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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Thumpthing For Thursday

The wedding is behind me, I've just run my first solo half marathon in a year (race report is on the way), and I'm feeling rejuvenated!

Technically at the moment I'm feeling miserable. I've gone cold turkey with the caffeine. I think Monday was the last time I had any. Today is day 2 of the headache from Hell.  I'm just going to power through. In college I didn't have a lot of money one week, (or ever!) so I thought I'd skip buying my 12 pack of Diet Pepsi. It was the first day of my Abnormal Psych class and fortunately our professor couldn't make it to class. I don't know if I could have sat through it. I ended up in my dorm room feeling nauseated, in a cold sweat, clammy.... I was a mess. At work that afternoon my coworkers helped me figure out I was having caffeine withdrawals. All that was just to say that hey - at least this time it is just a headache!
Photo question: what are we doing? Who are we imitating??

So anyhoozy, I am about to put myself on a new half marathon training plan. Wait, she does half marathons constantly, why a plan?? Good question! My plan this year is to not race constantly. I'm trying to save money because ideally I'll will sooner than later be tending to a new human (no, this is NOT some announcement -- it's just the ultimate goal right now). If I don't have a race on the calendar then I have no motivation to train. Last time I did Disneyland Half it was ridiculously hot. Team Jam was melting. I even used Rose's height to create shade for me at one point so I wouldn't shrivel up and die. So my plan is to use an easy training plan to keep me running regularly through the summer, incorporating races here and there. And I'm doing this so then hopefully my body will be in half marathon shape enough that when I start to whine about the heat, at least my body knows what to do and I'll cross that finish line in typical obnoxious fashion and spend my days in the parks! I'm really excited! The last training plan I followed was last summer, and it was for a marathon. And I thought I was going to die. No matter what time my lazy ass starts a run, if I'm doing 20 miles in the summer I'm going to eventually melt - and that's what happened. This summer I'll run steady, regular, work on speed when I feel like it.... but this time it will be FUN!
(I felt this post needed random photos from my phone)

Also occupying my time? Thank you cards. Leave it to me to insist every message be different, personalized, and fill up the entire card! My system is first I write them out in my notebook, then once I have a batch done I write them onto the actual cards. Clearly I am making too much work for myself.
ALSO occupying my time.... costumes! Now that I have no wedding to obsess over I'm trying to figure out what to run the Disneyland 10K and half marathon as. I refuse to do anything Dumbo, Alice in Wonderland or Mickey related since I figure we'll see TONS of them. I don't want to force MF to wear tights or a skirt either, although both would be hilarious for me! I have quite a list of ideas, but I also have to face the fact that I will probably never be able to top my Goofy weekend costumes. I loved them too much!

And anyway, that's that. Tonight I'm going to see the new Hangover movie and I am ridiculously excited!!! I am hoping they have lemonade or something because when I get some hot, yummy popcorn and I want something to drink I am going to do my very best to NOT choose caffeine!

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