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-Steve Prefontaine
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- Don Draper

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Run 1.62/1.63 - Burn Out, Disney and Bridezilla Meet

Warning: This might be a bit incoherent. I’m nearly down for the count with a Meniere’s attack, so nothing is processing right. Lovely.

Okay, so I had a run. I’m burnt out on running, if you haven’t noticed. I had such a high coming off of the Prefontaine Memorial Run (Run 1.62) that when it came time to run long the next day I was kind of in a state of “are you kidding me? Why would I run when I could watch Bravo all day and catch up on my Housewives?” So I put it off a day … but that turned into, “are you kidding me? Why would I run when I could go to the Halloween store and plot WDW race outfits for January? Why would I run when I could go to the jewelry store and get all Bridezilla wanting to know when I get my ring back?” **For the record, I get it back tomorrow!!!! So then last night happened … “Are you kidding me? I have a marathon in 3 weeks and I have no desire to run? I better get my ass off the couch, turn off my Dexter marathon, put down the wedding binder and throw on some tech clothes!”

Random from Vegas
Which brings me to Run 1.63 – I can’t believe how many runs I’ve done just to prepare for one race. And of course I burn out and slack at the end. Of course! Alrighty then…. I had no plan. I don’t even know what my schedule called for. I just knew that I was tired and a little spinny, thank you Mr. Meniere. MF’s back was bugging him, so I promised an easy pace. We sound like a mess! We just decided to run the ATM loop – 3 miles – and then take it from there. Maybe we’d add on, maybe not. We started running and closing in on one mile I laughed. It felt like I was working so hard. We were on a flat path and I was feeling like my effort level was high … yet we weren’t even close to the average pace we had at Pre. Maybe I was still recovering. I mean the fact that I was average 10 minute mile pace on constant hills still shocks me. Back to last night… 1.8 miles in my heart was going crazy with this flutter that I was feeling up into my throat. I freaked out. We paused and looked at the river and tried to just talk about anything and get me feeling a little less stressed overall. Soon we were back running and finished out 3 miles. It wasn’t spectacular, but considering I’m battling vertigo right now I won’t complain! OH, we also already decided that after Goofy weekend we are done with marathons. I am so over the training. It’s so long. And 20 mile runs eat up a big chunk of my time. Next year I think shorter races to work on speed, half marathons in Oregon for long distances, simple… i.e. money saving, yet still racing when I feel like it. 

In non-running news, i.e. Bridezilla alert!!! The chapel is booked, everything is officially on! Saturday is dress shopping for myself and the bridesmaids, and possibly my mom! I’ve gotten all of the addresses I need for the Vegas part of my wedding, so now I have to figure out invitations. And after the run we kind of finished, but not really, our wedding website. Want to check it out and see how sappy we are? Or aren’t? Feel free to see! It shares the story of the engagement, as well as how we met. Did you all know MF and I have actually known each other for years and that I spent the majority of those years hating him? True story! Life is funny sometimes!

In running news, next week I head to Orlando with the Maid of Honor for the Tower of Terror 10 Miler weekend. I have my 3 costumes complete and ready to be packed! MF actually thought I would leave the binder at home and that we girls would just vacation for the week and not plan wedding activities? Ha! Does he know me at all?? Who else will be down in Orlando for the races? I should know, but I haven’t been able to read blogs at all in a while and I’m just totally out of the loop. I need to lock myself up in a room with my laptop and just stalk all of you to know who is doing what, when and where!


  1. Fuck yeah for muscling through a shitty run while having vertigo. Damn.

  2. Awww, memorialized forever with a big elephant penis hat on my head ;)


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