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Monday, October 14, 2013

Adam Carolla For President?

Some say he's grumpy. Some say he complains a lot. Some say a lot. I say he is The Man! The Ace Man, to be exact. I pretty much agree with everything that comes out of his mouth - except one topic.... he's not a Jimmy Buffett fan.  HE is Adam Carolla!

I watched Loveline religiously, and even when to see Dr. Drew when they did the Loveline campus tour back in college. (*Adam missed his flight and didn't make it.) When he was on regular radio I would download it every day and listen to it. Hours of his "nasally drone" kept me a happy girl. His show was cancelled and he started his pirate ship ... his own podcast. I listen every single day during lunch, and pretty much ANY time I am at my computer. I love the man. He's a genius. Yep, I said it!

I was sitting on my couch last month and though, "You know, you love Adam. You should look up his tour schedule and see if he's going to be anywhere near you." Clearly my inner voice is brilliant - and there I was batting my eyelashes at Man Friend to convince him to join me for a night out in Portland to go a live taping of Adam's podcast.  This past weekend, that night was finally here!

The show was at 10:30 pm, doors opening at 10. Man Friend and I were there early to give us time to find a parking spot. To kill time I forced him to sit in the car and listen to me read aloud from Adam's latest book, Not Taco Bell Material. I'm such a great wife!  After touching up my make-up, we were on our way to the Aladdin Theater for what I knew would be a night to remember!

The line was wrapped around the building, although we didn't really have to go that far to find the end. While waiting in line some douchey looking guy in dress jeans and a blazer came walking by. His ego was rather large and I just rolled my eyes wondering why he felt superior to the rest.  A few minutes later this same guy, with his posse, came walking back by, strutting and smiling. Ugh, get over yourself! *We'll see him again later in this post....

Eventually the doors opened and we were in the warm building heading down to the fourth row. Oh yeah, R0nda splurged for the fancy seats! The theater says it holds approximately 600 people, and it sure did feel small. The stage was so close, and I quickly realized Mike Dawson, Adam's announcer and a very signature voice of the show, was right behind us at the sound board! I'm inserting a photo for you -- I got this on the way out after the show.

People watching was entertaining. I was commenting to Man Friend that it's a good thing I'm not a single girl in Portland because basically I find Portland guys to be disgusting.  Adam went on to say during the show how people in Portland that have money look homeless and the homeless people look clean!  Anyway!!!

When I heard the show music start I got super giddy and then there he was, Adam Carolla!!!! He was joined by Alison Rosen, love her!!, Bald Bryan ...and special guest Lars Larson ... the douche bag from outside in the jeans and sport coat! It was time to get it on, have to get it on. Mandate get it on!!!

For the next hour and a half, or so, I was one huge smile. The show started late, so we didn't even get out until after midnight - and I didn't care. It was freaking awesome!!!!!!  Some audience members were drunk, obnoxious assholes, but I think Adam and the gang did a good job of just ignoring them. 

He covered the usual topics and I still laughed just as hard as I always do when I'm home alone listening to him. I'm hoping the podcast hits iTunes soon - when it does you can listen to the show for yourself! The first show of the night is already on, and I'm listening to it right now - of course. Aww, Adam Carolla --- my favorite bigot!

When it ended Adam was going to the lobby for autographs and photos. I could have waited, but I was so tired and had another 45 minutes to drive that evening. But we were kind of stuck in the masses for a while, and just as we were about to leave MF pointed out that Adam was just behind us a few rows on his way out to the lobby. So I looked at him one last time and realized I'm too much of a chicken to wait for a photo with someone I adore so much. I didn't want to ruin my night by giving myself some embarrassing memory of how I turned into a pile of mush at the feet of Adam Carolla!

And so that was the night I finally got to see Adam Carolla! We both had so much fun at the show that we've already discussed that we WILL go see him again some day. Hurry back, Adam!! Mahalo!


  1. Glad you enjoyed your night!
    Sometimes it's better to keep your idea of what people are like in your head :)
    (NOT saying that would've been the case, just my experience)

  2. It sounds like you guys had a blast!


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