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-Steve Prefontaine
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- Don Draper

Monday, December 10, 2012

Run 2.13, 2.14, 2.15 - Catch Up

I caught my dog sleeping on her back, under the covers
completely passed out. Her grandparents spoil her so  much!!
Run 2.13 was the Reindeer Run half marathon. As far as long training runs go, it was pretty darn nice! I can't stop raving about how great everybody was and how we lucked out with the weather. One of my slowest half marathons, but some of the most positive experiences and memories came from it!

Run 2.14 was 3.1 miles in the evening after work. Not 3, but 3.1 in honor of the 3 year anniversary of my first 5K.  My only goal, aside from not falling down due to running in complete darkness, was to run faster than I did during that first race. No sweat! Goal accomplished.

Run 2.15 was my "long" run. I'm a complete and utter slacker, so my long run was five whopping miles. It actually was a pretty great run after I had a mile 2 mental breakdown. I think I'm just so ready for Goofy to be here after thinking about it so much. Forget that I'm not training for it ... but dammit, I'm ready!!

So let's talk Goofy ... again.  "Costumes" for each of the three races have been finalized. Pieces have been ordered and we are ready to dress up and have a little gold ol' fashioned Disney fun!

Also along the lines of ordering, wedding supplies ... I have gobs of them arriving all the time. Today alone we had THREE packages waiting for us when we got home. Tomorrow my new prized possession of all decorations shows up and I cannot wait to see it!! It is killing me to not dish the details, but trust me, this is going to be THE decoration I can't top!

Reindeer, hat, wine & a yet to be opened gift ... all part
of our holiday sweater party dominance. We are Tew Legit!!
What else? My cats are getting closer and closer. Millicent keeps creeping up on Tinker Bell and sniffing her. They even touched noses once. I was such a happy mommy. I like seeing my girls get along and get used to each other more and more.

2Fish and I went to our first of three sweater parties this weekend. There were four prizes to win -- we took home 3. Boom! Team Tew Legit knows how to do costumes and outfits, and apparently we know how to dominate at Bunco, whatever the hell that game is.

Goofy nightmares are increasing. Usually I am having difficulty getting TO the races. I'm always so relieved when I wake up and realize it is all just a dream. Makes me wonder, will I sleep at all during Goofy weekend??

Okay, that's all for now I think. Just babbling. I have a killer headache, which we think is from not having any caffeine all day. I think I'll grab my little posse and head to bed! 

OOOHHHH!!!!  I closed down the mall by shopping in the jewelry store until they locked up all the merchandise. I went to go browse and look at necklaces to wear at my wedding .... yeah, necklace, wedding bands for myself and a band for MF were all taken care of. Yippee!!!!!!!

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  1. I can only imagine how great your costumes will be for Goofy!


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