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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

My First DNF!

2 marathons. 25 half marathons. Add in 5Ks, 10Ks, 15Ks, and more .... all of these races have something in common.... I finished!  So imagine my dismay when on a Friday night in Arizona I had my first ever DNF!

Seeing as I was in the Phoenix area and that's where Tara lives, it was only natural we meet up for a mini-Team Freedom reunion. I was so excited when she sent the text message suggestion .... go karts!!  It sounded so fun! I had driven one once back in college, and I know how to drive a car. Of course I could handle this!

Man Friend and I got to the go kart place early to order some dinner and watch sports while waiting for Tara and her son to arrive. They appeared and signed up for 2 junior races due to her sons age. "Junior" races sound perfect to me! I threw on my closed toe shoes, signed my life away, tossed my purse in a locker, threw on some strange medieval looking head cover, found a helmet and jumped into car #21! Let's do this, let's race!!!

Only 4 of us were racing... in order of our line up, Tara's son, Tara, myself and Man Friend. I got in the kart and had to figure out how to buckle my seat belt. Clearly I know how to buckle, but I couldn't see where it went because of this huge helmet. And also I couldn't hear, because of said helmet. I was immediately panicked when I realized I have no idea how to drive a go kart! Why is mine in the OFF position? How do I make it go? How do I make it stop???  After a quick introductory video I was still petrified, but determined to be awesome!

Tara, about to dominate ... and myself ... clueless!!
The first lap was at half speed and we weren't allowed to pass. It was the warm up.  Man Friend was right behind me and can attest that on that first sharp turn I was cranking the wheel and NOT turning .... this did NOT help me feel great about my chances of winning!  By the time I finished the first lap Tara and her kid were already racing! I floored it and almost crashed. Man Friend passed me on the first corner.  Oh. Great.

I'm not sure I even made it one lap before I was passed by our youngest racer. I laughed it off. Next thing I know Tara passed me. Every lap I finished the kid working at the track was laughing at me. I was laughing at me! We ALL were laughing at me! I got lapped by everyone not once ... TWICE!!!  The race was over and I was ushered into the parking area. As fast as I was in the car I was back out of the car on safe land. We looked up at our results .... I did 8 laps. How many laps in a race? 10. I didn't even get to finish the race!!!

That was my one and only attempt. We hung out waiting for Tara's next round and while doing so MF talked to the guys running the place. He learned that our max speed was 25 mph and that while I WAS putting my pedal to the metal I wasn't going 25 mph. And why?? Because they lowered my speed ... for my safety!! They were concerned!  I could have died from embarrassment if I wasn't so busy laughing at myself!

No spot for me on the podium

Tara kicking ass in the final race.... rubbin' is racin'!

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