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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Crying Through Michael Jackson .... AGAIN

Time for some Vegas posts! I guess it was a couple weeks ago now that I was in Vegas. Quite frankly I've done so much flying and driving and was in 6 states in a matter of days ... so my brain and time frames are frazzled! Anyway - Viva Las Vegas! And Viva Michael Jackson!

Our second night in Las Vegas I had tickets for us to the new Cirque du Soleil show Michael Jackson ONE. In 2011 I was at the opening show of the earlier MJ Cirque show Immortal, and loved it, so I knew I HAD to go see this next version. For Michael Jackson fans (isn't that the whole world?!?!) it is a "permanent" show at Mandalay Bay, so you have time to get yourself down to see it!

Earlier in the day we had picked up our tickets at will-call and visited the gift store. I like to play the "guess the price" game and this store just threw me for a loop. Expensive looking things were "cheap" and things you'd think were an okay price ended up being outrageous. I ended up only getting my pin and souvenir program, as per usual. Had they been selling a CD of the show I'd have gotten that, but they don't. *Hint, hint, Cirque people. Later in the evening we were dressed up and ready for a wonderful night out set to the best music I know! *Aside from Jimmy Buffett, of course.

Getting to the theater was quite easy and the crowd size wasn't as crazy as at Immortal so right there I was pretty happy; I don't need chaos! Michael Jackson music filled the lobby areas and got me into the mood and wanting to dance! Of course we couldn't pass up the official photo stop on the way in...

Although I picked the next to cheapest seats (and nowhere near cheap!) we still had great seats and an excellent view. We were in the center, but I imagine all seats provide a great view. Once in our seats my annoyance began. The ushers were helping everyone get to the seats ... except for one. This large man just stood there staring at us all. He almost had a mean glare and was just waiting for someone to do something that he could jump on them about. I felt like some kid sitting in time out even though I was just sitting with my husband waiting for the show. Once the show began did he move? NO!!! All of us were trying to see around him and eventually he did move... but not for good. Throughout the first songs he kept going and standing just staring at the crowd and glaring. At one point someone took a photo. He shined a light in their face and said "1 more and you are out!" with very aggressive hand gestures. Asshole. During the show a woman in front of us left. Upon her return her shined his light right in MY eyes and again had that mean body language. He got a nasty look back and the woman went to HER row in front of us. That guy was pretty distracting and I wish he wasn't there. I blocked him out most of the time to focus on the show....

I'm not talking about the show on purpose. It was so great, I don't want to ruin anything! I got chills at the very beginning and it stayed throughout.  As tradition shows, once they slowed the music down and played little Michael -- hello, tears! I thought I was going to be fine after my mid-show cry... but I was wrong.  Smooth Criminal ... awesome! Billie Jean .... freaking awesome! Thriller ..... WOW!! SO FREAKING AWESOME!! And there was Man in the Mirror. One of my all-time favorite songs and a part of the show that gave me goosebumps now just thinking about it. I cried through the entire thing. Please, go see this so we can talk about it!

It was an incredible show. Some might say it was amazing! Incredible stunts, effects that I still can't figure out how they did them, dancing, music, a story line... they really did bring Michael Jackson to life right before my eyes! I would definitely go to this again, so now I'm begging you to go - and take me with you! *and remind me to bring Kleenex!!!

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