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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Disney's Beauty & the Beast Royal Family 5K

This race was like none other! For the first time I was not nervous at all. What a relief!  Since I was running the half marathon the next day I decided I would walk the 5K just for fun and to get the bling! My mom used to walk up to 10 miles a day back in the day, so I asked her if she'd be a trooper and walk this with me. I was like the proud mom this time watching my mommy put on her first race bib and cross her first finish line!

We woke up at 3:30am (a whole 3 hours of sleep for me, woo.) and began getting dressed in our orange and black. Originally we were orange, black and white - but quickly realized we had to skip the white sweatshirts and scramble to find orange t-shirts that match. With less than 12 hours to race time we found some shirts on clearance at the Rain Forest Cafe. Phew! And there we were, sequins on our black pants, orange shirts and our black, bedazzled veils. I made a judgment call and said I refused to be seen with the huge orange flower and feathers that we originally had on our headbands. I just couldn't do it!


At the bus stop we were the 2nd people to arrive and one at Epcot I think we were the 2nd bus overall to get there. It was pretty empty, so we immediately went over to the stage/DJ are to get photos with Belle and the Beast. I guess it might shock you all to know that I am actually freaked out by the characters and get really nervous. You'd never know that looking at our half marathon pictures, right? After pictures we grabbed a bagel and water and waited for more princesses to arrive. And did they ever!

L, B, A & R
I was scanning the crowd and saw the cutest little girl in a Minnie Mouse dress. Before looking at the mom walking with her I already knew it was adorable little A! And there was Becca (50 Half Marathons in 50 States). So I lingered waiting for them to finish their trip through the photo line. Seriously you guys, A is the cutest little girl ever! She was just so friendly and even gave me a hug. Totally made my day!

Fruit Fly and Brooke
Sarah & Ronda
Next thing I knew I heard my name ... and it was Brooke ~ (What the Hell Was I Thinking?)! And then Sarah (whom I used to work with in Asia Attractions). It was like blogger Heaven and the cameras were coming out! I wish we all had more time to hang out - but nature calls, pictures call, dancing calls and the starting area called. Before we knew it, it was time to move into the starting chute. I'll admit it was strange heading to the back where the walkers were - and honestly we should have moved forward a bit because we had to pass a ton of people in the first mile. Did I mention the dancing? Oh yeah - we totally rocked the chicken dance and Macarena!


Once the race started we saw a dude totally biff it. I mean blood gushing down his leg. Perhaps running on a curb trying to pass people because you got there late and thought you'd run wasn't the best idea? Had to suck. It was a nasty fall! The race was so much fun! My mom was determined to stay ahead of Sarah and I the entire time. So naturally I'd lolly gag and let her get ahead, then I'd subtly scurry by. I must have been so annoying. I mean some people were just working their hardest and here I was goofing off, talking non-stop, taking pictures of everything, and not really breaking a sweat from exertion - just sweating from the freaking heat and humidity! Fine, I ran backwards at one point. Ha - I am more like Prefontaine that I thought! My favorite move was cutting the inside corner during the uphill leading out of France. But I didn't just go the shorter route - I ran it... thus forcing my mom to run uphill to pass me again. Am I a brat?? Did I mention she does NOT run and has no desire to?
Mommy's First Race!

Cut to the end. Mile 3 marker comes. Bratty little Ronda gets a smirk, looks at  her mom and Sarah and says, "Let's go, Ladies!" and forced them to run it in to the finish. I'm so proud of my mom - she did it! This is no big feat for a lot of us, but for my mom who had never run, that tenth of a mile was probably more than enough. We all crossed with smiles on - but got total photo blocked by some old lady. Dammit. 

At that point I thought no race could ever be as much fun. Naturally I was wrong -- 'cause the Princess Half totally topped it! But it was still an unforgettable time with my Mommy!


  1. I love the orange!! I really wish I had done the 5K... next year!!

    A is the most awesome 5 yr old I know :D

  2. I want a picture with Belle!

  3. so what course did that take you through?

    looks more fun than the half was!


    I have totally ran backwards in races when I was pacing friends. My favorite was when my marathon buddy was trying to run a sub 30 5k for the first time. I would jog backwards ahead of him, pretending to look at my watch and tap my feet, to make him speed up. I thought it was hilarious, but he kind of thought I was being an ASS.

  5. Love that you did it with your mom!

  6. Go MOM!!!!!!! Mom rocks. By the way, did you know that she once saw Pre run? Maybe that's what got her through to the finish.

  7. Was so much fun! Glad we got to meet up!


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