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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Shamrock Training: Week 5

This was quite a different week. I ran double the miles this week than I did last, and I loved it! So let's get down to business and wrap this up quickly.

Run #1 was up in Washington of all places. We were staying at the Great Wolf Lodge between Portland and Seattle. I had no idea what to expect for terrain and weather, so I was prepared for everything. And everything was perfect! I was up very early so I could run before it was time to start our day. It was flat as can be, which resulted in a very fast run. School kids were out waiting for the bus to pick them up, so that was something new for me to experience. I'd say it was probably 43 degree out, which is my favorite for running. So all in all I was a pretty happy camper!

The next run was back in our normal home town, but I wasn't running at home. I had to push the stroller, so I went in to a close by neighborhood that had sidewalks ... and streetlights. As soon as I started running it started getting dark. I had no headlamp, so there were times it was a touch tricky - but I was always safe around cars since I was on the sidewalk and paying very close attention to all of my surroundings. It was kind of fun to do a night run again - haven't done that since Ragnar I don't think. 

And finally the "long" run of the week. I would normally do this on Saturday, but hosting our little girl's 2nd birthday party was far more important, so I had to shift the long run back again. Okay you guys, if you don't listen to Jo Koy's podcast the Koy Pond - you are missing out! It is so dang funny, and this particular episode really cracked me up. I couldn't even start running right away because I was nearly on the ground laughing. Once I did start I was still laughing out loud over it! But that all came to an end when I was grumbling about why on earth did I decide to do two out and back loops in my hilly neighborhood for my long run. Holy cow it was hard at times. I kept crossing paths with another runner which proved to be some inspiration and keep me going!

And now I am supposed to be running again today to start of week 6, but a sudden and mean Meniere's attack hit me at work and sent me home. So I'm down for the count tomorrow. I'm set to run tomorrow and do some tweaking so I won't get off my schedule!

Countdown to Race Day:  1 month 4 days 14 hours 51 minutes

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