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-Steve Prefontaine
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- Don Draper

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Once Upon A Time...

Marathon #1
I was a runner.

In 2013 I did 14 races. I suppose to some that sounds like a lot - 3 of those alone were in January and part of the Walt Disney World Marathon weekend, and 2 were the Dumbo Double Dare - but I felt like I was hardly racing at all.  It's been nearly a year now since I was in marathon shape and about to do my second marathon as part of the Goofy Race and a Half Challenge.  I declared at the start of the year that I was essentially taking 2013 off from serious training. 2013 is done, and I really miss running! I'm ready to be back at it!

Meniere's - why I haven't been running.
So far this year I've run .... wait for it ... sit down so you don't fall ... TWO miles. That's it. My mind and body WANT to run, my inner ear has other plans. The year is young, but still I've spent basically all of it dealing with my pain in the ass Meniere's Disease. I'm constantly attached to walls at work when trying to walk from my desk to any other place. Yesterday I was so excited to run and ended up sleeping all afternoon, not because I wanted to. I'm over it - but sadly I can't change it so I have to just deal. So....

I've decided to get back closer to my old ways and work my way back to my regular monthly races! I think January might be race free since I have a ton going on, but I've already lined up a February race. March should be easy to find one - Shamrock is always lurking waiting for me to register so I can then bitch about how much I hate it. April brings my first ever Ragnar! Pretty much all of my running right now is just to get me back to where I was and ready for the relay. I am REALLY excited about it!! Portland Rock'n'Roll is registered for so I can go for a 3peat, and from there I'll just take it as I go and see what I feel like racing and what I don't. Who knows where this year will take me?!?! Eugene Half Marathon again perhaps? Kick that final 5K curse that gets me every time I run it? I have a new Garmin that is smaller than my old one, so I am ready to break her in and show her all my old training grounds and introduce her to all the weather!

I just realized I have to officially change my last name sometime before April -- I registered for Ragnar with my married name! First time ever typing that in, it was kind of strange to type -- but  heck of a lot easier to say!

Oh yeah, today I decided I want to start looking at races in Alaska. Running up there seems practical, right?!?! I found one I like, now I have to present it to Man Friend and consult with our Best Man to see if they will be around to entertain us if/when we decide to round up the sled dogs and head waaaaayyy north!

I think that's it for my "running" post. As I stare up at my poster of Steve Prefontaine on my wall ... I think tonight I'll run!


  1. I want to do the Great Alaska Marathon cruise in 2016.
    Why don't you guys do it this year and tell me all about it?

  2. I feel like I want 2014 to be a break but I'm signed up for races until June. Opps.

    1. Yeah, um, that's half of your break year, Abby!! I'm slowly but surely starting to find races to toss in. I wish they were cheaper. Oh well. Que sera sera!


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