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Monday, December 14, 2015

30 Weeks: 75% Cooked

After years of trying so hard to create this little girl, and then ultimately the help of medical miracles, it feels so crazy to think that she is 75% cooked and we only have about 10 weeks left until I finally get to see her big feet and hold her little hands. I can't wait!! But gee whiz it is going by a little too fast. I'm going to miss having this little dancer moving around in me during our daily song time, or watching my belly twitch during my night time shows!

This week was pretty busy baby wise. We had an OBGYN appointment together (this time "we" included myself, the baby and Man Friend). As predicted, once we went to check her heartbeat, coming in strong in the 140s, she stayed true to form and managed to hit or kick the little Doppler device. Aww, that's my girl! Happily all is going nice and smooth with me so there hasn't been anything to really focus on or worry about at appointments. During this visit I got my TDAP shot, which I can still feel days later, and we discussed having the people that will be around her a lot being sure to get their whooping cough vaccines. So if you think you're going to be around us non-stop, lift up your sleeve and embrace the needle! The next appointment will be a two-in-one, with an ultrasound to determine her size, followed by my regular appointment with the doctor. I cannot wait!!

At home we have been very busy nesting! I have a checklist of things to get done before she comes home,and we made a lot of progress. Most notably the progress was large things to get done. Her new toy chest arrived, is assembled, and in her room already housing some of her new toys from Disneyland!

While my building of the toy bin was fun and easy, Man Friend had the more challenging task, which he did with ease. When we moved in her room had awful wallpaper on the wall that we painted purple, and the window curtains had this mauve stuff with brassy gold trim. The 80s called and wanted that nonsense back. Instead of forking over money to buy all new window coverings we hit the fabric store to pick out something to help make this feel like a little girl's Disneyland room. Her talented dad did all of this on his own and I am so impressed. It's hard to tell with the photo I took, but the top is pink on pink strips, then the slats are various Disney princess with their respective castles (or wishing well in the case of Snow White). We aren't heavy into princesses, as this is the only thing in her entire room with princesses. Her feel is more of old school Walt and classic attractions (as noted above by Mr. Toad and the parrot from the Pirates of Caribbean ride). 

With that, her nursery is essentially complete furnishing wise. We still have some decorating to do here and there to bring the Disneyland feel to it, and I still need to empty my toy chest that I am loaning her.

Other things in this week .... a friend announced she is also pregnant and due in February. That makes 3 of us that graduated together all expecting babies! I am so excited for all of us... take that all of you under 35 that get to be considered NOT "advanced maternal age". We are the new face of pregnant women!

Body wise ... heartburn heartburn heartburn. Ugh. I had never experienced it until being pregnant, and it only started around Halloween. I always thought of it as something for old men after they eat. Joke's on me! I also thought kidney stones were for old men, yet I've had 3 of them, my first at age 21 or 22. Maybe I should go get my prostate checked out since I'm clearly an old man. My hips hate me. Sleeping is basically not happening. I can lay on one side for a while until it hurts too much, then flip over. And flipping isn't easy since I have my long pillow I hug and I am rolling over with. It really does help, I can't even imagine my pain level if I didn't have it. I'm back to being tired all of the time again like in the first trimester, and more often than not I'm taking short afternoon naps. Maternity clothes are getting tighter, but I'm going as long as I can before getting more shirts. Victoria's Secret still loves me, and her thongs and I are still besties! I will get through all 9 months as the pregnant lady in a thong, I promise you that!!

I feel like I had more, but again I'm always tired and my brain isn't always functioning. So that was week 30 ... a pretty fun week!
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