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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Goofy and Wedding Talk - Shocker.

I am suddenly ridiculously excited about going to Walt Disney World and Marathon/Goofy Weekend. I stared at the course map for the full yesterday and it doesn’t scare me at all. This will be my third time doing the half marathon course, so I know I can do that with no problem at all, especially since I plan on “Team Jam”ming it by goofing off, laughing, doing cartwheels, getting pictures and having non-stop fun! Looking at the full I see that yeah, there is that stretch after the race track as you head toward the back of Animal Kingdom … that could be not as thrilling. But considering Animal Kingdom was my home for 3 years I know that as I go down Bear Island Road and get closer I’ll be picking up on the smell and getting excited to be in my old stomping grounds, so for me it will be full of anticipation and might help pull me along into that second half of the course. Osceola Parkway – I feel that stretch is notorious and people dread it. I actually don’t mind it. I’ve raced on it twice now and had no problems. I guess I like that I get to run where I used to drive all the time. And you do get to see some sights, so it’s not like you’re just doing some local rural half marathon where it is farm land after farm land. And all of that stretch leads you to this mysterious “Mile 20 Spectacular”! What is it?? Will we ever learn? Do we have to wait until Mile 20 to find out? I’m loving the build-up of it all. I can’t wait to see what it is!! And from there you just have the run back to the Studios, which really isn’t that bad – I mean if I could do it at midnight in 100 degrees plus humidity, we can handle it at the full!! – and once in the Studios it is non-stop goose bumps and cheering fans all the way to the finish line! Fellow marathon and Goofy runners, we CAN and WILL do this and we WILL have a complete BLAST!!! 

Confession: My suitcase from Tower of Terror weekend is still on my spare bed. It still has things from the luncheon we crashed in it (I’ve been sleeping in my t-shirt lately, Abby!), as well as hotel soaps and costume pieces from each of the 3 outfits I created. SO …. I guess I need to unpack so I can pack! I haven’t even started my official Excel list. I need to get on that! Run wise I have one race left before Goofy, and that will be half marathon #19 … all with the intent to have my 20th half be the WDW half marathon the day before the 20th anniversary of the marathon! 

Wedding talk time! I’ve purchased some fun things for my lovely bridesmaids and even finished accessorizing them. I still need to settle on the perfect necklace that I’ll wear that day. I’ve narrowed it down to a couple at two different stores. One says “sweet romance” (not literally) and the other says “Sin City romance”. So I think I need to see them in person and decide which speaks to me. Also along the jewelry lines, I’m thinking it is time to find MF’s wedding band and figure out the wedding band for my ring. I’ve already got quite a rock on this finger, so I can’t have something totally weighing me down, but also it can’t be invisible. Obviously! ;) The boys have their outfits done – I think. I’m not sure if the Best Man got his measurements or not. I need to best the Groom about that one. The boys DON’T have their outfits done. Never mind. I need to finish accessorizing them. Also this weekend I staked out the building where my local reception will be held. While crafters were hoping I’d look at their crap and want to buy it I was busy staring at the ceiling figuring out where my disco balls will go and where my “red carpet entrance” for the guests will be. Ooh – I should get a red carpet! Remind me of that down the road, ‘kay? And then there is reception decorations. We’ve been having fun using Black Friday and Christmas sales to buy things we plan on using. The looks we’ve gotten with some of our purchases has been quite funny! 

Also in the works is my ugly sweater. We decided to have an ugly sweater competition at Christmas this year. I can’t say anything about mine because there might be spies trying to find out what mine looks like. Top Secret!! Let’s just say I’m upping the ante a little with mine and not putting any limits on myself. 

So that’s what’s up in my world. Still not running as much as I should, but at least I’m feeling more like myself every day. I am actually excited about things again and wanting to not be such a total lazy ass! 

Up next I’ll have my race report for this past weekend’s race in what might be the friendliest city in all of Oregon!


  1. Don't make me laugh! I believe I left mine for housekeeping :/ Don't tell anyone! haha.

    Now that I have booked all my flights and settled on hotel, I feel like I'm free to get excited about it, since everything was up in the air for so long.

    So, do you have costumes planned yet?!

    1. Costume pieces have all arrived!! Well, minus one teensy thing. Yay!

  2. I still need to stop being an asshole and figure out if I can attend. Fuck.

  3. Replies
    1. Oh man, I cannot wait to turn those disco BALLS on!!!

  4. Glad you're feeling excited now! I'm excited for the travel, WDW, medals, great pictures! It's the running 39.3 miles that has me not so excited, lol! Tara, my racing buddy, said she was going to bring a flask and if things got really rough, well, we'll start drinking!

    1. I'm seriously considering getting a margarita in Mexico en route to the finish line!

      I'm going to FB you more on Goofy now!

  5. I'm so glad I'm not the only one that is bad about unpacking. You are making some good progress with wedding plans. Good luck picking out rings!

    1. Now I can't unpack because wedding decorations have barricaded the suitcase! Ha!


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