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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Smells Like Scandinavia

Every year in Junction City, Oregon the Scandinavian Festival is held. My mom tells me I went before, but if I'm two I don't think that counts. Since I had no desire to go to our really sad county fair I opted to drag Man Friend up north with me to visit this festival!

I now share our day with you, via iPhone photos!

The festival is free and seemed to be 80% food, 10% performances and 10% crafty things for sale made by old ladies. Everyone working at the festival was in Scandinavian garb so I felt out of place in my running skirt. I've decided to do braided buns with my hair next year and perhaps don an apron!

The first thing we saw was a band and two dressed up girls dancing and having fun with the polka!

We did some browsing and people watching next. Flags were everywhere. There could be no confusion about what street fair type event we were at!

Then some younger, bored looking dancers took to the stage. I wanted more than just the two younger girls to smile!

With all of the delicious food smells filling the air, it was time to go check out what they had to offer. The aebelskiver line was insane so I had to pass. I love me some aebelskivers, so I was a tad disappointed. But disappointment left when I got to the Swedish pastry booth. Delicious!!

In the center of the festival was a windmill surrounded by Vikings!

We came upon another stage of dancers. This group appeared to be happier, more energetic....and hairier. 

And I leave you now with one example of the people watching we had before us!

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