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-Steve Prefontaine
Make it simple, but significant.
- Don Draper

Friday, June 26, 2009

Heal The World

Heal the World,
Make it a better place,
For you and for me
And the entire human race.

Like so many people in the world, I was completely shocked and saddened at the news of Michael Jackson's death. Not since the death of the People's Princess, Diana, has the whole world be so stunned by one single person's passing. I have always been a huge MJ fan. I remember bringing my red tape player to kindergarten every day and making the entire class dance around to Michael Jackson songs. He will always be the King of Pop. There will never be another Michael Jackson.

But I'm not writing today about him. I am writing about the world's reactions to his death.

When I saw the headline that he was rushed to the hospital I thought there was no way he would pass away - especially on the same day as another celebrity (Farrah Fawcet). But then I clicked back only minutes later and had announced he was dead. I gasped out loud and sat in disbelief. I was hoping they were wrong. I started googling and checking other sources just to prove that the celebrity gossip site had the wrong information. When I realized it was true, my voice cracked and tears came to my eyes as I tried to tell my co-workers what had just happened. Another human being with a family and friends had passed away. Being a normal person with a heart, I felt sad for their loss and sad for the music/entertainment industry's loss.

Apparently not everyone has a heart.

I was filled with absolute disgust when I looked on facebook and saw so many messages of hate. People were rejoicing in the death of another person. They were happy because they believed he is going to hell. They were making jokes about little boys and pedophiles. My blood began to boil almost immediately. Rather than waste my time with these so-called "friends", I just decided to "hide" them so I don't have to see their blatant disrespect for another human's life. It just sickens me to think that during a time when a lot of us are grieving in our own way, there are people out there that flat out say we are stupid for even posting our sadness and shock about Michael Jackson's death. I did find it interesting that ALL of the hate spreaders were males in their 30s. What is it about this demographic that they feel so insecure that they have to make jokes over some one's death? All of my female friends were sympathetic, saddened, shocked. Not one single female on my list of 199 friends expressed any happiness over the passing of a Legend. Dudes - you need to suck it up and stop being such douche bags.... and don't expect to be hearing from this "friend" of yours any time soon. I am far too disgusted to even bother to waste my time on hate-filled people.

Michael seemed to be a tormented soul that was just trying to find inner happiness. I truly believe he only had the best intentions for the people in his life. I believe he is a misunderstood person that was never given the chance to have a real childhood or learn regular interpersonal communication skills. For that he became an easy target, and that is truly a shame. He will always remain in my memory the loving, talented, musical icon known as the King of Pop. Captain EO will live on forever in this Michael Jackson fan!

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  1. I'm a little blown a way by people's mean spiritedness too. It's all good and well to make jokes about a living person but when someone has already been aquitted and is then dead and cannot defend himself any longer I don't see what there is to fuel such animosity. I too have seen a clear male/female division in this except across ethnic lines. Friends from other cultures never stopped loving him in spite of the bad press.


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