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Monday, December 21, 2015

31 Weeks: Anxiety, Lamaze and I'm So Uncomfortable

Hi! I'm finally getting around to writing about week 31. It was pretty uneventful, with zero medical appointments and no huge milestones. It was more of a mental week for me ... where I realized I have become very protective of myself and my tummy. I HATE crossing Douglas Avenue every morning when I have to go on a short walk for work. Sure there are stop signs for cars and there are pedestrian crosswalks. That means NOTHING. I know that I have to go way before 8:45 am or after 9am. Why? The school bus drivers are some of the worst offenders of ignoring the rules of the road. And really most cars are just always in such a hurry. I've had to actually run multiple times because drivers are making eye contact with me and still aiming for me. I'm not even exaggerating. One time I even had a couple of people watch and their jaws dropped. Had I not run I would have been run over.  March 3rd. I remember that day so clearly. My Grandpa died that day, and I kept thinking how I am so happy I wasn't hit and a patient in the hospital myself and unable to be with him. Well take all that anxiety and then put me in charge of a little girl growing inside of me. Ugh, I cannot handle the walk. I not linger and wait until not a car is in site before I cross. I hate being in vehicles. I hate walking around moving or stationary vehicles. I worry so much, not about myself, but about anything happening that would hurt my baby. I noticed the "don't mess with my baby's safety" feelings really increase over this last week. 

In non-anxiety news, my little girl got a present from what I will call her cousins. I'm feeling too lazy to figure out how my cousin and her daughter are labeled when it comes to being connected to my girl. So for simplicity ... her fellow little cousin gave her some of her most adorable clothes that don't fit anymore. I was so tickled and surprised when I opened the front door and found a box waiting for me. Opening it was way too much fun! Cute little dresses, and even a onesie with a matching cape! So dang thoughtful and I cannot wait to see my girl in these little outfits! A big thank you, from these two cousins! :)

And finally Lamaze class is on the calendar and I have been able to see who I will be in class with. I don't know any of the other moms or even recognize names ... but imagine how old I felt when I saw that one of the moms and I have mutual friends .... of Man Friend's children. Yep! We are the old people in class with people the age of my step kids. Good grief! I'm excited to get the ball rolling on classes, especially since it feels like she is itching to come out! Which reminds me, the betting has begun with people guessing on the day she'll be born (due date of February 20th) and how long labor will last. Got a guess? Feel free to cast your vote and I'll add you to the spreadsheet!

Lastly, while I freaking LOVE being pregnant and am going to miss it, I am so uncomfortable now. I spend most of my day going to the bathroom or trying to get up out of a chair or bed so that I can go to the bathroom. And the damn heartburn. Still.

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