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-Steve Prefontaine
Make it simple, but significant.
- Don Draper

Monday, January 30, 2012

Blog-Diggity Blog-Doubt

That title has NOTHING to do with this post at all. I just have the No Diggity song in my head and that title sort of created itself.

I worked at Pecos Bill Cafe in the FALL of '97!
Today I'm writing about the aftermath of The Fall. Not the season filled with crunchy leaves, beautiful orange trees, Halloween parties and Thanksgiving. I'm talking about The Fall - where my body so rudely met the Earth thanks to gravity and an uneven sidewalk.

Yesterday morning I woke up with a throbbing head ache. Not your traditional form of headache, but like my whole head just hurt. My cat delicately brushed her head up against me. Naturally she hit my chin. I almost cried. I couldn't even touch myself. (Wait, not like that song. Stop it!) I looked in the mirror and I had a deformed chin. And a lovely bruise to show for it, too.  (I tried to get pictures, they wouldn't turn out.) Breakfast was interesting - because I could hardly eat. Throughout the day I was doing chores and feeling stiff. I could hardly get my bra off when it was bed time. Well that was just less than 24 hours after.

Cut to today. 
Ugh. Today.

I could hardly move my arms in swim class, let alone use the heaviest weights we have. I mean I DID do it all with my regular weights - but it was sooooo hard. I was moving pretty slow. And every time my water weights hit my right thigh it stung. It hurt to get dressed today. I'm such a whiner right now. 

I have a line going over my thigh where the edge of the sidewalk hit me. My right shoulder is so stiff I can barely lift my arm. The left hurts, but nothing like the right. But really the reason I'm whining ... I am sooo hungry. Can I eat? Hardly! I tried to have a banana and I can't even open my mouth wide enough to take it in. 

OMG - is it just me or is this the perviest blog I've ever written without even trying?

That's all I have to say about that.  (I'm kind of on a Forrest Gump kick right now since they keep replaying it on TNT.)


  1. Ah, your whole body will be stressed form the fall. You have done well to get through a swim and a workout - I would have wimped out all together. Take care of yourself xx

  2. ouch!! Heal quickly women - that sounds bad.

  3. Definitely pervy without trying.
    Touching yourself, banana in the mouth .... goodness gracious sweet twinkle star .... :)

    Love Forrest Gump. His love for Jenny .... :) Aww.

  4. Huh huh huh, Huh huh huh(in my best Butt-head). Heal fast, there's pavement to kick.


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