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Saturday, December 26, 2015

32 Weeks: If You're Whiny and You Know It Clap Your Hands

*clap n- clap*!!

I recall a convo with my BFF during this week where I had to send a text saying "FYI I do know I'm whiny. I'm just so uncomfortable." And that has been my week! Uncomfortable!! And thankfully the BFF and Man Friend are both very understanding and still don't complain or tell me to shut up. I'm very lucky!!

Sleeping is non-existent. I know, I know.... sleep now, you'll never sleep again for the rest of your life. Whatever, I call bullshit on that by the way. If you really can't sleep for 18 years then maybe you didn't do the best parenting and you can't trust your own child. Rant done. But seriously, STFU with that nonsense. Sheesh. Remember some of us deliberately have worked hard to have our baby. Conceiving a child doesn't come easy and natural for everyone, and when your baby is really really wanted the negative comments are really NOT welcome or even taken into account. So anyway, I don't sleep. I can't easily roll over. It's a huge production. My savior pillow is helping a lot, but I have experimented with adding a second between my legs just to ease the pain on my hips.

I'm always making a mad dash to the bathroom, and then hardly going. Thank you, microscopic bladder. And I feel so damn hungry, but my eyes and definitely tummy want more than I actually can ingest. Unless its Rice Krispy bars I keep making. I can eat those non-stop. Oops!

I've been lightheaded a lot and have had many occasions where I have to stop and grab onto something and stay still for fear of falling over. A lot like my normal Meniere's Disease days, but this time more lightheaded that vertigo. Almost to the point that I'm woozy and weak, feeling like I could collapse to the ground.

The bonus of this week was that I only had to work 3 days, and since I have been physically struggling more and feeling very tired, that was a good thing. My brain doesn't work. I can't even remember the other things I had to say for this post.

I did write a lot in this post that you may have missed since it was shared during all the holiday eating madness! It is my look back at 2015 and all the emotion it brought.

On Christmas evening as I was staring at my bare belly watching it move my mom looked at me and said she thinks I'm probably one of those women that love being pregnant and would have tons of kids if I could. She's probably not that far off. I don't want tons of kids...really I only want my girl, or the twins I was about to have. But I do love being pregnant. I ignore the physical pain of trying to sleep and laugh at all the bathroom trips, even though I whine about it on occasion... but it IS fun! People talk about it like it's so miserable and always tell me "just wait..." Well I've been hearing "just wait" since I went public and I'm still waiting. All of those horrible 9 months that people talk about seem to be eluding me. This is a good thing! It's all going to be so worth it. I cannot wait to hold this little kicker of mine. Only 8 weeks to go .... IF she waits that long! Next week Man Friend, her "Glamma" and I finally get to see her again and I can't wait!

And speaking of that, the betting pool is still open!
When Will She Arrive? How Long Will It Take?
Arrival DateHours of Labor
Feb 13Becky2:18Vern
Feb 14Nicole, Sara3:12Bob
Feb 15Vinnie3:30Jennifer
Feb 16Glamma4Peggy
Feb 17Molly 4.5Amber Dawn
Feb 18Jennifer6Mary, Becky
Feb 19Janelle, Hope 6:30Julie
Feb 20Julie7Stephanie, Jenn
Feb 21Blake, Deb, Bob7:15Glamma
Feb 22Mary, Sarah 7:20Cathy
Feb 23Kelli7:45Hope
Feb 24Jenn, Julie8Blake, Gwen, Molly, Sara
Feb 259Deb, Stephany
Feb 26Stephany, Amber Dawn10:30Janelle
Feb 27Cynde12Nicole, Vinnie, Jessica
Feb 28Jessica12:30Julie
Feb 29Vern, Cathy, Amy16Kelli
Amber Dawn17Cynde
18Sarah, Amy
29 Weeks
OBGYN - TDAP30 Weeks
31 Weeks
32 Weeks

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