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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Weekly Run-cap: The Animals Took Over

In honor of marathon weekend in Walt Disney World, I start this off with a moment I think about often while encountering difficult moments in running .... You can't see my face, but I was absolutely full blown crying from every possible emotion while getting my Goofy Challenge medal. For non Disney peeps and non-runners ... that's the weekend I did the 5K, the 1/2 marathon and then the full marathon. It was crazy hot, crazy emotional, crazy everything. Post Goofy, everything just feels easier!

Run 31.3: Well that sucked.  It was a beautiful run, weather wise. I had sunshine AND warmth! My first mile was my fastest first mile in a while, too. *My entire first mile, if I run at home, is uphill and always the hardest mile. But my body changed its mine and sent me home sooner than I wanted. I at least got out there and tried, but it wasn't anything to write home about. . . so here I am at home writing about it.

Run 31.4: This run wasn't for my legs or fitness. This was one of those runs where you go to clear your mind and forget about real life for a while. I had no goals other than to just relax. Turns out when I run to relax my brain I end up tackling a ridiculously hard hill. I was planning on building up to this one -- but the annoying dog near my turn around was already chasing me before I got near the turn... so I altered my course. Dang, that hill became a hike, and even running down was a little touch and go. It felt great to accomplish running up most of it though! My favorite thing about this run was getting to finally be near my neighbor goats up close. They are always wandering around the hillside, but today came down by the road. Goats and horses ....can't dislike neighbors like that!

Run 31.5: I have to say I absolutely LOVE where I live! It is so quiet. All the time, just quiet. Every run I go on it is rare I encounter any vehicles. Usually it is just myself and nature. Today I went outside and was greeted at the start by 4 deer just hanging out! One mile in I was treated to a couple dozen wild turkeys just hanging out near the horses. I'm so happy they made race belts that easily hold my phone because I would have really regretted not getting photos of my new friends! My run itself was freaking awesome! I felt better than I have since before my really huge Meniere's attack a couple weeks ago. Finally I feel like I am almost back to where I was, and ready to start rebuilding my distance to prepare for my upcoming half marathons! Also, I've done all of these runs in the new Adidas I got and I have nothing bad to say about them at all. They are so light and incredibly comfy. Love!

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