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Thursday, April 25, 2013


And here's the story of my gorgeous wedding ring. . .

MF picked out quite a rock, a Leo Diamond, and had it put with a band and setting he liked. Absolutely beautiful! The inside of the band was engraved saying it was a Leo Diamond, complete with an additional diamond. Sadly it was too big so we had it sized down.

When the ring came back, which took forever, it was the right size. It also had a scratch on the side and was missing the inside diamond. Part of the engraving was still a little visible. Fine, we will fix it when we add wedding bands we thought.

Together we pick out two bands to go on each side of my engagement ring. I found a band I LOVED in the store. MF ordered its twin so each band would be the same. Duh.  At Christmas when I opened up my present I noticed the bands didn't match. It was over a month of trying to get twins when we had to give up and take a slight alternate.

A month before the wedding we took them all in to be sautered together. I am not in the jewelry business. It didn't cross my mind that they should see if the size would stay the same when three rings became one. Apparently it never crossed their mind either. So the three bands were sent off on their merry way.

It's even better in person! - the ring, not my finger.
Soon I had my new ring!! I put it on....and my finger turned purple. We couldn't get it off of my finger. Oh. No. They told me not to worry. My finger was measured and it was shipped off again to be adjusted. Turns out it did need sized since the bands take up my whole finger area now. Also of note, the scratch was repaired....the engraving and inside diamond? Gone. Something about copyrights and blah blah blah.

A short while later my ring was ready! The wedding was close and I was relieved to have it back in time. I slid it on in the store and it was stuck. I decided to roll with it and worry about sizing when I got home. I was able to get the ring off with soapy water and wasn't stressed.

During my wedding, which was just perfect for us, we couldn't get it on. (That's what she said.) It created some humor at least! My finger was purple until I got it all the way on. Once on, it didn't budge. Not even a slight rotation. My fingers were poofy, thanks to heat and constant rum. It hurt. Nothing worked to loosened it up. I was finally able to get it off when we got home to Oregon and the result was rather disgusting!!

The very next day we took in my ring to be sized one last time. I showed them the photo of my finger and horror came across the faces of every employee. My ring was measured to see what size it was....instead of making it bigger they shrunk it!!! No wonder!!!

Apologies were flying our way and they assured us it would rapidly be fixed. I was told it would be back today, in time for my bridal shower and reception. I've been so excited for today. MF went to retrieve it.....they forgot to send it. It's done but the repair shop forgot to mail it back. Really??

So now they say Monday. I'm not holding my breath. I'm also not shopping at Kay Jewelers ever again!


  1. wow - just wow! Beautiful ring though if they ever get it to fit just right.

    1. Thank you, I find it quite a beauty myself! I can't wait to actually get to wear it and show it off!

  2. Can I have your other ring?

  3. Holy hell you're lucky you didn't loose your finger!

    1. Right?!? No wonder it hurt so bad! It's all fine and good now. Looks super pretty, yay!


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