To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.
-Steve Prefontaine
Make it simple, but significant.
- Don Draper

Thursday, November 14, 2013


R.  This one letteR is Running thRough my mind, and not just because it is two-thiRds of my initials.

Two mornings ago I was getting ready for work, otherwise read as "I was hurrying to throw on make-up and brush my teeth so I could grab my brush to fix my hair in the car on the way to work." *I carpool with my mom, that day I was the hair brushing passenger. My phone had a message pop up and it was a name I don't often see pop up on my screen. Hmm, "what's up?" I wondered. I finished brushing my hair - did you know I actually use a brush for HORSES on my hair instead of a regular one you'd find in a normal store? Yep! I have A LOT of hair! - and then grabbed my phone to see what CaRRie had to say.

I did a double take at it. Could it be? Was she really asking what I thought? Hmmmm!

I calmly said to my mom, "I just got invited to do a race."  Simple. Flat. No big deal. 

Around an hour later I texted Man Friend as said, "Hey, my friend just invited us to join her Ragnar team!"

And that's when things changed. I had suppressed my excited, but once I typed RAGNAR the giddy feeling came exploding. I was trying toooo hard to just stay calm and collected about it, but that only lasted less than an hour.  It was only a week and a couple days ago that MF and I were talking to the Ragnar people and then trying to convince Tara that we should all do the Arizona Ragnar sometime. But even at that point in Arizona it was a "some day" kind of conversation.  But suddenly "some day" was today!!!

I checked the dates and realized, holy cow!, we are far enough out for me to get time off of work, plan and actually train! Once I saw it was in April I knew I was going to be telling her yes. I tried so hard to convince myself to wait until MF was home from work so we could discuss it. But I also knew that MF was so badly wanting to do a huge relay, so I knew his answer.  And so it is!

The slacker that has essentially taken 2013 off from serious running and training is throwing herself back into training mode to prepare for the So Cal RagnaRRRRR RRRRRelay!!!! Woo hoo!!!  Thank you, Carrie!

So now what do my days consist of? Working four hours at a normal job, coming home, and then trying to not constantly google all things Ragnar while painting my spare room and doing my housewifery things. I already have a Ragnar binder with every single leg printed, the race Bible printed, and calendars to prepare my training plan. I am so ready!!

The birthday girl in front stinking out her tongue... that's me.  The girl next to me in glasses ... that's Carrie. Would I have ever thought these two flute players would be running a crazy 200ish mile relay together? Hell no!
*Side note, I just realized that 4 of the 6 six girls all played the flute, the other 2 played the clarinet. Woodwinds are just too cool.
One final note, for the non-runners that may stumble upon this ... Ragnar is a 200ish mile relay (like Hood to Coast). 12 runners split into 2 vans. Each person runs 3 legs. It goes non-stop until you are done. Sleep? Psh. Stink? Uh, yeah. We're gonna stink. Is it going to be awesome? YES!!!


  1. Too funny! I played the flute in elementary and middle school also! Refused to join marching band in high school, though...Good luck with Ragnar!

    1. I HAD to be in marching bad. If you wanted to be in symphonic then marching wasn't an option. And at the time I was going to be a pro flute player on Broadway (or so I hoped) so music wasn't an option. .... in the end I lasted 3 days as a music minor in college and tossed that vision out the door!


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