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Sunday, April 15, 2018

Eugene Half Training: Week 4

Huh. Did I really only run twice?? I looked back at my photos for reference and I only see two. Dang!

Well... this was a hard week. Again the terrible ergonomics of my tiny work corner have gotten to my body. By the end of the week my arm tingles and loses feeling and my leg. Well my leg is hurting. I can hardly get off my chair by the time my work week is over. So imagine adding running to this. This must be why I didn't get in as many as I thought. I mean really, I can hardly remember much of the week. It's all a blur.

I had a run at home. The weather was really nice. I had to pause at one point because the whole Meniere's thing (that you're probably sick of hearing about) was getting to me. I stared at a patch of clovers while I got myself steadied. I thought I found a 5 leaf clover at one point. I was wrong. After that pause I was able to knock out the rest with no problem and I actually felt great. I was able to miss the bus drop off time, so those little jerks couldn't blatantly laugh at me and kill my self esteem. So there!

I feel like I had planned to run after work, but YES! Yes! I remember! Okay, I grabbed my gear and planned to run from my mom's house after work, then take my baby home. I didn't check the weather and so I had a skirt and short sleeves with me. It was dang cold and very rainy! So I planned to delay the run to a little later after my husband was awake and could watch the Turtle - and I could get in weather appropriate attire. Well, I just never did it. It never got nice and I lacked motivation. 

Yesterday I went to Wizard World in Portland. Me, and a bunch of other people - many of which were in costumes, many of which were giving off MAJOR body odor - seeing celebrities and crazy things for sale. I seriously wish I would have bought the Period Panties. They were hilarious! Let me see if they have a webpage to link you to. Here you go! Check out the front and back. I was so tempted and am kicking myself now for passing it up. I did get a Hannibal Lecture Funko doll to add to my collection, so that was a major win for me! Anyway - point is, I did all that, so I didn't run that day.

And that brings us to today and my "long" run. HA!!! I repeat... HA! This Sunday five years ago I was in Boston, setting a PR at the Boston 5K, crossing THE best finish line ever! So as inspiration I wore that shirt, and some new Pro Compression socks I just got in the mail. It took me forever to leave the house. I was so dizzy that I had to have a mental talk to myself and at least just go TRY. So TRY is what I did. I parked in my normal spot, did my normal warm up hill routine and was starting to venture out of that neighborhood to get in all the big miles. But my body was arguing with me a lot. Well, my legs were great. The run was awesome. The vertigo? Not so much. I was leaning against a wall -- hence the photo of my feet just standing there -- trying to get myself going again. I had to come to the realization that it just wasn't going to smart or safe. I had to make myself turn around and call this a fail.

But is it a fail? Huey Lewis just shared the News (see what I did there?) that he's been diagnosed with Meniere's Disease and has to cancel all of his concerts. His career is halted because of our shared disease. So is it that horrible to have to admit to myself that I can't do as much as I used to be able to and as much as I want sometimes because of this stupid disease? I just have to accept it and keep on trying. I certainly won't give up!

So tomorrow I will attempt the long run again. And now I have extra motivation since I see I completely forgot to do one of my runs this week. Oops!

Race Countdown: 13 days 12 hours 3 minutes

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