beth is my favorite KISS song, and Adam is the perfect person to sing with KISS! His costume, yes it was over the top, but if you knew that he was singing KISS, you'd know he was going to blend in perfectly when the rest of the band came out. That was definitely the highlight of my night! Gene Simmons is awesome!! Adam is awesome!! The whole thing ..... AWESOME!! And how about Adam's black/sparkly eyeliner?? That was so rad!!

So there it is .... the end of this season of Idol. A great outcome! A great 2 hours of music and entertainment. I was actually never bored - which is shocking to me! BUT I'm glad the season is over. Its run its course. Time for Adam and Kris to go do what they do and continue to entertain us all in their own, unique, original ways!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

American Idol: The Finale - Part 1


Welcome, Idol fans, to my final live blog of the American Idol season. It might not be the FINAL final -- I'm debating on whether or not to blog the official finale. I guess we'll see what tomorrow night brings me. But anyway, here it is! The last night of the competition. I am very happy tonight because I finally get to watch a night where I really enjoy both singers. What will a blog be without me gagging on my paper or wanting to stab out my eyes because of the horrible sounds of Danny or Allison? Tonight I am anticipating a blog of happiness! Happy for whoever wins. I will naturally still give out Adam's numbers, but if Kris wins I will be just as happy. This is an awesome American Idol year! And with that, I give you ..... the blog!


This is corny, but this opening montage is giving me chills! GO ADAM! Go Kris! (On a side note, aren't we all happy the end is finally here? And aren't we all a little curious to check out "Glee" after tonight's Idol episode?) Battle of acoustic versus glam - that's a tough one! I am a fan of guyliner though, as anyone should know by now. Kris is so short, how cute! Kris is going second - always a wise choice. 3 songs - if this "new" song sucks then we know Kara is full of it! I normally find those "original" songs too schmaltzy. Guess we'll just have to wait and see!

1. ADAM LAMBERT - Mad World. One of my favorites of his - I listen to it at work all the time. Cool coat! I will miss watching his dramatic entrances. I think this second time through is actually better than the first week he did it. Ok - the inner goth girl in me LOVES his look for this song - everything about it, including the fog. YAY - that was awesome. Loved it all. Best start to any show this year. Anybody else not feeling like listening to the judges tonight? What more can they have to say by now. "Adam dominates, Kris is the underdog." We get it. Simon just compared his coat to Phantom - probably why I liked it! I want Adam's tan.


2. Kris - Kris is like me - for so long i wouldn't karaoke in front of my family. It took lots of alcohol and singing in public before the family ever had to endure me and my "performances". Darn - I guess it was too much to hope for Michael Jackson again or one of his Mraz type songs. Oh well. I'd be too nervous on this caliber of a night to trust my piano playing while singing. He's doing a great job. Nice done!

*Check out Randy's shirt/tie combo. WTF?*

1. ADAM LAMBERT- He's got the Smokey Robinson look again. This IS quite a change. Nice to be able to show versatility - yet still be himself. I'm glad he can make a relatively boring song more interesting. Seriously what a dull choice. I think Adam has no cavities - just like me! He of course sang it great, but I can't believe that's the song they chose. Do you think Kara will have her first on-air "big O" tonight after listening to Adam sing 3 times? .... damn! Paula nearly did just now!

2. Kris - So Kris gets a rad song?? Not fair. I predicted guitar for song two, so again I am just that brilliant and wise. ;-) His instrumentation here is cool. They should have had Matthew Mc...... do the bongos! I wonder if he ever watches his face when he sings. Does he know how crooked it gets? I enjoyed that - mostly 'cause it was a good song that I know. I still think its a lame song Adam had chosen for him. Oh gag me, Kara - she read way too much into it and was trying to be too deep. Nobody is going to "change" 'cause of that performance. Puh-leeze.


1. ADAM LAMBERT - Please be good. No stupid lyrics. I'm happy he's back in black. "Climbing mountains"? "Making it through pain"? "Dreams"? "Show you that you can"? Yep - barf inducing.... if you listen to the words. It is tolerable if you just trying listening to the voice and the melody. I am tuning out the lyrics now. At least he made it as "Adam" as a schmaltzy pop ballad can be. I hate the "rule" that the song to be released as a single is so effing lame. I think that the final people should just write their own - or co-write with someone - give us music and lyrics that are "them" - not packaged pop music writers. On this final Adam performance I am bummed that my weekly dates with him are over. Good luck, Adam!! I will vote all night - as always. Great season, you sexy man with the amazing voice!!


2. Kris - I missed the first two lines - bummer. Ha. Not really. His voice isn't wowing me. Seems to have been a bit off and shaky there for a bit. He's picked it back up though. He is singing it more "pop" like. BUT it doesn't feel like Kris Allen at all. I didn't expect acoustic or guitar, but it did disappoint me in that it was so Backstreet Boys synthesizer power-ballad. I wish he'd have had more of himself in it. The judges seem to be dismissing him as a potential winner already - I wouldn't be too sure. This will be a close race between two really enjoyable, likable guys. Go team!

Que sera sera - whatever will be, will be. Good luck, boys!

And for the last time - VOTE FOR ADAM!! He's so hot. He completes me. Yada, yada, yada.

I forgot Carrie was on - lines are busy right now anyway (I tried). I love montages! For reals!! I don't love Carrie's boots though. Ha - pouty bikini girl - good riddance! Loving Carrie's dark glitter eyeshadow.

Okay -- go vote!!

T-Minus 5 Months and Counting

October 16th is coming up so fast! In less than 5 months Jessica and I will be loading up our suitcases and heading to sunny Florida. Is it too early to write about our trip? Nah. I don't think so .... after all, we've had this planned since 2008!

What sorts of fun activities do we have planned you ask? I'd be happy to share!

  • An educational, yet exciting day at the Kennedy Space Center, which will be followed by some frolicking in the Atlantic Ocean at Cocoa Beach.
  • The International Food & Wine Festival in Epcot. World Showcase is THE place to be. Tons of food and drinks from around the world, free concerts, cute bartenders in Morocco, yummy popcorn, amazing atmosphere.... Last year the concerts I saw were Jon Secada (too much ego!) and Sister Hazel (awesome!!)
  • Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party in the Magic Kingdom. Jessica and I will get to dress up in costumes and go trick or treating in the coolest setting ever! Upon entering the park, guests are given a bag for their candy and absolutely everything is covered with Halloween decorations. There is a parade naturally themed to the Disney villains. The Headless Horseman leads it off - and let me tell you there is nothing cooler than seeing a beautiful, big, black horse with a headless man go galloping down the street! Fireworks finish off the night, and they are the BEST fireworks I have ever seen!
  • Along those lines - except NOT child friendly at all - Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios. I can do an entire blog just on "HHN". It is a completely terrifying, non-stop party. There are themed "scare zones", "haunted mazes" and live stage shows. My favorite show being the Rocky Horror Picture Show tribute, of course! I really think and hope that Jessica will love it as much as I do!!
  • As if that isn't enough - we have over a week to visit Disney's four theme parks, Downtown Disney, mini-golf, boat rentals, horseback riding ... you name it, we can do it!
I am positive this will be a vacation Jessica and I will never forget!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

15 Minute Babble: Odors

At 10:17am a lady asked to use our work phone. I was hesitant. She was persistent. She won, and made a 20 second phone call. She smelled like alcohol.

I grabbed the disinfectant wipes. It was the end of the pack so the wipe was dripping with slop. My hand was dripping, the desk was all wet. I now smell like I've been cleaning house all day. I am ready to go scrub down and resume normal odor levels.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Who Is Megan Fox?

I hate to admit it, but I look at nearly every day.
Nearly every day I see something about Megan Fox on the trashy website.

Who is she???

I have NO freaking clue at all.

Today I saw something about her being bi-sexual.
And did I see she dated Brian Austin Green from the original 90210?

But really, who is she?
Why is she famous?
Is she a singer? Actress? Model?

If you know, could you please try to post it as a comment?


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

American Idol: Top 3



So don't bother voting for Danny. He annoys me. Its 7:18 ... nearly 40 minutes until the show starts, and I'm already dreading listening to that guy growl at me and be all smug and kiss ass A-freaking-GAIN. I am sooooo over him. I see that my friend Jason hated Adam tonight. He always hates Adam. This leads me to think I'll really enjoy Adam tonight! Its kind of like reading movie reviews .... if the critics love it, I know I will dislike it and probably fall asleep. If they hate it, its one of my favorite movies! Same goes for Jason and Sara -- I seem to be the opposite of them. Go Adam!!

Top 3 tonight - with one song chosen by the contestants, one chosen by the judges. Could be interesting, could be boring and predictable. We shall see! We are at the point now where I am nearly indifferent on who wins. I say nearly because I just really, REALLY don't want to listen to Danny one more week. Last week was sooooo horrible that the thought of just 2 songs from him tonight is more than I want to think about. I can't even imagine a whole final two night plus finale with that lame smug mug on my tv.

Perhaps I shouldn't have had that yummy Umpqua Dairy strawberry cheesecake ice cream - now I'm cold and my fingers don't want to write. Tonight they have Adam going last - the key position - so yay - they want him to go through to the finals - duh!

1. Danny - Dance Little Sister Dance - I don't know this song (chosen by Paula) by title; maybe when the music starts I will. Through this annoying voice, I don't recognize the song. Paula always said he'll be in the finals every week, so she gives him THIS song? Is that help or sabotage? What's with all the gay "do-do-do"s. That was lame and boring. And stupid saxophone nonsense in the middle. Thank goodness that is over. Bad song choice - never heard it before, don't want to hear it again. They call his tone the "money spot" - yuck! His tone is what I can't stand about him. I'd have rather heard Allison again - or flipped back to the Redwings game (Tied 0-0 after the first period.)

2. Kris - Apologize - Grand piano - that's new for Kris. Anybody notice Danny tried to dress like Kris this week and last week he tried to perform like Adam? I just really enjoy Kris' calm, sweet voice. Personally I've always found this song boring, but at least I have heard it before and it lets Kris just really sing and not try to use "hat tricks" (my new hockey term!) like Danny does when TRYING to entertain. Just Kris and the music was nice for me. I really want to see Kris in the Top 2. He can sing and play and is actually likable - versus Danny's karaoke type screaming. The judges are trying to set him up as the 3rd place guy. Glad Simon called Kara out! And you know what --- if Kris did acoustic guitar, they'd have told him to do it on piano. They just want Danny in so bad, they won't give Kris his due praise tonight. Bitches.

3. Adam Lambert - One - I love that he gets mood lighting. The blue light reminds me of the Top Gun sex scene. I'm not a huge U2 fan, but I don't dislike them. I don't have strong feelings on this song like my friend Sara probably does, so I can say that for an indifferent person - I'm liking Adam's version. It was way too short!! Its done and I didn't get to critique much (but by now we all know I'll love it!). It was a usual Adam performance - unique and captivating. When he performs I get sucked in, which is why I always have a hard time writing during his songs. I wonder if Kara is a faghag like myself .... she totally wants in Adam's pants. But can ya blame her? Really? Adam = humble and truly appreciative. Danny - smug and ungrateful. Adam completes me. Sshh! (Don't tell Michael and Mike!)

4. Danny - You Are So Beautiful - What a freaking predictable song choice. Who wants to bet money I'll roll my eyes and want to puke and hate it?? Ew, a pre-song interview? I'm already gagging. Barf. Barf. Barf.
"You HAR so beautiful to me?" Interesting way to pronounce "are". EW. He tried to get all fancy and instead sent us a gross flat note - as always. Is this a ploy to get the votes of moms and people still hung up on his widower status or what?? I can't write anymore. How do you write about R. Kelly type mouth diarrhea? PLEASE!!! Please let that be the end!! GO HOME, GOKEY!!
Randy is overpraising him - again they are telling us we are supposed to like him. Why not let us decide who we like? If a guy was serenading me and sang that way to me with the hoarse straining - I'd leave the room. Give me sweet Kris or sexy Adam - not smug, schmaltzy Danny. Someone come home my hair back - I'm gagging.

5. Kris - Heartless - Michael loves this song. He blasted it in my car last night. We couldn't get out until it was over. Lets all get Kris to the finals!! Back to the guitar - and let me point out he is genuinely singing and not using technology to make it sound like he can sing - a la Kanye West. I love this!! Better than Kanye. It is back to the Kris Allen meets Jason Mraz feel! This is the way I prefer Kris for sure. Again his true talent comes through showcasing his voice and musicianship! Finally he gets his praise! He effing kicked Danny's fat ass for sure! Nicely done, Kris Allen! Kudos for Kris!

Nearing the end, I must say blogging every week has made this season fly by and made it much more enjoyable. I'm sure you'll see me back again next year!

6. Adam Lambert - Cryin' - Adam looks happy and comfortable. YES! Kara type ecstasy "Oh yes" coming from me tonight! (She's so dirty!) What a way to end the night .... 100% Adam! Many will hate it - but just listen to him. He can go high and not screech or go off key. He goes high and big - but the right way. An all over great performer. He is freaking ahhhhmazing! If I wouldn't have to suffer through the other people, I'd totally go to the Idol concert just to see him!

Simon said vote for Adam - listen to Simon! VOTE FOR ADAM!
He's so cute! So talented!

Stop reading and go vote for Adam! I'll vote all night until I fall asleep - just like last week!

Katy Perry tomorrow night .... SWEET!!!



The Work Spouse

I was a senior in college when I first heard Regis and Kelly discussing the idea of the "work spouse". Essentially you have your real life spouse/partner/boyfriend/girlfriend, but at work you end up working so closely with someone that he or she becomes like a spouse at your work ... hence the Work Spouse.

(Yes, I watched Regis & Kelly - AND Regis & Kathy Lee. In fact, I set my VCR to record it every day, along with an hour of Dark Shadows on Sci-Fi). Anyway ....

I didn't have my first work spouse until 2002 when I was working in Disney World. Work Spouse number one, and the longest work spouse I've had so far, was Brian. Brian, of course, turned into my male BFF. We still try to talk to each other 5 days a week, 7 years after become work spouses!

My second work spouse probably doesn't even remember he was my work spouse - not because I'm not the most fantastic work spouse, but because he just forgets things. That was when I worked at the District Attorney's office. He was a fun, silly work spouse. That was short lived though, as I felt it imperative that I get the hell out of that place!

So now, on this 12th day of May, in the year 2009, I have a new work spouse! He's Peter - our adorable IT guy. I've considered him to be my best male friend in Roseburg for years now. He's so cool and funny. Nice, yet I suspect there is a secretly wild, dirty side to him .... probably why he will fit well as my newest work spouse! I'm very excited! I'm hoping for random presents and flowers for no reason now. Or at least a computer that is always functioning properly.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

15 Minute Babble: Shifting Desks, Idol Voting

I was supposed to move to a new desk today. Unfortunately that got pushed back to Friday now. As much as I enjoy my secluded, formerly peaceful corner, I am ready for a change. I'm excited about being closer to the bathroom and my pal Esther. It will make my job easier too, since I will be closer to the files I always go sifting through. The area will be louder - but much friendlier. I am all about positivity, and I expect this change to bring that back to my work space!

I fell asleep voting for American Idol last night. If Adam goes home then its a conspiracy I tell you; a conspiracy! Actually, I am weighing my thoughts on this one. Adam leaving now wouldn't be so bad for him, career wise. As a viewer I would be bored without him. I feel he'd have more freedom as an artist if he didn't win and get stuck in the American Idol contract. But at the same time he is all around the best - a complete package - and deserves to be awarded the top prize for his talents. I do not want to have to hear him sing some song about achieving his dream and all that nauseating stuff they always make the winners release as their first single. I will continue to vote for Adam, but after this week, I don't think I'll whine (too much) if he is voted off. I will still never vote for Danny Gokey. I want him to GO. Go away!

My mom has the swine flu.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

American Idol: Rock


Okay, Idol fans .... lets remember to VOTE FOR ADAM this week, shall we?? Thank you, that's all I have to say about that.

Spoilers tell me they are doing 2 songs tonight - with one of them being duets? Interesting! Guess they had to come up with a creative, new way to make sure this fills an entire hour.

One of my most loyal readers can't watch tonight. My mommy is stuck in a budget meeting (and she is actually ON tv right now, too!), so I will do my best to describe the show for her.

Did we NEED to see the upside down sign that almost collapsed? No. Did I NEED the mac and cheese I cooked for dinner? NO! Do I NEED to say how happy I am to see the rocked up/messy/glam Adam tonight? YES!

Our mentor is slash from Guns 'n Roses. I'm trying to decide if I've ever heard him speak before. I'm happy he looks the same and not all freaky and creepy and plastic like Axel Rose.

1-866-IDOLS-01 or 1-866-IDOLS-05

1. Adam Lambert - (Whole Lotta Love) - Led Zeppelin. I am not familiar with Led Zeppelin at all. Did they do Stairway to Heaven? Are they a "they"? Adams first week going first. His hair is way different! Thank goodness fr the return of the eyeliner. He wears it so well! He is definitely being the rock star tonight. Nice dramatic pauses -- ooh and an echo effect, too! Echo - echo. His zipper is super cool - not that I am checking out his man bits or anything. His wardrobe and make up are great tonight. He's prettier than I am. Simon called his performance understated. Ha - we all knew that was him making a funny. Simon also says nobody can top it. Duh!!

*Adam's pendant reminds me of the Old Navy guy that was hitting on Michael this weekend.*


2. Allison - (Cry Baby) - Ugh. I don't feel like writing about her anymore. I'm stuck staring at her neck again. This fits her - really backs my stance of her sounding like a 50 something bar singer. She's just annoying. Same performance every week. She's like Anoop now - boring and predictable. Randy didn't like it. Go Randy! I think her red lipstick looks cheap and clashes with her hair. Paula just said this chick could play Janis Joplin in a bio pic .... wouldn't that then make her a copycat karaoke person? And aren't they always saying people sound too karaoke?? Allison needs to shut up. I hate that Ryan lets the sucky ones defend their suckdom.

** Kris & Danny - (Renegade) - I like the red lights. Hearing these two together reaffirms how much I prefer Kris' singing voice to Danny's growl. You'd think Danny was an overweight 40 year old man in a cover band from Chicago who just wants to hurry and get back to his hot dog and beer. Too bad we couldn't even hear Kris over Danny's annoyingness. Gross. Wow, Danny, nice of you to let Kris speak maybe three words during the interview. Smug ass.

I do like the idea of the duets though. Change is nice sometimes.

3. Kris - (Come Together) - Yeah - I love the Beatles! I just realized I was busy watching and not writing. Guess that shows I was enjoying it. His clothing seems very appropriate for this era of the Beatles' music. Fun to have his guitar and it was more of a dark, heavy feel versus the usual light, tender sound we're used to with Kris. Ooh Randy just agreed with my guitar thought. Kara didn't like it. She and I disagree on Kris tonight. Paula wants him to have more energy. Simon felt i twas like eating ice for lunch, and then repeated that nothing will top Adam tonight!

Please don't forget to VOTE FOR ADAM!! If you are a Danny fan, you can forget to vote for him. He's never had my vote. He never will.

4. Danny - (Dream On) - Can't wait to hear the smug one sing. He looks like the Joker tonight. Oh gawd ... that was a long, horrid, flat note. Ok, you guys CANNOT say he wasn't just screaming!!! ... (Chanelle and her mom!) You just can't! "Treeooh"??? Is that how you say "true"?? Oh damn - I almost dropped my pen and laughed when he went for that final high note. What the hell was that?? Chub - you re NOT Adam, don't even try to imitate him. What a phony pants performance. Kara says he took it too far. She wants to dis him 'cause it totally sucked, but the judges are supposed to like him and tell us we like him, so they are tip-toeing around how awful it was. Mom, you HAVE to see this!! Simon said he screamed. Ha! See??

Oh and here we go - let the sucky one defend himself. Barf. Shut him up. He's so arrogant. What a douche!

** Adam & Allison - (Slow Ride) - This will be good. FUNKY!!!! Adam's striped pants - they effing ROCK!! He's such a Hot Topic type of guy. Love it! These two are way better pair than the other. Allison's poofy hair in the back makes her head look funny and draws my eye back to her strange neck. Ack. They were fun and spunky. They really did enjoy performing together. Nice way to end the show!

Notice how Kara tried to dress "rock" tonight?

I want the phone number recap to play Danny's ... .YES!! That ending is so awesome. I am smiling hearing it again. Its almost painfully bad. No, it IS painfully bad.

Tomorrow night .... Daughtry, No Doubt, Paula Abdul. Paula Abdul? Performing? This will be a hoot!!

Now finish reading this and go vote Vote VOTE for ADAM!!!! 1-866-IDOLS-01 or 1-866-IDOLS-05! VOTE!!!

My Loco Cinco de Mayo

Its Cinco de Mayo!!

Hang the pinata, grab the tequila, fix the quesadillas, throw in Up in Smoke .... its time to party.

Unless your name is R**** R**.
Am I the only one with absolutely zero plans to celebrate a holiday that doesn't even pertain to me?

I debated with maybe going to the Taco Time drive up.
I do own Up in Smoke, so I guess I could squeeze that in.

In the end I'm sure I'll go home with intentions of doing something productive. Then I will see my Nintendo DS sitting there batting its eyelashes at me, and I'll end up playing until just before 8pm. At that time I'll made a mad scramble to get my blank blog open and ready, find spoilers so I know tonight's American Idol performance order, and then plop on my couch with my little junior high girl journal.

Ah, the life of a girl named R****. Its just one wild party every night in my cottage!

Oh, Kori got me this cute carabiner photo viewer today! It is the color of my car and holds 50+ images. She thought I needed one so I could have pictures of my boyfriend and dog on it. She's so sweet! I gave her a hug.

Carabiner - I love that word. Spell check doesn't recognize it, but I swear I typed it right. I'm reading the packaging right now. Anyway - yeah, Feliz Cinco de Mayo!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Plop, plop... Fizz, fizz

Oh what a relief it is!

I got so sick of the negative situation around me that today I decided to take my first steps toward saying "Enough is Enough". I'm tired of the 8 hour long gut ache. I'm tired of seeing total childishness, immaturity, disrespect, aggression, anger, yada, yada, yada ..... So I made a bold move and decided to take charge of my own situation and get the ball rolling to get me away from the bad vibes that are being shot around like daggers (oh, if looks could kill!).

The immediate relief from my first baby step was wonderful!

I'm not even involved in the petty bitchiness that I see every day, but seeing one of your best friends be the target of the behavior, it really takes its toll. I still predict a backlash against me and more of the glares sent my way, but so be it. Its not me with the problem, and I am just so much happier knowing there could be a light at the end of my tunnel!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Top o' the Muffin to You!

I just had a blueberry muffin that Kori brought in yesterday. Kori is so awesome - even more so now that she helped satisfy my muffin craving from 2 nights ago. The muffin was from Safeway. Their muffins are the best. Kori's right though - this batch was a bit under-cooked, yet still good.

My favorite Safeway muffins seem to be extinct, at least at our Roseburg Safeway. They were apple. They had caramel on the top. Not a coating, just a little swirl. The inside had apple chunks. It tasted like apple pie filling. I loved those things. I don't normally shop at Safeway - only to track down Girl Scout cookies and the rare muffin run. I wish they'd bring back the apple.

In the absence of the apple, blueberry is my new choice. I don't even eat blueberries. I've always picked them out of food; never had a blueberry on its own, either. Ok, I confess, I do pick them out of the muffin, too. I just enjoy the fruity taste it leaves behind. I hint of a sweet surprise mid-muffin.

I wonder if I could bake them on my own. I doubt it. I won't even try. I don't need to mess up a good thing!

{"Muffin" mentioned 10 times total}