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-Steve Prefontaine
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- Don Draper

Friday, May 25, 2012

Run 1.7 - I'm On a Roll!

Happy to be done with hills!
This is now my second night in a row running 4 miles with zero walking! And this time I tackled an even bigger, longer hill - and kicked it's hilly ass is what I did!

I don't know what else really to say about it. I think the fact that we are having Fall weather right now is working to my advantage. I'm getting in the swing of running 5 days a week and building up confidence all before we might get a week or two of summer?!?

I have a day off from running now and I'm looking forward to it - but at the same time I'm loving that I just did 3 nights in a row and kind of want to keep going - but I'm sticking to the plan!  This weekend I have back to backs, and I'm not at all worried or scared! I'm having a BLAST ... right now ... with marathon training!


In non running news, karma is finally coming around. I'm sitting back and watching with a smile - knowing that I am NOT involved in any way, shape or form with this latest drama involving the people that caused me such hell for a few months. Life is good! Work is going well. Running is awesome. I get to see my family this weekend ... and ... good luck to him... Mr. *yet to be named* will be joining my family for our big BBQ on Sunday. And after this post, he WILL have a name... assuming he passes the cracker test.

So here's my question to you:

You are assigned to bring one of those pre-made meet and cheese trays along with some crackers to accompany it. We [my mommy and I] tell you we will judge you based on your cracker choice .... What crackers do you choose??


  1. I love those "social crackers" I think...the ones that come in a variety pack with sesame and butter and other kinds. Of course I could just eat those right out of the pack, no meat or cheese needed. HA!

    CONGRATS on all your awesome running! You kick ass!!!! :D

    1. A variety pack -- good answer! A little something for everybody!

  2. I agree with Taryn. That's the best way to buy crackers. The Wasa seasame crackers are my favorite. But I don't think I've come across a cracker I don't like. Wheat Thins, maybe. I have to be in the mood.

    I have a feeling you're anti-Ritz?

    1. In the end there were Ritz - and now that I think about it I forgot to grab any, but I did go for the Triscuits!

  3. Crackers? I would bring pita bread, fire up the oven cut triangles out of the rounds, and then a quick trip through the oven. The real question is how many kinds of goat and blue cheeses would I bring?


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