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-Steve Prefontaine
Make it simple, but significant.
- Don Draper

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Call Me 'Zilla!

So life became a whirlwind.... when I turned into Bridezilla! *I try to say that in a joking manner. Sure it might be the only thing on my mind, but so far I've only involved one person in my shceming and planning. So technically I'm still not crazy - although my mom has started calling me 'Zilla now and then.

Last night I found a wedding planning binder at the craft store. $35?? No thanks. I went grocery shopping and hit up the school supply section to create my own binder for a lot less! It's even complete with a pencil pouch and post-its.

Running ... what's that? Is that what I'm supposed to be doing instead of looking up wedding locations and brainstorming ideas with my Tower of Terror running partner? OMG, wait until you see what she got us for our costumes!! AND, speaking of that -- I'm in Corral A! Yes, you read that right -- A!!!

Yeah, so tonight I'll go running again. Promise!

And because I'm on the brink of Bridezilla I'll say that I'm REALLY leaning toward a destination wedding with a VIP guest list and then a BIG party at home where I can invite all of my friends and family. I have my ultimate fantasy location .... but I'm not sure if it is even possible. I might have to assign the Maid of Honor to look into it for me so then I won't cry if they tell me no. Wait, she has a phone phobia too. Hmm... As far as destination, my mom suddenly thinks WDW Marathon Weekend is THE place to do it. Okay, that would be fun and then Giraffy would be there, and probably Lesley, too ... but MF and I think that is just too soon! We want to enjoy being engaged and enjoy planning something that is fun, simple and Us!

And speaking of MF, isn't it great how "Man Friend" and "My Fiance" both have the M.F.?? No blog name change required! And what a dear he is, he went shopping ... check out his lunch time surprise for me!


  1. Eventually MF will have to change to MH (My Husband)...

  2. I'm in Corral B!! Which is crazy but they only have 4 corrals? At least I'm not last and I can possibly enjoy the after party longer.

    I don't know how you're doing it. I put off even thinking about a wedding for at least another year and even then I don't want to do it. Being engaged is so much more fun than the stress of planning.

  3. I totally planned the MF thing.


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